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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel

Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel
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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel






Ep 124 - Kojimas Strands, Daniels Furry sidekicks, & Mid-Year Report

Episode 124 is HERE!!! We discuss what we think Death Stranding will be about, what are some of the best sidekicks in fiction, and lastly we take a moment to reflect on the year so far and some of the highs and lows. Enjoy!


Ep 123 - E3 Reactions and Thoughts

Welcome to episode 123! We are reeling from all the E3 fun that's been had last week and sharing our thoughts and impressions on all the news and experiences.


Ep 122 - E3 Predictions & Speculations

This week we speculate and make E3 predictions! It's going live DURING E3 so listen in and see how right/wrong we actually are! Enjoy!


Ep 121 - Meta Topics, Tfue vs Faze Clan, Pokemon Sleep

Welcome to episode 121! We talk about how we come up with our topics, the recent news involving Tfue and Faze stuff, and lastly the recent Pokemon Conference and it's myriad of pokemon related announcements. Stick around and afterwards we talk about what we've been up to over the last week! Enjoy!


Ep 120 - Game of Thrones SPOILERCAST - We GoT This

Welcome to episode 120! We dive into the series finale of Game of Thrones and how we feel about the ending to the show, what it means to us, and why we feel the way we do. We hope it's enjoyable!


Ep 119 - Repurchasable Games, Microsoft and Sony alliance, & Movie Fights

Welcome to episode 119!!! Kurosh moderates a series of movie fights between Dany & Daniel, it's a slobberknocker!!! We talk about games we're inclined to repurchase and why that is. Recent news has come to light that Microsoft and Sony are partnering to work on a joint technology, we speculate. We end the show with some weekly chatter and how we're all coping with Game of Thrones right now.


Ep 118 - Sonic the Hedgehog, Spoilers for TV vs Movies, & Parents with Video Games

Welcome to episode 118 of the Weekly DLC! This week we talk about the difference in discussing spoilers for things like Game of Thrones vs Avengers Endgame! (00:00:54) We chat about Parents and their Kids relationship with video games. Our experiences grouping up, what parents today go thru and how things have and have not changed. (00:11:28). Lastly, we discuss the recent trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog and how the backlash got the design changed. (00:30:48). Weekly Chatter (00:41:55) Enjoy!


Ep 117 Part 2 - We're in the Endgame Now (SPOILERCAST)

Welcome to Episode 117 PART 2 Spoilercast on Avengers: Endgame! Hope you enjoy part 2! Part 1 is also available this week with a spoilercast on Game of Thrones Episode 3 Season 8. Enjoy!


Ep 117 Part 1 - The Long Night (SPOILERCAST GoT)

Spoilercast on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3. Everything before this episode is up for discussion as well. Hope you enjoy part 1! Part 2 is also available this week with a spoilercast on Avengers: Endgame Enjoy!


Ep 116 - MMO Fan Servers, PS5 Specs & Speculations, and Favorite Fighting Game Franchises

Welcome to Episode 116 This week we talk about games that somehow survive beyond the lifespan of a game development company. (00:01:20) We then talk about the recent information that was shared by Sony regarding some specs and hardware details regarding the next generation Playstation and what that could look like. (00:18:28) Lastly, we talk about some of our favorite fighting game franchises and why they are so enjoyable to us. (00:41:40) We end the episode with some conversation about the...


Ep 115 - Life After GoT, Recreating History in Games, Adulting 101

Welcome to episode 115!!! We start things off with a discussion about what a show or movie franchise needs to succeed on a level as high as Game of Thrones in a post Game of Thrones world. (00:01:06) We discuss the technology games use to recreate historical landmarks in the wake of the Notre Dame fire. How these technologies could be used for good. (00:34:53) Last, we discuss a few fundamental things we think every adult should know. (00:49:53) Weekly Chat (01:14:00) Enjoy!


Ep 114 - IRL Battle Royale, Being InSekiro, and Sticking the Landing

Welcome to Episode 114!!! This week we talk about the idea of a real life Battle Royale game and what that would look like. (00:35:55) We discuss the recent discussion revolving around difficulty in video games and how it's perceived. (00:56:43) Last we discuss how many long running shows, games, movie franchise weave epic stories but find finales to be difficult. (01:31:23) Enjoy!


