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This show is about EAT | READ | CREATE and how these three things influence us everyday and the people that make this happen, isn’t it you?

This show is about EAT | READ | CREATE and how these three things influence us everyday and the people that make this happen, isn’t it you?


Calgary, AL


This show is about EAT | READ | CREATE and how these three things influence us everyday and the people that make this happen, isn’t it you?






New – Project DF Podcast – e118

As a podcaster I am always searching for a great story, I was galavanting through an antique store and found this book by Margaret Echard, based on a true story about her family, set in the 40s – the book, smelled good, it felt like it was SOMETHING more than paper and ink and it’s green hard cover texture. A collection of juicy secrets and skin tingling worthy words, a collection of mystery, deceit and intrigue. A good story has to have LOVE and DEATH (did you know this) I bought this book...


Chained Maggie – e117s3

episode 117 season 3 Today I welcome to the show Tamira Ci Thayne, author, animal activist, book designer, and founder and former CEO of Dogs Deserve Better. She reached out to me to produce an audiobook, Reboot Ranch by Eileen Watkins and I just fell in love with Tamira’s purpose - to inspire, assist and entertain animal lovers, activist and rescuers in your fight for the animals. She fits perfectly into my theme of READ and CREATE. Think Books for Animal Lovers, think books that tug on...


Gotta Learn Beyond Yourself

episode 116 season 3 Gotta Learn Beyond Yourself Hey everyone it’s Valerie here today I have a guest that I follow on IG she has a create catchy handle of a name - she plays with textures, paper, sews and does it to pleasure and for her own therapy, guest is Val from ValLoves2Create from Ig. think of breaking the rules when it comes to building up a project. Think of the pressures of being a mom and the heartache and love we go through all day every day with this being we’ve brought into the...


What Does it Mean to Be Human?

episode 115 season 3 What Does it Mean to be Human? Today’s show we are welcoming Brandi Fleck from the Human Amplified Podcast where I have been a guest on her show and I have also wrote under a pen name an article for her blog. Brandi has a journalism background, she’ve overcome childhood abuse in a variety of forms and her mission is to seek out the good in humans, what being human means on an amplified level. So settle in for this wholesome interview with this gal from Tennessee and how...


Her Worth Comes from Within – e114

episode 114 season 3 Her Worth comes from Within Todays guest is RonaLafae also known as hoot, she shares the behind the scenes stories about her book that your’s truly narrated. This book is full of murder and forgiveness, it’s full of love and hate along with healing all from her near death experience memoire..enjoy the episode. London also sits with Rona and asks questions about spirits and ghost about Rona’s book and London’s own experiences…so stay tuned and you’ll never guess who’s...


It Made a Difference to that One – e113

episode 113 season 3 It Made a Difference to that One Hey everyone it’s Valerie here, today’s guest Eileen Watkins is incredible. She’s poised, genuine and all class. She rides horses every week and has written a book about her life around horses, that I had the privilege to narrate and produce for her through Who Chains You Publications. Eileen and I get right personal about this book, the characters and best of all the horses, and they are rescues. This book/ episode is full of horse...


Meshuggeneh with Melina Schein of The Saucy Soprano – e112s3

episode 112 season 3 'Meshuggeneh' Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here, todays show is with Melina Schein of The Saucy Soprano where we talk all things like covid, without work, a new side hustle or two like her Blog and Podcast along with learning a great work in Yiddish that is so appropriate for the times we are living through, meshuggeneh - which means 'that's so crazy' in Yiddish. She's tackling The Jewish Cookbook by Leah Koenig based our of New York. Melina is making her way through...


InterView: Dave Sweets & Sarah Graham: Skeletons – 111p2s3

episode111 part2 season3 Dave and Sarah are my guests today and it's about their Book, Skeletons in my Closet Hey Everyone, this is part two, it would be advantageous for you to listen to part one first as we delve way more into his book, their partnership in writing it and I’ll finish reading the story from yesterday about his son…more about being undercover, inspiring and life lessons we will get into today. Page 69 here’s the continuation of the story we left on in the last episode…full...


InterView: Dave Sweets & Sarah Graham: Skeletons – 111p1s3

episode111 part1 season3 Dave and Sarah are my guests today and it's about their Book, Skeletons in my Closet Hi Everyone it’s Valerie here, todays show is part 1 of 2 and sort-of from my archives, not that I’ve released this episode before BUT I did this interview late in 2019, and we my guest and I had BIG plans, like plans for a series and more…but alas covid hit and boom done with these plans (FOR NOW). This is a special interview, actually one of my first interviews with a writer, an...


Crawdads & Dogs – e110s3

episode 110 season 3 Crawdads & Dogs "Crawdads": are explained as the synonym of the words crawfish and crayfish that is used to mean the aquatic animal that looks like a small lobster and lives in rivers and streams, can also be called crawdaddies..."Search & Rescue SAR Dogs": a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of small, non retractable claws and a barking, howling or whining voice - in other words man's best friend! They also, spring into...


