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Episode 103: Independence Day | Dave Wright | Tabletop Scotland

This week Ben and Josh are joined by David Wright of Tabletop Scotland! They kick things off with their thoughts and feelings of the inaugural event before making some exciting announcements about Tabletop Scotland 2019 including: Tabletop Scotland 2019 Media PartnerReturning ExhibitorsEvents and seminarsA special screening of Eye of The Beholder: The Art of Dungeons and DragonsHappy Listening! The Unlucky Frog Team Honourable Mentions Tabletop Crafter Meeple Like Us Stuff By...


Episode 102: Laugh at Yourself ( Featuring Shazz Savarnejad of Settler, Hamilton)

This week Ben and Charlotte are joined by a very special guest, Shazz Savarnejad of Settlers, Hamilton! Together the discuss what it takes to run a brick and mortar tabletop gaming store. Topics featured: 1066: Tears For Many Mothers by Hall Or Nothing Productions (01:13 & 6:02)Beatrice, the store mascot (03:50)Tabletop Games in the Classroom (08:28)LARPing (12:30)The ins and outs of running a brick and mortar tabletop gaming store (16:14) Kids in Tabletop Gaming (19:40) Codes Of...


Episode 101: Independence Day | Bad Hipster Games (Brexit: The Board Game of Second Chances)

Please note that episode contains mature content In this week's Independence Day episode Ben and Josh are joined by Dani Hedlund the designer behind Brexit: The Board Game of Second Chances. Together they chat through the unique developement cycle of the game, drinking games, how to offend everyone, and appearing on Russia Today with Alex Salmond. They also discuss Galeforce 9's Firefly adventures, the need for concise rule books and offensive marketing. Links: Kickstarter:...


Episode 100: Don't Step In It!

In this week's episode Ben and Josh discuss a whole array of items from the tabletop gaming communty. Topics featured: Games Workshop Recycling Petition(01:30) Don't Step In It! by Hasbro Games (04.44) Kickstarter Steamforged Dark Souls Controversy (08:04) Magic: The Gathering Ultimate Masters (11.28) Kickstarter Stand at Pax Unplugged (19:10) Dragonmeet 2018 (21:45) Pathfinder Campaign update(23:15) Keyforge by Fantasy Flight Games(24:30) Our plans for Game of The Year...


Episode 99: Give a Man a Canvas...

This week Ben, Josh and Charlotte discuss updates to Age of Sigmar: Champions and Warhammer Underworlds, some unfortunate KeyForge deck names, and CMON's latest bleak financial report. Topics covered: Patron Day Shoutouts (04.50) Age of Sigmar: Champions Errata (08.00) Warhammer Underworlds Banned and Restricted Cards (11.07) Unfortunate KeyForge Deck Names (16.40) A Horribly Expensive KeyForge Deck (22.29) CMON's Massive Losses (26.24) Lessons from the Video Games Industry...


Episode 98: Unlucky Frog On Tour - Glasgow Games Festival 2019

In this week's episode Josh and Charlotte give us a round up of their experience of Glasgow Games Festival 2019! Nuts and Bots by Cardboard and Coffee (00:01:06) Adreneline by Czech Edition Games (00:03:27) Squirrel by Format 15 Games (00:06:08) 1 Survives, the game of horror/slasher survival (00:10:50) Magnificent Flying Machines by Medusa Games (00:18:15) Space Horizons (00:18:50) KeyForge by Fantasy Flight Games (00:23:50) Shout outs (00:33.00) Bez of Stuff By Bez One Free...


Episode 97: Independence Day: Earth to Games (Masters of Gettown)

In this week's Independence Day episode Ben joined by Jon Bryant of Earth to Games to talk about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Masters of Gettown, the game of full contact dice arena combat! Together they chat about the humble origins of the game, it's precursory designs and plans for the future. Happy Listening! The Unlucky Frog Team _______ Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/Earth_To_Games Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MastersofGettown Website:...


Episode 96: Cultists Be Cultists

Back from their brief hiatus Ben and Josh are back in full swing with the latest Regular Show episode. Breaking from the theme of Tabletop Gaming we chat about Red Dead Redemption II. They also chat through: New releases from Fantasy Flight including Arkham Horror 3rd Edition, Discover: Lands Unknown and KeyForge (08:07)Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Atlanta (11:50)Glasgow Games Festival (12:45)Warhammer 40K Blackstone Fortress (14:40)Swap Market Govanhill Boardgames week...


Episode 95: A Truly Immersive Horror Experience

This week Ben and Josh chat through a whole host of horrifying topics including: Games Workshop reveals including Rise of Anvalor, Molloag's Mob Underworlds Warband and Death Bloodbowl teamHub Games theft Essen SpielArkham Horror Nights UK at IQ Games, HuddersfieldNew Bedford by Greater Than GamesPathfinder CampaignManaging the loss of a character in gamesHappy Listening! The Unlucky Frog Team Credits Presented by Ben Porter and Josh Hartley Post Production by Ben Porter Episode...


