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The official podcast of covering the latest from the Xbox world


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The official podcast of covering the latest from the Xbox world








TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 126: Saints, Spirits and Arma

Prepare for a weird and wonderful episode this week on TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 126, with saints, spirits and the redeployment of Arma cropping up throughout. We’ve got an in-depth preview of the upcoming Saints Row reboot, an announcement regarding Arma Reforger, the unveiling of the next big life management RPG Spirittea, and much more. Be sure to have a listen to hear what else has caught our attention recently and enjoy our musings! Settle down for this latest instalment with...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 125: Life without FIFA and Gotham Knights axes last gen

It’s a relatively quiet time in terms of AAA releases at the moment, but that doesn’t mean our team has nothing to talk about. Far from it, with a selection of interesting games like Whiskey & Zombies to provide opinions on as well as news regarding the future of FIFA, a monstrous invasion in Call of Duty Warzone, and a surprising decision involving Gotham Knights. There’s also a quiz, so you won’t want to miss TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 125! This week, you’ll have the pleasure of...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 124: Call of Duty decline and French 101

Following our Atari Special, we’re ready to widen our scope to incorporate everything and anything going on in gaming right now. Expect to hear about a selection of games the team are currently invested in, including a JRPG, a run ‘n’ gun type experience, the latest adventure from LEGO Star Wars, a spooky take on Tokyo, and a couple more. There’s even a quiz to put everyone’s knowledge to the test. So, be sure to tune in to TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 124 to learn more and have a...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 123: The Atari and Gravitar: Recharged Special

Join Gareth, Neil, James and Richard from TheXboxHub as they chew the fat over the latest announcements to come out of the Atari fold. Gravitar: Recharged is the headline act, but you'll hear the team talk about how Atari have really gone to town with modernising the likes of Breakout, Centipede, Black Widow and Asteroids. As always, full show notes are available over at


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 122: Tiny Tina’s WrestleMania

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 122 and there is a real eclectic mix of topics on the agenda this week. First and foremost, expect discussion regarding Xbox Game Pass, the hottest games like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and future prospects. You can also find out what Gareth, James, Paul and Richard have been up to, which includes talk about the latest TV shows and WrestleMania. What more could you ask for? Be sure to give it a listen! The team begins...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 121: Hogwarts Legacy and LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

After the recent State of Play, the team are off to Hogwarts to discuss all the magical goings on they can expect from the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. Our muggles - Gareth, James, Darren and Richard - also have a ton of other things that to chat about in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 121, including a preview of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, a hands-on with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and some considered thoughts regarding plenty of other games too. Be sure to give it...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 120: ID@Xbox Twitch March Showcase and WWE 2K22

Games, games, and even more games. That’s what we’ve got in store for you in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 120 after the latest ID@Xbox Twitch showcase. We’ll go over the highlights and lowlights of the stream, covering most of the games featured, while also giving our honest opinions on some of the recent releases to hit the gaming stores such as WWE 2K22. So, settle down and please enjoy this week’s offering. Tune in to Gareth, James, Darren and Richard, who have so much to discuss...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 119: Hitting the track in Gran Turismo 7

Buckle up for this week’s episode as we put the pedal to the metal and hit the circuits in the PlayStation exclusive Gran Turismo 7. You’ll get to know the ins and out of the latest entry from the legendary racing sim franchise. Other games are featured in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 119 too though, such as puzzling platformer Time Loader, the retro styled El Gancho, and a fresh take on a classic with The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature. Tune in, or miss out! Telling you all about...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 118: Elden Ring - Deaths, Summons and Maidens!

TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 118 sees Gareth, James, Paul and Neil venture to the Lands Between for a deep dive into Elden Ring. We’ll cover many aspects, ranging from the lore and difficulty, to the summoning and levelling up. Not interested in Elden Ring? Then stick around and listen to our thoughts regarding a handful of other games that may be of interest instead. This week, proceedings begin with what our gang have been up to recently, which includes watching The French Dispatch...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 117: Horizon Forbidden West and King of Fighters XV

The highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West has arrived on PlayStation and you can rest assured we’ll give our thoughts on it (without spoilers) in this week’s episode. There’s also the rather controversial Martha is Dead, the tough to master King of Fighters XV, and the charming Cuphead series on Netflix. Tune in to TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 117 for all of that and a whole lot more. On the podcast this week are Gareth, James, Paul and William, who delve right into some TV and...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 116: Cyberpunk 2077 and Submerged Hidden Depths

In the week that the Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen update arrived out of nowhere for Xbox Series X|S and PS5, it was always going to hit our radar. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of other things on the agenda for TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 116 too, including a hands-on with Submerged Hidden Depths, thoughts about The Wolf Among Us 2, and a look at Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition on Xbox Game Pass. Also in this episode you’ll find Gareth, James, Richard and Darren...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 115: Edge of Eternity and GTA 6 future

Another week has passed and that means we have another episode of TheXboxHub Official Podcast ready for your ears. Join us for Episode 115, in which we discuss the latest RPG Edge of Eternity in depth, speculate regarding GTA 6, and unpack everything seen during the Ghostwire Tokyo showcase. As always, there’s also plenty more for you to hear about from the world of gaming, film and TV too. In fact, Gareth, James and Paul launch straight into some of the hottest things streaming at the...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 114: Gran Turismo 7 and Dying Light 2 deep dive

Episode 114 of TheXboxHub Official Podcast takes a deep dive into two of the most talked about games right now. After the recent PlayStation State of Play, the team delves into the key features of Gran Turismo 7 and debates whether this legendary series is doing enough to entice those on the fence regarding a purchase. Meanwhile, Neil gives us the lowdown on Dying Light 2 and reveals if it’s lived up to expectations. Tune in for all of that and much, much more. This week Gareth, James, Paul...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 113: Crusader Kings III, Crysis 4 and... Star Wars. Again.

It's time for Episode 113 of TheXboxHub Official Podcast, a weekly show in which the team behind the written word get together to spout off in audio form. This week we see the terrible trio of Gareth, Paul and Darren chat about a huge number of games, with Crusader Kings III, Crysis 4 and Star Wars (yes, more Star Wars), being right at the top of the agenda. As always, full show notes are available over at


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 112: Welcoming Activision Blizzard to the Microsoft family

It’s time for yet another instalment of our weekly podcast and there’s a rather huge acquisition that’s caught everyone’s attention in the world of gaming. Naturally, TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 112 focuses on the big news regarding Microsoft purchasing Activision Blizzard. We discuss the details, including which franchises are now under the Microsoft wing like Call of Duty, what this means for Xbox Game Pass in the future, and more. The team of Gareth, James, Paul and Richard also...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 111: The future of NFTs

Our first podcast of 2022 is jam-packed with gaming, film and TV discussion; featuring all sorts ranging from The Matrix Resurrections and The Apprentice, to Evil Genius 2: World Domination and Kena Bridge of Spirits. TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 111 also delves into the world of NFTs in a bid to understand what they are and what the future holds for them. Join Gareth, James, Darren and Richard for this week’s episode as they cover numerous other games including The Pedestrian,...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 110: The most exciting games of 2022

2021 is done, but 2022 is right here, ready to push gamers forward like never before. And there are a ton of games lined up for release across multiple formats throughout 2022 - but which are the most exciting? Well, in Episode 110 of TheXboxHub Official Podcast, we take a look. As always, full show notes are available over at


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 109: The Best Xbox Games of 2021

2021 is basically done and there have been a whole host of great games release on Xbox throughout the year. But what were the best? Well, we come together in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 109 to discuss them. As always, full show notes are available over at TheXboxHub info: Main site:​ Twitter:​​ Facebook:​ Instagram:...


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 108: The Best Indie Games of 2021

2021 is coming to a close and it's time to take a look back at the finest games which released on Xbox throughout 2021. Episode 108 of TheXboxHub Official Podcast does just that - focusing on the best indie games of the year. As always, full show notes are available over at


TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 107: The Game Awards 2021 Special

With The Game Awards 2021 catching everyone’s attention this week, we decided to give it our full focus in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 107. There were world exclusive announcements, reveals, and fresh gameplay for future games across a multitude of platforms. Oh, and a few awards were given out too. Tune in to hear our thoughts on everything that went down! Join Gareth, James, Richard, and William for unfiltered opinions and further insight on the following games: Sonic...