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Episode 84: Independence Day - Marc Specter of Grand Gamers Guild (The Artemis Project)

In this week's Indepedence Day episode Ben is joined by Marc Spectre of Grand Gamers Guild, the independent publishing house behind Unreal Estate and Pocket Ops, and co-publisher of Endeavor: Age of Sails! Together they chat about Marc's current kickstarter project The Artemis Project, a dice-placement engine builder where you compete to build the best colony on Europa. Marc also explains a bit more about his role as an independent publisher and what he is looking for as a publisher. We...


Episode 83: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

In this week's episode Ben and Charlotte are joined by Darius Twyman of All Around The Board and UnCon! Together they chat about recent announcements from the tabletop gaming community inlcuding: Pandemic Survival: Fall of Rome Warhammer Beast of Choas Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions App releaseNarcos: The Board GameThey also chat about the post Tabletop Scotland come down, how plans for UnCon 4.0 are progressing, and the ongoing promotion between the Unlucky Frog and Board Game Crate -...

Episode 82: Independence Day - The Noble Artist (Hero Master)

In this week's Independence Day feature Josh and Ben are joined by Jamie Noble Frier aka The Noble Artist! Together they talk about a wide and varied range of topics including toilet roll delivery drones, Gloomhaven, Roll Quest by Hercules Studios and of course, Jamie's current project Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails. We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team _________________________________________ The Noble Artist Links Facebook Group:...


Episode 81: Beautiful Games, Beautiful Tables, Beautiful People / Unlucky Frog On Tour - Tabletop Scotland

Fresh from their stint as the Official Media partner for the inaugural Tabletop Scotland, Josh, Ben and Charlotte chat with Kenny and Lawrence of the Dice Roll Cafe about their thoughts on the event! Recorded in the very atmospheric snug in the Cherrybank Inn in Perth, together they cover a whole array of things including: - Darius Twyman and his Magical travelling Games Library - Villainous, the Game of Disney Villains - Kickstarter Launch for Microbrew by One Free Elephant - Seminars...


Episode 80: Independence Day - Decking Awesome Games (Dice Summoners)

This week's Independence Day episode sees Ben joined by Eoin Costelloe and Ciara Costelloe of Decking Awesome Games. Together they chat about their upcoming Kickstarter release, Dice Summoners. They also chat about how they came into tabletop gaming at university, the pros and cons of two player games and how this helped shape what is now Dice Summoners. Decking Awesome Games will be demoing Dice Summoners at Tabletop Scotland! Be sure to swing by the Play Test Zone to try it out. Thanks...


Episode 79: Broken Fingers

Tabletop Scotland, Tabletop Scotland, Tabletop Scotland, Tabletop Scotland, Tabletop Scotland, Tabletop Scotland! In this week's episode Ben and Charlotte chat about the first ever Tabletop Scotland, which taking place in Perth next weekend! Listen in to hear about what they are looking forward to, what they will be getting up to as the official media partner *ahem ahem* and announce the panelists for Room D100+1 - the 100% original panelist show where guests bring their pet peeve from the...


Episode 78: Independence Day: Twisted Bit Games

In this week's Independence Day Ben and Josh are joined by Calum Taylor of Twisted Bit Games. Fresh back in Scotland after living in The Republic of Korean Calum chats about Korean Board Game Cafes, the importance of accessability in gaming, as well as accents, puns, kilts and formal fashion faux pas! Calum also shares his experience of GenCon, including that CMON Cthulu statute, and his plans for his current game Motora; a worker placement, resource management, dice combat game with...


Episode 77: Looking Under A Rock

In this week's episode Ben and Josh chat about recent Games Workshop announcements and Fantasy Flights' upcoming release Key Forge and the rising popularity of Unique Games. They also share their thoughts on the assault which took place at GenCon against Jeremy Hambly of The Quartering, and discuss changing attitudes in the gaming community. We would love to know your thoughts and feelings on this topic. Do you agree with Ben and Josh or do you feel they are far off the mark? How far is...


Episode 76: Independence Day: Emmerse Studios (Quirk!)

In this week's Independence Day Episode Ben and Charlotte are joined by Emma May of Emmerse Studios, the creator of Quirk! and Quirk! Legends. Listen in as they chat about Emma's wide and varied experience of game creation and marketing, entering the gaming industry and managing game reviews. She also shares her plans for the future of Quirk! and Quirk! Legends - so watch this space! We hope you enjoy listening, The Unlucky Frog Team ***Also please excuse the background noise....


Episode 75: Warhammer: Jocks Vs Goths and Nerds

Following on from their GenCon episode, Ben and Josh talk changing attitudes in gaming and go way off topic chatting about celebrities and gaming, and Insane Championship Wrestling! They also chat about BenCon 2018 (Ben's Birthday Celebration) and the games they played including: 2 vs 2 Warhammer Age of Sigmar Mega Battle, Tales Of The Arabian Nights by Z-Man Games, Ice Cool by Brain Games,Brothers by Ankama GamesMysterium by LibelludA Song of Ice and Fire by CMON GamesWarhammer Age of...


