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Weather, garden, cake, evaporated milk, checkoutless, Percy Pig, Piers Morgan, Dark Takeways. Ep 93

Weather, garden, cake, evaporated milk, checkoutless, Percy Pig, Piers Morgan, Dark Takeways. Ep 93


Andy's audio clips, BBQ and fat, BYO, Ideal World, Fruit and Veg. Ep 92

This week... Andy starts by playing some clips (no idea why). We discuss fat shaming and an annoying wedding guest. We celebrate Peter Simon... from Ideal World Shopping Channel. He knows how to sell a BBQ. He's a funny guy! We love him! Finally... growing your own veg and the joys of the garden centre café. It's all here!


Special Visit: Crick Boat Show Ep 91

This week is a special show from the UK's Crick Boat Festival 2019. We bring you the show atmosphere and meet a boat painter, boating app company, and boat training provider. We also talk to the Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust, meet the Inland Waterways Association, and learn about living aboard with the Residential Boat Owners Association. Narrowboats galore with the Two Voices Radio Podcast!


Albums, theatre, retail roundup, language, coffee cola, bust toilet, dinner train. Ep 90

Putting together an album. How difficult is it? Writing a musical… Andy’s half way there! There’s the Retail Roundup. Language misuse “like”. Latest new product: Coffee Cola! Plus… we talk about Three Mills Studios and the Tesco’s bust toilet. We end with a discussion on GWR Railway’s Pullman Dining service. Is it good value? You decide!


Travelogue Special - Glasgow's Canal, Botanical Gardens, and The Clyde. Ep 89

The 3rd and final part of our Glasgow visit. Today we discover the secluded Forth & Clyde canal. We drop in to the wonderful Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Then onto Kelvingrove Park via Hillhead. We end our journey with a walk onto South Portland Street Suspension Bridge then sum up our Glasgow trip from George Square. Drop us a line to tell us where in the world you listen from!


Frank Sidebottom, Channel 4, narrowboat - the cold - eating - lock disaster, motorways and services Ep. 88

This week… deciphering Frank Sidebottom. We discuss when Channel 4 was more exciting & experimental. We talk about being on a narrowboat in the cold. Do you take foods for holiday convenience? We had a canal lock disaster. Plus… Andy thinks motorways are dull and we discuss the joys of motorway service stations.


Weather, Radio 4, mini discs, sitcoms, tv recordings, farm shops, fish fingers Ep. 87

This week we talk about radio weather forecasts and BBC Radio 4 programmes that we're not smart enough to understand. We also talk about old recording technology, sitcoms and going to TV studios for show recordings. Plus... a perennial favourite talking point... food! We look at farm shops including Canalside in Great Heywood, Staffordshire and a fish finger debate!


Europe move, fruit and veg, make your own cheese and beer. Ep 86

Moving to Europe. How much can we move for? The old fruit and veg quality discussion. Let’s talk about cheese. How about making your own cheese or beer at home? If you are an artisan producer or home food producer please get in touch to come on the show. Email:


Weather presenters, stockpiling food, Dairy creamers, Pressure cookers, new lottery Ep. 85

Weather presenters, stockpiling food... what would you stockpile just in case? “Just in time” deliveries. Dairy creamers for coffee. Littlewoods cafe. The dangers of pressure cookers and 1980’s dinners. National Lottery new games - £10,000 a month for 30 years. Oversized cheques on TV and gold bars. (recorded mid March)


Travelogue Special: Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life. Ep 84

Part 2 of our Scottish sojourn. This time we visit Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life in Lanarkshire. Recorded realtime... walk around with us finding out about Scotland's industrial past.


Travelogue Special: Glasgow's Riverside Transport Museum. Ep 83

Join us for the start of a series of Travelogue Specials from Glasgow. This time we visit the wonderful Riverside Museum based on the edge of the River Clyde. It's a transport museum but with much more. There are street settings to walk through and you can climb aboard old vehicles. Join Nick and Andy as they feed their transport geekery appetite. All aboard!


Syns, milk with cola, branding, WW, actors, Sewing Bee. Ep 82

Nick and Andy review the new series of BBC's Sewing Bee. They ask why on TV from around the world it always seems to be the same actors. In other news... The Weight Watchers rebrand hasn't gone so well. Nick and Andy discuss other rebrands. And did you know cola and milk is a thing! It's all here with the Two Voices Radio Podcast!


Airports and flying, baggage, social media, youtube, influencers, comments. Ep 81

Orange that’s yellow. Taking your own meal on-board a plane and unnecessary faffing. Weigh your own baggage. The demise of Concorde. Online reviewers. The scourge of “social media influencers”. Moaners on the internet and the backlash from commenters. Two Voices Radio Podcast with Nick Benjamin and Andy Waterfield.


Meat and vegan aisle – online shopping – tourist info – cheap resprays – Kondo – anger – passive aggressive emails – Channel 5 hotel. EP 80

We discuss vegan food in the meat aisle! The Joys of online supermarket deliveries. Mary Berry & Judith Chalmers on Thames TV. Plus... Andy tells us about his family's dodgy Austin Allegro. We look at Marie Kondo suggesting we throw out books. There's a smashing experience, passive aggressive emails, and finally celebs larking around in posh hotels. The Two Voices Radio Podcast is here!


Homes Furnishings - The Snow - BBC4 Playlist - Sofa names - paint names - food bargains. EP 79

This week we talk home furnishings. There's also snowmageddon (we recorded this early Feb.). We review BBC4's Juke Box night on TV. Plus an amusing feature on silly sofa names and preposterous paint chart colours. Finally... there's Andy's bargain of the week. It's all here!


Perpetuity - it goes on a bit! - Ghosts and more Most Haunted - B&Bs - Theatres. EP 78

This week we discuss Perpetuity... things going on forever (or at least a very long time!) Toto's "Africa" is playing in the desert. Nick and Andy discuss other things that go on. There's more about Ghosts and "Most Haunted", award winning B&Bs, and the trials of trying to find a decent theatre show to go and see!


BREXIT - UK parliament - hand dryers - M&S EP 77

We talk Brexit... not the issue itself but about all boredom surrounding it. EVERYONE is fed up of two years of talking but still no decisions. Get on with it! We also talk UK Parliament about the effectiveness of the House of Commons compared to the House of Lords. From the hot air of of politics to the spreading of germs from gusty hand dryers. Its all here in the Two Voices Radio Podcast!


Ladette to Lady, bagels, motorways, tech obscelence, Most Haunted. EP 76

We continue last week’s discussions about bakeries... asking what bakery chains do they have in the USA. Then we get on to Bagels and railway station food. Brands that come and go. This week Little Chef. That leads us to talk about the Joy’s of motorway service stations. We discuss the dilemma of throwing away perfectly adequate gadgets. Finally we talk about a new series of “Most Haunted" on the UKTV’s Really channel. We love the programme and discuss its popularity. There's lots of...


Lava lamps & roundels. Royal commentators, feedback, bakeries EP 75

Coming from Andy's house, today we talk about all sorts including the new lava lamp and the new roundel. We address feedback about our podcast. Nick talks about getting close to the royals. Then we take a look at bakery shops in the UK and world wide. Tune in!


New Year diets and gyms, cooking, veganism, arts and crafts on TV, supermarket cafe, flights and meals. EP 74

This week… Andy discusses how new year means extra people taking up diets and going to the gym. Veganism or Veganuary is here It sounds like a rude word. What’s it all about? We hear how United Airlines have a recipe book of airline meals. Plus… Nick tries to convince Andy that there is nothing to worry about with long haul flying and how he will love it once onboard!