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Episode 15: One Last Story

It's the season finale of This Is Happening America and we're bringing you the second part of Justin's interview with Llewellyn King. We talk the twenty-four hour news cycle, the evolution of the relationship between journalists and sources, the diminishing role of reporters, and Llewellyn's origins in news media as a sixteen year old in Rhodesia, modern day Zimbabwe! To learn more about Lewellyn King, Linda Gasperello, and their show visit The White House Chronicle tiha [...]


Episode 14: A Perfect Storm w/ Llewellyn King

tiha14.mp3File Size: 60476 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this week's episode we direct our attention towards the news media. The rise of distribution networks over news bureaus, internet traffic, and social media has created a breaking news bubble thats diluted our information gathering, and reporting ability. To get a better understanding of what has happened in 'the news' we turn to Llewellyn King. With over 50 years in the news media he is well acquainted with the current lay of t [...]


Minisode 14.5: Passengers

tiha14.5.mp3File Size: 26168 kbFile Type: mp3Download File Tune in this week for another installment of Mark Fixes A Movie. This week Mark digs into the sci-fi mega spectacle Passengers. Justin gets thoroughly disturbed by the plot, and is impressed by the elegance of Mark's fix.Passengers Trailer [...]


Minisode 13.5: Dark Worlds

tiha13.5.mp3File Size: 24975 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this very special minisode we bring you the story of Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underworlds). Celebrating 20 years of operating tours through Berlin's underworld of bunkers, tunnels, and catacombs the association will open all five of its tours to the public free of charge on June 17, 2017 for Night of The Underworld. While the museum in Gesundbrunnen Station is dedicated to the past, there were many lessons there deep bene [...]


Episode 13: Americans On Vacation Abroad

tiha13.mp3File Size: 50736 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this episode of TIHA Mark and I go abroad on two very different vacations and document the experiences we have. Roughly 43% of Americans travel abroad. Overwhelmingly the other 57% believe that traveling abroad is too costly or is somehow inaccessible. Give it a try, and you'll find it will change your life. We add one of America's darlings to the Basket of Deplorables, and delve into news that's local somewhere! All this [...]


Minisode 12.5: Tron Legacy

tiha12.5.mp3File Size: 18930 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this very special minisode we offer the first installment of Mark Fixes A Movie we dive right in with Tron Legacy! This movie had all the makings of another Disney Franchise universe: cartoons, spinoffs, prequels, and more sequels. So what happened? Tune in to find out! [...]


Episode 12: Try The Chicken Tacos

tiha12.mp3File Size: 52587 kbFile Type: mp3Download File We're back from the April hiatus with Chuck Staton and Brad Rohrer of Agreeing To Disagree: The Chuck & Brad Podcast to discuss their upcoming 300th episode recorded LIVE!. We got together with them over tacos @ Tito's Cantina in Seekonk, MA. Featured here is a small piece of a raucous sixty minute conversation we had them. To hear the whole thing head over to our Patreon Page. By becoming a supporter you can unlock [...]


Minisode 10.5: Pumped Up Kicks

tiha10.5.mp3File Size: 17415 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this very special minisode another installment of Justin Ruins A Song we take on Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks. Tune in and find out what this super catchy song of summer is really about! Pumped Up Kicks [...]


Episode 10: Java Script

tiha10.mp3File Size: 59888 kbFile Type: mp3Download File Ten Episodes in and going strong! This week we bring your our first interview. We chatted electronically with Erin LaNifa Co-Founder of Industry Coffee Roasters out of Oakland. We talk Coffee, politics, ethics, and the proper way to consume a cup o 'joe'. In News That's Local Somewhere we bring more hilarity and absurdity! Tune in and find out who is added to this week's Basket of Deplorables and the recipient [...]


Episode 9: Sounds Familiar

tiha9.mp3File Size: 48200 kbFile Type: mp3Download File This week we deep dive the American Democracy by traveling back to the fall of The Roman Republic and examine what happens when governments become too democratic. It may surprise you to learn that The United States isn't as democratic as you may think, and maybe that's a good thing! In News That's Local Somewhere we both succumb to laughter as the news is hilarious! Tune in and find out who is added to this week's Ba [...]


