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Welcome to Trip Hazard! Trip Hazard is the creative co. behind the shows "Noodlin' with Josh", "You Gotta See This!" with co-host Erica (@Jelly_Goblin), and the self-titled "Trip Hazard Presents:" with co-host Caitlin @CaitlinBurt. Everything is also hosted by (and none of it is edited by) Josh W! @JoshWeavr

Welcome to Trip Hazard! Trip Hazard is the creative co. behind the shows "Noodlin' with Josh", "You Gotta See This!" with co-host Erica (@Jelly_Goblin), and the self-titled "Trip Hazard Presents:" with co-host Caitlin @CaitlinBurt. Everything is also hosted by (and none of it is edited by) Josh W! @JoshWeavr


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Welcome to Trip Hazard! Trip Hazard is the creative co. behind the shows "Noodlin' with Josh", "You Gotta See This!" with co-host Erica (@Jelly_Goblin), and the self-titled "Trip Hazard Presents:" with co-host Caitlin @CaitlinBurt. Everything is also hosted by (and none of it is edited by) Josh W! @JoshWeavr




Episode 8 - Hansel & Gretel are public domain, right?

THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES! Having convinced Caitlin to make a character and play D&D, Josh is feeling smudge. After some chit chat about this and that they get back into the adventuring of Bildwidth, Tordi and Xansaran (the Great). Should they trust this old hag? Are they appropriately concerned about the architecture of this house in the woods? Have you figured out what Caitlin and Josh have been up to in quarantine? Either way, RED FLAGS! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Episode 7 - Dungeons & Dragons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think I may have forgotten to trim the beginning of this episode...but also, "don't know how to edit" SO WE'RE KEEPING IT! IN THIS EPI-whoa caps, in this episode of Trip Hazard Presents Josh enlists the descriptive help of his trusty DM friend Julian and the cautious optimism of super-awesome friend Adela to convince co-host Caitlin Burt to play a one-shot of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for those living under a rock or that town from Footloose. (If they weren't even allowed dance, I bet they...


Episode 6 - Adela's Homework

Technically due to corona, all work is homework...but in this episode Caitlin and Josh travel back to class to help Adela with a school project. Write a science fiction story with a backdrop of a political science issue. Easier and harder than it sounds. Easier because we are currently living in what feels like a pandemic driven sci-fi hellscape caused by party lines. Harder because...well we are currently living in what feels like a pandemic driven sci-fi hellscape caused by party lines and...


Episode 5 - Time To Get Uncomfortable

If the title of this episode wasn't enough of an indicator it's time to have uncomfortable conversations. Uncomfortable conversations about the inequality and injustices plaguing the Black Community. We are obviously not subject matter experts but we are allies who are trying to actively and vocally learn outloud. Allies who will continue to examine and fix our internal biases and be actively and vocally anti-racist. Fuck racists, fuck corona, bring on the theme!


Episode 4: Horniness In Quarantine

Happy National Horny Day! (April 16th) If you're listening any other day you're a pervert ;) On this episode of Trip Hazard Presents we talk about horniness in the quarantine with TWO guests, Adela and Anonymous Paul. Paul is anonymous. Adela is not, she is Adela and a previous guest of Noodlin' with Josh! For about an hour, with an additional 30 of trailing thoughts that get reigned in, this quarantined quad talk about "surviving" while solo. Follow along IRL: @CaitlinBurt & @JoshWeavr


Episode 3- Quarantine, Cards, Canada, and a Coxswain

Trip Hazard Presents: another episode of the dynamically named Quarantine, Cards, Canada, & a Coxswain. Right off the bat @JoshWeavr comes out strong about ferrets [and has told me, the writer, he stands by his statement they are an animated tube sock], @CaitlinBurt is introduced to the concept of a coxswain, and they consider ergonomically correct apocalypse weaponry.


?? - Episode 2 - Quarantine, Cards, Canada

On this episode of a show with no name (like that horse!) Caitlin and Josh talk about living in the quarantine, flip through shitty jokes on cards, and the United States of Canada ( seriously, is this a good idea?!). Follow along and @ us on Twitter at @CaitlinBurt and @JoshWeavr! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It's A New Show! - The First Episode

It's a new show! Trip Hazard Presents....??? We have an idea, but we're not sure! If you're new, hello! Trip Hazard Presents is a collection of shows. Currently Noodlin' with Josh is an interview show, You Gotta See This is for movies, This New Show is for...well we're not sure yet. I (Josh*) offered $200 for a theme song (lmk if that's too low, it was the highest number I could think of at the time), this episode's hosts @CaitlinBurt and @JoshWeavr flip through cards of 'jokes' and try to...


