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Travelogue: Weston Super Mare - a seaside visit with the Two Voices Radio chaps EP 51

Nick and Andy take take the train to Weston Super Mare in the West of England. They take in the promenade and man made lake or lagoon as Nick insists on calling it. They visit the restored pier and spend too much money in the amusement arcades. Andy is determined to win on the grab machines!


Rewind part 2 - Park Events, Fashion Disasters, Tate Modern, Bake Off and Craft Revivals. EP 50

We are on two weeks of podcast holiday. So we thought we'd give you a listen to previously unpodcasted material from our Sunday Breakfast Show. We discuss Park Events, Fashion Disasters, Tate Modern, Bake Off and craft revivals. How wrong were we about Bake Off! (First broadcast on Radio LaB 97.1FM in 2016).


Rewind part 1 - Thunder, Trying clothes on, Epping Ongar Railway, Recycling. EP 49

We are on two weeks of podcast holiday. So we thought we'd give you a listen to previously unpodcasted material from our Sunday Breakfast Show. We discuss thunder, trying on clothes, and we visit the Epping and Ongar Railway. (First broadcast on Radio LaB 97.1FM in 2016).


Irrational fears, market towns, garage & car boot sales, poor supermarket layouts and poor quality fruit. EP 48

Specially recorded just for our podcast listeners, We discuss Irrational fears including heights, piers, and drain covers. What is a market town? Garage sales & car boot sales. Poor supermarket layouts and equally poor fruit. Plus... bad promotional ideas & bad behaviour in a department store! EP 48


Banana shortage, Crusty Croc, Mr Choc, Iron, abandoned shopping, artisan, Clare Balding EP 47

Recorded before World Cup & Wimbledon finals, We talk Mr Choc & Crusty Croc. There's a potential banana shortage. Sugar tax silly prices, What makes things artisan & hand crafted? We talk Celebs suddenly looking old. Throwing out your iron. Plus, our friend Luke gives a perspective on Eng-er-land football.


Heat, Garage Sales, Competitions, Camper Vans, Local Bus, TV's Benidorm EP 46

This week in the Two Voices Radio Podcast we discuss the heat, garage sales rather than car boot sales, entering competitions, Camper Vans, rubbish bus services, and TV's Benidorm EP 46


First Jobs, Worst Jobs, Five TV ups it's game, The end of Percy Pigs EP 45

This week The Two Voices Nick & Andy discuss first jobs and worst jobs. Your worst jobs appear to include working in teaching, fast food, and department stores. We also discuss UK's Five TV who've upped its game with decent programmes including Hotel Inspector. Britain's Canals, Blind Date, oh and Jane McDonald. Plus... is it the end of M&S Percy Pigs? How will we manage?


Store cupboard essentials that aren't, salad cream sandwich cream, train announcements, first job worst job EP 44

This week, The Two Voices discuss store cupboard essentials… so essential… we’ve never heard of them. Salad Cream or sandwich cream? What a load of guff! Rude customers and smashed avocados. Thameslink disasters and apologetic train announcements. Who is Luke? Plus… work experience, first jobs and worst jobs.


Poor Air-con, GDPR laws, bad marketing, Harpenden Social, High St. woes EP 43

This week… more studio air-con disasters, GDPR laws… yawn yawn! Childish marketing including the talking toilet on Virgin Trains. We visit Harpenden’s Street Food Social… Andy’s not impressed. Plus… an update on more UK High Street retailer woes. EP 43


Luton Museum, Woolwich Ferry, St Albans Signal Box, Ecclesbourne Valley Railway EP 42

Get your coat as this week we are taking you out and about. We start at the newly restored Luton Museum. Andy takes a free trip on Woolwich Ferry, and visits the St Albans City Signal Box. Plus... join The Two Voices for a heritage railway visit to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in Derbyshire.


TV Talk Benidorm and Mrs Brown’s Boys, polling stations, Waitrose, Amazon, the joys of opticians, Another visit from Luke, and bats! EP 41

The Two Voices talk about TV's Benidorm and Mrs Brown’s Boys. We look at polling stations. Waitrose's glum faced shoppers, supermarket mergers, the success of Amazon. Plus... the joys of opticians, Another visit from our friend Luke, and finally Bats. EP 41


Summer's here, Dental joy, Vienetta, Weigh yourself, Buckingham Palace Job, Best Home Cook EP 40

We've reached Episode 40! The sun's arrived. Dental memories. Devalued Vienetta. Knickers in a twist. Coffee with accents. Weighing yourself on the supermarket veg scales. Britain’s Best Home Cook. Vacancy at the Palace. Railways closed for holidays. Two Voices Podcast with Nick Benjamin and Andy Waterfield.


More about carrots, broken biscuit window, street markets, going Vegan, Take a flask out with you. The joys of UK coach holidays EP 39

There's more from the Carrot Marketing Board, Andy tells you about the broken biscuits window. We talk street markets. Could you go vegan? Nick couldn't give up cheese! Plus... do you take a flask out with you? and have you had the joy of a coach holidays? Join The Two Voices!


Eurovision roundup, munching crisps with heritage flavours, Carrot marketing board, Pound problems. EP 38

This week, The Two Voices review the Eurovision Song contest, they discuss heritage flavours of crisps, and discover there's a carrot marketing board. Who knew? Plus there's pound problems for two major retailers.


Warm weather, plastic packaging, coffee quiz, Meet Luke, Gardeners World, Crystal Maze Ep 37

In this week's podcast, the Two Voices discuss coping with warm weather, plastic packaging, making your own bread. Take our coffee quiz, meet Luke who presents the show after ours on Radio LaB 97.1FM (he's a character!). Plus Andy reviews "Gardeners World" and "The Crystal Maze.


Post narrowboat holiday visit to Fenny Stratford. UK TV talk special with a tribute to Dale Winton EP 36

Back from their boating holiday, the Two Voices visit Fenny Stratford to cheer themselves up... but get annoyed by narrowboat numpties! Plus... a UK TV chat special... commemorating Dale Wilton & "Supermarket Sweep", the closure of The ITV London Studios with relocation of programmes to the BBC's Television Centre. Finally, they pick over the revamp of the "Generation Game".


Travelogue Special: Part 2 Narrowboat Hire EP35

The Two voices continue last week's chat from the lounge of hire Narrowboat Malvolio. This week they discuss: other boaters, how much it costs to hire, narrowboat You Tube vloggers worth watching, and evening entertainment. Plus a shout out to the wonderful CRT lock volunteers.


Travelogue Special: Narrowboat Hire 2018 EP 34

We take to the Grand Union Canal and hire a narrowboat. This episode we talk all about hiring a boat, narrowboat comforts, planning your trip, Plus... we take you through Blisworth Tunnel!


Bakes, criticising homes, magnet fishing, ingredients, dinner parties, dishwashers, TV cookery, iced up boats, signatures, airports EP 33

Two Voices Podcast - so many topics, such a short time... Brownies, other people’s houses, magnet fishing, box ingredients, dinner parties, dishwashers, gentle TV cookery, dull restaurants, iced up boats, writing & online signatures, Airports & shopping, EP 33


New UK calorie advice, spiralized veg, £5 coins, Prince Charles' quirks, Virgin Trains goes vegan but will they run out by Watford? EP 32

The Two Voices... Nick and Andy discuss further sad deaths of UK celebrities, they look at the latest calorie advice. Plus... spiralized vegetables... what's that all about? There's a new £5 coin, and Prince Charles has some weird travel quirks. Finally... Virgin Trains launch a vegan breakfast... but Nick & Andy wonder if they'll run out before Watford. Listen Now!