Episode 74: Independence Day - ModBlokz

In this week's Independence Day Episode Ben is joined by Tom and Ash Mayo, the creative geniuses behind ModBlokz - the magnetic Sci-Fi Modular Terrain System! Listen in as they chat about their love for wargaming, component design and manufacturing, plans for the future and, of course, the ModBlokz Kickstarter campaign. Be sure to check it out! We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team _______________ Links ModBlokz: https://www.modblokz.com/ Kickstarter campaign:...


Episode 73: Straight Outta GenCon

This week's episode sees Ben and Josh joined by returning guest Callum "Lanky Santa" Flint! Together they discuss some of the accouncements fresh from GenCon 2018 including: Fantasy Flight Games: Arkham Horror 3rd Edition KeyForge: Call of the Archons Games Workshop BlitzbowlSpace Marine Adventures Cryptozoic Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game Steamforged: Horizon Zero Dawn Steve Jackson Games: Munchkin: Warhammer 40K Pandasaurus: Machi Koro Legacy Flaming Fowl...


Episode 72: Independence Day - The Old Hellfire Club

On this week's Independence Day Ben and Josh are joined by Jamie Frew to talk about his future release, The Old Hellfire Club - a game of drinking, of daring and of rubber ducks! Together they chat about secret societies, the games and designers that have influenced Jamie, his experience of UK Games Expo and his plans for Kickstarter including how you can find yourself in the game. Also, as a special treat for the Unlucky Frog listeners Jamie also makes an announcement about a Print and...


Episode 71: The Zombie Creed

In this week's episode Ben is joined by regular contributor, Tom Mannering. Listen in as they talk about: Spiel des Jahres winner, AzulGuildmaster's Guide to RavnicaThe newly announced CMON games (Zombicide TTRPG, Wacky Races and the Munchkin Board game)Magic: The Gathering ArenaAge of Sigmar: ChampionsAge of Sigmar 2nd EditionThe newly launched Unlucky Frog Gaming stream Also tune in for a special announcement about Mr Tom Mannering himself! We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky...


Episode 70: Independence Day - Robbie Munn (Summoner's Isle)

This week's Indpendence Day features Robbie Munn of Peculiarity! Robbie chats with Josh and Ben about his upcoming Kickstarter campaign of Summoner's Isle - due to launch in September. Listen in as they chat about cartography, norse mythology, The Ghostbusters and of course Summoner's Isle! We hope you enjoy listening! The Unlucky Frog Team P.S Also check out the amazing artwork for the game - beautiful! ---------------------- Hosted by Ben Porter & Josh...


Episode 69: In for a Penny, in for a Trans-dimensional Elder God

In this week's Regular Show episode Ben, Josh and Charlotte discuss a whole raft of game announcements and updates including: Transformers Card GameCthulu Death May DieEclipseTrogdor!!Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul WarsWarhammer Age of Sigmar: ChampionsThey also chat about their plans for their first ever Twitch Stream! (Check out their feed - www.twitch.tv/unluckyfroggaming As well as these they also address recent Kickstarter controvarseries and the ethical and legal dilemnas surrounding...


Episode 68: Independence Day - Role Quest (Hercules Games Studios)

Update Kickstarter - 21/07/18 Role Quest is now 111% funded! There is still time to back it - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/herculesgamestudios/role-quest ---------------- In this edition of our Independence Day feature Ben is joined by Alex and Phoebos of Hercules Games Studios in our first ever international conference call - Scotland, England and Greece! Alex and Phoebos chat with Ben about their current Kickstarter campaign for Role Quest, a game of role playing, guessing and...


Episode 67: Unlucky Frog on Tour - Magic Pre-release (...or Magic Herpes)

This week Josh is joined by Tom Mannering and Ewan Bowers for an episode dedicated to Magic: The Gathering. Together they discuss the recent M19 pre-release event that they attended at ComiCrazy in Paisley and we introduce a new segment of the show, 'What's in the Booster Packs?!' - pretty much 'What's in the Box?!' without a box. Listen in as they explain what they would do with the cards in the packs, the mechanics and lore of the game, and share their own experience of playing Magic over...


Episode 66: Independence Day - Steve Jackson (Steve Jackson Games)

In this week's Independence Day episode Ben and Josh are joined by Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games! Not only has Steve Jackson been in the board games industry for over 40 years, he is also the creator of some little known games such as Munchkin and GURPS. Together they chat about the changes in the tabletop gaming industry over the past 40 years, Steve's design process and the importance of theme in game design. They also talk about Steve's next Kickstarter release, The Fantasy Trip,...


Episode 65: Down the Rabbit Hole...

In this week's Regular Show episode Josh and Ben update everyone on our plans for Patreon, give shoutouts to our newest patrons and make some Tabletop Scotland competition announcements - spend 2 hours at the Geeknson Table with The Unlucky Frog to celebrate our 1st birthday! They also discuss their first play through of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soul Wars and Josh updates us on his current Pathfinder campaign! Happy listening, The Unlucky Frog Team Links Unlucky Frog...