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The video marketing podcast dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs simplify and create better videos to create deeper connections with your audience using video to share your vision and purpose with those who need it most!

The video marketing podcast dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs simplify and create better videos to create deeper connections with your audience using video to share your vision and purpose with those who need it most!


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The video marketing podcast dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs simplify and create better videos to create deeper connections with your audience using video to share your vision and purpose with those who need it most!






VSP #79 | Is Your YouTube Content Clear or Confusing?

If a stranger came to your channel, how easily can they identify what your channel is about? If someone shared your channel link and someone replied, "What's this channel about?" would they be able to easily answer it? Today we're talking about the core areas of your channel that either makes it clear or confusing. Resources: This Week's Gear Fix RecommendationHow to Increase Your YouTube Watch TimeSupport the show (


VSP Ep. 78 | How to Get Unstuck in Your Content in Under 10 Minutes!

This is episode can be the difference between still planning by January 1 or already in beast mode and executing by December 31st. If you're stuck, it's time to get unstuck. Let's go! Support the show (


VSP #77 | Do you have a thumbnail problem or a content problem? [YouTube Analytics Explained]

Have you ever wondered why the watch time is higher on some videos and lower on others? You may have either a content problem or a thumbnail problem but which is it? This week we're diving into what's making your videos tick demystifying YouTube analytics! Resources: Canva EducatorsNonprofitsStudentsSupport the show (


VSP #76 | The 1 Thing I Avoid Doing During the Holiday Sales

Did you survive the flurry of holiday deals and discounts or go bust? lol Well, there's one thing I make sure to avoid and really think through to avoid during these holiday deals and I'm going to share with you what that is so you don't make this same mistake later on. Resources Mentioned: The Best Holiday Tech Deals for Entrepreneurs & CreatorsSupport the show (


VSP Ep. 75 | My Simple Notes Workflow to Execute Video Ideas

When you're new to creating content it's easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of content tools, planners and all kinds of other accessories that can honestly make creating more complex than it needs to be. If you don't have a system that's easy to follow to execute your ideas, you'll find yourself creating less and less. In this episode, I'm going to break down my super simple notes workflow that helps me to go from my ideas to execution. You don't need a complex workflow for it to work,...


VSP Ep. 74 | When Watching Tutorials Begin to Hurt Your Creative Process

When do tutorials get to the point that they're really not helpful at all? That's what we're covering in this week's episode of the podcast! If you want to share your thoughts around this topic or something else you want covered share your thoughts here: Resources: Support the show (


VSP Ep. 73 | Mark, The Metaverse & Video | Is Zuckerberg About to Redefine Video?

Mark Zuckerberg has made the announcement that Facebook is now "Meta" as in Metaverse a new and matured company rebranding. In Mark's presentation and keynote about this event, he showcased several areas of how Meta will begin to "evolve social connection from 2D and into the Metaverse". That all sounds really cute but what does it actually mean and what does this make possible for video content creation and video marketing? I think it brings to light some interesting concepts we discuss in...


VSP #72 | How the ZV-E10 Performed Travel Vlogging

This month I had the awesome pleasure of traveling to speak at People of Video in Albany New and man on man what an experience! Not only that, I extended my trip to one full week with a pit stop to NYC to go to B&H Photo Video, the largest camera store in America! For this entire week-long business trip I only took one camera and one lens. From on-the-go in the airport shots, recording my full-length talk (from the back of the conference room), and the fast-paced action of New York City,...


