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Welcome to the Quiet End






Two Innocents

In June of 1959, just two months before her thirteenth birthday, Lynne Harper was found dead in a wooded grove near a Clinton, Ontario, Air Force base. Lynne was small for her age, the middle child between two brothers. She was described as bossy and a “live wire.” She had her whole life ahead of […] The post Two Innocents appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Love Bomber

Jayne Leebrick met David Miller on January 1, 1991 on a cross country flight from Florida to Los Angeles. He was in the seat next to her and seemed like the perfect man. Handsome, wealthy, and a brave cancer survivor, David won her over. If David seemed too good to be true, that’s because he […] The post Love Bomber appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Confessions of Youth

On the morning of January 21, 1998, 12-year-old Stephanie Ann Crowe was found dead on her bedroom floor. She had been brutally stabbed to death as her family slept soundly in their bedrooms down the hall. Stephanie’s parents desperately called 911 for help. After police officers arrived at the scene, a cursory search of the […] The post Confessions of Youth appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Destroyer of Worlds

“Disney” Dad Anthony Todt and his wife Megan seemed to be living an ideal, enviable life together. High school sweethearts, they married, had three children, and owned a busy Physical Therapy practice in Connecticut. But that life blew up in December of 2019. Join us at the quiet end for Destroyer of Worlds. How did […] The post Destroyer of Worlds appeared first on Tiegrabber.


The Case of Gabby Petito

Perhaps no case more than that of 22-year-old Gabby Petito demonstrates that the images we see on social media do not accurately show us the reality of a person’s life. On July 2, 2021, Gabby enthusiastically set out on a “van life” journey with her fiancé Brian Laundrie. The two had quit their jobs and […] The post The Case of Gabby Petito appeared first on Tiegrabber.


The Disappearance of Birna Brjánsdóttir

Confident and carefree, Icelandic woman Birna Brjánsdóttir was just 20-years-old when she disappeared in 2017. Birna grew up in the nearby suburbs, but she was very comfortable in the city of Reykjavik. It’s known as a safe place to be, even for a young woman in the dark of night. The main street was busy […] The post The Disappearance of Birna Brjánsdóttir appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Out of Wedlock

Rachel Hatfield was in a 14-year relationship with a struggling artist named Tim when she met her future husband, Todd Winkler. Todd couldn’t be much more different than Tim. He was a former F-16 fighter pilot with a big corporate job, a house, and even his own plane. When Tim heard about Todd, he hurried […] The post Out of Wedlock appeared first on Tiegrabber.


4 Bruises

29-year-old attorney Anna-Jane Cheney was looking forward to her wedding in March of 1994. But just a few weeks before she was to walk down the aisle, she was found dead in her Adelaide home. Join us at the quiet end for 4 Bruises. At around 7:30pm on March 18, Anna went to the home […] The post 4 Bruises appeared first on Tiegrabber.


The Last Seduction

Jeff Wright was always looking for a good time. When he met his future wife, Susan, he thought she would be a good time. But then things between the two became something more than just fun. Susan became pregnant, they married, and they moved into a house in the suburbs of Houston. But it was […] The post The Last Seduction appeared first on Tiegrabber.


The Disappearance of Stephanie Kupchynsky

27-year-old music teacher Stephanie Kupchynsky disappeared from a Rochester, New York, suburb in 1991. Stephanie grew up in New Jersey and had taught on Martha’s Vineyard. She was scheduled to attend a music conference in New Jersey that was organized by her father, also a music teacher, when she disappeared. Soon afterwards, her car was […] The post The Disappearance of Stephanie Kupchynsky appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Down the Wishing Well

After Jimmy Don Beets’ fishing boat was found abandoned in Lake Athens, Texas, the locals speculated that he had accidentally drowned. But two years later, his body was found buried in a wishing well on his own property. And, shockingly, another missing man was discovered entombed on the same property. These two men had one […] The post Down the Wishing Well appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Blood Atonement

In its immediate aftermath, the 1984 murder of Brenda Lafferty and her baby daughter had their community asking “why?” But once the investigation was under way, law enforcement began to look closely at the family Brenda Lafferty had married into. Brenda was a devout Mormon, but she disagreed with the extreme religious beliefs of her […] The post Blood Atonement appeared first on Tiegrabber.


A Body in the Closet

The ostensibly charmed marriage of Kelley and Jim Cannon became something like a bad lifetime movie after years of drug addiction and domestic disturbances. Judging from outward appearances, the two were a successful and happy couple raising a young family. Jim was a law school graduate and a well-liked businessman. Kelley was a housewife and […] The post A Body in the Closet appeared first on Tiegrabber.


The Rainbow Girls Murders

Vicki Durian and Nancy Santomero were hitchhiking on their way to the Rainbow Family Gathering in June, 1980, when they disappeared. This was an annual gathering of hippies and free-thinking people where they would celebrate harmony, peace, and freedom at Monongahela National Forest. But after the two young women accepted a ride from a quiet […] The post The Rainbow Girls Murders appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Dissecting Dr. Death: Christopher Duntsch

Neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch had little in his background to predict the trail of surgical atrocities he would commit in his short-lived career. Before he was finally stopped, Duntsch had caused serious neurological injuries to most of his patients and killed two of them. In fact, of the 38 surgeries he performed, 33 were catastrophic. Join […] The post Dissecting Dr. Death: Christopher Duntsch appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Murder Mystery on Swann Street

After a 911 call came in late at night on August 2, 2006, paramedics were dispatched to a high-end Washington D.C. townhouse. Inside, the home was very neat with expensive electronics and other valuables in plain sight. On the second floor, 32-year-old attorney Robert Wone was found lying flat on his back in a t-shirt […] The post Murder Mystery on Swann Street appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Eye to Eye

As far back as Brian Stidham could remember, he wanted to be a doctor and work with children. As an exceptional student, he graduated from Harvard Medical School. Then he began his residency in pediatric ophthalmology. Eventually, Brian married, had two children, and moved to Tucson, Arizona. As one of very few specialists in the […] The post Eye to Eye appeared first on Tiegrabber.


One Last Family Weekend

Diane Whitmore grew up in the Midwest. She was a smart girl and, as she matured, she was looking forward to an exciting life as an independent, sophisticated woman. But when it came to men, Diane had a bad picker. Diane married Joe Pikul after meeting him at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He was exciting […] The post One Last Family Weekend appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Conspiracy: The Murder-for-Hire of Dan Markel

On July 18, 2014, 41-year-old law professor Dan Markel dropped off his two young sons at preschool, worked out at the gym, and returned home to his quiet Tallahassee, Florida home. It was a Friday and Dan was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. But as soon as he pulled into his garage, someone shot […] The post Conspiracy: The Murder-for-Hire of Dan Markel appeared first on Tiegrabber.


Never Seen Again: Jana Carpenter Koklich

Jana and Bruce Koklich were the ideal couple in many ways. Jana was a smart and attractive woman whose father had been an influential California state senator. Bruce was her dedicated, hard-working, and charming husband. Together, they ran a successful California real estate business and owned several valuable properties. But after going to an Eric […] The post Never Seen Again: Jana Carpenter Koklich appeared first on Tiegrabber.