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The Constant - 5.16 & 5.17 The Incident

There's a lot to get into here, from Jacob and the Man in Black, to Locke, to the actual incident and what happens to Juliet. Then, when we've covered all of it, we get Krista's prediction on what's to come in Season 6, and you don't want to miss that.


The Constant - 5.15 Follow The Leader

The shirt is hitting the fan now, y'all. In 1977, we've got Jack following Daniel's not-so-well-described plan to drop a hydrogen bomb into a pocket of energy in order to change the future (guess we're forgetting about whatever happened happened), and Sawyer getting the shirt beat out of him a very eager Radzinsky rather than tell him anything. In 2007, we have Locke fully embracing his dictatorship and giving all the orders, leading the remaining group of Others to Jacob, who no one has...


The Constant - 5.14 The Variable

We've got bad dads, we've got bad moms...and then we have Daniel's parents, who take it to a whole other level. Daniel's return brings a whole new level of chaos, and immediately. There's the spilling of the time travel tea, blowing up LaFleur's spot in the Dharma Initiative, and, well, talk of literally blowing up an actual hydrogen bomb. And then he's shot by his mother, who in the future sends him there knowing she's going to kill him. None of this can lead to anything good, right?


The Constant - 5.13 Some Like It Hoth

We're back! Thank you for your patience in our scheduled hiatus. Weddings were attended, family was seen, illness was combated, and so DragonCon was not on the menu, sadly. But, all of that is the past, what happened happened, and we're forging ahead with what turned out to be a very jam-packed episode. After waiting almost two full seasons, we finally get a Miles episode! We learn that Pierre Chang, aka Marvin Candle, aka that dude in the Dharma videos, is his father...and kind of a douche,...


The Constant - 5.12 Dead Is Dead

It's all about Ben Linus in this week's episode, and Krista's thoughts on what we learned about him may surprise you. We get into whether or not he has a soul after Richard took him to the Temple, what his actions with Danielle Rousseau say about him, and we have questions and theories about Ethan, and what Juliet knew. Just a heads up: we will be taking a short hiatus while Krista attends a wedding and celebrates her birthday, and Jaime goes to DragonCon!


The Constant - 5.11 Whatever Happenened Happened

In this episode, Kate does everything right! From following through on her promise to help Clementine, to telling Carole about who Aaron really is, to actually going back to the Island to find Claire, to giving blood because she's a universal donor. But then she also goes to great lengths to save young Ben's life, which may be the reason Ben is the way he is.


The Constant - 5.10 He's Our You

It's not really an apples to apples comparison to say that Oldham is like Sayid, because let's face it: Oldham's way of getting the truth out of someone is much less blood-soaked and screamy. But it *is* effective, though it's unlikely these Dharma Idiots believe that Sayid is from the future, especially after they vote to kill him. But have no fear! It will take more than a bunch of science-y hippies to bring our man down.


The Constant - 5.09 Namaste

In 2007, we see what a great fucking pilot Frank Lapidus really is, and Sun not only knocks Ben out with a boat paddle, but she meets Christian Shephard. How in the world is she going to get to Jin though? In 1977, things are a little less simple. LaFleur has to sneak the Ajira Three into the Dharma recruits, get their names on the list, assign them to jobs - how's that aptitude test, Jack? - and make sure that they keep their damn mouths shut. Everything is fine, until a Hostile...err...a...


The Constant - 5.08 LaFleur

JAMES LAFLEUR! The leader we've been waiting for has been under our noses the entire time! All we needed was for Jack and Kate to leave, Locke to make a sacrifice, some time travel, and Juliet to have his back. Mostly the Jack leaving thing though. We see how Jim's quick thinking and con-man experience helps the now-stuck-in-the-'70's time travelers not only not get kicked off the Island before Locke can return, but somehow facilitates their entry into the Dharma Initiative. Now, three years...


The Constant - 5.07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

So now we know: John Locke did not commit suicide. No, that little bastard Ben Linus killed him. And now that Locke is revived on the Island, he's not hiding that fact from anyone. In fact, Locke is much more open and honest now that he's a...zombie?...a ghost?...just brought back to life by a magic island? Ben is not going to be happy when he wakes up, but then, we don't really give a shit about his happiness. Suffer, you little creep.


