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Lenny Fontana is one of the greatest House Music Producers to come out of the original New York City Club scene. A True Legend who has worked with many other incredible artists such as Chris Willis, Byron Stingily, Carole Sylvan, D Train, Crystal Waters, Alison Limerick, Shirley Lites, Meli’sa Morgan and Lee John (Imagination) to name just a few. Lenny Fontana has DJed all over the world throughout his career. He was the First American DJ to play at the world famous ‘Pacha’ - (Ibiza). Lenny has played at iconic venues such as Ministry Of Sound - (London), ‘Studio 54’ - (New York City), ‘Hacienda’ - (Manchester), ‘La Queen’ - (Paris) and he also DJ'ed for the closing party at ‘The Chevron’ - (Melbourne). Each Wednesday Lenny Fontana will be joined by a very special DJ / Producer / Vocalist for a Facebook Live that will blow your mind! Lenny will be chatting with his guests about their music careers to discover the true stories of working in this industry. He will be unveiling the true 'behind the scenes' stories on how his guests succeeded and continue to survive in this business. Listen to Lenny’s amazing guests as they share their journeys and achievements that have kept them top of the game and reveal some of the many incredible memories and experiences witnessed during their music careers. Expect to hear their untold stories about the joys of their work but also the many pitfalls that are hidden beneath which make this industry a very fun and exciting, yet highly competitive and challenging environment to be part of. Imagine being the fly on the wall as you listen to 2 truly iconic faces in the music industry as they go deep into their experiences over their time working in the music industry. © 2021- 2023 True House Stories ® is a registered tradmark by LCS Productions INC.


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Lenny Fontana is one of the greatest House Music Producers to come out of the original New York City Club scene. A True Legend who has worked with many other incredible artists such as Chris Willis, Byron Stingily, Carole Sylvan, D Train, Crystal Waters, Alison Limerick, Shirley Lites, Meli’sa Morgan and Lee John (Imagination) to name just a few. Lenny Fontana has DJed all over the world throughout his career. He was the First American DJ to play at the world famous ‘Pacha’ - (Ibiza). Lenny has played at iconic venues such as Ministry Of Sound - (London), ‘Studio 54’ - (New York City), ‘Hacienda’ - (Manchester), ‘La Queen’ - (Paris) and he also DJ'ed for the closing party at ‘The Chevron’ - (Melbourne). Each Wednesday Lenny Fontana will be joined by a very special DJ / Producer / Vocalist for a Facebook Live that will blow your mind! Lenny will be chatting with his guests about their music careers to discover the true stories of working in this industry. He will be unveiling the true 'behind the scenes' stories on how his guests succeeded and continue to survive in this business. Listen to Lenny’s amazing guests as they share their journeys and achievements that have kept them top of the game and reveal some of the many incredible memories and experiences witnessed during their music careers. Expect to hear their untold stories about the joys of their work but also the many pitfalls that are hidden beneath which make this industry a very fun and exciting, yet highly competitive and challenging environment to be part of. Imagine being the fly on the wall as you listen to 2 truly iconic faces in the music industry as they go deep into their experiences over their time working in the music industry. © 2021- 2023 True House Stories ® is a registered tradmark by LCS Productions INC.




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Simon Dunmore (Defected & Glitterbox) Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 117

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ SIMON DUNMORE (FOUNDER DEFECTED RECORDS & GLITTERBOX) # 117 INTERVIEWED BY LENNY FONTANA A very candid interview with the main man responsible for some of the biggest house music hits in the game, Simon Dunmore of Defected Records and Glitterbox Recordings. Listen carefully on how he explains his rise in the music business. There are key notes to work and live by that he shares with all of us. Simon’s journey through the music industry to head of Defected was a journey through various subcultures. While working in a London dry cleaners, being sent to a textile course in fashion college in Derby exposed him to the more electronic, danceable side of the post-punk and New Romantic sound. Venturing deeper into the club scene back in London, he found a new community in the soul scene that would be the canary in the mine for the house music starting to cross the Atlantic. Nights like Nicky Holloway’s Doo at the Zoo and Special Branch (including a trip to Ibiza in 1986) and a pivotal Soul weekender in, of all places, Berwick-On-Sea, lit the flame of a lifelong devotion to the soulful end of house that burns to this day. A DJ since 1983 (“I’d been making a lot of mixtapes, admittedly mostly for girls, when one day I was asked to play someone’s birthday party”), Simon threw himself into DJing and the soul scene: writing for magazines, building a database for his hand-lettered and photocopied ‘London Soul Circular’, organising buses from the suburbs to parties and events around the country. A job at Record & Disco Centre in London’s Rayners Lane saw him receiving promos from labels hoping he would hype their records to influential customers like Record & Mirror writer James Hamilton. Another customer, Cooltempo A&R Steve Wolfe, gave Simon a job doing club promotions, plugging club DJs whose feedback would inform the dance charts that were the bedrock of a track’s journey from record bag to radio play. Soon Simon was suggesting better records to sign or remixes to pursue, and when Wolfe left the label, Simon applied and got his job, later repeating the process when Wolfe left new home AM:PM. In the famously cut-throat and hedonistic 90s record industry, Simon took his time to find the right records to launch his new position with AM:PM, but a string of extraordinary releases including Ultra Nate’s ‘Free’, Alcatraz ‘Give Me Luv’, Mousse T’s ‘Horny’ and MJ Cole’s ‘Sincere’ quickly made his name. When Ministry Of Sound - whose compilation CDs were not just dominating the electronic music sales but also effectively defining the culture - offered him the chance to set up his own label (just as a takeover of AM:PM by Universal was decimating the team he loved working with), the die was cast. Defected Records was born on January 1st 1999 and has now coming on its 25th Anniversary better than ever.