Happy International House of Pancakes...err...Podcast Day

Happy International Podcast Day! We got a little sidetracked in our title but hopefully mentioning the pancake powerhouse will help our SEO on Spotify and iTunes! *fingers crossed* <8^D Plus, not convinced you want to listen to a full hour of our newest podcast project "You Gotta See This"? We get it!! Try dipping your toe the pool of our into our very funny podcast about Erica’s (very disgraceful) lack of movie knowledge, and Josh’s (sick nasty) movie memory AND googling skills. Erica wrote...


You Gotta See This: Carrie - Sn1Ep3

Welcome to the third installment of You Gotta See This, where Josh and Erica throw the show format into the wind, and dive directly into the classic horror, CARRIE [2013]. (Well, the remake of the actual classic Carrie [1976].) . We learn a lot about the themes of this film (religion, babies, magic, bullying, and trauma-based superpowers), as well as Erica’s crippling fear of Japanese horror films; and subsequent fear of basements, AND TOTALLY FORGOT to record an intro! You can find us both...


You Gotta See This: THE Fast And THE Furious - Sn1Ep2

THE Fast and THE Furious. The second episode of You Gotta See This. Josh tries to convince Erica to watch The Fast and The Furious. They also discuss Hobbs & Shaw.....and other random topics. You will learn: random facts about 2001 you never knew you wanted to know, that Erica ALWAYS requests that we start over and Josh ALWAYS refuses, that Jackie Chan was NOT in Tokyo Drift, that we shouldn’t record the intro after the actual episode cause we forget things. Don’t let us do that again....


You Gotta See This: Starsky & Hutch - Sn1 Ep1

Trip Hazard Presents: You Gotta See This! Armed with only the memories of a movie and it's IMDb page, Josh has 30 minutes to convince his girlfriend, Erica, to watch a specific movie. If he succeeds, Erica has to watch the movie and report back in the recap. If he fails to convince her to see the movie the episode is over and everyone goes home. Follow us on Twitter at: @Jelly_Goblin and @JoshWeavr and send us all feedback! Thanks for tuning in!


Noodlin' with Josh Theme Song - Season 1

Jam out to the #1 bop of 2018...Noodlin' with Josh's Theme Song! hmu if you want to remix this into the bop of 2019! Season 2 coming sooooon!


Noodlin: Episode 32: Larissa Explains It All!

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh: Larissa Marten calls in! Larissa is an incredible actress hailing from...everywhere! I had the opportunity to spend 4 days acting with and watching Larissa chew up every scene she was in and HAD to have her as a guest on this show. Additionally, we experiment with long distance podcasting! We (I) fail miserably! We talk Sex, Acting, and WWE!


Noodlin: Episode 31: Did it for the Monet.

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, "soon to be Pixar storyboard artist" Jo Wysocki stops by the new (and subtly improved) Birch Hollow Studios. She also brings a wealth of creative knowledge and talent and we talk art in many forms. (oh...and drink a bunch)


Noodlin: mini-sode 1: Mic Rust

After an...eye-opening weekend in Portland at a conference for all things creative/internet, I've returned inspired. Inspired to knock off the mic-rust and get back into the studio. The first of many mini-episodes to come!


Noodlin: Episode 30! (I'm Aware I Skipped A Few)

Happy Birthday, to me! Welcome BACK to Noodlin' with Josh! After a multi-month hiatus, and on the minute-eve of his 30th birthday, Josh decided to pick back up the mic, hit record, and write this cheesy track description. <8^D


Noodlin: Episode 28: #ByeVegas

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh,...oh man is it an emotional one. We say goodbye to my adoptive home for the last 7 years, Las Vegas, NV. Apologies for the long, sullen, contemplative silences found in this episode. This was hard to record and I'll take a second whack at it one day.


Noodlin: Episode 27: Luis the Comic Book Guy Strikes Back!

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, Luis the Comic Book Guy joins me in the studio to talk Thor: Ragnarok and all upcoming comic book movies. Strap in and nerd out with Luis and I!


Noodlin: Episode 26: A sit down with an Esquire, Chris Connell!

Oh man, where to start with this one. On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, my guest is THE Chris Connell. Mr. Chris Connell Esq. joins me for a Halloween episode where we talk about everything from getting cursed out by Scarlett Johansson to playing in a band! ALSO, tune in for a surprise, courtesy of the incomparable Tommy Sklut!