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Each week on Unspecified Eric Hurst speaks with people doing something out of the ordinary. People working to free wrongfully convicted prisoners, uncovering the secrets of the brain, or challenging everything we were taught to be fact in grade school. There's no agenda, just a good dose of curiosity.

Each week on Unspecified Eric Hurst speaks with people doing something out of the ordinary. People working to free wrongfully convicted prisoners, uncovering the secrets of the brain, or challenging everything we were taught to be fact in grade school. There's no agenda, just a good dose of curiosity.
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Each week on Unspecified Eric Hurst speaks with people doing something out of the ordinary. People working to free wrongfully convicted prisoners, uncovering the secrets of the brain, or challenging everything we were taught to be fact in grade school. There's no agenda, just a good dose of curiosity.






Dr. Damon Heybrock | Direct Primary Care | Unspecified #30

You may have noticed that the health insurance world is in utter chaos right now. Costs are way up, service is way down, and satisfaction is at an all-time low. People are hacking their way around and through it in an effort to get an appropriate level of care. The Direct Primary Care concept isn’t anything new. It’s the way healthcare used to work. Your neighborhood had a family doctor and everyone went to him or her. Costs were reasonable, and relationships were part of the...


Ariel Prado | Mothers, and children, and families, oh my! | Unspecified #29

This past week about 200 migrants traveling north from the southernmost part of Mexico made it to the United States border near San Diego. These migrants were part of the caravan that the Trump Administration claimed were full of awful people coming to the states to take jobs and harm Americans. Ariel Prado was with them and has a different story. In this conversation, Prado recounts his time with the people of the caravan in Pueblo, Mexico and why he traveled to commune with them as a...


Moms Demand Action | Unspecified #28

On average in America, 34 people are murdered with a gun every day, 59 people kill themselves with a gun, and 46 are shot or killed in an accident with a gun. One in three people in America knows someone who has been shot. A fifth of kids age 14 to 17 has witnessed a shooting. After car wrecks, gun murders are the leading cause of death for Americans age 1 to 19.* Gun violence is a uniquely American epidemic, and the women of Moms Demand Action are on a mission to bring it to an end. Erin...


Replay of Andy Stern | Universal Basic Income

This is a replay of Unspecified episode #4! Way back machine (kinda). Stern is a champion of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and as you'll hear in our conversation believes that society at large would be much better off everyone was able to work from a basic level of safety. Stern isn't the only one championing UBI, he's joined by some of the worlds brightest and most innovative minds: Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few. Additionally, Stockton, CA recently...


Nate Jackson | The Working Poor | Unspecified #27

About fifteen years ago someone asked Nate Jackson if he had ever heard of DATA. DATA was an organization started by U2 frontman, Bona, to take on, among other things, the AIDS crisis in Africa. Jackson was intrigued, it was the first time he’d heard of a celebrity doing more than a shout out, a t-shirt, or something fleeting. This changed the trajectory of what he thought would be his career. Since that time Jackson has spent years advocating on behalf of the working poor, people working...


Zaid Consuegra | We The Dreamers | Unspecified #26

Zaid Consuegra (@kcmo_pirate, IG) is a self-made man, and he’s done so with way less than you might think. Consuegra is a serial entrepreneur with three successful businesses to his name. He is also a DACA Recipient now living with the threat of deportation every day. At any moment he could lose his current business, a beloved coffee shop and vegan eatery in Kansas City, MO, by being deported to Mexico, a country he left as a child and knows very little about. He shares his story, what...


Donald Carter | The Future of Community | Unspecified #25

The last time Donald Carter (@donaldcarterkc, IG) was on Unspecified, he had just made national headlines for a random act of kindness. In this episode, we get into the whirlwind of that experience, what he lead him to discover about himself, and how it affected his view of community and what is truly important. You can reach out to Donald on Twitter at https://twitter.com/donaldcarterkc, and Instagram at https://instagram.com/donaldcarterkc. Find Unspecified online...


Steve Wilson & Matt Wertz | Havin’ A Roni | Unspecified #24

Steve Wilson (@sainte.music, IG) & Matt Wertz (@mattwertz, IG) go way back. Matt is an indie pop singer-songwriter darling, and Steve is one of the music industry’s most cutting-edge producers. Matt credits Steve for getting him into songwriting, and Steve produced Matt’s first record. More than 10 records later, Matt is still going strong and touring the globe. Steve has since produced countless records, earned multiple Grammy & Dove nominations, developed dozens of artists, and has just...


Jeremy Collins | Being Drawn | Unpsecified #23

Jeremy Collins (@jercollins_com, IG) is an artist, story teller, filmmaker, rock climber… you name it, Jeremy’s probably done it. Chances are you’ve seen his work in and on the cover of National Geographic, the Wall Street Journal, Outside, Patagonia, Nat Geo TV, and many others. Collins’ passions are myriad. He’s all at once an outspoken conservationist, a quiet family man, a gregarious jokester, and a shrewd businessman. The one constant is his steadfast determination to go where he’s...


