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Orphan Black S05E10- To Right The Wrongs Of Many

It's been a long time since starting this series and there have been a lot of ups and downs with it, but I am still kind of in shock that it's over now. I wasn't sure how the show could possibly finish the series in a satisfying way when there were so many balls in the air for the second-to-last episode, but I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how it handled everything. There was one major, glaring thing that in my opinion didn't make a lot of sense, but honestly I'm still kind of okay with...


Orphan Black, S05E09- One Fettered Slave

Welp, listeners, I'm a little bit baffled that the writers made the choices they did for this, the penultimate episode of the entire show. I really can't understand choosing to depict Helena with a child actor who is NOT Charlotte, I can't understand Helena's hair being eternally bleached forever after, and I can't understand the reason they decided to tell Helena's story NOW after all the time they've had along the way. That's not to say I hated this episode from beginning to end. Far from...


Orphan Black, S05E08- Guillotines Decide

Oh, listeners, I don't want to believe it's true. But I suspect it is. This damn woman Siobhan won't quit playing games with my heart. She makes me love her, then does underhanded shit behind Sarah's back time and time again, then does something totally badass and amazing and makes me love her again. This is her way. And this is just what she does in this episode. And then, she maybe dies. It's hard to know at the end of this episode. The camera makes it look like she's dead, but perhaps...


Orphan Black, S05E07- Gag Or Throttle

Listeners! It's time for what might be my favorite episode of the season thus far: the one where Rachel gets a fucking clue. It has certainly taken long enough for her to catch up with the rest of us in terms of understanding her place in this pyramid. And as a writer, when you wait this long to have a character to see the truth, you really run the risk of undercutting the level of satisfaction a viewer has when it finally happens. Thankfully, that's not the case here. I think part of that...


Orphan Black- S05E06- Manacled Slim Wrists

Y'all, why os Krystal my soul sister? I love her and her ridiculousness so much, and I want to be her bestie and go to spin class with her and have her do my nails. Like, that sounds like the best weekend. This episode certainly had its flaws, but overall I really enjoyed this one and it was so good to have a bunch of the plot finally start moving along. We find out what has actually been going on with Uncle Andrew (HINT: he's not 120 years old but he IS basically a vampire) and we get a bit...


Orphan Black, S05E05- Ease For Idle Millionaires

Hey everyone! I'm back with the next Orphan Black episode and I have to report that it's one of the creepiest so far, mostly thanks to an insane formal dinner scene. This episode was a little heavier on the good than the bad versus some of the others this season. I really did enjoy the dinner scene and everything going on with Cosima, plus I am just so curious about what the hell Delphine is up to and how it ties into things with Felix and his sister. What the hell are they up to over there?...


Orphan Black, S05E04- Let The Children and Childbearers Toil

Hello listeners! It's time for the next installment of Orphan Black, and I have to be honest...this season is kind of a disaster. I'm not really sure why the writers or producers or whomever thought that there wasn't already plenty to work with, but frankly they're throwing all kind of things into the pot that really don't need to be there, and which aren't going to have time to cook anyway. It's like having a lovely, complex soup bubbling away and then tossing in a bunch of chopped carrots...


Orphan Black, S05E03- Beneath Her Heart

Hi everyone! Maggie and I are here to talk about an episode of Orphan Black that feels bizarrely out of place at this point in the show, and frankly was full of moments that I could have done without. The main focus on this episode is Alison, who for some reason is only now starting to deal with the guilt from watching her friend die and doing nothing to help. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Alison having a lot of guilt and regret surrounding that. In fact, she'd better, or...


Orphan Black, S05E02- Clutch Of Greed

This episode had a welcome, albeit abrupt, resurrection of Kira's importance and powers. We've all known that there's something weird about Kira, and then the injury that Helena's "bebe" manages to just shrug off confirms that the clones' children (when they manage to have them) are not normal. There's something more going on with them. It's really hard to watch Sarah do absolutely everything within her power to get her daughter to safety and then have to turn around and put Kira into the...


Orphan Black, S05E01- The Few Who Dare

Hello good people, and welcome to the first episode of the final season of Orphan Black. I really can't believe that we're almost done with this show, and I can honestly say I have no idea what's coming. We're in totally unfamiliar territory here with Mr. PT Barnum, and I can't imagine it's going anywhere good. So much happens this episode, it's hard to keep track. Sarah manages to get to the Revival village to save Cosima, only to find out Cosima doesn't want to be saved. Rachel decides...