Mark London interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 116

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ MARK LONDON # 116 INTERVIEWED BY LENNY FONTANA Mark London Lewis is considered a pioneer of the electronic music scene since 1988 in the US. His industry credits have earned him a GRAMMY NOMINEE as a producer and band member of INTERSTATE signed to DJ Icon Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold and the industry respect from every aspect of dance music professionals for over 25 years. Mark’s DJ Destinations have included Asia, South Africa, Europe, South America and every major city in the US. Having traveled the world touring with ICON’S DJ’s Paul Oakenfold & Carl Cox for over 10 years puts Mark’s star power in a league of his own. Mark’s marketing firm MIXOLOGY AGENCY for the last 15 years has major Cache with leading national brands Bacardi, House Of Blues, Red Bull, Fiji Water and World Famous Nikki Beach. Additional EDM branding has been featured in Documentary’s & TV show via media giants Universal, ITV, Netflix & Google. Mark’s also has celebrity DJ status spinning for Industry music Icon Elton John, chef Icon Wolfgang Puck, Actor heartthrob Rob Lowe and legendary band U2 Sundance Film Festival along with Annual LA FASHION WEEK runway events as music director to elite designers. Mark's relationships within the record business makes him a successful A&R man that has lead to many successful licensing deals with heavy weights Warner Bros, Ministry Of Sound, Global Underground, Perfecto Records & Universal Music. His dance music appeal has claimed numerous Billboard number one spots for artist such as Gloria Estefan, Alanis Morissette and Chaka Khan. Catch Mark amazing DJ Sets LIVE or Online via his residencies from Korea, Miami, Las Vegas, to Hollywood to feel THE BEAT. ♫ SUBSCRIBE TRUE HOUSE STORIES® NEWSLETTER: ✚ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫ FOLLOW MARK LONDON ✚ WEBPAGE: ✚ FACEBOOK: ✚ INSTAGRAM: ✚ TWITTER: ♫ FOLLOW LENNY FONTANA ✚ WEBPAGE: ✚ FACEBOOK: ✚ INSTAGRAM: ✚ TWITTER: ✚ YOUTUBE: ♫ FOLLOW TRUE HOUSE STORIES® ✚ WEBPAGE: ✚ FACEBOOK: ✚ INSTAGRAM: ✚ YOUTUBE PODCAST: ✚ SPOTIFY PODCAST: #MarkLondon #TrueHouseStories #LennyFontana #MusicDocumentary


Merlin Bobb Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 115

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ MERLIN BOBB # 115 INTERVIEWED BY LENNY FONTANA Merlin Bobb has been a music veteran within the entertainment industry for over two decades, from radio to major labels to founder and CEO of his own music entertainment company. His remix and engineering work on various hit records, and his track record for discovering and breaking talent in a diversity of music genres has made him recognized and well respected throughout the industry. Merlin developed such multi-platinum superstars as Missy Elliot, En Vogue, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Brandy, and Keith Sweat. Zomba/Universal Music Publishing, New York, NY Executive Consultant Artist Branding /A&R 2007-Present Responsible for creating and securing cross-branding opportunities, corporate sponsorships, endorsements, creative marketing and major events for the companies roster of artist. A&R responsibilities consist of finding and securing new deals with artist, songwriters and producers. Roun’ Table Entertainment, President & Founder 2005 - Present Established and founded Roun’ Table Entertainment; merged with Cash Money Records. Roun’ Table is distributed through Universal Music Group. Elektra Entertainment Group, Executive Vice President, Head of A&R 1995 – 2005 Headed A&R department and its roster making Elektra Entertainment one of the top labels in the music industry. EEG's profit and market share exceeded those of any prior years. EastWest Records, Senior Vice President / Co-Founder / Head of A&R 1991 - 1995 Founding member; Launched one of the most successful labels of the early 1990’s; Key player in the development of the label as a leading pop/urban component of Warner Music Group. Within two years East Weast was the #1 label for urban/pop music. Atlantic Records, Vice President of A&R / Department Head 1986 – 1991Headed the A&R department, taking Atlantic's urban music department from the #11th place to #1 in the industry. WBLS (107.5), Music Director 1983 – 1986 Helped establish the station to #1 ratings overall in New York. During the course of his extensive career in the music industry, Merlin Bobb has signed and developed various artists which are considered stars and super stars in today’s popular music arena. These are just a few of the artists and the number of albums his signings have sold. His signings have sold over 45 million. ♫ SUBSCRIBE TRUE HOUSE STORIES® NEWSLETTER: ✚ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫ FOLLOW MERLIN BOBB ✚ INSTAGRAM: ♫ FOLLOW LENNY FONTANA ✚ WEBPAGE: ✚ FACEBOOK: ✚ INSTAGRAM: ✚ TWITTER: ✚ YOUTUBE: ♫ FOLLOW TRUE HOUSE STORIES® ✚ WEBPAGE: ✚ FACEBOOK: ✚ INSTAGRAM: ✚ YOUTUBE PODCAST: ✚ SPOTIFY PODCAST: #MerlinBobb #TrueHouseStories #LennyFontana #MusicDocumentary


