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Rogue One LIVE @ LosCon 44

Another year, another great LosCon! This time we covered Rogue One, and Money friggin loved it! Bitches hated it. So we are officially broken up for good again. Money was super into the stories of the heroes that don't get mdeal ceremonies, the ones who don't get remembered. Bitches thought it was trite and unecessary. Thanks again to LosCon for hosting us`! Come see us next year! https://loscon.org/45/memberships/


Christmas Bonus: DIE HARD

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a special bonus episode! Can you believe Bitches has never seen Die Hard?


Rocky Horror Picture Show UNscrupled!

OMG what a fun podcast this was! Bitches & Money slayed at this year’s LosCon! Join us for this adventure as Money finally consumes that piece of queer culture that he managed to avoid all these years! We talk consent, which of our college professors we slept with, and why toast is thrown at the screen. Also we diverge to talkl about Grease a bit. Have a listen, it’s super fun!


1x22 Almost Thirty Years

Sydney's Look: http://tinyurl.com/zfjgr2a This season has been a wild ride! Here we are, with Sydney tied to a chair, being interrogated by someone. Blood is dripping from her mouth as she faces her enemy. Her boyfriend is freshly dead, this time from drowning. So it turns out Will is still alive, and Bitches called that, like she did so other things. Sark honors his end of the deal and turns over the prisoner in exchange for the page and the ampule, despite the fact that Jack clearly...


1x20&21 The Solution/Rendezvous

Sydeny's Look: http://tinyurl.com/jd9h9rd Holy shit, listeners! It's getting real up in here! Francie is afraid of rats. Boy they need to give her something to do. Will gets back in the game after being told by mysterious voice man that Jack was the one who kidnapped him and holy crap did I just type those words together? What even is this show.? Oh god . . . Sydney's culturally appropriative costume. Can we not? Not even Drew Barrymore would put that monstrosity in Charlie's Angels. The...


1x18&19 The Masquerade/Snowman

Sydney's Look: http://tinyurl.com/hj3kta9 An exciting pair of episodes! Bitches & Money discuss the ramifications of Sydney getting some use out of her dusty-ass vadge. It goes about as well as it did last time. Yes, he's dead, but this one had it coming. Don't put your dick in crazy, listeners! Sydney has a blast from her past, as her college boyfriend resurfaces in the douchey-persona of Noah Hicks. Turns out he didn't do the fade away like she thought way back when, he actually went into...


1x16&17 The Prophecy/Q&A

Join Bitches & Money as we dive into . . . a clip show. Really, J.J. Abrams? Sydney doesn't have much going on at SD6 this week, it's all about her being interrogated by her own government, so an essential Alias-ness is gone from these two episodes. The revealed page says that Sydney is a dangerous woman who will render the greatest power unto utter desolation, and because this is the U.S. government we are talking about, the only logical assumption is that it's the Unite States and Sydney...


1x14&15 The Coup/Page 47

Sydney's looks: http://tinyurl.com/zyls9pd Not as good as the last pair of episodes. We go off on a few tangents here. Money REALLy hates the following things (in no particular order): Banana Now & Laters, cantelope, and Clint Eastwood. Seriously, he's a garbage person. Sydney finally decides to be a good friend to Francie, stopping her from getting married to Charlie at the last minute. But being a good friend and doing right by your job are often mutually exclusive. Bitches thinks she made...


1x12&13 The Box

Quentin Tarantino! Yes, the best Gen-X director out there makes a guest appearance on these two episodes! SD6 is under attack, a crew of QT, a hot Asian lady named Toni, and 5 mooks with bad hair invade the office with guns, kill the security guards, and make Sydney crawl around in the ducts to save her colleagues. Meanwhile, Will tries to back out of his investigation, only to be pulled back in by the daughter of one of SD-6's victims. Bitches has to let go of her theory that Jack is the...


1x10&11 Spirit/The Confession

Sydney's looks this episode: http://tinyurl.com/zacltbe Bitches was right and Money has had enough with all the lies. Yes, Jack has not been honest with Sydney about her mother, but, well, this is Alias, and if these spies had something close to actual healthy relationships with anyone in their lives, there wouldn’t really be a show to watch. But neither of our gay cohosts are feelings these episodes. Hasan is just . . . filler. He’s not even an appetizer, because those are usually fried and...


1x08&09 Time Will Tell/Mea Culpa

Sydney's looks for this epsiode: http://tinyurl.com/j7hsaao I believe the drag queens maybe built a time machine, set fire to that green dress, murdered and dismembered the costume designer, and taken over, because Sydney looks SO much better this time! Francie thinks she's in a multi-cam sitcom, Will thinks he's on an Aaron Sorkin drama- and Sydney thinks she's James Bond . . . all are wrong. As were viewers- there's some Indiana Jones level shit going on now. Just picture Indiana Jones...


1x06&07 Reckoning/Color-Blind

Sydney's looks for this episode: http://tinyurl.com/jsolp7n WHO THE HELL WAS SYDNEY'S COSTUME DESIGNER HERE??????? Seriously, that green dress if a war crime. Join Bitches & Money as we get to MONEY'S FAVORITE GUEST STAR! John Hannah is a criminally neglected character actor, and he shows off his ability to steal the spotlight from everyone in 40-minute increments. Francie realizes she was hasty in thinking Charlie was a cheater. But Charlie is a fuckwit, and Money has a little more patience...


1x04&05 A Broken Heart/Doppleganger

Sydney's; outfits this week: http://unspoiledpodcasts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/S01E045.png Sydney learns the stakes of the games she’s playing. Francie learns her bf is an asshole. Money learns that lesbian porn involves shoes and he can’t unlearn that. Bitches learns that Money is not having her smugness about iPhones. Mocha learns that people who shouldn’t wear green do so anyway. Will learns that if she doesn’t bring it up the drunken makeout sessions you had with her, she probably...


1x02&03 So It Begins/Parity

Hello listeners! In these episodes of Alias, Sydney is back on the job, and she’s finally learned how to dress properly; even the queens approve. Dixon has a really horrible poker face, he needs to get back on his game. There’s a nuclear weapon scavenger hunt that amounts to fuck-all, Vaughn mansplains spywork to Sydney and GINA TORRES IS HERE WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE??????? Sydney's costumes this week: http://unspoiledpodcasts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/S01E023.png


1x01 Truth Be Told

As the UNspoiled! empire grows in influence and power, more and more pieces of pop culture will be covered in depth, and ultimately this podcast will control the populace with an iron fist. The first step in Natasha's inevitable world domination is the first franchise show. In this episode, meet Bitches & Money, two supergay fans who decide to step into the wayback machine to cover Alias, which is what happens when you take James Bond and Charlie's Angels and Cher's closet fromClueless and...