Episode 94: Independence Day: Redwell Games

This week Ben is joined by Dr Tom John Dick Lovewell of Redwell Games. Together they chat about flu season, kickstarter and VoteMe, the award winning game which Redwell released at the beginning of the year. They also discuss Tom's upcoming kickstarter campaign for Kazing, as well as what interests Tom as a game designer, and the downside to have a porn star's name. Happy Listening The Unlucky Frog Team Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedwellGames Facebook:...


Episode 93: Essen (The Pensive Frog)

This week Ben and Charlotte chat through a whole raft of tabletop gaming topics including Internationale Spielage SPIEL 18! Please note - There is a wee bit of a metallic echo which was caused by a microphone arm that was meant to reduce echo... News and Announcements NewPatreon Patrons Shout Out! Ryan Trotter and Jon from Earth to Games Game of The Year 2018 Unlucky Frog Plans for 2019! Games Workshop Shares Warning Announcement Kickstarter Round Up Tidal Blades by Druid...


Episode 92: Con +1 (The Online RPG Convention)

In this week's Indpendence Day Josh and Charlotte are joined by Jayson Green of Con +1, formerly BrigadeCon - a 24 hour online RPG convention, raising funds for Child's Play taking place on Friday 3rd of November. Together they chat about the convention, what goes in to planning on online RPG convention like Con +1, and, of course, how you can get involved! They also talk through the plethora of games, events and panels that will be going on through the day (so much to do!). **Also Alas...


Episode 91: The Hot Dog Problem

Ben and Josh kick off this episode with a nod to Greg Stafford the founder of Chaosium Inc, who sadly passed away on the 11th of October. A very fitting can be found on the Chaosium Inc Blog, and they are inviting fans to express their condolences, rememberance, and celebration of Greg Stafford on this forum thread. Topics covered include: Playfusion next cycle of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - Onslaught (00:01:47) Release details for KeyForge (00:05:55) Fog of Love: Queer...


Episode 90: Independence Day: One Free Elephant (Microbrew)

In this week's Independence Day episode Ben and Josh are joined by Nigel of One Free Elephant! Fresh from the overwhelming success of that was the Kickstarter campaign for Microbrew Nigel chats about micro games, cultural etiquette and the amounts of excess space that you find in board game boxes. They also chat about Nigel's Board Game Design Diaries during the Microbrew campaign and how he hopes they can go on to encourage and inspire other designers. Happy Listening Links One Free...


Episode 89: If Its Good Enough for Savonarola

In this week's Regular Show, Ben and Josh discuss a variety of Tabletop Gaming related topics including: Space Goat Productions/ Evil Dead 2: The Board Game (00:01:45) Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault (00:09:25) Endeavor (00:19:52) Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica (00:25:14) Magic: The Gathering Arena (00:27:30) Scrabble: (00:32:38) We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team Honourable Mentions: Angry Joe Duncan Cowan of Tabletop Scotland Marc Spectre of...


Episode 88: Independence Day: Drawn To The Flame Podcast

In this week's Independence Day episode Ben is joined by Peter and Frank of Drawn To The Flame, a podcast for fans of Arkham Horror: The Card Game! Listen in as they talk through Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Android: Netrunner and share their take on the Lovecraft Universe - are we at tentacle satuation? (see our latest blog post!). They also share the ins and outs of running a game specific podcast and keeping your audience happy! Happy Listening, The Unlucky Frog...


Episode 87: Eltonus Johnus

This week's episode Ben and Josh chat through the week that was! Featuring upcoming releases: Transformers the TCG and Magic Pre-release by Wizards of the Coasts Reef by Plan B Games Warhammer 40K: Wake the Dead and Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault by Games Workshop They also chat about the games they've been playing including: Port Royal (and Board Game Crate!) (00:10:42min) Gladiatores Blood for Roses by Bad Cat Games (00:16:18min) Fallout Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius...


Episode 86: Independence Day: James Naylor of Naylor Games (Magnate)

In this week's Independence Day episode Ben and Charlotte are joined by James Naylor of Naylor Games to talk about his current project, Magnate; the game that Monopoly wanted to be. They also share their fond memories of Monopoly and delve into the intriguing history of the game. As well as discussing how to manage realistic events in sensitive manner, prototype design and milestones in the manufacturing process, and James' convention playtest tour. Also, Magnate: The Cumbernauld Expansion....


Episode 85 : Playing Ketchup

Join Ben, Josh and Charlotte as they run through a whole raft of topics in this week's episode including a shoutout to our newest Patron Simon Harper, our ongoing plans for the Unlucky Frog Patreon, and Ben's first foray into Shadespire organised play. They also chat about their review of Brothers by Ankama Games and ongoing Brothers competition, and chat through recent game release announcements including: Betrayal Legacy by Avalon Hills GamesWarhammer Underworlds: Nightvault by...


Episode 84: Independence Day - Marc Specter of Grand Gamers Guild (The Artemis Project)

In this week's Indepedence Day episode Ben is joined by Marc Spectre of Grand Gamers Guild, the independent publishing house behind Unreal Estate and Pocket Ops, and co-publisher of Endeavor: Age of Sails! Together they chat about Marc's current kickstarter project The Artemis Project, a dice-placement engine builder where you compete to build the best colony on Europa. Marc also explains a bit more about his role as an independent publisher and what he is looking for as a publisher. We...