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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!

Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!


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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!




205: What Happened To The Opening Ceremony?

There’s some proper travel issues for all of us! Trains, planes and automobile problems! Plus, Sach has been schmoozing with A-listers on a Yacht in Abu Dhabi! We also chat about why the BBC didn’t show the opening ceremony of the World Cup? We feel cheated! And there’s chocolate matters, egg shortages and giant Toblerones!


204: Up Above The Streets And Houses…

Who recognises which kids show the title of this weeks podcast is from? Sach was too young to know but Kej and I reminisced over the childrens classic! But our superstar Dj (that’s Sach … definitely not Kej) is in Dubai to Dj for the Formula One, Kej is obviously over playing the Bollywood wedding he was invited to and I can’t get away from Sandhus! They’re everywhere!


203: There's No More Cocks To Turn!

Ok ok … We know we’ve got some explaining to do as to why we missed last week's Brownload shift! We address that as well as our weekend of let downs and the most amazing Asian concert in years: The Rewind Tour! Plus there’s calls from India and our review of the new series on ITV: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!


202: Look At That, You Get Twitter In Prison!

A moment in history folks! We have an Indian Prine Minister on Diwali! Let’s hope he does the job! We’re celebrating Mr Sunak, talking about our festive celebrations and Kej’s got news about the power of smiling! Sach brings a story about an issue that unfolded on the train … what would you have done? And I don’t get Instagram reels with massive stickers on them - It makes no sense to me! Enjoy the podcast folks!


201: I Hate Turkish Delight!

Loads in this weeks episode! The worlds falling apart so Kej escaped to the Meta offices, Sach has been hanging with Freshers and I’m not my wife’s type! Plus we’re talking Diwali and the new Apple series set in Mumbai, Shantaram


200: Bedazzled!

I’m trying to take Garba into a new era and these two ain’t feeling my idea! Plus we’re talking late night Greggs, electric blankets to keep you warm and Kej’s professional observations of Liz Hurley!


199: I Want Chicken & Chips!

So much to fill you in on! I’m sure you’re wondering if Kej crossed the finish line at the London Marathon? Find out what it was like along with Sach and his night off from Dj'ing and my dilemma of trying to be a “good Desi boy” or should I have confronted an aunty? Plus there’s talk of “deep fakes” and things you should never do in a cafe! Don’t forget to email us with anything that triggers you to comment! (Good or bad!)

198: Walking, Running & Garba!

Big up Sach having just done his half marathon and good luck to Kej for the upcoming full 26 mile London marathon this weekend! There’s feelings of “maranoia” in the podcast as we discuss our life events and wonder what life would be like with us as Prime minister!


197: Sach-beth!

Oh my gawwwd! All these years and we didn’t know something about Sach! How different his life could have been if he followed his passion from school! Plus we’re talking about the Queens funeral, Kanye West and Kej’s killer chutney!


196: End Of Our Rani Kahani...

With the Queens passing, we reflected on her legendary status in our own Brownload kinda way! Plus Kej is only 3 weeks away from running the marathon and things are getting serious, I’m driving puke covered drunk people around and Sach is enjoying my misery as he said, “now you know how I feel having to deal with you lot when you’re drunk!” It’s all getting a bit emotional! Enjoy!


195: Show Me Your “O’s!”

We’ve got a new Prime minister … but it’s not the Desi one! Kej has done a half marathon and regrets listening to the Brownload through it! Plus Sach is noticing that the world is kicking off and people are rebelling everywhere and I did a voiceover to a new Netflix cartoon which inspired a new singing game! (If only we had a radio show to play it on!) And we’re talking Monopoly tactics as well as Japanese antics! It’s packed full of laughs … so enjoy!


194: "You Can See The Weeners...”

We’re all back online together! Kej is having a moan and a rant (so nothing new there!) and I’m feeling like a bit of a party pooper! Sach isn’t convinced about Bank holidays and the plan is for England to have more of them! Plus we talk about Saturday night telly and the return of a hit show! So get on your lycra leotards, grab your pogo sticks … 3, 2, 1 … hit play!


193: Two Meat, No Veg!

Kej is away so rather than let you down, it’s just the two of us on this weeks podcast! We didn’t miss him one little bit! (Okay okay … maybe a little!) We’re talking doubles and where our lookalikes might be, the Fringe festival and Sach has got Covid but hasn’t got Covid … if you know what I mean!


192: What A Load Of Dholaks!

Is it gonna rain? Where are these mad floods? We’re ready and waiting … but in the meantime we discuss how we like our food at weddings, the rising costs of living and Sach doesn’t like it when Dhols are played over English songs! Plus there’s things we’ve watched and recommend as well as the little “nuggets” of new information that we want to share with you!


191: Stranger Singhs...

We're back and we were inundated with messages from angry Brownloaders for last weeks' no show podcast - The person to blame is revealed and a public apology is issued! Plus Tommy talks about his time in Canada, Kej brings a new sport (if you can call it that) to the table & Money Saving Sach has a tip for those price rises - Enjoy!


190: Toes In Your Mouth!

Apologies in advance if anyone is reminded of their nightmare train journeys from this podcast! I had a testing time on my way back from Bradford to London! Kej jumped on the bandwagon and moaned about Tesco delivery and Sach is unhappy about people touching him in nightclubs! (I’ll let him explain that one!) Plus we’re talking about those Ranveer Singh pictures, Love Island and the big Neighbours finale!


189: My Backside Is Sweaty!

This one goes down in history! Recorded on the hottest day in the record books … EVER! And we got a little heated in our discussion about new revelations from BMW! Is it me, or does their new idea not make any sense? Kej and Sach disagree with me! Plus there’s talk about Rishi Sunak and whether he’s Gujarati or not, sunbeds on holiday and my review of the new Buzz Lightyear movie! Email us: or message The Brownload on Instagram!


188: My Mum Never Put Raisins In It!

Is it hot enough for ya? With the heatwave going on, guess which one of us three has taken the time to do “fan research”? We also wonder if the country will be more Desi under Rishi Sunak as Prime minister and Sach was asked some pretty personal questions when he gave blood! Plus I’ve got painful memories from Canada’s Wonderland … maybe I should take a stand and boycott the place! Find out why! Hit play and enjoy


187: I Love Fierce Bhangra!

Get ready for another garage session! No, not Kej’s Bhangra Garage brunch idea again … a catch up in my garage! We’ve got breaking news on two Brown people leaving Boris! Sach is back from Dubai without anyone falling over infront of him and has anyone noticed how much spreadable butter costs nowadays! It’s a direct hit to the desi market - we love our butter! That and loads more - get listening!


186: Naomi Campbell? You’re more like Sol Campbell!

Sach is away in Dubai on a trip - but he’s not the only one tripping! Kej is getting compliments from random old people as he goes running and I’ve been hosting “India day” in Milton Keynes where someone was serving shoulder pads … to eat! Plus it’s always nice to give compliments where they’re due so you’ll hear about how I tried to spread a little love at Macdonalds! Now get listening and go tell your friends to subscribe to The Brownload too! Cheers!