Martin Moore | F&%K Fridays! | Unspecified #22

Few people are born creative, driven, and organized. You usually get 2 of the 3. Martin Moore (@martinmoorejr, TW) was born with all 3. For someone so visible, and seemingly open, Moore is a bit enigmatic. He’s lived in Milwaukee, WI all his life, but hates snow. He’s a gifted musician but quit music. He’s a talented mechanic but hates cars. In this conversation, Moore talks about identifying and following dreams, working your ass off, and why Friday’s suck. Find Martin Moore online at...


Merritt Benz | Shame Resilience | Unspecified #21

Merritt Benz recalls her time in Brooklyn, NY working to keep juveniles out of prison. She would take the train into the most poverty-stricken parts of the city, walk through neighborhoods decimated by crime, and into buildings full of families trying to do whatever they could to stay together. In all that, she was able to find humanity, speak truth, and project love. Today, Benz is focused on equipping individuals, couples, kids & teens with tools to manage shame and all manner of...


Jon Brick | Uncommon Allies | Unspecified #20

Jon Brick’s Mother asked him for a favor about 3 years ago. She asked if he would make a promotional video for an organization she supported. For free. Of course, he obliged. Upon meeting the subject of the video he realized there was more to her story, and knew - just knew - that it had to be told in full. And that’s how Jon Brick came to produce and direct his first, feature-length film: Uncommon Allies. Brick fell in love with filmmaking as a child when he discovered his Dad's VHS...


Blake Miller | Homebase.AI Smart Communities | Unspecified #19

Blake Miller (@ImBmills, TW) describes himself as a simple man who believes technology can solve the world's problems and it should be discussed over BBQ. What’s hidden in that simple description is decades of experience creating, selling, investing in, and advising a ridiculous number of startups. Blake is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in growth marketing and the Internet of Things. He currently serves as the CEO of Homebase.AI and is a partner at Think Big Partners. As...


Rosilyn Temple | Mothers in Charge | Unspecified #18

On the eve of Thanksgiving in 2011 Rosilyn Temple’s son was murdered in his apartment. He was going to start a new job the next week. Instead of allowing anger and sadness to get the best of her, Rosilyn threw herself into the service of others. Specifically, she set out to be a resource and comforter to families affected by homicide. In 2013 Temple founded the Kansas City chapter of Mothers in Charge. As a national organization, Mothers in Charge seeks to reduce violent crime through...


Dan Doty | EVRYMAN | Unspecified #17

Dan Doty (@danieldoty, TW) believes that every man can and should be living a more purposeful, connected and fulfilling life. On this belief, he founded EVRYMAN with the intent of impacting generations of men to help them become better men, partners, and fathers. Ultimately, with EVRYMAN, Doty is out to change what it means to be a man in our society: to be in touch with their feelings, wants, and to fully express needs and desires in a supportive culture and community. Dan is a midwest...


Billy Brimblecom Jr. | Steps of Faith | Unspecified #16

Every year, nearly 200,000 Americans lose a limb due to amputation. Many prosthetics cost well into 5 figures, and even higher, and many health insurance plans don’t cover them. BIlly Brimblecom Jr. is Director at Steps of Faith Foundation (http://www.stepsoffaithfoundation.org). Steps of Faith reconnects amputees their communities, families, and workforces by relieving the financial burden of prosthetic care. In this conversation, Eric & Billy discuss Billy’s indie rock drummer god...


The Stand Outs | Unspecified #15

This week was set to feature a great guest, one I’ve been chasing for a while. Sometimes plans change, you know? So, instead of just one guest, you get three guests! This episode features segments from three standout conversations in Unspecified’s short three months. Tricia Bushnell kicks off talking about innocence law & the Midwest Innocence Project. Donald Carter follows with a segment about systemic racism in law enforcement. Lastly, Damon Amendolara of CBS Sports Radio brings a...


T.R. Kidder | Climate Change & Archaeology | Unspecified #14

Climate change is a hot topic. Hurricanes are more frequent and fierce. Rainfall is more concentrated and violent. And forest fires rage more fierce and deadly. To understand all of this T.R. Kidder studies climate change from the past to understand our climate change future. As a Professor of Environmental Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, Kidder focuses on how climate and environment shape society. In this episode, Kidder will introduce you to the concept of Anthropocene, a...


Ed Darack | Extortion 17 | Unspecified #13

Ed Darack (@eddarack) is an author, editor, photographer, and cartographer. His work has been featured in Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine, Alpinist, Weatherwise, Rock and Ice, and many more publications. His new book, The Final Mission of Extortion 17, is the first and only, never-before-told, complete in-depth story of Extortion 17 and it’s downing. The shooting down of Extortion 17 has been called “the greatest mystery of modern war.” Darack has a genuine respect and sense of awe for...


Todd Harris | Fixing Internet Conversation | Unspecified #12

In the opinion of Todd Harris (@toddkharris), conversation on the Internet sucks. As a veteran of both traditional and new media, Harris is on a mission to bring true attribution to the web, rid it of trolls, and see to it that our kids use it properly. Also, he's working on the dopest sneaker collection ever. Todd Harris is the Executive Vice President of Partnerships, and a partner, at SquareOffs.com. SquareOffs is a social opinion platform that helps digital publishers and brands...