Disco Donnie interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 114

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ DISCO DONNIE # 114 Donnie “Disco Donnie” Estopinal, Founder & CEO of electronic music promoters Disco Donnie Presents. Disco Donnie is considered one of the godfathers of U.S. electronic dance music, evolving over the past 27 years to become one of the top dance music promoters globally. From his early days in the 1990s New Orleans dance scene, Disco Donnie coupled eccentricity with ingenuity to create elaborately themed parties that charmed patrons, garnered an international following, and unwittingly became a catalyst for a national debate over the First Amendment right to expression. Donnie will discuss how he built DDP and its commanding influence on developing electronic music in North America, as well as the state of electronic music following the COVID-19 global pandemic. 👕OUR NEW MERCHANDISE SHOP:!


Nick Hussey Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 113

Nick Hussey started his Dj career at the infamous Hacienda after parties at the Kitchen in Manchester before a successful career Djing at some of the world’s most famous clubs from Moscow to Miami, Italy to Ibiza. Many Mancunians will remember Nick from his residencies at Prague 5, Berlins, Loaf and Paradise Factory as well as his music productions and remixes. Nick Has produced many Manchester artists including Ultracynic, Bowa, Luvdup, Rhythm of Life, Rachel Mcfarlene, Part-E, Emotion, Sweet Mercy and many more Nick has recently been the resident Dj playing to 5000 a night at the huge Zero Gravity Beach & Night club in Dubai and Plaza Beach & Awqa Mist in Marbella. He is currently signed to Defected Records,CR2 & King Street New York as an artist. Check out him giving you all the inside trek.


CINIMIN Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 112

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ CINIMIN # 112 Born and raised in the small town of Benoni, South Africa, The Cassim brothers Kyle and Austin have been obsessed with House music since they were young boys. Growing up in a household driven by dance, disco and house music it was inevitable that they would become Djs. But being a Dj wasn’t enough - they wanted to play their own music - music that they believed in, music that awakened their souls. Thus, in 2015 CINIMIN was born. A House music duo that would headline the likes of Ultra South Africa, H2O Africa, Rage Festival, Sabor Festival (Mozambique) and close to all night-clubs and events in Southern Africa. In the last 4 years they have won a DMA (Dance Music Award) for ‘best dance record of the year’ and they have had not one, but 4 top 40 radio hits. Their recent hit “DURO” reached number 6 on the national top 40 on 5fm - South Africa’s most loved commercial radio station. There are many dance Djs and producers around the world, but what makes CINIMIN really stand out is their infectious energy and passion on stage. Whether they are playing to 50 people or 14000 people, they have this way of connecting with the crowd. Their synergy and relationship behind the CDJs is unmatched. The way they move in synchronicity and play with the crowd is something you have to witness in person. If you have ever heard a CINIMIN record before you would know that it was made with one purpose in mind - TO MAKE PEOPLE DANCE! Every track that the boys write is made with the intention to make the dance floor shake!


Craig Bartlett LAMERICA 25th Anniversary interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 111

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ CRAIG BARTLETT # 111 Craig Bartlett has been on a mission to spread the Soulful House message all over Wales and beyond! LAMERICA has grown in popularity since its inception in 1998. LAMERICA has built up a reputation for promoting real house music. The glamorous house night has gone from strength to strength. The vibe is friendly, educated, and second to no one! The music policy is real house music, from sweet soulful house to urban jackin house and everything in between. Founder and still promoting and dj’ing at every event Craig Bartlett 54 years young. Craig Bartlett began DJing in 1990, being a Resident at the only two nights dedicated to house music in Cardiff at the time. In 1993 when a brand new concept "Spice Of Life" was born Craig was asked to be involved. This night changed the face of clubbing in Wales introducing the city to a wider audience and it also meant that guest DJ's knew where it was, (Cardiff that is). Craig has since played all over Wales and West. Craig has been fortunate enough to travel extensively spreading his Soulful House Ethos around the world at such places as Club 13 and Propaganda, Moscow, Club Terrarium, Bon Bon, Estonia, Poland, Norway, the Ukraine and Babylon, Izhevsk, King Karmehena Club, Frankfurt, Denmark, Take 5, D club, Switzerland, Club Goa, Rome and Soul on the Beach for the past three years at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. More recently Columbia, Brazil, Switzerland, regularly appearances in Ibiza at the infamous Space Terrace, Es Paradis, Bora Bora, Pacha, El Divino and Es Vive Hotel. The people who have influenced Craig over the years and who have ultimately led him into the DJ profession are MAW, Frankie Knuckles, David Mancuso, Larry Levan, David Depino, Ron Hardy, Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez and Joey Llanos Tony Humphries, Bobby & Steve, Terry Farley, Lenny Fontana, and Rocky & Diesel to name just a few. Craig has been very fortunate to play alongside a lot of his idols and feels very lucky to have his dreams realized. Come listen to him share his story of the last 25 years and what it takes to strive to be at the top and keeping the winning formula.


Paul Ibiza Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 110

Paul Ibiza is the man responsible for bringing the world the legendary records label Ibiza Records, he is the promoter that organized cutting edge events Fantastic Ibiza, Jungle Splash and MC Convention to name but a few. More recently Paul aka Digital Niyabinghi has been producing “Jungle Dub” and taking his Digital Niyabinghi Sound System on tour. Although Paul could be labelled as a Producer, Promoter, DJ, Label owner, Paul simply describes himself as an entrepreneur within the music industry. Paul got started in the rave business in 1988 around the time of events such as Sunrise and Genesis were putting on raves in fields and warehouse in the London region. Although Paul actually got started in 1988 his journey started way before in the early 80’s in the days of Soul II Soul and Paul Anderson among other house and warehouse parties which is where Paul was first influenced by the Reggae and Soul played at these parties then known as or “Blues” or “Shebeens” (Shebeen being the Irish term for an illicit bar or club where excisable alcoholic beverages were sold without a licence). In 1989 Paul was involved in organising the ‘Freedom to Party’ rally in Trafalgar Square which aimed to relax licensing laws in order to allow nightclubs to stay open longer. Paul then started promoting the ‘Fantastic Ibiza’ raves in Goods Way, Kings Cross with DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Colin Dale, Kenny Ken, Grooverider. Many of these weekend long parties were attended by upwards of 3000 people and did not always have an entry fee but rather the money was made by donations and drinks sales. After the Police attention was getting excessive due to overcrowding both inside and outside the venue in Kings Cross, Ibiza records was born in 1989 after Paul went to the Balearic Island of Ibiza and ended up breaking his leg. While Paul was immobile he started learningPaul Ibiza how to produce music using Cubase on the first Ataricomputers capable of sequencing music along with an Akai S950 sampler and Spirit mixing desk. Soon Ibiza Records would set up their offices and studio in Hornsey, North London. When Ibiza records first begun they were making Techno, Hardcore and House types of music, coupled with Dub & Reggae influences the music now known as Jungle emerged which Ibiza Records was championing along with labels and artists such as Shut up and Dance, Rebel MC, Reel 2 Reel and a Guy Called Gerald. Ibiza Records went on to establish a number of successful spin off labels such as Boxbase, Highly Blessed, Hard Plastic, Three Lions, Kemet, 3rd Party, Limited-E. Paul also opened up a record shop ‘Ibiza Records’ in Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London in the early 90’s. In 1994 Jungle Splash was born and still continues to this day. Paul’s vision for Jungle Splash was to showcase the best of Jungle music much like an exhibition for the scene. Jungle Splash has moved from many venues over the years such as The Rocket complex in Holloway, Roller Express, The Mass and is currently held at Jamm in Brixton, London. In 2003 Paul promoted the MC Convention event convention under the ‘Highly Blessed’ brand in conjunction with Mc Shabba and Skibadee. The event met with some resistance from some people that thought putting the focus on the MC’s as opposed to DJ’s was bound to ensure that the event would flop. To the contrary, all tickets to the event at the Stratford Rex sold out and MC Convention toured Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton and Essex. Paul’s latest innovation is the new sound he calls “Jungle Dub” and has been touring with his own Digital Niyabinghi Sound System which goes back to the roots of Jungle and Dub. The Sound System features artists such as Winston Runtingz, Uncle Dugs, Junior Dangerous, Ragga Twins, Potential Bad Boy, Terry T, MC Moose, Beefy and Daddy Nature and of course Paul ‘Digital Niyabinghi’ himself.


Steve Silk Hurley Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 109

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ STEVE SILK HURLEY # 109 Steve Silk Hurley also known as J. M. Silk (for "Jack Master Silk"), is an American club DJ, house music producer, and songwriter. From 1985 to 1988, he had four top-10 singles on the US Dance chart, including the number-one hit "I Can't Turn Around", all released in collaboration with Keith Nunnally as J. M. Silk. With "Jack Your Body" (number 25 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play), he topped the UK Singles Chart in January 1987 as a solo artist, while one of his later compositions, "Work It Out" from 1989, brought him his fifth top-10 record on the US Dance chart (at number three). To date, Hurley's last charting single is "The Word Is Love (Say the Word)", also known as "Silk's Anthem of Life" by The Voices of Life, which peaked at number 26 in 1997 in the UK. Steve Hurley is a four-time Grammy Award nominee; two times as Remixer of the Year, Non-Classical (in 1999 and 2000), and twice for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical (in 2002 and 2003). Come listen to a real life legend share his life in the music industry.


Terry Spamer Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 108

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ TERRY SPAMER # 108 You wouldn’t normally expect a club night in a northern UK city to be an hotbed for the emerging UK house music scene, but Deja vu in Hull was hailed as a pioneer of house music in the UK by legendary clubbing bible Mixmag, it was also named no1 club night in DJ Magazine and has received many accolades over the years and was voted by clubbers the best night in the north. Deja Vu has now been running for over 30 years and even today manages to secure the hottest talent around. Bookings in the last few years have included Patrick Topping, Camelphat, East End Dubs, Hot Since 82, Jackmaster, Darius Syrossian. Seb Zito, Sonny Fodera, Solardo, Luik Van Dijk, Dimitri from Paris, Waff, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ben Hemsley, Wheats, Rossko, Wheats, Skream, Lauren Lo Sung, David Penn, Ben Sterling to name but a few. They’ve also hosted house music royalty such as Masters at Work(Kenny Dope & Louie Vega), David Morales, Sasha, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Todd Terry, Marshal Jefferson, Bob Sinclar, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, Kerri Chandler, Sandy Rivera, Lenny Fontana and so many more. Terry Spamer is the man behind the brand and its success. Listen to him share what he did over 30 years to make Deja Vu become one of the most talked about party brands in the UK and Ibiza. Staying power speaks volumes and he is not finished yet. He is working on producing high quality large events today in Hull. 👕OUR NEW MERCHANDISE SHOP:!


DJ Disciple interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 107

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ DJ DISCIPLE # 107 "The Beat The Scene The Sound" follows DJ Disciple and his story of how DJ's, Promoters, Fans and others from a diverse communities transformed House Music from a DIY project into an international sensation amidst the tumult of 1980s and 90s era NYC. Disciple and many other DJs sought to regain a footing in the USA, but that only became possible with the rise of commercialized EDM. This book shows what is possible when you bring people together and what can unravel when you split them apart. 👕OUR NEW MERCHANDISE SHOP:!


Georgie Porgie Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 106

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ GEORGIE PORGIE # 106 There’s a certain type of DJ/ artist to emerge from Chicago, having been raised around the rawest and purest forms of House and Dance music. These roots cement themselves within the cities‘ residents, and form a continual source of inspiration for those who seek it. George Andros or Georgie Porgie or GP as he is known across the globe, is no exception. An accomplished DJ, Artist, hot singer songwriter, record producer, an independent dance music recording mogul and one of the hottest dance-music remixers to emanate out of Chicago, Illinois. There is no disputing the fact that Georgie Porgie is a multi-talented international recording star who owns the longest running dance labe in America! Georgie’s contributions to the Dance industry earned him the title of “The Ambassador of Dance Music.” Billboard Magazine in 2010 named Georgie Top 10 Dance artist of the Decade. He has had over 35 #1 records in over 18 countries and has sold millions of records through out his career! Georgie has produced and remixed some of music’s most prolific names including Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Janet Jackson, Barbara Tucker, Mary J. Blige, Dawn Tallman, Linda Clifford, The Chi-lites feat. Marshal Thompson and Suzanne Palmer to name a few. His own productions like “Life Goes On”, “Love Is Gonna Save The Day”, “Sunshine”, “Can You Feel The Sound” , “Love One Another” and many more have earned him Global success! His Mix Show can be heard in over 20 Countries around the World! Currently he is touring the World as a DJ and a Singer which brings a whole new element to the decks and stages. Very simple...Georgie is the REAL DEAL! Come check out him share his life with us on True House Stories….


Ricky Morrison Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 105

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ RICKY MORRISON # 105 Ricky Morrison has been breaking beats since it all began in ’86. Genuinely one of the most influential producers & DJ’s in the UK house scene from its original days in the early eighties. He is also one half of the dance music production and remixing duo, M&S. Their biggest hit was ‘Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)’. He has earned a reputation for delivering big performances and big records, and is set to release a wave of new material in 2020/21.In 1984 a young Ricky Morrison began spinning at London’s infamous ‘Dance Wicked’, promoted by SOUL II SOUL, and went on to be resident at ‘HIGH ON HOPE’ with the legend that is now Norman Jay MBE. Two of the UK’s most seminal dance clubs was a hell of a start and Ricky established a name for himself within the exploding house scene that developed into the monster it is today. Ricky has gone on to play at many of the best clubs in the world, on every continent, and very much has a style of his own that stands him out from the crowd, a style that saw him play the main room at the Southport Weekender five years in a row as the event was returning to its soulful roots in the late 90’s. Also a regular at the Ministry Of Sound, Fabric & Pacha, Ricky developed a sound for the big rooms these venues offered that filled the space without betraying his soulful roots. This made Ricky a valuable commodity as the US House scene took off and many promoters of previously underground events began taking over the High Street needing a DJ that could cross over the soulful sound to a bigger audience. Ricky’s style is unique and unlike the majority of the UK’s soulful house fraternity, often described as a US sound with a British twist, and anyone who’s heard him play will associate with this summary. He was so influenced by the sound coming out of the US that, in 1991, he quit his day job as a computer engineer and opened London’s legendary ‘Catch A Groove Records’ in Soho and this exclusive access this gave him to new material simply added to his effectiveness and reputation. Ricky has played alongside an almost comprehensive who’s who of the DJ superstars that shaped today’s dance music. DJ’s he has played alongside include…Tony Humphries, Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Kenny Carpenter, Todd Terry, Erick Morillo, Terry Hunter, C.J Mackintosh, Danny Rampling, Tedd Patterson, C&C Music Factory, Roger Sanchez, Pippi, David Harness, Paul Trouble Anderson and much much more! 👕OUR NEW MERCHANDISE SHOP:! ✉️ SUBSCRIBE TRUE HOUSE STORIES® NEWSLETTER:


Sam Divine Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 104

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ SAM DIVINE # 104 Sam Divine is a DJ that knows exactly what to play and when to play it. The hours she spent rifling through vinyl in the warehouse of Chemical Records, where Sam once worked as a house buyer, gives her an insurmountable understanding of the genre. Having played nearly every club in Ibiza – including residencies at Ushuaia, Amnesia and Sankeys – and landed at top-end festivals, there are few who can offer a house music education like Sam Divine. Last year, she racked up over a hundred gigs and is well on track to exceed that in 2017, having already hit up the likes of Europe, North America and Asia. And her reputation for energising a dancefloor has been acknowledged by her inclusion in Pete Tong’s Selector Series for Radio 1. A late starter, Sam took up DJing at 21 – learning to mix in her mum’s garden shed. Her breakthrough came soon after with a DJ competition and landed her first residency at a club in Weston-super-Mare, where she was also the main booker, while also working in record stores. In 2005, after swapping Bristol for Ibiza, Sam became a vital component of San Antonio’s west end (where this year she makes a triumphant return as a resident for Defected at Eden) and has spent every season on the White Isle ever since. During this time, Divine also began working with Defected, who in 2009 signed her to their artist roster. A weekly warm-up at Mambo ensued, opening for legendary names like Kenny Dope and Frankie Knuckles, as well as hosting the weekly Defected Radio show that currently holds the #2 spot on iTunes in the UK Music Podcasts chart. The real turning point, however, came when she played We Are FSTVL in 2013. “I dropped a mix the night before and everyone went mad for it; the tent went from nothing to one-in-one-out within half an hour,” she explains. “After that, the bookings just went nuts.” With her tireless work ethic, this summer, Sam will play Tomorrowland, Eastern Electrics, Defected Croatia, SW4, and Creamfields. This year also marks the 10-year anniversary of La Vita, the annual DJ charity night that she helped to launch and has so far raised £35,000 for Breast Cancer Research. Sam also launched her own label D-Vine Sounds back in 2015, which this year she will showcase with a stage at We Are FSTVL, dates in Ibiza and a boat party at Defected Croatia. Recently, Sam has also begun to flirt with production; her first major release, a remix of garage anthem ‘Flowers’ with production partner Curtis Gabriel, hit #1 on both Traxsource and Beatport. Last year’s ‘Confessions’ was her first release on Defected, while her ‘Sam Divine In The House’ compilation featured further productions and went #1 on iTunes’ Dance chart. This summer she dropped ‘In Da Nation’ EP with Cassimm on DFTD. Sam Divine’s work ethic has seen her more than earn her stripes on the scene. A dedicated army of fans now spreads across the globe as her uplifting house sets captivate audiences everywhere she takes to the booth. With an unwavering love of music and tireless dedication to her craft, Sam is living proof you can achieve pretty much anything you set your mind to – and no one can hold her back.


Bobby Shaw interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 103

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ BOBBY SHAW # 103 Bobby Shaw's start in dance music began in 1977 as a bartender in the highly successful discotheque, The Barefoot Boy. There he became close friends with DJ Tony Smith and was fortunate to experience and hear the likes of disc jockeys Roy Thode, Vince Michaels, Larry Sanders, and Wayne Scott, to name a few. During this tenure, he also got to know dance promoters such as Ray Caviano, Ken Friedman, Billy Smith, Alan Mamber, Starr Arning, and Rita Heyer. In 1978, Shaw's passion for music led him to seek a job within the dance community and he was able to land a mail room position for Ray Caviano at TK Records. While at the label, Shaw assisted on notable acts as Voyage, Peter Brown, The Ritchie Family, T Connection, Beautiful Bend, KC and The Sunshine Band, Jimmy "Bo" Horne, Anita Ward, and Bobby Caldwell.Bobby's old mentor, Ray Caviano, was rewarded with a custom dance label, RFC Records, which was distributed through Warner Bros. Records and Shaw joined him in 1979 as a regional promotion person. Although Caviano was later dismissed from his role, Shaw stayed on at WB until 1984. While there, he promoted future dance music classics from Gino Soccio, Change, Kraftwerk, Laid Back (discovering and mixing the classic 12" White Horse), The Time, Prince, Chaka Khan, Patti Austin, Janice McClain, Stargard, Talking Heads, and the Tom Tom Club. Perhaps most noteworthy though was his relationship with Madonna as he helped guide her through the early stages of her career with Michael Rosenblatt and Mark Kamins. Shaw helped set up Madonna's early club gigs and was her promotion person for the early masterpieces Everybody, Physical Attraction, Holiday, and Burning Up. In 1984, MCA Records' executives Richard Palmese and Jheryl Busby took notice of Shaw's work at Warner Brothers and they created a national dance music promotion manager's position for him. He remained there until 1998 and during that time span he became the first corporate vice president of dance music promotion at any label. Shaw's experience was the backbone for bringing such luminaries as Elton John, Patti LaBelle, Dan Hartman, Bronski Beat, New Edition, Stephanie Mills, Fine Young Cannibals, The Jets, Londonbeat, Colonel Abrams, and Tracy Lords to the dance floors of the world. In addition, Shaw became the only record company executive to ever win the AIR competition as he took that honor in 1986. In 1999, Shaw started his own promotion company, Bobby Shaw Promotions and he is doing it still today. As well he is involved with a Weekly Twitch Show under the name BobbyPromo. His shows are quite delightful and each show is like a history lesson when you listen to the music he chooses and you experience watching him.


Melba Moore interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 102

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ MELBA MOORE # 102 Melba Moore began her recording career in 1967, cutting the track "Magic Touch" which was left unreleased until 1986. In later years it became an enormous track on the Northern Soul Scene, eventually leading to Moore performing it live in 2009 at the Baltic Soul Weekender 3 in Germany north of Hamburg. In 1967 she began her performing career as Dionne in the original cast of the musical Hair along with Ronnie Dyson, Paul Jabara and Diane Keaton. In 1975 Melba Moore signed with Buddha Records and released the critically successful R&B album, Peach Melba, which included the minor hit, "I Am His Lady". The following year she scored her first significant hit with the Van McCoy penned “This Is It “, which reached the Billboard Hot 100, the top-20 position on the R&B chart, and top-10 in the UK, becoming her biggest success in that country. In 1976 she scored her third Grammy nomination with the R&B ballad "Lean on Me", which had been recorded originally by Vivian Reed and later by Moore's idol Aretha Franklin who recorded the song as a B-side to her 1971 hit “Spanish Harlem". The song is most notable for Moore's extended long note at the end. In 1983 she re-recorded the song as a tribute to McCoy, who had died four years earlier. Throughout the rest of the 1970s, Moore struggled to match the success of "This Is It" with minor R&B/dance hits. However, her hit 'Pick Me Up, I'll Dance' released in May 1979 produced by McFadden and Whitehead and released on Epic Records did have considerable UK disco success, reaching UK chart position 48, along with a further hit that same year, also produced by McFadden and Whitehead with a cover version of the Bee Gees' hit “You Stepped Ito My Life”, which reached the top 20 on the R&B charts and 47 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1982 Moore signed with Capitol Records and reached the top 5 on the R&B charts with the dance-pop / funk single "Love's Comin' at Ya”, which also hit the top 20 in the UK (on EMI America EA 146) and became a sizable hit in some European countries for its post-disco sound and followed by "Mind Up Tonight", which was another top 40 hit in the UK reaching position number 22. A string of R&B hits followed, including 1983's "Keepin' My Lover Satisfied" and "Love Me Right", 1984's "Livin' for Your Love", 1985's "Read My Lips"—which later won Moore a third Grammy nomination (for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance), making her just the third black artist after Donna Summer and Michael Jackson to be nominated in the rock category—and 1985's "When You Love Me Like This”. Moore has been married once and has a daughter. Melba Moore was engaged in a four-year relationship with television star Clifton Davis during the early 1970s. Davis later admitted that the relationship failed due to his drug abuse and mistreatment of Moore. In September 1974, Moore married record manager and business promoter Charles Huggins. Moore and Huggins divorced after 17 years of marriage in 1991. In 1999, Huggins filed suit against Moore claiming that she had publicly defamed him by stating that he abused her economically. Melba Moore has described herself as a "born-again Catholic” and listen to her share the rest of her story right here on True House Stories.


Robert Kool Bell (Kool & The Gang) Interviewed By Lenny Fontana For True House Stories® # 101

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ ROBERT KOOL BELL (KOOL & THE GANG) # 101 Robert “Kool” Bell is one of the founding members of the legendary Pop/R&B group Kool & the Gang, the seven-time Grammy award-winners who also earned many American Music Awards. A multi-platinum-selling group and the most sampled band of all time, Kool & the Gang has sold over 80 million albums worldwide and influenced the music of generations with 25 Top Ten R&B hits, 9 Top Ten Pop hits, and 31 gold and platinum albums. This legendary man will share his life with us on True House Stories and as well promote his new Champagne Brand called Le Kool. Listen to share the inside story of the how the band started and everything in between. He is an icon and you will hear how he discovered new talent and helped launched them into the stratosphere.


Kathy Sledge (Voice Of Sister Sledge) interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 100

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ KATHY SLEDGE / LEGENDARY LEAD VOICE OF SISTER SLEDGE # 100 Kathy Sledge joins Lenny Fontana on our Special 100th Episode (The legendary lead vocalist of Sister Sledge), which is a triumphant celebration. Watch and listen how she shares what her work life was like in the beginning of her career and the balance of family life in "The First Female Band" to ever do it, and they became a huge success. You will even hear how Kathy talks about the particulars going on in her family, with the control over the usage of the name Sister Sledge and how she was forced to stop singing the iconic songs for over 20 years. You all will know her as the lead singer of those familiar tunes such as “We Are Family”, “Thinking Of You”, “Frankie” and “Lost In Music” Now you can listen to her share her story starting from a young child to today. When Kathy hears the word “No” she thinks of what’s next and repositions herself to succeed no matter what. Kathy Sledge is the youngest and a founding member of Sister Sledge, an American vocal group which is made up of her sisters that was formed in 1971. After achieving success beginning in the late–1970s thru the mid–1980s with Sister Sledge, Kathy embarked on her solo career in 1989. Kathy Sledge has had several hits on the International Pop and Hot Dance Music Club Play Chart, including “Take Me Back To Love Again", which hit #1 in 1992. Now get a history lesson on how "We Are Family" does not apply to family harmony.


EDX interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 099

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ EDX # 099 Maurizio Colella talks about his life in the beginning of his career around the 1990’s as a young aspiring hip hop DJ that fell in love with Techno and American Garage House Music. He played around with music in high school and with growing up in Switzerland he was able to experience the huge DJ talent coming into play gigs in his city. This aspired him to want to make records and DJ in the night clubs helping to shape the EDX brand that would become famous later around the world. Over the past few years, EDX has made a name for himself in the international EDM scene, headlining the world’s finest clubs and festivals to crowds in excess of 60,000 – from Miami to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Taipei, all the way to Sydney. The chart topping Switzerland-based DJ/Producer has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Axwell, Benny Benassi, Kelis, Deadmau5, Armand Van Helden, Bob Sinclar, Kool & The Gang, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Angello, Dubfire and many others. His remixes have been consistently featured on various DJ charts such as the DMC Buzz, Cool Cuts and Beatport and was even ranked in the TOP 3 of Beatport’s Best Progressive House Artist alongside Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. His involvement in the music industry began at an early age, but it is his consistent work that has made EDX an exemplary success story. He launched his weekly radio show ‘No Xcuses’ on SIRIUS XM’s Electric Area Channel and spent summer 2011 holding a residency at the world’s number one nightclub – Space, Ibiza. EDX has continued his success into 2012 with the release of his debut album, ‘On The Edge’. He has spent about 2 years working tirelessly to create this 14 track magnum opus featuring some of the most incredible vocalists in the genre; including platinum selling artist Nadia Ali, Sarah McLeod, Tamra Keenan, Hadley, Sam Obernik, John Williams and Jerique. ‘On The Edge’ has already resulted in the hit single “Give It Up For Love” feat. John Williams and future anthem “This Is Your Life” with Nadia Ali. With ‘On The Edge,’ EDX’s musical vision finally came to fruition, yet he still aspires to evolve as an artist and further his already prolific career. In 2013, EDX has manifested new dimensions in his production without diminishing the strong connection to his roots. In his collaboration with Leventina for their track "The Sun," and their remix of Helvetic Nerds’ "Blood Pressure," EDX brought out a more clubby style that was widely supported by some of the most esteemed artists in the industry: David Guetta, Afrojack, and Avicii, among many others. In the midst of his work with Leventina, he pleased new and old fans alike by revitalizing the classic EDX progressive sound on songs such as "Sunset Miracles"(Spinnin'), "Touched"(Toolroom), and "Blessed"(Toolroom). Additionally, his most recent offering out on his own Pinkstar Records label, “Hazed,” has led him to explore sonic frontiers fit for the new age of dance music. The highlight of his career was winning a Grammy Nomination for his remix. Listen to EDX share his life story right here on True House Stories.


Mr.C interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 098 (Part 1)

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ MR.C # 098 - PART 1 The original OG of Holloway Road in London Richard West shares his life from the beginning. West was born in London in 1965. He started MCing in the London clubs aged 16 and earned a reputation as a fast-talking, vivacious rapper working with LWR radio's Ron Tom, Jasper the Vinyl Junkie and Jazzy M. He joined with Colin Faver and Evil Eddie Richards to become resident rapper at Camden Palace. Mr C recorded his first house track with Eddie Richards as Myster-E, "Page 67", which was released in August 1987. This inspired West to become a DJ in late 1987. He has since organized, promoted and been resident DJ at: Fantasy (1988), Base (Dungeons 1989), Release (1991), Harmony (1992), Drop (1993), Cyclone (1994), Vapourspace (1994 and 1995), Flavour (The End, 1995 and 1996), Subterrain (The End, 1995–2002), Superfreq (worldwide 2002–present) and Super Disco Freq (LA, 2010–present).