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VPh 06 Urban Greaser Drama

Break out the pomade and soft packs, it's time to talk greasers. Everybody knows about Grease and American Graffiti so Andy and Greg dug up some lesser known classics, Lords Of Flatbush and The Wanderers. Up top, it's noted that the movies were extremely similar but the better one was decidedly The Wanderers. Honorable mention was made to Eddie And The Cruisers, Out Of The Blue, and Deuces Wild, though that last one is relatively new. Then Andy and Daena go heavy on the upstate nostalgia and...


VPh 05 Heavy Metal Horror

Metal and Horror, two great tastes that taste great together. This week, Andy and Greg watched Black Roses and Trick Or Treat and it's time to talk about them. These movies have all the hallmarks of great 80s flicks: sexy cars, randomly exposed breasts, supporting actors in lead roles, and of course, heavy metal. Plus, the guys talk about the awesome trend of theaters playing old blockbusters on their release anniversaries and Andy sings! Please check out


VPh 04 Cannibals

It's time to get bloody. Andy and Greg are talking cannibals today. They went with originals, Cannibal Holocaust and Jungle Holocaust. They are saving Cut And Run for another episode. There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding Cannibal Holocaust and the boys get into all of it. They also touch on the fantastic soundtrack, some Dahmer movies, and we get a little lesson in monitor lizards from Daena. Please check out promo code PHANTOM for 15% off your...


VPh 03 Post Apocalyptic

If you don't have a plan for the end of the world, don't worry! Hollywood has imagined every scenario, and that's what we're talking about today. It's the Apocalypse, baby, and Andy and Greg did their due diligence watching 1990: The Bronx Warriors, 2019: After The Fall Of NY, Warriors Of The Wasteland, and more for your listening entertainment. The best news of all is that we have a mic for Daena finally. The public demand for her has been staggering. All these movies based in NY bring...


VPh 02 Bigfoot

We're back for what we're calling the first official episode, after dubbing the last one our introductory show. Last time, we promised to talk Bigfoot movies and we are men of our word. We talk Cry Wilderness, Snow Beast, Creature From Black Lake; plus Andy did a little digging and found out that a certain Real OC Housewife was in The Capture Of Bigfoot; and the whole gang has a revelation about Bigfoot's winter coat. Andy sings The Legends Of Shadow Lake - My Spirit Runs Free...


VPh 01 We Are Video Phantoms!

Hey, do you love B movies? Damn right, you do! So do Andy Animal and Gregory Stovetop. They're going to talk about them, from the awesome to the awesomely bad, and they're not stopping there. Greg loves VHS technology, Andy loves local commercials from the 80s, and everybody loves music. They're going to cover it all, so don't miss out! Thanks to Benni for an awesome intro Join the fun at Check out Greg's...