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Podcast that talks about what is happening in Orange County, CA and Orange County, FL. Covering events, movies, shows, and life.

Podcast that talks about what is happening in Orange County, CA and Orange County, FL. Covering events, movies, shows, and life.


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Podcast that talks about what is happening in Orange County, CA and Orange County, FL. Covering events, movies, shows, and life.








The2OC - Episode 140 - Diversity

This week, Alan and Anton shows diversity with the latest topics like Disney Announcements for Marvel, Star Wars, Spider Man 3 Casting, Minari, Selena + Chef, Mandalorian, House of Ho and much much more!


Episode 139 - Ready Player 2

This episode Alan begins by talking about how closely the 2nd COVID wave is hitting home, and what is Anton's latest purchase? In News, the guys dive into the latest casting news, what movie has China upset, and what HBO has in mind for 2021. For streaming, Alan talks about Netflix's Selena series, and then the guys catch up with the latest episodes of The Mandalorian. Finally wrapping up with the return of their Books segment as they discuss the highly anticipated Ready Player 2.


Episode 138 - Adaptations Remakes & Reboots

This week is birthday week for Mr. Duong and surprisingly a package arrived from Mr. Flores containing a mysterious book by JJ Abrams called S dot. While Mr. Duong admires his present, Mr. Flores prepares this weeks episode with the latest topics. This weeks hot topics are Darkwing Duck, Cinemark/Universal Deal, Last of US TV Series, Chaos Walking, Animaniacs, Fresh Prince Reunion, Mandalorian, Pokemon Go, PS5, Cyberpunk 2077 and much much more!


The 2OC - Episode 137 - Wine, Politics, And Cougars

Anton continues to struggle through the week with a teething son and Alan celebrates his anniversary with his gf by heading to some wineries. Also, headliner news like RIP Alex Trebek, Tenet comes home, Witches, Jurassic World Dominion, Fallen 4, A Quiet Place 3, and Xbox & Playstation Console War. Plus the latest on Politics/Covid. And of course, much much more!


The2OC - Episode 136 - Got Dark Fast

This week, the guys get an extra hour of sleep and things get dark fast! Pun intended. With that, the guys talk about the latest topics like, Halloween & Poltics. Plus Tom Holland news with Spider-Man & Uncharted, Doctor Strange, Static Shock, Assassins' Creed, The Mandalorian Season 2, Borat, and much much more!


The 2 OC - Epsiode 135 - More Universal

This week the guys start off by celebrating the Lakers' 17th NBA Championship. Then the guys get into the latest movie nears including what is going on with movie theaters and movie going experiences. This episode they review the South Park: Pandemic Special, Blackbox, Enola Holmes, and more!


The2OC - Episode 134 - Das Auto

This week, the guys hop into Das Auto and talk about the latest topics. Alan gives his thoughts on Retroid Pocket 2 and Anton gives his edge of the seat Emergency Room Story. Plus hot topics like, Apple One subscription, Apple Watch, Tesla Battery Day, Taco Bell Wine, Gundam Robot, The Boys TV Show, Harley Quinn, Super Girl, Xbox vs PS on the pre order and much much more!


The 2 OC - Episode 133 - Dishonor On Your Cow

This week, the guys ride on their eBikes, with masks of course and talk about the latest topics. Cobra Kai is now on Netflix, Tik Tok Ban, Amazon Drones, Xbox Series X, Scott Pilgram, The Batman, Bel-Air, Walking Dead, Mulan and much much more!


The2OC - Episode 132 - Hustling Side Business

This week, the guys jump in the car with Shia Lebouf to go hustle some Tax Collecting. Plus they talk about topics like DC Fandome, The Batman, Black Adam, Static Shock, Legend of Korra, High Score, Gears of War 4 and much much more! Plus our thoughts and prayers to Chadwick Boseman's family. RIP


The 2oc - Episode 131 - Epic Apple Games

This week the guys start off talking about their latest food-ventures. Then they cover the latest news, like the major battle between Apple and Epic Games. They also go into what is happening in the world of streaming and video games.


The2OC - Episode 130 - Tesla Model 2OC

This week the guys hop into a Tesla Model Y and talk about some of the latest topics. Covering hot topics like, AMC/Universal Deal, Tenet, Keanu Reeves Comic Book, Star Wars and Taika, New Mutants, Brie Larson as Samus/Metriod?, Cobra Kai, Spinter Cell, Lando, The Boys, Halo Infinite, Transformers Cartoon and much much more!


