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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel

Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel
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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel






Ep 102 - The Sixth Extinction, Star Wars troubles at EA, & Fighting Game Fundamentals

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly DLC! This week, we discuss the environmental concerns discussed in the book 'The Sixth Extinction' and what we think about them. EA is not doing what Star Wars fans want and we try to figure out solutions and alternatives. Lastly, we chat about some of our favorite aspects about fighting games and what we think make them successful. Please enjoy!


Ep 101 - Ready Player Destiny 2, Black Mirror Conundrum, & CES 2018

Welcome to episode 101! We discuss the way Bungie setup and delivered a challenging puzzle for it's fans. What that says about gamers investment time, and what is expected when delivering games vs what is intended from the developers. We have a chat about new technology that can help streamers and content creators as well as their viewers." Lastly, we discuss the topic of clones and if they were similar to how they are presented in some Black Mirror episodes, what rights, if any do they...


EPISODE 100 - King of Konsoles, Content Creators & Their Privacy, Best Weekly DLC Episodes

WE DID IT! 100 Episodes later and The Weekly DLC is still coming at you! We discuss new gaming hardware and what that could mean for the video games landscape, we chat about content creators and their privacy (or lack thereof), and finally we look back fondly on our favorite topics and moments of the past 100 weeks of making podcasts together. It's been a wild and wonderful 100 episodes, thank you for sharing the journey with us. We appreciate anyone who's ever listened in, talked to us,...


Ep 99 - Gaming Industry Sustainability, 2019 Game & Movie Releases, 2019 Resolutions & Goals

GOOD BYE 2018!!! PSA: START THIS EPISODE AT 9:58PM and you'll hear us sign off at midnight!!! We chat about the Gaming Industry's Trajectory, What Games/Movies are we looking forward to in 2019, and we discuss our 2019 New Year Goals. Sincerely, The Weekly DLC


Ep 98 - Fortnite Dances, Christmas Sequels, & Best of 2018

We are feeling the holiday spirit in Episode 98!!! Welcome!!! This week we discuss the recent discussion around Fortnite Dances and copyrights. What can this extend on to next? There's countless Christmas Classics but what if they had sequels or spin offs? We brainstorm some story ideas for what that would look like! Lastly, we reflect on what each of us think were the Best of 2018. Games, Movies, TV Shows, and everything inbetween! Have a wonderful and happy holidays!!!


Ep 97 - Epic Store, San Junipero, & Pick Me Ups

Welcome one and all! Episode 97 is out and we have some fun ASMR style discussion (our podcast studio was occupied). Epic Games has developed a digital store of their own, what does this mean? Do we think it's a good idea? Black Mirror's episode San Junipero has a very interesting conversation circling it's many ideas. We discuss a few of those ideas and where we stand on it. Last but not least, when we're not feeling our best what games, movies, music do we listen to when we want to lift...


Ep 96 - Smash Bros, Game Awards 2018, and Kinda Funny Games Showcase

Welcome back everyone to an exciting episode! We experienced the Game Awards 2018! What a show we have a lot to unload on! Super Smash Bros on the Switch was released and we all had varying degrees of time playing it on it's launch weekend! We share our thoughts and feedback regarding Kinda Funny's Games Showcase! What an endeavor and what a showcase it was! Tune in this week for the fun! Hope you enjoy!


Ep 95 - Privacy Gone, Remakes, & Being a Good Influence

Hello and welcome back for another episode of The Weekly DLC!!! This week we chat about our thoughts on what it means to have privacy today and what we think, whether we think we're good influences on our friends and families and why or why not. Last, we talk about our thoughts on the Lion King getting the remake and why the general vibe is positive whereas any talk about Back to the Future getting a remake is forbidden. Why is that? Listen in and enjoy!!!


Ep 94 - Hard Work & Creativity in the gaming industry, Marvel vs DC, Sony NOT at E3

Welcome back to another episode! This week we discuss the value and merits of creativity and hard work when it comes to Game Developers from outside perspective and how it reflects on their work. We go thru the old Marvel vs DC showdown that was done forever ago and weighing in on what we think of the phoned in results. Last but not least, we discuss the news of Sony NOT attending E3 2019 announcement and speculate on it's impact, what could happen, and our thoughts. We have some fun on this...