Glencairn: Whiskey | Bourbon | Scotch – e109

episode 109 season 3 Glencairns Whiskey Tastings: Why whiskey or is it burban?What did you learn about Bourbon scotch & whiskeyWhere do these originate?Why did you choose the ones we’re trying today?Why the order?Price point?Describe the glasses - shapeWater? First time my hubby takes a spot on my microphone..todays show is about Bourbon, Scotch and Whiskey or whisky? I’d like to Welcome my husband Jeff to the show, you’ve heard his name over the course of the last 99 shows here and there....


Studio 17, behind the scenes tour – e108

episode 108 season 3 Studio 17 Tour Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here - Todays show Studio 17 - was originally published on my YouTube site and a fun little project I wrote, produced and directed. It’s a tour of my studio with some subtle humour and over exaggerated descriptions of the space.. I wanted to make it sound like you were walking into an architectural feat - but alas this is my space, where I write, learn and grow as podcaster, audiobook narrator, host and dabble in my own...


Been Caught Stealing, Life Inside The Lorraine – e107

episode 107 season 3 Life Inside The Lorraine Todays' show is about The Lorraine, a building, #620 and has always been my favourite building in Calgary, I’ve always wanted to live here, only had the opportunity once years ago to visit it and it was…disappointing. BUT this article written by Heidi Klaassen for The Sprawl (an undefended local journalism platform) right here in Calgary wrote the story that I believed and still believe is why I love The lorraine… Heidi Klaassen is a born and...


Interview: Rod Lechelt & the cheapest wine in NYC – e106s3

episode106 season 3 Cheapest bottle of Wine in NYC Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here, Todays show $14 Bottle of Rose in New York I have a special guest, Rod Lechalt, we originally met when I was working on an audiobook production/radio show called Project DF he was one of my casted characters, take a listen… He was so good I casted him for another part …take a listen And then we followed each others socials and I discovered we have similar interests like food and drinks so, we got to talking...


Book Review: Limbo by Marko Pandza – e105s3

episode105 season3 Book Review and sneak Peak into this incredible horror story, Limbo by Marko Pandza Limbo Book Review Hey there, it’s me, Valerie Moss, todays is a follow up show to yesterdays interview with Marko Panza and his book Limbo, we're going to review the book and get a sneak peak at chapter 1. Now that you met the author let's meet Grim the Reaper and his love Dora and see what other readers have to say about the book. Again, this isn’t a family friendly episode, soooo….there's...


Interview: Marko Pandza his Book Limbo – e104s3

episode104 season 3 Interview with Author Marko Pandza Explicit Hey everyone, it’s Valerie here, todays show is called Limbo is an interview with an Author that I collaborated with and produced his book. The book is called Limbo, the author is Marko Pandza, he’s from eastern Canada. Today we discuss the book, if you’re looking for a good scary thriller, that has a theme like non I’ve heard of - Limbo, the place between the living and the dead. There are curse words in todays episode which I...


Book Review: Ghost of Me by Amanda Steel – e103s3

episode 103 season 3 Todays show is a Review of the Book from yesterdays episode, Ghost of Me by Amanda Steel, this was my first fiction book with characters that I completed. I loved this book and I loved that I produced this for a women in the UK. We will explore some pieces of this book today to maybe enticee you to buy a paperback or an audio version of this book. We’ll share chapter 1 at the end of the show… One thing that stands out about her writing for Ghost of Me, is that the books...


Interview Author: Amanda Steel & Ghost of Me – e102s3

episode 102 season 3 Hey Everyone, it's Valerie here, todays show is an interview with The Author of Ghost of Me, Amanda Steel. She is an author and copywriter living in Manchester, UK. Ghost of Me is her second novel to be converted into an audiobook. She also has a third in production. As the co-host of a book review podcast, she has become an avid listener of audiobooks, to ensure that she always has enough books to review each month. She finds she can often listen while doing some more...


Valerie St-Arnaud: Turn your Palm Towards the Light – e101s3

episode 101season3 Turn your Palm Towards the Light Todays Show is with Founder and owner of Calling Mountains Productions, Valerie St-Arnaud. Growing up in Quebec offered a wealth of inspiration but as she grew older there was always something calling her away from the city lights and when she arrived in Whistler, BC in 2013 she realized it had been the mountains all along. Valerie has her degree in Communication and Marketing from the University of Ottawa specializing in media studies. In...


100th Episode: The Anglers Catch the Authors – e100p5s3

episode 100 part 5 season 3 The Anglers Catch the Authors Todays show part 5 and the final part of our look back over the last 100 shows we end on my new theme, a great pattern to brighten up your bed, anglers, chakras, covid and more…enjoy this episode. We also have many clips from all of you sharing what you've learned after 100______ including mine. This was such an amazing look back reminiscing over these episodes, guests and more! Episode 83 - EAT | READ | CREATE I needed a regroup, new...