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Ep. 164: How to Build Brand Awareness & Recall on YouTube

“Over the next few years, we expect the power of online video to enable more than half of humanity to learn, share, innovate and participate.” — YouTube Powerful words from YouTube’s recently published guide, “Turn Attention Into Action.” YouTube is always looking for opportunities to drive user growth. Remember when they launched the YouTube Go app in over 130 countries? They designed that app specifically for places with poor connectivity and expensive cellular data prices because they...


Ep. 163: How to Turn Your YouTube Audience Attention into Action

Human behavior is an interesting thing, isn’t it? Humans are such creatures of habit, and in almost every case, we’re highly motivated by emotion. Even over wide selections of the population including different cultures and genders, there are recognizable patterns in people’s behavior. So what’s our business takeaway? We crave consistency. As marketers, we have trouble creating consistency, but a unified strategy is the key to success. When a user doesn’t get a consistent...


Ep. 162: How to Use Video to Create Your Website’s Best Content, with Rand Fishkin

I’ve been in digital marketing since the beginning, and I can spot a revolutionary idea when I see one. So when I first saw the Whiteboard Friday videos that Rand Fishkin’s and his team were creating, I knew it was something special. It was 2007 and this was the first time that I saw digital marketing being taught visually. Not only did it force Rand to become a better teacher by having to draw out his thoughts, but the visual format helped his audience better understand the...


Ep. 161: Why Investing in the Best Tools Will Help You Grow Your Video Marketing

When you first start out in digital marketing or video marketing, you have to be a Swiss Army knife. Let me explain. If you’ve ever used a Swiss Army knife, then you know that it gives you the function of many tools. However, I wouldn’t consider those tools to be the best in their class. It has a screwdriver, but it’s not the best screwdriver. And it has a knife, but it’s not the best knife. Get what I’m saying? Now don’t get me wrong, a Swiss Army knife can get the j [...]


Ep. 160: How Businesses are Adopting Video and the Biggest Trends

One of the best ways to become a top video marketer is to watch what other video marketers are doing, learn from their actions, and then apply that knowledge to your own campaigns. As marketers, we often get hung up on things like how long our video should be instead of what’s really important - how to get your message across. You see, brands are no longer asking if video is worthwhile as an investment, everyone knows it is, it’s all about the strategy and scalability. If you...


Ep. 159: How to Track Your Prospects and Become an Attention Marketer

I’m obviously a huge advocate of video, but if you don’t have measurable goals associated with your videos, well…what’s the point? So many companies aren’t using video to its full potential (or at all), or worse, they’re creating video, releasing it into the wild with no plan, and wondering why nothing is happening and why they have nothing tangible to show for their efforts. I’ve said it a million times before because I really believe it - video is the #1 way to accelerate your...


Ep. 158: How to Leverage a Sniper’s Mind to Get Better Results

What do snipers and digital marketers have in common? A lot more than you might think. In this episode of Video Marketing Mastery I sit down with David Amerland, author of The Sniper Mind, international speaker, author, and business journalist who’s keenly aware of the ways that a sniper mindset can catapult digital marketers to the next level. Too often, aspiring digital marketers jump into their campaigns just wishing for the best and instantly regretting it. Without a proper game...


Ep. 157: Using the Power of Video to Create a Movement

If you’ve been listening to the Video Marketing Mastery podcast for any amount of time you know that the two women closest to me have both been touched by breast cancer. After walking through breast cancer first with my mom and then with my wife, I’m extremely passionate about helping educate people about the disease. When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer I began working with Dr. Jay K. Harness to create videos and provide breast cancer answers to women. These short videos...


Ep. 156: How to go From a One Man Band to a Video Production Army

A one-man band video production company is all about the hustle and grind. When it comes to video, doing it all by yourself is hard and something usually suffers, whether it’s the quality of the video, the administration part of your business or your own personal time. Most of us start out as a one-man band production, but there usually comes a point when growing your video production team becomes inevitable. But growing your video production team isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ve...


Ep. 155: How to Overcome Adversity with Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Being a great marketer is like being a great chef, sometimes it takes many iterations before you craft the perfect recipe. Even then, it’s important to continually run new tests to try and make it better. Marketers and video creators who favor perfectionism over failing forward struggle to overcome adversity. Why? Because they think that they aren’t smart enough to do it right the first time. This isn’t the case at all. At least not for me and my team. We’re always iterating, always...


Ep. 154: Why Brands Should Niche Down and Focus on YouTube

If you feel like your brand is spread too thin and you’re having trouble getting traction on YouTube, it’s probably time to niche down. Often brands want to put out content on everything they have any knowledge on, but this kind of content strategy provides too little value to your audience. A watered down content strategy breaks trust with your audience, weakens your brand positioning and doesn’t add value. In short, people won’t be coming back. The most important thing you can...


Ep. 153: How to Recognize and Capitalize From Developing Market Trends

I think we all know that in today’s market, if you sit still for a moment, you die. What do I mean by that? The market is moving so fast in nearly every industry that staying on top of trends and learning from them has become paramount to survival. Many companies find something that works for them and they stick with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong. A quick scan of the news surrounding digital marketing and you’ll realize that things are changing all over the...


Ep. 152: The Truth About Using YouTube Director For Your Video Marketing Advertising

We all know that great video ads are important to the success of our overall advertising plan. But we also know (or at least, we should), that great video ads can, and should, be complex. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend a couple of hours and minimal budget on a video and gain hundreds or even thousands of conversions? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. If you want to create a video that not only converts but stands the test of time, it’s going to cost both time and money and...


Ep. 151: How to do Your Thought Leadership Videos on the Cheap

Do you ever feel discouraged because you have a lot of content to share, but you’re working with a tight budget that makes you feel pinched? Too many companies think they need a massive production budget to produce thought leadership video content, but that’s just not the case. And if your organization isn’t using video to position themselves as thought leaders, then they’re missing out on a big opportunity to capture market share. That’ because video converts more prospects than...


Ep. 150: The Stories You’ve Always Wanted to Hear

If you’ve listened to the show before, you know that I’ve had to navigate past learning disabilities for most of my life. From grade school through high school, I visited one professional after the next to better understand my learning disorder. However, all the conflicting advice just caused more confusion and frustration. But there’s one man who has been a guiding light throughout this journey, and that man is my dad. My dad helped me through the hard years and celebrated with...


Ep. 149: How to Use Video to Make Your Sales Proposals More Effective

When was the last time someone convinced you to buy their product or service with paragraphs of text? Probably 1995, right? The sales proposal has changed, and for the better. But many companies are still serving up their information via text, and they wonder why they’re not seeing conversions. The statistics are clear, video is the way people prefer to learn. Imagine what sending a video follow-up to a proposal could do for your conversions. In this episode of Video Marketing...


Ep. 148: Remarketing Best Practices for Google and YouTube 2018

Picture this, you’ve got tons of people clicking on your Google and YouTube ads, but for some reason your conversions are terrible. For whatever reason, people are interested enough in your product or service to click your ad, but not quite ready to commit. How do you get those people back and continue to communicate your message to them? If you could ensure that your branding and message stayed in front of your target audience long after they clicked on one of your ads or visited...


Ep. 147: How to Use LinkedIn Video Ads

If you’ve been dreaming of using video to advertise on LinkedIn, your wait is over. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions announced that native video ads will appear directly in LinkedIn’s feed. This is great news because, as we all know, advertising on LinkedIn has been a few years behind for a while now. If you’re skeptical about jumping on the video ad train on LinkedIn, don’t be. As with most things, early adoption is going to be the only way to succeed. But you can’t just throw any old...


Ep. 146: Why You Should Support Free Speech, Especially For People You Disagree With

Congress, censorship, and LinkedIn…oh my! Oh yeah, and my touristy trip to Vegas, but you’ll need to tune in to hear my BroBasket inspired story (see the picture in this episode’s show notes). This probably isn’t news to most of you, but after Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of congress last week, we all found out how out of touch members of congress are with the internet and social media. We even have a sound bite compilation to share on this episode that’s both sad and entertaining,...


Ep. 145: Social Media’s Maturity Moment of Truth Has Arrived

The social media landscape is radically changing and marketers are scrambling to keep up with algorithm and privacy changes. As marketers, many people have gotten used to automating and mass publishing content to their social media audiences, but it looks like the time for those tactics is over. Gone are the days of mass tweeting, click-baiting and carpet bombing your audience with as much content as possible. New changes usher in a day where social media marketers will need to...