Ep 93 - The Video Game Awards 2018

Welcome to another exciting installment of The Weekly DLC! We are coming at you with episode 93! The Video Game awards are coming by fast and the nominees have been announced! We run through the list and weigh on the categories! Who do we think will take Game of the Year this year??? What will it take for Kurosh to be impressed by Nintendo??? Find out on this episode! Enjoy!


Ep 92 - Diablo 3 Classes, Are Gamers Entitled, and Changing Perspectives

Welcome to Episode 92!!! Enter, if you dare, to an exciting episode as we discuss what character classes we would each add to the game Diablo 3 if it were up to us. We then discuss our thoughts of how fans of video games reacting intensely to news of game franchises they love dearly. As consumers of these games, where do we draw the line on what is and isn't okay to say/criticize? Lastly, how often do you genuinely find yourself changing your mind about an idea or opinion you have whether...


Ep 91 - Our Lives Without Video Games, Worst Jobs, and Smash Bros Direct & BlizzCon

Welcome to episode 91!!! We discuss our speculations on what our lives would be like if we didn't play video games, we chat about some of our worst jobs, and then we discuss what we thought of the Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros as well as our reactions and thoughts on the big announcements at BlizzCon this past weekend! It's an action packed episode! Hope you enjoy!


Ep 90 - Ghost Stories, Games Going on Sale to Soon, & Monster Mash

Welcome back to The Weekly DLC! We're celebrating Halloween and the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 the only way we know how. with some fun conversations! We discuss our favorite ghost stories, what monsters we'd like to experience living as briefly, and our thoughts on games that go on sale/discounted too soon or not soon enough? Enjoy!


Ep 89 - Realism in Video Games, Winning the Lottery, & Have you ever dreamed of a Game about you

Welcome to Episode 89!!! We discuss how realistic games can be and what we like and don't like about those elements, we share our thoughts on what we would do if we won the lottery, and finally we discuss what we think a video centered around us would be like! We hope you enjoy another installment of The Weekly DLC


Ep 88 - AAA game adaptations, Trash Talking Too Far, & Youtuber and Sponsor Dynamic

Welcome back to The Weekly DLC! We're here with Episode 88!!! We talk about the dynamic struggles between content creators and their sponsors. The risks, pros, and cons. We then have a chat about how far is too much smack talk and where does it fit in the world. We had QUITE an exciting time talking about this one :) Last, we discuss what book or movie properties should get AAA video game treatments! We hope you enjoy and we thank you for sticking with us!


Ep 87 - Hogwarts School or Scam, new Nintendo Switch, and facing hard times

Welcome to Episode 87 of The Weekly DLC! We discuss how fictional education systems stack up upon further examination, we caught word of preparations for a new nintendo switch coming next year and speculate on what features they'll update, and lastly, we discuss briefly the real life situations that feel like we're about to head into a BOSS FIGHT Hope you enjoy!


Ep 86 - PS1 Classic, Fly Me to the Moon, & Independent Art

Welcome to Episode 86! We rundown some of the games we're most hopeful to see on the recently announced Playstation Classic. We discuss the idea of artists being sent around the moon on a commercial space flight. Lastly, we share our thoughts on what we like most about independent games and movies and the content that best showcases those attributes!


Ep 85 - Pro Gamers in Public Tournaments, Gaming Impact in Society, and the Death of Superman

The Weekly DLC is BACK with Episode 85!!! We talk about Henry Cavill hanging the tights away and no longer playing Superman in the movies. What does this mean for DC Movies? What SHOULD it mean? We discuss. Ninja recently became the first gamer to be on a cover of ESPN, there's video game curriculums in COLLEGES! What's next?! We speculate! Open Tournaments are out everywhere for both casual gamers and pro gamers alike. Should all be eligible or should Professional Gamers not be allowed to...


Ep 84 - Nintendo Switch Online Services, Destiny 2 Forsaken REVIEW, & Dangers with AI

Welcome to Episode 84 of The Weekly DLC! We react to the Nintendo Direct, the details of the Online Subcription Services, and the games discussed, Destiny 2 Forsaken gets reviewed by Kurosh, and we discuss the help/harm of AI and what we think about their potential dangers. We hope you enjoy!


Ep 83 - Travel Anxiety, Convention Activity, and Artistist Censorship

Hello once again to another episode of THE WEEKLY DLC! This week we're back to our usual shenanigans and talking about what's on our mind. We discuss what sorts of challenges or anxieties we get while traveling, what are our favorite and least favorite convention activities, and lastly, we discuss art and censorship. We hope you enjoy!