Ep 113 - Epic vs Steam, Virtual Comfortability, & Game of Thrones

Welcome to episode 113!!! We discuss the Epic Store vs Steam Store tensions and weigh in on the matter(s) at hand. (00:01:00), we talk about what we'd like in VR units in the coming months/years and what's important for the hardware to showcase or emphasize. (00:34:44) LAST, we speculate as we do best about the final season of Game of Thrones!!! Who do we think lives? Dies?!?! Takes the Iron Throne? and many more theories. CAUTION, we venture into the wild and bonkers ideas more than any...


Ep 112 - Indie Game Upgrade, BORDERLANDS 3, & Us Spoilercast

Welcome to Episode 112! We start things off with weekly chat (00:01:22) 1st Topic of this episode, we discuss the growth of some indie games and whether expectations for these games will change to be similar to larger production games. (00:31:14) We then go on to talk about the latest announcement of Borderlands 3!!! The announcement trailer impressions, our thoughts on the franchise going forward, what would entice Jang & Vargas to get excited about any future Borderlands games made and...


Ep 111 - Google Stadia, Nindies, STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2 REVIEW

Episode 111 is here and it's a DOOZY! After last week's speculation we start this one off with a chat about what Google Stadia turned out to be and our impressions of the announcement. (00:01:20) Nintendo had a series of indie game announcements and we share our thoughts on several of the games that interest us and some that do not. (00:31:41) Last but CERTAINLY not least. We finally did it. We all watched Stranger Things Season 2 and we are READY TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! (00:49:00) We end things...


Ep 110 - Google Gaming, Video Game Terminology, & Sucker Punched

Episode 110 is here! We discuss our speculations and thoughts of Google having a gaming/console presence this coming week at GDC (Games Developer Conference) and what that could look like. (00:00:43) Video Games have a language of their own sometimes. We talk about some of the terms and phrases we commonly hear used in regards to gaming and what they mean. (00:19:00) Last but definitely not least, we talk about some movies, games, shows that we were the most overhyped/overrated for each of...


Ep 109 - Symbolism in Fiction, Workification of Games, and Let's do the Time Warp Again

Welcome back to another episode! Daylight Savings Time is on our minds, we chat about some of our favorite movies that deals with time. (00:00:52) Lots of times, we hear about gamification of the work environment but we are starting to see games becoming more like work in a lot of ways. (00:30:58) We are eager to check out 'Us' coming soon and Jordan Peele's use of metaphors is very intriguing. We discuss some of our favorite symbolism and metaphors in fiction. (00:44:40) After the topics,...


Ep 108 - Pokemon SnS, Fornite v Apex Legends, & Improving the Oscars

Episode 108 of The Weekly DLC Pokemon Sword & Shield wishlist (00:01:23) - After the announcement, what do we want to see most from this new switch pokemon game? Fornite v Apex Legends (00:35:36) - Previously, Jang asked what Apex Legends needs to do to continue to stay dominant in the Battle Royale gaming world. Now he wants to know what Fornite needs to do to keep things fresh. Improving the Oscars (00:53:01): 2019 Oscars happened and Kurosh has some thoughts on ways to make it more...


Ep 107 - Fictional Sportz, Apex Legends, & Good Bye Reggie

WE ARE HERE! We talk about what fictional sports we'd love to see come to reality in the wake of France declaring Lightsaber Dueling a legit sport! O.O We brainstorm what kind of Apex Legends characters we'd like to see get introduced to the lineup. Last but certainly not least, there was some Nintendo Direct that got posted last week that we didn't get a chance to talk about! We're here to talk about it!!! Hint: Tetris is a big deal with us.


Ep 106 - Apex Legend, Tier Lists, and Universal Basic Income

Another week, another DLC! This week we chat about Universal Basic Income in regards to more automation in work forces. We talk about the phenomena that is Apex Legends. What it's doing right, what we think it could do going forward to sustain, and much more. Last, we discuss everyone's thoughts on tier lists in video games of all kinds. Please enjoy!