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Conversations about various distractions in life, including people, pop culture and more.

Conversations about various distractions in life, including people, pop culture and more.


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Conversations about various distractions in life, including people, pop culture and more.






Episode 117: Music & Pop Culture Writer Darren Paltrowitz

The ever-fun and interesting pop culture writer Darren Paltrowitz returns. We discuss the tragic death of Fountains of Wayne co-founder Adam Schlesinger and his huge body of great music - FOW, That Thing You Do! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and so much more. Its corona virus and self-isolation time and there's lots to watch, read, and listen to: Better Things, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Brockmier, All-Elite Wrestling and Colt Cabana; books on Quentin Tarantino, Van Halen and KISS; new music from the...


Episode 116: So, What's New?

The first podcast in just about a month! The coronavirus, Covid19 and hanging in there; Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots, bidet sales increase exponentially, and a few of the best feel-good movies. Plus, books to binge: Bond vs. Bond: The Many Face of 007 Revised and Updated by Paul Simpson and Quentin Tarantino: the iconic filmmaker and his work by Ian Nathan.


Episode 115: Heavyweight Craziness

The recent Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder heavyweight boxing title fight was epic - and crazy, before and after the fight. Why being a news and current events junkie can be a grind. Searches for Shakira, Jennifer Lopes and Demi Lovato increased over 1,000% after their appearance at the Super Bowl at a certain NSFW website. Plus, a bag of bacon makes a great snack. And an Obscure but Cool Song. Visit www.weaponofselfdistraction.com for more distractions.


Episode 114: Pre-Concert Rituals

What do you do to get yourself psyched before a concert? Those familiar pre-concert rituals from the drive to the show, the music, merch and more. Heading to the east coast to see Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame members Cheap Trick for three straight shows in NY, Atlantic City and Washington D.C. and the setlists of late have been amazing. Plus, quick details about a poignant and wonderful short film, "Today You Tomorrow Me," Pluto makes an appearance, and an Obscure But Cool Song. Check out...


Episode 113: Protect Yourself! Coronavirus Stats and Info

The latest stats, info and how to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. The 92nd Academy Awards and the steep ratings decline; Quentin Tarantino still can't get a Best Director award and The Irishman gets 10 nominations but no awards. Check out weaponofselfdistraction.com for more missives and occasionally interesting stuff.


Episode 112: Getting Out of a Rut

The tragic death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, the media coverage, and TMZ breaking the story. Super Bowl LIV facts, figures and more. Plus, getting out of a rut means making an effort and some changes. Plus a Cool But Obscure Song


Episode 111: Pro Football Hall of Fame & the Super Bowl

Detroit Lion great, and a personal hero, Alex Karras, gets elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, its the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV. Major League Baseball and the Houston Astros sign-stealing cheating scandalPlus, should Whitney Houston be in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame? For more visit www.weaponofselfdistraction.com


Episode 110: Here's To The New Year!

Happy New Year! Starting the start of the third decade of the 21st century, talking about New Year's Eve and seeing the always-amazing Cheap Trick. Plus, dealing with some anxiety, some new things to watch on HBO and the death of radio legend Don Imus. And, a Cool But Obscure Song! For more visit Weapon of Self-Distraction


Episode 109: Greg Prato, Author of Take It Off: KISS Truly Unmasked

Author Greg Prato returns to talk about his new book, TAKE IT OFF: KISS TRULY UNMASKED. Its the first book that focuses solely on the years that KISS was sans the famous greasepaint. The book is an oral history and a slew of terrrific contributors weigh on the music, the look, and the live shows of this time, including Eddie Trunk, KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, Charlie Benante (Anthrax), Ron Nevison and many others. Take It Off: KISS Truly Unmasked is available where ever you buy cool books....


Episode 108: Graphic Novelist Allen Ling

Allen Ling is a graphic novelist who's first publication, Genesis II, is out now, and its very cool! Its a sci-fi story with a real and plausible human element to it. Allen talks about how he and collaborator Christian Boe came up with the book's great characters and compelling story, the long process in creating it, as well as how the Genesis II story will continue. For more information on Allen and Genesis II, as well as how to purchase it, visit www.Genesis2Comics.com


Episode 107: The Annual Very Special Thanksgiving Very Special Episode!

An annual tradition at the podcast: the famous and funny "Turkeys Away" episode of the classic and hilarious TV series WKRP In Cincinnati. "As God is my witness...I thought turkeys could fly" Happy Thanksgiving! Forty years later, it still holds up, its still hilarious.


Episode 106: A Couple of Quick Takes

The USA Today might be ending its print edition after four decades and a lone Waffle House employee gets help in Alabama. Plus, a funny and weird tattoo, and an obscure but very cool song.


Episode 105: Back From A Break, Out of the Ruts

Back from a break, but not back from a continuing social media respite: why be constantly reminded of what you don't have? A rambling review of the movie JoJo Rabbit...and an obscure but cool song.


Episode 104: The Fall Movie Preview

The Fall Movie Preview features a special guest, Tyler Smith from the very cool movie review website and podcast Battleship Pretension. Tyler gives details and recommendations on the best movies coming out this fall, including Joker, The Lighthouse, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Knives Out, The Irishman, Won't You Be My Neighbor, Uncut Gems, Richard Jewell, Marriage Story and The Report. Plus, Steve guests on the new episode of the Three Sides of the Coin Podcast!


Episode 103: A Bunch O' Different Things

Back from a bit of a respite: McLovin' in real life, the Washington Nationals and the World Series, Righteous Gemstones and HBO, Netflix and streaming competition, a new book, Take It Off: KISS Truly Unmasked by Greg Prato, coming out November 19. And A Cool And Obscure Song


Episode 102: Interview with Rishi Sharma, founder of Heroes of The Second World War

While in high school Rishi Sharma started Heroes of The Second World War, a non-profit organization whose mission is to interview veterans of World War II. He started by biking around his city to interview veterans and three years later he has interviewed over 1,000 veterans from the Allied countries around the world. For more information, interviews and how you can get involved visit www.heroesofthesecondworldwar.org


Episode 101: To Your Health!

Happy and really healthy at (almost) 52-years old...what's working, why and how. What would you do if $120,000 accidentally ended up in your bank account? Plus, circumstances, timing, and eight (!) discerning months. And an obscure and absolutely incredibly awesome song.


Episode 100: Back to School and a Big Idea

100 episodes? Why that's really not a big deal...its back to school time - where did the time go? A really big idea - what if we got a rebate on all the data social media, websites and internet service providers get from us, and make billions on? Plus three things that motivate you, the new HBO series The Righteous Gemstones and an obscure, yet awesome song


Episode 99: "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" - A Quick Review

A quick review of the new Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Synopsis: it's great!


Episode 98: Interview with Author & Journalist Greg Prato

AUTHOR/JOURNALIST GREG PRATO returns to talk about his great new book, KING'S X: THE ORAL HISTORY. Its the definitive story about a great band, in the members' own words, along with a slew of hard rock luminaries. We also discuss Greg's next book, TAKE IT OFF: KISS TRULY UNMASKED, out November 19, 2019, which is all about when KISS was sans makeup, 1983-1996. PLUS, semi-coherent ramblings about the new season of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and the great Gary Gulman's...