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Ep. 181: The 7 Stages to a Successful Video Project

Did you know there are 7 stages to a successful video project, but most marketers only do 3 of them? It’s disappointing when your video project doesn’t hit a home run, but it’s even more frustrating when you don’t know why. So in this episode of Video Marketing Mastery, I’m going to break down each of the 7 stages so that you know the process that WireBuzz uses to create video projects that generate results. Here are the first two-stages just to whet your appetite ;) #1- Strategy...


Ep. 180: How Chili's Generated 7,800 Leads Using YouTube Form Ads

Do you want an effective way to generate leads that’s not from Facebook ads, Instagram or cold outreach? Why not YouTube? It has over 1.8 billion monthly users — that’s within spitting distance of Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users. And Chili’s Grill and Bar used YouTube form ads to raise awareness for its 3 for $10 deal while generating 7,800 leads in the process. Not bad, right? YouTube form ads are like Facebook lead ads, allowing people to submit their name and email right below the...


Ep. 179: 3 Strategies to Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers

Having lots of followers on social media is great, but you need to find ways to convert those followers into customers. Otherwise, it’s just a vanity metric that looks satisfying on paper and makes your business appear “cool,” but doesn’t move the needle towards your business goals. To give you actionable strategies for turning social media followers into customers, I’ve invited Henry Kaminski Jr. to the show. Henry is the founder of Unique Designz, a marketing agency that helps authority...


Ep. 178: What Top Earning Salespeople Do Differently, ft. Dan Lier

What separates an average salesperson from a top-earning sales pro? Is it their ability to ask the right questions and uncover specific needs?Is it building rapport and creating a sense of trust?Is it overcoming objections and being able to close the deal? While all of these skill sets contribute to a salesperson’s results, there’s one foundational element that all the best salespeople share, which is even more important. Mindset. The men and women who continually crush their quota, top...


Ep. 177: How to Optimize Your Video Ads for Different Platforms, ft. Akvile DeFaZio

The power of video ads are undeniable and smart businesses are using them to convince and convert customers at faster rates. But a common mistake that businesses make is using the same ad on multiple channels, without editing the creative to fit natively within the platform. Facebook video ads should be different than LinkedIn video ads, which should be different from Twitter video ads, which should be different from YouTube video ads. You feel me? Oh, and you always want to test 2-3...


HubSpot Launches "HubSpot Video" — a fully integrated video solution, powered by Vidyard

HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, has partnered with software company Vidyard, to provide HubSpot Video — a fully integrated video solution for HubSpot professional and enterprise customers. HubSpot video will allow users to: - Upload videos directly into HubSpot to embed on blog pages or landing pages - Custom brand the video player - Add calls-to-action within the video - Track key performance metrics and analytics - Send personalized video messages - and more For...


Ep. 176: How to “Spy” on Your Prospects (And Sell to Them Faster)

Knowing who's interested in your business helps you close deals faster. Wouldn't you agree? But the challenge that businesses run into is not being able to identify which prospects are hot and which prospects are not. When you don’t have a process to segment leads at the consideration and decision stage of your funnel from leads who are in the awareness stage, then your sales team will waste valuable time following up with prospects who aren’t ready to make a buying decision. And I know...


Ep. 175: How To Sell Faster with Video

Selling faster changes the dynamics of your entire business. Your staff, colleagues, and boss ALL look at you differently when you start helping them sell faster. Before you know it, you become indispensable because you understand how to turbocharge revenue. So what’s best way can you use video to persuasively transfer the information about your product or service from your head into your prospects head so they buy at faster rates? Well, you should be using video on your customer journey...


Ep. 174: What Marketers Can Learn from the Navy's Video Recruiting Strategy

"The Few, The Proud, The Marines." "Be All That You Can Be." "America's Navy — A Global Force for Good." We've all seen recruiting advertisements for the US Marines, Army, and Navy, but how often do you see their ads outside of television? Not very often, right? Historically, these military branches have spent up to 70% of their marketing budget on television commercials... ...but that's all about to change. After years of sticking to traditional advertising channels, the Navy tested...


Ep. 173: How to Create a Powerful Customer Testimonial Video

There’s a reason why so many businesses are using both video and testimonials: because they work. And when you put them together, you have a marketing asset that brings more traffic to your site, builds trust with your audience, drives social shares and increases conversions. But creating a great video testimonial isn’t easy — it takes a great investment of time and effort. However, a well-made video testimonial can be one of the most valuable pieces of content that you’ll ever create. So...


