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Those Gals are Lynsay and Elaine, BFFs from Glasgow. Join us on our podcast adventures. Expect chat about music, movies, clothing, tiny hats, and pretty much anything else pop culture related. Plus lots of Prince. Mwah! Tweet us at Visit us on tumblr Or pop us an email

Those Gals are Lynsay and Elaine, BFFs from Glasgow. Join us on our podcast adventures. Expect chat about music, movies, clothing, tiny hats, and pretty much anything else pop culture related. Plus lots of Prince. Mwah! Tweet us at Visit us on tumblr Or pop us an email
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Those Gals are Lynsay and Elaine, BFFs from Glasgow. Join us on our podcast adventures. Expect chat about music, movies, clothing, tiny hats, and pretty much anything else pop culture related. Plus lots of Prince. Mwah! Tweet us at Visit us on tumblr Or pop us an email




Episode 2.13 - Amazing Interiors amaze us

For a wee change, we're looking at a current TV show in this episode. The shiny shiny world of Amazing Interiors, on Netflix, has so captured our imaginations that we were desperate to share our thoughts. Fancy walls! Circus decor! Hockey sticks! and a whole lotta cats... Watch with Those Gals: Amazing Interiors s1 on Netflix: Episodes 2, 3, 4, 10. Join in the conversation:


2.12 Dawson's Creek: Emotional manipulation on a grand scale

Are you emotionally ready for this? It's time to talk about a teen classic; a drama-filled, big-hearted, ground-breaking, sob-inducing show. That's right, it's time for Dawson's Creek. Joey's eyerolls. Pointless b characters. Romance. Jen. Boys being 'nice guys'. This one has it all and more. Join in the conversation: Watch along with Those Gals: Dawson's Creek Season 1, Episode 7: Detention Dawson's Creek Season 3, Episode 7: Escape from Witch Island...


Episode 2.11: THIS is an ART Attack!

We're back back back again and talking about children's TV classic, ART ATTACK. It's wacky but not too wacky, 90s art fest television. We delve into the world of weird tricks with paint, the life of modern day Renaissance man Neil Buchanan, and whether we would actually create any of this stuff. Watch along with Those Gals: Art Attack season 3, episode 1 Art Attack season 8, episode 3 Art Attack season 10, episode 5 Join the conversation:


Episode 2.10: We're drawn to Most Haunted

Don your night vision goggles and look out for those orbs, it's a Those Gals investigation into paranormal reality show, Most Haunted. What was Derek Acorah really up to? Was Yvette Fielding's hair pretty good actually? Have you felt the influence of a spirit? Did you believe in any of the spine-chilling moments? And most importantly, what does Mary love? We discuss all this and more. Join the conversation:


Episode 2.9: All round bad hair decisions - TV Gals

We're talking about "VH1 Classic!" (- Lynsay)/ "A wall of stupid" (- Elaine), ROCK OF LOVE... ft. Brett Michaels. 25 women, one ageing hair metal star, and his hapless bodyguard. The perfect recipe for true love? We find out as we delve into Rock of Love. Join the conversation...


Episode 2.8/Episode 50!: Gladiators..... ready! - TV Gals

Live! From the National Indoor Arena, in Birmingham! Those Gals chat our way through 90s television classic, Gladiators. From the daring feats of athleticism to the wild hair flips, we're here for this show. Join us on a journey to a simpler time, when health and safety apparently didn't matter as much and lycra was the fashion of choice. Join in the chat:


Episode 2.6 - This is where the magic happens - MTV Cribs - TV Gals

Delving into the history of MTV Cribs, the beloved show that took you right into the homes of celebrity guests. What did they have in their fridges? Who had the best home barber? And why did Fieldy have a room solely lit by blacklight? All this and more in a new episode of Those Gals. Join in the chat: ***This episode has a few little sound issues due to a wee microphone issue. They're short, and as much removed as possible, but...


Episode 2.4 - Changing Rooms made me question my fundamental beliefs

We're back in the UK to talk about the DIY sensation that shook the nation in the late 90s and early 00s: Changing Rooms. This BBC classic was an interesting battle between neighbours, design, and the general idea of good taste. We love a bit of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, though. Come relive the many clashing colours, MDF panels, bizarre lighting choices and 'art'... Join the chat:


Episode 2.2: Trinny And Susannah and what not to treat people like - TV Gals

For this week's rewatch, we're stepping back to a time when the hemlines were floaty and the psychoanalysis was questionable. It can only be fashion heroines Trinny and Susannah of What Not to Wear fame. It's a cautionary tale of late 90s/early 00s 'fashion' and bullying. Come join the conversation! Find us on As referenced in the episode, do yourself a favour and check out this twitter thread:...