Orphan Black, S04E10- From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

Okay, so I know that I'm supposed to be a feminist and everything, but the only thing I can say about Rachel's behavior in this episode is...bitches be crazy. And you know what? This bitch needs to die. I should have seen it coming that the only reason Rachel follows through on her agreement with Sarah in the last episode was so that she could get Evie Cho out of the way so that there was a place for her. DUH, Natasha! But nope, I didn't even really think about it. I just did what Sarah and...


Orphan Black, S04E09- Mitigation Of Competition

Hi there, lovelies! It's time for me and Maggie to come at you with the penultimate episode of Season 4. And this was a much more eventful episode than I expected for some reason. First of all. HI HELENA OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH HOW YOU BEEN I LIKE YOUR HAT AND YOUR WIGWAM YOU ARE GREAT Seriously. Helena is great, and she's always saving the Hendrixes and she really needs to get a mansion and raise her two little killer twin babies with in the lap of luxury while eating weird Eastern...


Orphan Black, S04E08- The Redesign Of Natural Objects

Hello everyone! It's time for that episode where we have to sit through some awkward moments of Jesus Christ Superstar (Maggie throws some shade at Andrew Lloyd Webber and I LOL) in order to get a pretty satisfying ending to a certain shady cop's storyline. Listen, I'm going to warn you all that this show has a syndrome that I'm going to call Monet Syndrome, where I go into a recording all ready to talk about how much I enjoyed a certain episode...and then. The more I start talking about it...


Orphan Black, S04E07- The Antisocialism Of Sex

Hi there, you beautiful people! Maggie and I are back to talk about the horrible aftermath of the hit on Kendall, and what a downward spiral so many of the clone club seem to be on. Poor Sarah was hoping for some forgiveness from Siobhan, but instead she gets a whole dose of blame and is basically disowned. It's a truly awful scene, and it's completely unsurprising that Sarah goes off on a bender the way she does. If Neolution are interested in nabbing her, now would have been an excellent...


Orphan Black, S04E06- The Scandal Of Altruism

Wow. So this is an episode and a half, huh? What a brutal series of events, and what a nasty twist! I pretty much spend the first ten minutes of the show railing about how much I hate Evie, because that tricksy bitch is just evil and I want SOMEONE, anyone, to take her down please. The emotional punch at the end of this episode is really surprising to me because we've been given such a short amount of time to get to know Kendall so I wouldn't really have expected to care about losing her as...


Orphan Black, S0405- Raw Human Material

I'm really excited to see Krystal again despite being a little dubious about how she's returned to the story. Because Krystal is my new fave, and I just enjoy any time she's on-screen. This episode went in so many directions that I didn't expect, and I actually really enjoyed all of it. Well, almost all of it. There are some things (like the final makeout scene) that I definitely squirmed uncomfortably through, and there are some definite "I guess they still aren't surveilling Fe's place"...


Orphan Black S04E04- From Instict To Rational Control

Hey there, everyone! There's always something getting in the way of editing, and this week it was my inadequate immune system. I'm sitting on a backlog of episodes that is simply not to be believed. This episode of Orphan Black had a few problems, but there were a lot of things I liked, too. First of all, I missed Fe and I'm not thrilled about him being roped into this whole thing again but I am glad to see him on the screen so I'm putting aside the character's wellbeing for the sake of my...


Orphan Black, S04E03- Stigmata Of Progress

Maggie and I are here with the next episode of Orphan Black, the one where the police finally show up at the Hendrix's front door because of a pile of dead Portuguese. OOPS! Truthfully, while I would love for Helena to get away with the massacre scot-free (because fuck those people amirite) I'm also pleased that this is coming back to bite them a little bit. Can't have our people pulling off mass-murders and just getting away with it, or else they'd all want to do it! There have to be...


Orphan Black, S04E02- Transgressive Border Crossing

Hey listeners! Just FYI there won't be an Orphan Black episode next week due to a scheduling conflict, so soak up this one and enjoy it until we return the following week! This episode we get to see the first-ever footage of someone attempting to remove a maggot-bot, and it's the worst thing ever. Like, so bad. The kind of thing that wouldn't even occur to me if I were trying to invent something terrible, because it's just crossing some kind of mental line for me. Nope. I hate it. I hate it...


Orphan Black, S04E01- The Collapse Of Nature

I am really excited about this fourth season because it really feels like we're getting back to the foundations of this plot, and back to all the characters that I really cared about in the first place. Now that Paul and Delphine and Dr. Coady and Rudy are all got rid of, we can just zero in on the people that are left and whatever gets added in will hopefully be supported better by this more solid, renewed foundation. Speaking of foundations, this is a hell of an episode because we get to...