The 2OC - Episode 129 - Ready Batwoman 2

Whoa, it's a DC filled episode this week. Plus the guys shed some sad news about Naya Rivera and Grant Imahara. On the upside, the hot topics include: Hulk Hemsworth , Ready Player 2 , Uber Postmates , Blackwidow, Russo Bros. , Bad Batch , Pokemon jewlery , TikTok , The Batman spinoff , Ross Butler , Black Adam , Batwoman , Sex and Vanity , TRON, Prime Profiles , Hamilton Subscribers , Bye Bye Quibi , Transformers War for Cybertron , Star Girl renewed , Palm Spring , Project Powers, Far Cry...


The2OC - Episode 128 - The Room Where It Happens

It's time to stay in and watch previous years fireworks on TV and talk about the latest topics. This weeks hot topics are Keaton is Back for Batman, Margot Robbie POTC, Mamoa is Frosty, Lego Pop Art, Disney Reopens, Walmart Drive-In Theatre, Apples WWDC, The Boys are back, Doom Patrol, Hamilton, Shia is gangsta, The Last Of Us Part II, American Pickle, Xbox Series S and much much more!


The 2OC - Episode 127 - Dad Life And Console Wars

This week, the guys are back. But this with an extra little human being. Anton welcomes his new baby boy Elias and discuss the latest hot topics with Alan. Topics such as, Covid-19 updates, AMC Theatres, Star Wars Celebration, Disney Reopening?, Danny Masterson, Playstation vs Xbox, HBO Max, Be Our Chef, Pokemon Releases, Animal Crossing, Star Wars Squadrons and much much more!


The2OC - Episode 126 - Settlers Of Quarantine

This week, the guys settle for some Wheat, Brick, Wood, Ore and Sheep. Plus they talk about the latest topics like AMC Bankruptcy, Travis Scott concert inside Fortnite, Live-Action Anime, Uncharted Movie, Doctor Strange Updates, Venom 2, Mandalorian, Scoob!, Onward, 100, Catan, Animal Crossing, Warezone and much much more!


The 2OC - Episode 125 - Animal Crossing Battle Royale

It is all about Animal Crossing and Battle Royale this week. The updates with all the latest Quarantine trends like Dalgona Coffee, Animal Crossing, Modern Warfare: Warzone and Random Purchases. Plus the guys watch stuff like Motherland, 7 Seeds, Star Wars Resistance, Silicon Valley, Leverage and much much more!


The2OC - Episode 124 - Tiger Saw A Meal

Get your crap together everyone, were going to start our Quarantine and talk about the latest topics this week with Alan & Anton. This weeks topic include, the fall of the stock market, Covid-19, Tesla, Spiderman, Mandalorian Casting, Ahsoka, Video on Demand, MCU, Motherland, Narcos Mexico, Tiger King, Altered Carbon, Agent Carter, Pokemon, and much much more!


The 2OC - Episode 123 - Onward COVID Invisible Man

Stay inside everyone, be safe. This week the guys reflect upon the viral Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 and how it effects California & Florida residents. On a lighter note, the guys talk about the latest topics like, Disney's Avengers Campus, Amazing Aventures, Mythical Quest, Castlevania, Ugly Delcious, Star Wars Clone Wars, Movies, Invisible Man, Onward and much much more!


The2OC - Episode 122 - Believe In People

It's all about believing this week. Alan is ashed up and ready for lent while Anton is Ashing up for Mewtwo Strikes back. Pun intended. Anyhow, the guys talk about some of the latest news about Disney CEO Bob Iger stepping down, Ninja Rages, Xbox Series X vs PS5, Lego Master, Good Doctor, Chef Show, Sonic the Movie, Locke and Key, Star Wars The High Republic and much more!


The 2OC - Episode 121 - Predatory Avians

Its Feb and the guys talk about their Valentines Plans and plus they talk about very masculine stuff like Oscars, Pokemon, Disney, Hamilton, Yang Gang, Fast & Furious 9, Expedition Unknown, Voltron, Jessica Chobot, Birds of Prey, Parasite, Bad Boys 2, and Jumanji. All that and more!