Ep. 172: Discover The Early Adopter IGTV Opportunity

There's a major marketing opportunity available on Instagram if you're willing to share helpful content and take immediate action. For the last 3 months, I've been telling you about the early adopter advantage of using IGTV and the open window of opportunity for extra marketing exposure. As a digital marketing futurist that's been seizing digital marketing windows of opportunity for 20 years, now is the time you should be creating business videos on IGTV. Here's why: In June 2018 (when...


Ep. 171: Discover Your Target Customer's Language of Love

Have you heard of the renowned book, The 5 Love Languages? It outlines 5 ways to express and experience love: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. Author, Gary Chapman, theorizes that each person has one primary love language and couples who communicate using their partners preferred love language can experience a more healthy and affectionate relationship. Makes sense, right!? So when YouTube surveys their audience of 1.6 billion...


Ep. 170: How to Create a Hub and Spoke Content Marketing Strategy, with Mike Huber

Creating a content marketing strategy that generates results is a puzzling endeavor for many businesses. In fact, a recent study discovered that 70 percent of marketers lack an integrated content strategy. But we also know that 82% of buyers want nothing to do with a salesperson until they’re ready to buy. So how can you create a content marketing strategy that educates prospects about their problems, warms them up to your solution, and persuades them to purchase from YOU over your...


Ep. 169: How to Use Geofencing to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Geofencing is a unique marketing boundary that, when customers enter it, allows you to send them specific targeted messages. Let me explain. Imagine if your business had an invisible fence with a 5-mile radius. Whenever someone passes through your fence, they receive a location-triggered alert or deal that makes them considerably more likely to stop in and shop. That's how geofencing works, and it's an effective way for businesses to use hyper-local targeting to get their message or...


Ep. 168: Todd’s Speech In Minneapolis: Using Video To Sell Products at Faster Rates

If you had 2-minutes to explain your product or service to someone, could you get them to buy Unless it's extraordinarily simple, the answer is probably "no." The more complex (and expensive) your product or service is, the more information your prospects need before they feel comfortable buying. But 82% of people want nothing to do with a salesperson until AFTER they're ready to buy. So if you're relying on your sales team to communicate the essential information about your product or...


Ep. 167: How to Get a Ton of Free Publicity Using Newsjacking, with David Meerman Scott

Getting publicity doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, there’s a new word that just got entered into the Oxford English dictionary, and it could be a cheap solution to your publicity problems. It’s called Newsjacking, and it’s a fun and simple way to attract more attention to your business without spending an arm and a leg on advertising. News stories break every minute of the day, and the media is often scrambling for people to quote, and you want to be that person. So...


Ep. 166: How to Turn Customers Into Your Marketing Army, with Jay Baer

Every business cares about word of mouth marketing because it’s the most effective form of business growth. The problem lies in the fact that very few businesses have a strategy for it. They just assume, “oh, our customers will talk about us if we give them a great experience.” But will they? And if they do, what story are they telling? My guest on the podcast is marketing expert, Jay Baer. Together, we talk about his new book, Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with...


Ep. 165: How to Use Video to Train Your Global Sales Team

Getting your sales team aligned with the same pitch can be difficult when they are spread out all over the world. And it’s frustrating for sales managers or directors to hear that their sales representatives are miscommunicating the value of their product or service, handling objections differently, or going off script. Maybe you have a national sales conference once a year, or a bi-weekly conference call to help train your team, but what if that isn’t enough? How do you standardize the...


Ep. 164: How to Build Brand Awareness & Recall on YouTube

“Over the next few years, we expect the power of online video to enable more than half of humanity to learn, share, innovate and participate.” — YouTube Powerful words from YouTube’s recently published guide, “Turn Attention Into Action.” YouTube is always looking for opportunities to drive user growth. Remember when they launched the YouTube Go app in over 130 countries? They designed that app specifically for places with poor connectivity and expensive cellular data prices because they...


Ep. 163: How to Turn Your YouTube Audience Attention into Action

Human behavior is an interesting thing, isn’t it? Humans are such creatures of habit, and in almost every case, we’re highly motivated by emotion. Even over wide selections of the population including different cultures and genders, there are recognizable patterns in people’s behavior. So what’s our business takeaway? We crave consistency. As marketers, we have trouble creating consistency, but a unified strategy is the key to success. When a user doesn’t get a consistent...