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Jocking Out

Netrunner is ending, but we're not done yet. Join Team Scotland as we travel to Euros on a horrible train. You'll then note that most of the weekend has been missed as you rejoin us on the Sunday evening. We're sorry. We were drunk. However, to make it up to you the second segment includes guest co-host Tom Holiday, former World Champion Chris Dyer and winner of Euros 2018 Patrick Gower! There's also a brief appearance from someone we don't know, asking us a question we don't know the answer...


Rolling Broon Oot

We return just in time to get excited about Euros! Alice joins us to discuss the lead up to the event and check in on how we've been feeling about Netrunner since we last recorded. Our enthusiasm is predominantly down to how alluring this year's Team Scotland t-shirt is (designed by our very own Iain). These are likely to be hotly coveted items but we don't want them torn from our torsos, so instead we're running a competition. The design features every legal ICE Breaker in the game with...


Building a Battered World (feat. Michael Boggs!)

Have you heard the news? No, not the news of the MWL. There's a new big box coming - Reign & Reverie! Netrunner's lovely lead designer Michael Boggs joins us for a discussion of eggs, nicknames and wolf tattoos. We also talk about the MWL, and best of all Rob is back in the co-host seat! Our Intro/Outro is: "Flutey Funk" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



Rob is busy playing with toy spaceships so Ronan returns as co-host and Alice returns as superstar guest. They join Seamus in the grand winter tradition of complaining about the meta, particularly CI! Our Intro/Outro is: "Flutey Funk" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Wee Episode No. 2

Just in case Fantasy Flight don't come through with another New Year's Eve MWL update, we bring you another mini-episode. Seamus is joined by Iain to - somewhat drunkenly - build Criminal and Weyland decks using a single copy of the revised core set. The decklists we produce are: Gabe: Building a Better World: We suggest listening to this episode whilst watching...


Auld Lang SYN Attack

With conversations recorded both at Worlds and following the the UK Rankings Final in glamorous Reading, we discuss the competitive meta at the close of 2017. At the end of the year that had people declaring Netrunner dead, Rob and Seamus are joined by Dave Hoyland, Mark Mottram, Chris Dyer, Laurie Poulter and Mike Prosser. Will they be celebrating the game’s resurrection or determining the time of death? Listen on to find out! Our Intro/Outro is: "Flutey Funk" Kevin MacLeod...


Net Polis

Cyber-criminals are in hiding and corps are cleaning up their acts. And they'd better, because the NAPD are cracking down on hacking and white-collar crime once again. There is (finally) a new update to the Most Wanted List! It hits many of the cards that have been making people sad for some time and was accompanied by a host of heartwarming typos. With Theophilius Bagpiper in hiding, Seamus and Rob have been celebrating with Netrunner and booze. We recommend you consume this podcast...


Tatty Jones

Whizzard is dead; Andromeda is on the lam; Chaos Theory is too sad to net-run. Investors have done the maths on Stronger Together and shares are plummeting. Old Theophilius Bagpiper isn't worried though. And why? Because he's from Honour and Profit. This month (ish), Rob and Seamus are joined by UK Nats top-16 finisher and full-time son of a bitch, Jonny to talk about the big event on the horizon for everyone's favourite cyber-noir living cardgame. No, not Terminal Directive. No, not a new...


Ark Lochdown

Theophilius Bagpiper has stolen the Edinburgh meta's decks! Corporations are defenseless and runner rigs are bare. What is to be done? It's time to draft. Rob and Seamus are joined by Andy to talk about this alternative form of Netrunner. Listen and find out why you should throw away that tier one deck, hope for some luck, and ask your neighbour what the stats of Aurora are. "Flutey Funk" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License...