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Luton Museum, Woolwich Ferry, St Albans Signal Box, Ecclesbourne Valley Railway EP 42

Get your coat as this week we are taking you out and about. We start at the newly restored Luton Museum. Andy takes a free trip on Woolwich Ferry, and visits the St Albans City Signal Box. Plus... join The Two Voices for a heritage railway visit to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in Derbyshire.


TV Talk Benidorm and Mrs Brown’s Boys, polling stations, Waitrose, Amazon, the joys of opticians, Another visit from Luke, and bats! EP 41

The Two Voices talk about TV's Benidorm and Mrs Brown’s Boys. We look at polling stations. Waitrose's glum faced shoppers, supermarket mergers, the success of Amazon. Plus... the joys of opticians, Another visit from our friend Luke, and finally Bats. EP 41


Summer's here, Dental joy, Vienetta, Weigh yourself, Buckingham Palace Job, Best Home Cook EP 40

We've reached Episode 40! The sun's arrived. Dental memories. Devalued Vienetta. Knickers in a twist. Coffee with accents. Weighing yourself on the supermarket veg scales. Britain’s Best Home Cook. Vacancy at the Palace. Railways closed for holidays. Two Voices Podcast with Nick Benjamin and Andy Waterfield.


More about carrots, broken biscuit window, street markets, going Vegan, Take a flask out with you. The joys of UK coach holidays EP 39

There's more from the Carrot Marketing Board, Andy tells you about the broken biscuits window. We talk street markets. Could you go vegan? Nick couldn't give up cheese! Plus... do you take a flask out with you? and have you had the joy of a coach holidays? Join The Two Voices!


Eurovision roundup, munching crisps with heritage flavours, Carrot marketing board, Pound problems. EP 38

This week, The Two Voices review the Eurovision Song contest, they discuss heritage flavours of crisps, and discover there's a carrot marketing board. Who knew? Plus there's pound problems for two major retailers.


Warm weather, plastic packaging, coffee quiz, Meet Luke, Gardeners World, Crystal Maze Ep 37

In this week's podcast, the Two Voices discuss coping with warm weather, plastic packaging, making your own bread. Take our coffee quiz, meet Luke who presents the show after ours on Radio LaB 97.1FM (he's a character!). Plus Andy reviews "Gardeners World" and "The Crystal Maze.


Post narrowboat holiday visit to Fenny Stratford. UK TV talk special with a tribute to Dale Winton EP 36

Back from their boating holiday, the Two Voices visit Fenny Stratford to cheer themselves up... but get annoyed by narrowboat numpties! Plus... a UK TV chat special... commemorating Dale Wilton & "Supermarket Sweep", the closure of The ITV London Studios with relocation of programmes to the BBC's Television Centre. Finally, they pick over the revamp of the "Generation Game".


Travelogue Special: Part 2 Narrowboat Hire EP35

The Two voices continue last week's chat from the lounge of hire Narrowboat Malvolio. This week they discuss: other boaters, how much it costs to hire, narrowboat You Tube vloggers worth watching, and evening entertainment. Plus a shout out to the wonderful CRT lock volunteers.


Travelogue Special: Narrowboat Hire 2018 EP 34

We take to the Grand Union Canal and hire a narrowboat. This episode we talk all about hiring a boat, narrowboat comforts, planning your trip, Plus... we take you through Blisworth Tunnel!


Bakes, criticising homes, magnet fishing, ingredients, dinner parties, dishwashers, TV cookery, iced up boats, signatures, airports EP 33

Two Voices Podcast - so many topics, such a short time... Brownies, other people’s houses, magnet fishing, box ingredients, dinner parties, dishwashers, gentle TV cookery, dull restaurants, iced up boats, writing & online signatures, Airports & shopping, EP 33


New UK calorie advice, spiralized veg, £5 coins, Prince Charles' quirks, Virgin Trains goes vegan but will they run out by Watford? EP 32

The Two Voices... Nick and Andy discuss further sad deaths of UK celebrities, they look at the latest calorie advice. Plus... spiralized vegetables... what's that all about? There's a new £5 coin, and Prince Charles has some weird travel quirks. Finally... Virgin Trains launch a vegan breakfast... but Nick & Andy wonder if they'll run out before Watford. Listen Now!


TV talk, biscuits in 3s, open plan offices, call centre vetting, faddy restaurants dying out, EP 31

The Two Voices talk TV, lovely biscuits in 3s, open plan office working, being vetted when ringing call centres, and then end of faddy restaurants.


Coffee cost, mother’s day lunch, drive-thru burgers, online shopping, daytime soap, and niche magazines EP 30

The Cost of coffee, Mums at clubs, and a dodgy Mother’s Day lunch. Plus Nick is shocked by Andy’s suggestion of going to a drive-thru for a burger. We look at online stores’ popularity over real shops, Shops that look independent but aren’t, Daytime Soaps, and niche magazines.


Snowmageddon, panic buying, HUGE breakfasts, moving house, IKEA, building flat pack furniture. Ep 29

This week... The Two Voices discuss snowmageddon in the UK... Unnecessary panic buying. Andy discusses HUGE breakfasts. Nick discusses moving house, visiting IKEA and the joys of flat pack furniture! It's all here!


Two Voices visit Weymouth podcast EP 28

It's a travelogue special. Nick and Andy take a trip to Weymouth in Dorset. Join them on the promenade. They find a mystery letter, visit the arcade, take a blowy walk, and admire the harbour... all with their usual sharp humour!


Transport announcements, experiences & executives, trades of UK towns, junk leaflets, weather words, EP 27

This week the Two Voices discuss useless public transport announcements, Experiences and Executives, trades of UK towns, slow building works, junk leaflets in magazines. Plus weird local words for weather. Listen Now!


Lottery win, Hi Di Hi anniversary, emotional support peacock, smart laundrettes, smaller biscuits, £1 houses EP 26

The Two Voices discuss Andy's lottery win. It a big anniversary of TV classic Hi-De-Hi. Nick tells us about the emotional support peacock who couldn't fly. Plus... smart laundrettes, smaller biscuits, and £1 houses. It's all here in the Two Voices Radio podcast!


Family meals, hot plates, naughty people breakfasts, rubbish restaurants, desserts, smaller biscuits, Shop sales - are you convinced? Ep 25

The Two Voices discuss the changes in family meals, hot plates, and bad behaviour at breakfast time in hotels. They've had some tiny desserts, and have noticed biscuit packets becoming smaller. Plus... they ask if you are convinced by shop sales gimmicks? Listen in for the latest Two Voices Radio Podcast!


Facebook, coffee flavouring, Fitbit, 2p sliders, bowling shoes, Clacton seaside, old cafes, Supermarket Sweep, Houseparty, Ed Doolan, EP 24

The Two Voices discuss coffee flavoured things, Andy's obsession with his Fitbit, playing 2P sliders in the amusements on a visit to Clacton where Nick won't wear 10 pin bowling shoes. Plus they discuss re-runs of Supermarket Sweep and do you remember ITV's Houseparty? Nick reminisces about meeting Ed Doolan. It's all here with the Two Voices Radio Podcast!


Brits music awards & Live TV Chaos, Boring Radio 2, S Club Ebay, working in Harrods, Meet Luke Walsh, and new tech EP 23

The Two Voices Podcast with Nick and Andy discussing the upcoming "The Brits" music awards and talking about live TV disasters. Nick chats about working in Harrods, and there's a technology round up. Plus meet Luke Walsh... who presents after our Sunday Breakfast show on UK station Radio LaB 97.1FM.