Episode 2.1: The Simple Life - TV Gals

We're back baby! We're doing a TV miniseries looking back at some old favourites, exploring some bad times, and critiquing some interesting moments. This episode, it's Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie BFF classic, The Simple Life. Take a break from the darkness of the world and travel back to another time of complete mindless fluff, when Paris and Nicole were pals on a mission to try out Arkansas life. What happened? Why did they do it? And why were they so bronzed? These important...


Episode 41: And the rest is RuPaul's Drag Race

***SPOILER WARNING!! if you've not seen all of the show, you might hear a couple of spoilers in this episode!*** Gentlemen! Start your engines... This IS RuPaul's best friend race. In excited anticipation of season nine, we're talking all things RuPaul's Drag Race. Party! Elaine introduces Lynsay to some key episodes before we settle in to share the T about the seasons so far. From Bianca Del Rio crushes and Shangela popping out of a box (Hallelu!) to Raven's original shadiness and a...


Episode 40: This is Janhot

HEY GUYS! Welcome to January. We're kicking off the new year in a lower gear and sharing what we've been up to in a long and cozy January. Hiding from the world? Starting fresh? Come join us. With chat on: Lynsay's epic Gilmore Girls marathon! Search Party! Braindead! New year! Plans! No longer being afraid of the gym! Let us know what you think:


BONUS EPISODE!: Those Gals watch terrible Christmas movies so you don't have to

You know we love Christmas. And movies. And terrible, terrible Christmas movies. So we decided to watch some and share our feelings. We saw puppies, a limited amount of Christmas cheer, true love, ghost mums, Dean Cain, magic angel powers, sensual mopping, confusing side plots and a stocking-ful of bad accents. Come with us to delve into the "magic" that is Three Holiday Tails (, and experience the true festive joy of Beverly Hills Christmas...


Episode 39: 2016 wasn't all terrible

Guys. We all know 2016 has been one big shanshow. But it's not all bad, is it? We picked out some of our absolute favourite moments in pop culture this year to obsess over one last time... Including: Stranger Things! Master of None! The Witch! Leo (obvs)! Conor Oberst! PAWS! The Pixies! Mariachi El Bronx! Tiger Army! Moana! The Girl With All The Gifts! And way more. Should have included RPDRAS2 but I forgot. We want to know your highlights, too. Tell us what distracted you from the ongoing...


Episode 38: Fashion star

We're back baby! And we're talking about our favourite celebrities-turned-fashion-designers. From the great (VB) to the HUH? (Heigl? HEIGL?) it's all about style, clothes and respecting Jessica Simpson. Yes really. Join the conversation:


Episode 37: Witches and zombies and horror, oh my!

GUYS. It's October. And you know what that means... Hallowe'en is coming. Like, soon. So we're sharing our Hallowe'en top ten: The things we love about the spookiest time of year. How will Elaine work Adam Brody into the conversation? What fangastic outfits is Lynsay planning? All this and more. Pumpkin carving tips included. Join the chat:


Episode 36: This is the remake

We're going back to the movies to chat about remakes: The good, the bad and the Tim Burton. Featuring our thoughts on: The Lion King! Beauty and the Beast! Psycho! Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Freaky Friday! And more. It's a mix-up funbag of movie goodness. And naturally a tangent into Efron gossip. Join us! Apols for the background noise at the beginning... Elaine's upstairs neighbours are still...


Episode 35: Mixtape - Sad songs Vs happy songs

Do sad songs say so much? Or do you prefer happy songs for happy people? We're back with another mixtape, and this time it's all about finding the right mood. And ducks. Lots of ducks. Featuring chat about: Nick Cave, Ricky Valance, Pharrell, Katy Perry, Bobbie Gentry, Stevie Wonder, Prince (obvs), Kiss, Radiohead, Bright Eyes (the band, not the song) plus many more. Got a happy or sad song recommendation? Give us a shout:


Episode 34: Things we learned from the movies

We love movies, and we especially love learning new things. Put them together and what do you get? Extremely valuable life lessons from Hollywood. We're talking about what we've learned from some of our favourite films (and some truly questionable ones) - from how to kill a vampire, to winning a dance off (spoiler - just be John Travolta's dance partner), to a fundamental belief in human beings. It gets deep, you guys. Join in the chat:


Episode 33: Random questions about... Fashion

From guilty pleasures to trend obsessions, we're talking all about fashion. Would you go gingham? How do you really feel about ruffles? What's the go-to item in your wardrobe? All these questions and more. Put on your glad rags and meet us in the walk-in closet! Get in touch: