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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British! With all the latest tracks from Sony Music India, this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!

Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British! With all the latest tracks from Sony Music India, this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!


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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British! With all the latest tracks from Sony Music India, this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!




98: Who wants to be a superhuman!?

On the kitchen table this week: Theres talk of humans having “upgrades” so we’re wondering what the future holds for us Earthlings! And there’s a lot of talk about food! Mainly pizza!


97: London Podcast Festival 2020

We actually recorded a live podcast in front of a real audience! It was great to be at the London Podcast Festival for the 2nd year! We had a laugh talking about everything from how Diwali & Christmas would work this year with the rule of 6 and we found out about the worlds best roundabouts!


96: Who doesn’t like cheesy chips?

Is it just us, or is everyone confused about what they can and can’t do at the moment? So, we’re here to bring some Brownload banter to the Covid craziness! Plus there’s cheesy chip analysis and even a new Gujarati superstore!


95: Surprise!

Yep, this podcast is out earlier than usual! That’s because this Thursday we are serving up the Brownload to a live audience in Kings Place, Kings Cross, London as part of The London Podcast Festival! We were there last year and loved it! This year, you can buy tickets to stream it or be in the audience! If you’re reading this in time, head to See you there! Enjoy the Brownload!


94: Dedicated to Akshay Kumar

With the rule of 6 kicking in, the boys are questioning how it works whilst also dreaming about holidays, wedding and Akshay Kumar!


93: It’s finger lickin' good!

Tommy’s servings up a “KFC treat” as the boys hit the kitchen table to discuss mathematical equations, first jobs and some things they’ve learnt that will blow your mind!


92: The naked removal men

Tommy & Kej discover a new job opening they're interested in plus the boys talk about Summer officially coming to an end, what to watch on TV & why people hate full stops.


91: Massages, Mosquitos and Mauja!

All the important stuff discussed right here: buying school uniform, new breeds of Mosquito and Tommy’s bought a gun!


90: Don't be right, be kind!

Get ready to hear about strange breakfasts, thieving foxes, creepy caravans & the boys talk about Dhoni's news!


89: Why would you eat the same breakfast every day?

Tommy & Kej are back from a weekend break (not together) and the boys are debating life: breakfast routines, workplace sound effects and printing food!


88: Manisha from Indian Matchmaking!

We’ve all watched Indian Matchmaking - So you’ll know our guest this week: It’s Manisha who dated Vyasar! Plus the boys talk about Elon Musk & Diljit Dosanjh!


87: AR Rahman’s here talking about Dil Bechara

Legendary producer, composer, singer and all round musical genius AR Rahman chats to Tommy about the new soundtrack: Dil Bechara - Plus the boys cover Garlic Bread and wrapping up the Brownload Fantasy Football league


86: That Netflix Indian Matchmaking show

The boys are analysing Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking as well as wanting to set their own Guinness Book Of Records - Plus, the amazing Nikhita Gandhi sings for us having just painted her kitchen!


85: Amaal & Armaan Malik want to talk!

We catch up with the brilliant brothers Amaal & Armaan Malik on their new track “Zara Thehro” and there’s Pakoras and Saag on the menu in Tommys kitchen!


84: Down with Jay Sean!

The mega talented Jay Sean talks about his new podcast and we debate why Desi people love to stick chillis in everything!


83: Raghu Dixit sharing the love!

All round nice guy Raghu Dixit talks about why he’s been doing gigs from home. Plus Kej gave Tommy hiccups and Sach wants us all to smell of marmite!


82: Singing to plants with Shilpa Rao!

Lockdown is changing, Bollywood's kicking off and amongst all that Shilpa Rao is bringing some harmony via a Zee5 concert.


81: Kacha crisis is over!

With Primark and other stores opening up you can now buy pants! So life’s getting back to normal ... but there’s also alien life to think about and what if we all move to Italy? Only the Brownload can discuss such burning matters!


80: 99 problems but the Rich ain’t one

With everything going on in the world, we bring you a slice of goodness with our super cool friend Rishi Rich! Plus we are back together in Tommys garden for the first time in months!


79: I feel like Shahrukh Khan

Super cool producer Tesher talks us through the idea behind the hottest desi track on the planet: Young Shahrukh - And we’re talking holidays, cheese and lifting the lockdown: all good things! Tracklist: Badshah & Bhoomi Tridevi - Genda Phool (Gujarati Version) Tesher - Young Shahrukh K3G - Bole Chudiyan Rowdy Rathore - Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita