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Gaming Podcast about Destiny 2, keeping guardians informed and up to date with all the latest information, news and opinions.

Gaming Podcast about Destiny 2, keeping guardians informed and up to date with all the latest information, news and opinions.
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Gaming Podcast about Destiny 2, keeping guardians informed and up to date with all the latest information, news and opinions.




Ep.33 - Boarding the Hype Train to Shadowkeep

Lazy guts rejoins the gang this week for another feature length show where we take a deep dive into the upcoming changes coming to the crucible, PvP maps, game types, playlist, buffs and nerfs which were detailed in This Week at Bungie for the 5 of September 2019. Peroty goes over the recent patch, in his patch notes review and covers a few outstanding issues with the game. Respawn has a trio of topics where he reads, reminds and rants this week. We also have our usual tips,...


Ep.32 - Revamping, Rewarding, Respawn and Raccoons (Ft.Blue Screen 42)

This week we have some uninvited guests on the show and one that we regret inviting (only joking) as we set off down the path towards the launch of Shadowkeep and year 3 of Destiny 2. Luke Smith’s Magnum Opus blog post for the road ahead helps kick the show off. We cover all the latest information from This Week at Bungie for the 29th of August 2019 and Respawn would like to remind you all about Community Challenge coming up this week. There’s a hotfix report that is not read by Peroty...


Ep.31 - Jumping Through Hoops

This week, Peroty abandons the podcast to have a holiday! So Respawn and Nitedemon are left to do everything. We cover the This Week at Bungie for the 22nd August 2019 and go through latest update to the roadmap for remainder of the season up to the release of Shadowkeep. We go through the new Community Challenge coming up in September which will give some sweet rewards. As Peroty is not here Respawn is left to go through the Issues Report. For the main section of the show we cover the...


Ep.30 - I Only Use my Guns for Special Occasions (Ft.Celestial Talons)

This week we have a mammoth show for you, with our massive breakdown on all the information from Bungie last week. Managing to cut down 4 hours of rambling into an understandable podcast (well hopefully). We have a full breakdown of all the Luke Smith Directors Cuts 1-3 and the Armor 2.0 information from the armor customization preview. We also have a recap of the This Week at Bungie for 15 August 2019. Plus Peroty’s Preparation Guide for the PC move from to Steam and the...


Ep.29 - Cowboys & Aliens

This week Nitedemon has returned to bring stability and decorum to the podcast. But that doesn’t last long. We cover the need to know information from this week at Bungie for the 8 August 2019 and detail the upcoming PC move, cross save and road to launch events happening this August. Peroty gives us his player support report with a rundown on changes to the game, known issues; refer a friend and the upcoming hotfix Respawn goes over the additional news & information for the week...


Ep.28 - Just the D2 of us, well sort of…(Ft.Nollisdaman)

This week with Nitedemon away the kids are left to play. So as a good substitute, we welcome Nollisdaman on to the crew to see if he can keep order and herd the two feral cats of Peroty and Respawn into a coherent and understandable podcast. The guys delve into the information from This Week at Bungie for the 1 August 2019 and discuss Shadowkeep’s new launch window. Peroty gives you his now weekly know issues & the upcoming 2.5.2 patch notes preview. The guys actually let Nollisdaman...


Ep.27 - Pardon Our Dust…This Podcast is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

This week we dive right into spoilers with a combination of information from Bungie and datamined info from the Reddit’s. We go through in detail the quest steps, armor upgrades and Eververse items that are coming with the Solstice of Heroes 2019. (Spoilers: 7:00 – 56:00 and 1:15:00 – 1:29:00) We also cover the short and sweet This Week at Bungie for the 25 July 2019 and Peroty gives you his weekly update to the know issues, bugs and features that have been identified. We also have you...


Ep.26 - Tributes & Tribulations

This week we kick thing off by discussing the Developer Insight video – Return to the Moon and take a look at what Bungie are hinting that will arrive with Shadowkeep. We cover the weekly information in This Week at Bungie, for the 18 July 2019. This week Respawn manages to rants about the debt that is owed to Calus in the tribute hall glitch and a few off topics rants as well. Peroty’s covers the Destiny known issues in his weekly report and the two Polygon articles that give some hints...


Ep.25 - Good Juju, Bad Karma

We have you covered for another week of news, information tips and tricks from the Destiny universe. Peroty & Respawn start the show off without British dad to keep things in order, going over update Then order is restored (well, sort of) when Nitedemon arrives to steer the show back in the right direction, going over the This Week at Bungie for July 11 2019 and the additional information from the reddits, forums and Twitter. For this week’s main topic we have got you covered with...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.24 - A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

This week was very news light due to a national holiday and a little event down in Florida called GuardianCon. So because of this we resort to the leaked end of season information from Reddit. We go over the Moments of Triumph for 2019, Tribute Hall, Solstice of Heroes 2019 and the possibility of a Solar Week. (Spoilers 1:45 – 38:50 and then Respawn adding his two-penneth of spoilers 52:10 – 55:15) We have a new segment called clan finder. We want clans to contact us, so we can promote...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.23 - Good with a Fine Wine (Ft. Cheese Forever)

This week we welcome a very special guest to the show, the one and only Mr. Cheese Forever. We quiz him on his Destiny experiences, his cheeses and most importantly what shader he prefers, Dusk & Dawn or Sunrise Warrior. Respawn can’t muster up enough energy this week to rant, so instead he has a discussion with Cheese on the incoming nerf to the Merengue chest cheese. We cover the rest of the news from the This Week at Bungie for the 27 June 2019. Whilst Peroty gives us his weekly update...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.22 - Who's Who's Guest? (Ft. The Guardian Hub Podcast)

We have our first ever podmash between Two Titans a Hunter and the Guardian Hub Podcast! We welcome Kingsley and Cyn or do they welcome us, to be honest we weren’t sure either. Look, it sounded like a good idea when we thought of it. This week we kick the show off with a few introductions on both sides as this unique (yes we are calling it that) podcast is being duel feed to our minions. We cover the important items you need to know from the This Week at Bungie for the 20 June 2019. The...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.21 - Chests on the Pleasure Barge

This week after rambling on about Destiny in general for about 17 minutes, until we dive in to the exotic quest for the returning favorite Destiny 1 rocket launcher, the Truth! (18:20:00 – 37:00:00 Spoilers for Truth Quest) Our weapon focus arrives earlier in the show this week due to interesting buff that has been given to the Lord of Wolves. As usual we cover what has gone down in This Week at Bungie for June 13 2019 and review what is changing in this seasons inaugural Iron...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.20 - Doing the Merengue

This week we kick off the podcast with Respawn’s Raid Report, where he goes into detail about his experience in the race for the world’s first Crown of Sorrow raid attempt. We briefly cover the patch notes update and have a quick glance at what is happening in This Week at Bungie for the 6 June 2019. For our main section Peroty has a breakdown of the future of Bungie & Destiny 2, with all the information you need to know now from the ViDoc and more. We also have our usual updates...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.19 - Also...There will be a ton of loot!

We managed to get organized and record earlier than usual so that we could send it out to tickle those King Lear’s before that opulent update on JUNE 4. That’s 4/6 or 6/4 depending on where you live. We break down the road map featured in This Week at Bungie for May 30 2019, going into detail about everything that is opulent and shiny, whilst playing guess where Respawn is again. We take a look at the new pinnacle weapons coming this season, possible returning exotics and discuss what...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.18 - Defining Opulence

This week we play guess which location Respawn is broadcasting from as we attempt to keep the podcast to under 3 hours this week, sorry again. We discuss This Week at Bungie for May 23rd 2019 and the Crown of Sorrow blog update from Luke Smith. There are some vital pieces of information regarding day one power gains and raid preparations that we cover along with all the information from Twitter, Reddit and the Forums that didn’t make it into the TWAB. No Respawn Rants this week, oh he...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.17 - Fixed an issue where players were enjoying the game (Ft. Ducky & Dolphin)

For your consideration this week, nay your delight. We have 3 hours of delectable, divisive, Destiny details for dissection, discussion, oh and drivel. Delivered direct to your device. So, join us for our longest podcast to date for hour’s worth of Destiny 2 news and information. This week, we lead with our Respawn Rants section of the show and ask him to ‘keep calm and carry on’ when discussing the upcoming sandbox changes detailed in This Week at Bungie for May 16th 2019. We have a few...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.16 - Prime Time

This week our ramblings hit an all time low but we manage to somehow salvage a podcast from it. We go over the This Week at Bungie for May 9 2019, discussing the new raid and the impact that it might have on the community this time around. Iron Banner returns for the last time this season and we tell you that in the show. Plus a few news & Info pieces from the forums and Reddit that were not covered in the TWAB. As usual we have a few videos for you to check out on game changes, builds and...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.15 - Revelers End

Welcome back to another week of mindless drivel from Respawn and sensible discussion from the other two. We read about three lines from the very light This Week at Bungie which detail the few changes in the update 2.2.2. Respawn has a happy rant this week regarding the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun and we all have a lovely chat about our thoughts with the Revelry event and what we enjoyed and would improve on. We have our usual updates with extra news that didn’t make the TWAB and have a...


Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.14 - Luna's Salt and Just Forgotten

Do not be alarmed dear acolytes; you have not missed an episode. We have skipped forward one number because the other one is unlucky (well, for some) and iTunes was getting upset we had done the 3.5 episode. So we should now be back on track with the almighty apple. On this week’s show, we have once again given our star time to reflect on the crucible pinnacle weapon changes in our new section Respawn Rants. We look at the information coming from This Week at Bungie for the 25 April...