The Constant - 5.06 316

In what is the first ever linear storytelling episode of this show, we learn how the Oceanic Five get back to The Island, possibly along with Ben, Lapidus, and a bunch of new Red Shirts. We're not sure about anyone but Jack, Kate, and Hurley though, as they're the only ones we see actually on The Island again. Oh, and they are found by Jin, who is wearing a Dharma jumpsuit and driving a Dharma van. What the hell is going on? WHEN ARE WE?


The Constant - 5.05 This Place Is Death

In which we say goodbye to Charlotte, even as she leaves us with more questions. How did she see Daniel as a child? Was Locke able to stop the flashes through time? And if so, where will our castaways land? Is Krista right that they'll either be spread out over time, or part of the Dharma Initiative? And what does all of this mean for the Oceanic Six and Ben's plan to get them all back to the Island?


The Constant - 5.04 The Little Prince

Time travel is a bitch, and *not* like jet lag. Three of our intrepid travelers have nose bleeds, Sawyer gets a glimpse of long-gone Kate, Locke gets a reminder of his past pain, and HOLY SHIT JIN IS ALIIIIVE!


The Constant - 5.03 Jughead

Desmond goes on his quest to find Faraday's mother, which doesn't turn out to be as easy as he expected. What he does find leads him to Charles Widmore. Speaking of, it turns out that jackass Jones from last week's episode is actually young Mr. Widmore himself. Guess we know why he wants to find the Island so badly. Also, there's a hydrogen bomb, but Daniel isn't too worried about it since the Island still exists fallout free in fifty years.


The Constant - 5.02 The Lie

Hurley is having a hard time. The lie that Jack convinces them all to tell is tearing him apart. He doesn't think they should have left The Island, but when he's given the chance to go back, he throws a Hot Pocket at it. Kind of. Meanwhile, on The Island, shit is going down. There are flaming arrows and new people who are more than willing to cut off hands even before getting answers to their questions. We don't like them. Don't forget to check out our TeePublic store!...


The Constant - 5.01 Because You Left

Oh boy, you guys, it's all happening now! Time travel! Space-time continuum shit! Daniel being a boss! Sayid pulling a Bourne Identity level murder! No more nervous breakdown beard on Jack! Kate being a great mom! Shirtless Sawyer! It's all breaking Krista's brain and she wants to know what the hell is happening! It's great. Also: we have a merch store now! We're still working on designs, but if any of you have any suggestions of something you'd like to see, or funny things we've said that...


The Constant - 4.12 4.13 4.14 There's No Place Like Home

We decided to do these episodes all as one, since the first part was mostly set up for the other two, and really it's all just one big story. A lot happens, obviously, with people dying, the Oceanic Six's rescue, the fact that it's Locke in that coffin, and oh, you know, the Island MOVED. Not quite in the way that Krista imagined, but still. Where did it go? What does this mean for the people who were still on it? What happened to them that is "all Jack's fault"? We'll get those answers...


The Constant - 4.11 Cabin Fever

Locke's special. Ben's bitter. Keamy is a monster. Horace has been dead for 12 years. The cabin is weird. But what we really want to know is: is Claire DEAD?


The Constant - 4.10 Something Nice Back Home

It's all about Jack this week. On the Island, he's having emergency surgery on the beach, which he attempts to stay awake for and in control of. Luckily, Juliet is the most rational person after Sayid, and she's having none of Jack's nonsense. In the flash-forward, we see that Jack and Kate are together and raising Aaron. But things aren't as happy as Jack wants to believe, especially after he gets a visit from his dead dad, and Kate fulfills a promise she made to Sawyer but won't tell Jack...


The Constant - 4.09 The Shape of Things to Come

This one is a lot. We lose Alex and Nadia in the same episode, which has to be one of Krista's worst fears for the show. We see Ben do the unthinkable - summon the Smoke Monster - and the fracture of Locke's group when Claire's house is blown up, and Sawyer finally decides he's had enough of this shit. On the beach, Jack has a tummy ache, but he's more concerned with the fact that the doctor from the freighter has washed up on the beach with his throat slashed. And then Daniel lies, and is...