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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel

Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel
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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel






Ep 71 - E3 Victory Royale

Welcome everyone to another episode of The Weekly DLC This week we're reeling from E3 2018 and wanna talk about each Press Conference and our overall thoughts on how it all went down! Enjoy!


Ep 70 - E3 Fever, Behind the Scenes, & E3 Disappointments

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Weekly DLC! E3 is underway in LA and we have a pre-E3 discussion about what we think should and could go down at each of the press conferences. We talk about how behind the scenes experiences can impact you. We discuss our biggest E3 disappointments in years past. Hope you enjoy!


Ep 69 - FMK, Streaming and Adult Stars, & Sex in games, movies, TV

Welcome everyone to the Weekly DLC episode 69!!! This is the moment we've been waiting for! We themed the episode around sex. Topics include: - Pop Culture FMK game - Streaming Collaborations with Pornstars? - General Discussion on how sex is portrayed in video games, movies, and television! Strap in with a strap on because it's gonna be a wild ride!


Ep 68 - D&D Character Creation, Inspirations, & Movies and their Directors

The Weekly DLC are here with Episode 68!!! The prequel to episode 69! Kurosh wants to make D&D characters with the guys! We talk about what inspires us, how, & when. Jang wants to play a fun game where we pick a favorite movie from a director we hate and a horrible movie from a director we love. Please enjoy and stay tuned for next week's Episode 69!!!


Ep 67 - Youtubers, RIP Vita, & Storytelling Quality

Welcome back everyone to another episode of The Weekly DLC!!! This week we're having some conversations about: 1) If we could meet any youtuber(s), who would they be and why? 2) The PS Vita is stopping production on physical game cartridges, what can we take away from that? 3) What quality variation do you notice about storytelling in various mediums? Are movies a better medium to tell a story when compared to a comic book or video game, for instance? We talk about these and much more!...


Ep 66 - Fortnite x Thanos, Meeting Authors, & Stakes that matter

Welcome back everyone! You know all those times you've heard us recording outside when the normal recording area is taken? Well this is the FIRST time you're seeing it! This week we chat about: 1) Similar to the crossover event of Fortnite & Thanos, what other movies/franchises would you like to see paired with a video game? 2) Which living author(s) would you like to meet? 3) When was the last time you watched/read/played something where you felt like the stakes were real or the...


Ep 65 - E3 predictions, Superhero Movies, & Altered Carbons

Another week another DLC! This week features special guest: Keith! We give our E3 Predictions, Talk about our favorite non Marvel/DC superhero movies, and talk about if we'd extend our lives much like how they do in the show Altered Carbon and what the repercussions could be. PLEASE NOTE: Avengers Infinity War spoilers are sprinkled in this episode.



Welcome back to another fun filled SPOILERCAST! We have all seen Avengers Infinity War and sit down to talk about what we like, dont like, and everything inbetween. Please also welcome back special guest Keith! Enjoy!


Ep 64 - Humble Fumble, Twitching Singles, & Game Modes

Hello one and all to and welcome back to another episode of the Weekly DLC! We have a wonderful series of discussions for you this week: 1. What would be the coolest Humble Bundle you could come up with? 2. Fortnite wasn't originally a Battle Royal game but it found it's success there. What game modes would you like to see on a series that you haven't seen happen? 3. Twitch and streaming is a big platform for many to showcase games that are on the market. But does that always help those...


Ep 63 - The Total Package, Games that Define You, & Movies that Define Me

Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Weekly DLC! This week we talk about Games shipping with only single player campaigns or solely multiplayer and what that means going forward, we have fun talking about 4 games that define us, and lastly we talk about 4 movies that define us. Sit back, click play, and enjoy the ride!


Ep 62 - PS5 Speculations, Commiting to a single game, & Shifting tones in Games

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly DLC! In this episode we chat about what we'd hope for a PS5 to have since there were some recent discussions about next gen consoles running around the internet. We talk about what game would we commit to for the remainder of the year if we could only pick one purchase for 2018. Seeing God of War coming out and switching gears into norse mythology, what other games would you want to see have a shift in tone/theme? Hope you enjoy!


Ep 61 - Special Guest KEITH, Pranks, Hooked on Fun Games, & 16 types of games

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly DLC! We got a special guest this week, returning Keith! The topics this week were: 1) Favorite Guest Appearances in video games 2) What's the last time a game had you HOOKED??? 3) What's some of the most memorable April Fools you've seen? 4) Kotaku had an article on 16 types of games. We run through that list and name the games that come to mind for us! Enjoy and let us know what you think!



Welcome to a special SPOILERCAST of The Weekly DLC! With special guest KEITH returning to the podcast, we dive into the recently released movie: Ready Player One. Did we all like it? love it? hate it? Please enjoy and let us know what you think!


Ep 60 - Are you Ready for Wonders of the Con and 2018

Welcome back everyone to another episode of The Weekly DLC! This week we are light on news, we catch up on how WonderCon 2018 was for each of us and we go around the table with what we're looking forward to with 2018. Enjoy and we'll DLC U L8R


Ep 59 - Level 40, Mobile Games, and Entering the Matrix

Welcome back to another installment of The Weekly DLC! How's Kurosh's progress on reaching level 40?!?! What's this week's news? Would we stay in the matrix or stay out if we realized we'd been in it this whole time?!?!?! Tune in to find out the answers to all these questions and more!


Ep 58 - JFK, Drake x Streaming, are you Ready Player ONE

We're back with another week of...THE WEEKLY DLC Trying out a new format where we catch up, then we go into a few news topics for the week, and go into a single topic of discussion. PLEASE let us know in the comments what you think of this change. We love hearing from you. Your feedback means a lot. Thank you and Enjoy!


Ep 56 - The Matrix, Battle of the Bands, & Monster Hunter World

Brace yourselves, this one is a doozy. We KNOW we've barely talked about it but we're finally ready to talk about what we think about Monster Hunter World! (00:26:26). We reminisce about our favorite bands (01:20:07). Lastly, we ask ourselves whether or not we're real or just simulations and what that means. Kurosh can't handle the intensity of conversation on this one! (01:48:30). Enjoy!


Ep 55 - Villains & Game Developer Mash-ups

Weekly dose of DLC Topic 1 - Which Villains had the best defeats/demise? (00:27:49) Topic 2 - Which two game developers would you wanna see collaborate and what do you envision? (00:51:30) ENJOY


SPOILERCAST - Black Panther

We're here with our SPOILERCAST of Black Panther!


Ep 54 - Game Trends, Casual vs Hardcore Gaming, & MH Monsters

Welcome to episode 54! This week we talk about game trends and where we'd like to see them go (00:26:47)We chat about the perception of being a casual gamer vs being a hardcore gamer and what factors often get considered when thinking about that (00:46:08) and finally we talk about the sorts of monsters we'd wanna see in the Monster Hunter games to come! (1:11:05) Sit back, grab your headphones, and enjoy!