Bonus Episode: Impasse

tihabonus_impasse.mp3File Size: 17707 kbFile Type: mp3Download File This week TIHA brings you a bonus episode that doesn't really fit anywhere else. Impasse offers a behind the scenes look into the show as Mark and Justin struggle to find common ground on an issue that threatens to destroy the show! Well...not really... Given where our country is right now it seemed a conversation that we could all benefit from having and hearing. So we hit record, and here it is. Can Mark and Justin fi [...]


Minisode 8.5: MMMBop

tiha8.5.mp3File Size: 12492 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this minisode it's time for Justin to deconstruct another song explaining the true meaning behind those catchy lyrical and musical hooks...effectively ruining it forever. This week it's the song that unseated Biggie's Hypnotize from the #1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 MMMBop! MMMBop Video ​MMMBop Lyrics Genius ​ [...]


Episode 8: Alternative Facts or Rolls Off The Tongue

tiha8.mp3File Size: 46481 kbFile Type: mp3Download File It's a more mature, and polished podcast, but still the same hard hitting analysis of American Culture that you deserve. In this episode we get to the root of the alternative facts plaguing America. Just when did facts get so wibbly wobbly? You may be surprised at the answer! We debut our new News That's Local Somewhere theme and dive into news that's just too crazy to be fake. So tune in and find out who is added to thi [...]


Minisode 7.5: This Is Us

tiha7.5.mp3File Size: 7223 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this week's very special minisode of "Mark Explains Things" Mark tells and endearing story of woe, friendship, and triumph; Justin laughs, and we all hear the story of how we met. That's right American, this is us...hang on! Notes from this episode: At the top of the show before we started recording Mark asked me for two random women's names. They appear towards the end, and I completely break down into a pool of tear [...]


Episode 6: Out Of The Past

tiha6.mp3File Size: 62923 kbFile Type: mp3Download File We're just two guys trying to create a podcast worthy of your time, sometimes that means there aren't enough hands or ears or time to go around. Apologies for how long it took to get this episode out. As a result some of what we mention may seem a little dated, but as usual we approach the content from a unique perspective. In this weeks episode we talk President Obama's Farewell Address, and then President Elect Trump's first pres [...]


Minisode 5.5: "Hey Ya!"

tiha5.5.mp3File Size: 15848 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In this very special minisode Justin takes on the the OutKast mega hit Hey Ya! off of the double album Speakerbox/Love Below. Mark gives us his best rendition of the song amidst some blistering accolades. Learn the true meaning behind the song that bested Queen Bee herself! Links:Hey Ya VideoGenius Lyrics [...]


Episode 5: Scrappy Little Underdog

thia5.mp3File Size: 74044 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In episode four of the podcast we recap 2016 "The Year of the Underdog!" We do our best to process the craziness of the year. Mark pummels Justing with a staggering list of 2016 Celebrity Deaths. In news that's local somewhere we contemplate the rational in giving a flamethrower as a gift in the new year. All that plus this weeks pick from the basket of deplorables, AND we end on a high note as we honor one noteworthy America [...]


Minisode 4 . 5: Gravitational Waves

tiha4.5.mp3File Size: 14741 kbFile Type: mp3Download File While we continue to edit episode 5 enjoy this minisode with the second installment of MARK EXPLAINS THINGS! Thank you so much for supporting our little show. We're committed to bringing you the best possible content that we can. Check back soon for Episode 5: "Scrappy Little Underdog". You can help the show out by heading over to iTunes and giving us a rating and review. [...]


Episode 4: How Are You Mark?

tiha4.mp3File Size: 97680 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In episode four of the podcast of the people, for the people, that points out the irony of the people we update topics from episodes past, clarify what exactly the twelve days of Christmas are, take on fake news, and take a fake news quiz! In "News That's Local Somewhere" we dive Texas Abortion Laws, an Alagator Drive-Thru Drive-by, Spotify Spying Spree, and more. All this and more!​​Stories We Mentioned In This Episode [...]


Episode 2: Harambe

tiha2_v2.0.mp3File Size: 74751 kbFile Type: mp3Download File In episode two of the podcast we debrief the 2016 Presidential election explaining why the outcome was totally predictable. In the first installment of "Justin Ruins Your Favorite Songs" we take on The Goo Goo Dolls Slide, and in local news we highlight The Providence Skyline, The Birth of The Super-Baby, and Dining for Introverts. Stories we mentioned in this episode:McDowell County WV 2016 Electoral MapSave T [...]