VSP #71 | Selling Your Products with Your Video Content (Without Being Sleazy)

If you've been bothered by the idea of selling your products or services with your content, today we're going to cover that! Resources Mentioned: KajabiReBrandlySupport the show (


VSP #70 | My 5 Favorite Small Accessories to Simplify Video Creation

It's easy to overlook the small accessories and pieces of gear that move that needle that's not a camera or microphone and in this week's episode, I share five of my favorite daily tools for video content creation! Resources: Sandisk Extreme Pro Memory Card ReaderSamsung T5 SSD 1TBZeiss Lens WipesUlanzi Quick Claw Release PlatesElgato Wave Mic Arm LP Support the show (


VSP #69 | Fixing Your YouTube Channel Banner Art

Fam...we gotta talk about your YouTube Channel Banner needs some work! If you've been letting your banner fall by the side and not giving it any attention, there's one reason I'm going to share in this weeks episode that's going to change how you look at your YouTube Channel Banner Art! Resources: CanvaRocketBook JournalsSupport the show (


VSP #68 | Creating Better YouTube Thumbnails

If you're only taking 5-10 minutes to create a thumbnail for YouTube, you're totally discrediting the work you put into your video. So, this week we're covering how to create better YouTube thumbnails for your videos! Resources: Canva ProNonprofitsTeachersFree for Student DevelopersSupport the show (


VSP #67 | A Better Way to Organize & Execute Your Video Content Ideas

If you struggle in producing regular content and stress out about organizing and executing your content, this week's podcast is just for you! Resources: - Asana - Descript - Trello - - USB Battery Bank Support the show (


VSP #66 | Curing Your Creative Constipation

If you've been feeling frustrated, confused, and unsure of what to create or how you might just be creatively constipated. That's right, creatively constipated. In this week's episode, we're going to be covering how you can cure those frustrations and it's not as difficult to do as you think! Resources: - Ecamm Leap Into Live Stream Event | Promo Code "DIANA30" for 30% Off! Support the show (


VSP #65 | Is the ZV-E10 Really Worth The Hype?

The new Sony ZV-E10 has officially been announced after numerous rumors and leaks online and with the camera officially it worth the hype? Let's discuss the specifications, who this camera is for, and why it just might be the right camera for you! Resources - Sony ZV-E10 Camera - Blog Post | The ZV-E10 is the New Best Camera for Video! - Who is the ZV-E10 Right For? Support the show (


VSP #64 | Are You Ready to Hire Staff?

If you've been following along in the Being a Creator Series then you know this week we're diving into hiring staff. So, in this episode, I want to explore some of the issues, thought processes and some tips when beginning the process of hiring staff for your business or your channel. Resources: 30% off Ecamm Live | Promo Code: Summer30Being a Creator Series | Episode 1 & 2 Support the show (


VSP #63 | Creating a New Channel Series, Being a Creator

What goes into releasing and creating a new major series for your YouTube channel? This week we're chatting about what this experience has been like hiring full-time staff and building out this new series called, Being a Creator! Resources Mentioned: Being a Creator Series on YouTube14-day Free Trial to Ecamm Live Support the show (


VSP #62 | 2 Reasons Why Creators Suffer with Consistency Issues on YouTube

When creating a channel on YouTube, the easy part starts in the beginning phases. Gearing up to buy everything, setting up the channel, even figuring out what tools to use to help you grow. However, that part is easy for many to get through but the real challenge comes in what's next. And it is that phase of starting a YouTube channel that many never overcome and there are 2 primary culprits for it. Resources Mentioned: Free Trial of Ecamm LiveVideo Content MasterclassCanvaSupport the...


VSP #61 | This is the Single Greatest Unlock in Your Video Content Marketing

One of the greatest keys to dynamic video content marketing is sharing content that connects, engages, and helps people to not just learn what you do or what you offer but share with them YOU. In this episode, I break down why vlogging is the single greatest unlock in your video content marketing strategy. And if you aren't using it how you can get started today! Resources Mentioned: The Journey by Social Media Examiner (Business Vlog) Smartphone Gear for Vlogging Support the show...


VSP #60 | 5 Dumb Mistakes I Made My 1st Year on YouTube

If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have made these 5 mistakes and so many more my first year on YouTube. This week, I peel back the curtains on not just the mistakes I made but the mindset that contributed to these mistakes. I hope you can glean some wisdom from my mistakes and learn to correct what mistakes you may be making in your own creative journey. Support the show (