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Episode 56 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Young Podawans' Harry Potter vs Dark Tower Reading Challenge continues! This week we chat about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! For the sake of continuity (and because they are awesome) - be sure to check out the HP & DT Books 1-3 episode and the Wizard & Glass episode before venturing further!


Episode 53 - Twin Peaks Season 1

Damn good podcast!


Episode 52 - The Defenders

It's been over two years since Marvel's Netflix series began. There's been some highs, some lows, and some really, really yellow-glowy fisty lows, but now it's come to this - The Defenders! After two years, five stand alone series, and four new heroes, did it all pay off in the end? Much like the road leading here, there were many ups and downs in The Defenders, and we're chatting about all of them. And much like the Korra comic we discussed last episode, it's a bit of missed opportunity....


Episode 49 - Doctor Who Season 10

With the announcement of the New Doctor, we decided to step back into the TARDIS and catch up on the Doctor's most recent adventures. In short - we liked Bill a lot, but it was still a very Moffaty season for the most part. Still - we have MANY THOUGHTS. Aside from the Who-Talk, we have also an update on our reading challenge and on our watermelon beer preferences.


Episode 44 - Steven Universe Season 2

AND STEVEN! AGAIN! Finally it's our long awaited Steven Universe Season 2 episode! We get all the Peridot Feels, all the Peridot Giggles and every beautiful emotion in between! So strap on your paint can boots and join us for another Gem-tacular episode!


Episode 41 - Legion

Hello friends! The Young Podawans are back with another super fantastic episode! Not only are we chatting about the brilliant new TV series LEGION, but we're also geeking out about the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer. And you know by now that we kinda freak out about anything new Star Wars related. Plus we talk about buying worms over the Internet. The Young Podawans - Come for the geekery, stay for the worms.


Episode 39 - Westworld

Howdy Cowpokes! Welcome y'all back to the Podawan Corral for another episode! This week we're chatting about Westworld (a little late to the party, but better late than never!) We're also both batting 1,000 with your Geeking and Drinking picks this week after a couple whiffs in previous episodes. Yay for us! And yay for you for listening with us!


Episode 38 - Ouran High School Host Club

WELCOME! We've got a wonderful new episode for you this week - something actually fun and upbeat instead of the usual grim shows/books/movies we chat about. We've talked about watching a new anime for some time, and that time has finally come! So pull up a plush couch, gather round the fawning young women and sparkly-eyed young men and enjoy!


Episode 37.5 - Thank You For 2000 Listens

Hello friends! We hit over 2,000 listens on Soundcloud last week, so here’s a little Mini Episode shoutout to all our amazing and dedicated listeners! Thank you all so much for the support! We've got a special What Are We Drinking for you, and a little prelude of upcoming episodes!


Episode 37 - Glaciers of Men 2: The Last Yarn Crawl

Well friends, we have a whole bunch of great stuff coming up in future episodes, but this week we're serving up a lovely smorgasbord of topics to chat about. Climate change funding might on the chopping block, but the Glaciers of Men are still floating along and going strong! Batman! Belle! Bemoaning bad Woooos! This episode has it all!


Episode 35 - Geek 101: Time Travel

Great Scott! It's another edition of our Geek 101 series! This week we're talking about the various tropes and trends in Time Travel stories, and when you're done listening, you can pretend you're a time traveler too by rewinding and listening again!


Episode 34 - Podawan Picks of 2016

Well 2016 wasn't exactly the greatest, but there was still plenty of good, geeky stuff to reflect on. In this week's episode we're chatting about our favorite media from 2016 and a couple of things that were not-so-favorites. Plus we'll look ahead to our Reading Challenge in 2017!


Episode 33 - Rogue One

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Carrie Fisher. She has passed, but the Rebellion lives on.


Episode 32 - Scary Santas

It’s a Ho-Ho-Ho-Horrorshow this week on the Young Podawans, because we’re talking Scary Santas! The Grinch, Death, Krampus, even a retired wrestler, it’s a true Nightmare A Couple Weeks Before Christmas. And joining us this is week is super special guest and Noted Krampus Expert Shauna Granger. It may be cold outside, but it hot in Hell where Krampus will be dragging all the naughty kids soon!


Episode 31 - Arrival

Hello Friends! After a couple special episodes we're back to our regular format! This week we're chatting about the new science fiction film ARRIVAL and we think first contact with an alien race would actually be like. Plus Kristin is kinda hate watching the new season of Gilmore Girls, Brian is too impatient to wait for Zelda so he bought a PS4, and we both welcome our new Bean-Shaped Overlords!


Episode 30 - Extended Extra Positive Geeking Out Edition

Friends, this week we're keeping it extra positive and sharing all the stuff we're currently geeking out about! Movies, TV, Games, (and Beer, of course) we're letting you know what we're loving and hope to share some of that love with all of you too!


Pumpk Up The Jam

It’s our one year anniversary show, featuring super special guest stars Dustin Blottenberger (who came up with the amazing name for this episode), Brigette Winter, Monica Herald, plus Friend of the Podcast Emmie Mears, and their partner John! If that wasn’t enough, we also have a surprise appearance by David Levine, whose fantastic short story DAMAGED we reviewed on the Nebulas episode! Please note! There are some sound quality issues with this episode! We recorded live at World Fantasy,...


Episode 27 - Scary Stories to Tell on a Podcast

Greetings fellow creatures of the night! *ominous piano music* It's a special Halloween-ish edition of The Young Podawans! *ghosts fly out of your iPhone* In this episode we chat about whole gamut of different horror films from the '70s right up until today! Plus we revisit probably the grossest and most disturbing kids story of all time. You can probably guess what it is from the title of this episode. And we have a CONTEST to announce! Help us name our World Fantasy Con Pumpkin Ale...


Episode 26 - And Steven!

Hey everyone! We're back with a new episode and this week we're talking about the first Season of Steven Universe. It's probably (re: definitely) the most happy and positive piece of media we've discussed so far. Plus we chat Prog Metal, nefarious Sourcerers and gross giant hamburgers. Spoilers for Season 1 of Steven Universe begin at 22:30.


Episode 25 - The Grim and Gritty

This week we're discussing the Grim and Gritty of SFF. From Game of Thrones to Battlestar Galactica and yes even more hating on Batman v Superman, we weigh the pros and cons of the darker side of fiction. Plus cute gremlins, space cider and probably our longest drinking segment ever!