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Ep. 33 – Activism, Pop Culture, and Everything in Between (w/ Lubna Hindi)

Lubna Hindi is the embodiment of the modern woman – driven by multiple passions like activism, pop culture, and geography, Lubna’s found a way to combine her many loves to live an authentic life and honor her truest self. That process hasn’t been easy, and through her work with the mentorship organization, Step Up, she helps other young girls find their way and step into their true feminist potential. In this episode, listen as Lubna shares how she was manages code-switching, navigating her...


Ep. 32 – The Art of Staying True to Your Authentic Self in the Music Industry (w/ Raquel Rodriguez)

There comes a point in every artist or dreamer’s life where they’re faced with the reality that conforming to other people’s preferences may just help them “make it.” But for singer Raquel Rodriguez, conformity is not an option. The soulful, L.A. native is taking on the music industry on her terms and her authenticity is bringing out a quality of music you can’t help but swoon over. In this episode, she’s honest about the struggles of being an artist in L.A., her important self-care...


Ep. 31 – Change Your Reality By Changing Your Thoughts (w/ Marcela Arrieta)

Speaking with Marcela Arrieta easily turned into a therapeutic session for both of us and we’re sure it will for you all as well. Marcela is a Pranic energy healer who has spent years fine-tuning her skills and helping people resolve the pain in their lives and remove toxic energy. In this conversation she talks about how we can all start to remove the excess baggage to lead a more calm and peaceful life in our true purpose. Plus, she shows how the power of your own thoughts could be...


Ep. 30 – Birthday Revelations

After an unintended brief hiatus we are back! During this time off, we both celebrated our birthdays and had some intense emotional responses to turning another year older. Tune in as we share our very unique experiences and talk about breaking down the BS rules associated with getting older. We both have had some major growth moments over the past few months and we dish on how we’re overcoming negativity, embracing our girl squads, and learning to trust our own personal journeys. Connect...


Ep. 29 – What In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Is Really Like (w/ Grasie Mercedes)

For women who want to have kids, it can come as a painful shock when you learn that your ability to have kids isn’t as easy as you’d hope. As women are waiting to have children later in life, many who struggle with getting pregnant are turning to IVF, as is the case with our guest on this episode, Grasie Mercedes. You may know Grasie from her gorgeous fashion blog, GrasieMercedes.com, but the blogger, actress, and writer, recently decided to open up to her thousands of followers about her...


Ep. 28 - You Can’t Run From Your Calling (w/ Rosie Rivera)

Many know Rosie Rivera as the sister to the late, great singer Jenni Rivera, but on today’s show, you may get to know her in a whole new light as Rosie shares her truth about being sexually assaulted* at 8, how she healed from that experience, and how she’s helping other victims of sexual abuse. In this honest and REAL conversation, we talk relationships, the importance of authenticity, raising a teenager, and she gives us some special insight into her relationship with Jenni, including...


Ep. 27 – Let’s

Laura Zapata is an Austin, Texas native who made the move to NY to pursue her dreams of being a fashion stylist over 10 years ago. There’s no denying that her leap of faith paid off. She’s been a stylist for numerous celebrities, worked on the CW’s “Dynasty,” and is helping many up-and-coming Latinx actors find their style, all while repping her cultura and staying true to herself. In an industry that tends to exclude Latinas, learn how this woman made a name for herself. Follow Laura:...


Ep. 26 – Giving Our Skin the Love and Products it Deserves (with Nyakio Kamoche Grieco)

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco is the founder of nyakio, a collection of prestige skincare products inspired by beauty secrets she discovered through her Kenyan family, friends and world travels. In this episode, not only does Nyakio share the tips we all need to have luscious and gorgeous skin, but she also gives us insight into what it takes to be a business woman – from securing investments to finding the right partners. Her line is currently available at Ulta and Yarel and Jess are already BIG...


Ep. 25 – “Work Out Because You LOVE Your Body” (with Camila Ramón)

For far too long the fitness industry has had us thinking that we need to change how we look to fit other people’s ideas of perfection, but personal trainer Camila Ramón is here to switch things up. In this episode Cami offers insight into the importance of balance, finding a fitness routine that’s right for you, loving your body (no matter what!) and she shares details on a 12-week training program she developed to help others get lean and strong! Follow Camila: IG: @milamarianaa | Site:...


Ep. 24 – Building a Legacy (with Sneaker Steve)

Steve Patiño, known by many as Sneaker Steve, has carved out a career many would dream of in the sneaker and fashion world. He’s owned apparel companies, been an executive at top footwear companies, and helped broker mega deals between brands. As a Colombian-American from Queens, NY, Steve’s story will resonate with those who are the first to hit major milestones in their families, as he speaks candidly about attaining a level of success that he had to learn how to navigate on his own....


Ep. 23 – I’m Not Trying to Date You, I’m Just Trying to Work With You

It’s 2018 and we’re all about our business! But as working women we constantly run into the issue of networking with guys who don’t know how to keep things professional and instead get all flirty and can’t take women seriously in professional environments. Trying to dodge flirty advances while also making business connects can truly be a challenge. In this episode we’re bringing y’all another ‘real talk’ episode where we hash out the frustrations so many of us #girlbosses have to deal...


Ep. 22 – “I’m OK With Saying My Dreams” (w/ Natalia Perez)

This week we’re joined by on-air personality Natalia Perez. You may be familiar with Natalia’s voice after hearing her on Big Boy’s Neighborhood on iHeart Radio’s Real 92.3 or if you’re ever at an L.A. Dodgers game, you may see her doing her thing as an in-game host. In this episode, Natalia talks about her come-up in radio, how professing her dreams changed the course of her career, and reminds us all that no ones journey is the same – and that’s all good! Follow Natalia: On IG:...


Ep. 21 – Learning to Connect to Your Womb (w/ Anabel Vizcarra)

For this episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Womb Shaman and Body Wisdom Educator, Anabel Vizcarra. Anabel enlightens us on the disconnect women have experienced from our bodies, resulting in a loss of living to our fullest potential and in our complete power. On the show she offers some ways us women can learn to reconnect with our wombs and birth creative projects we’ve longed for. Plus, she gets real about mercury retrograde and gives us all some practical tips on how we can...


Ep.19 – #WomenStandUp (collab w/ Tamarindo Podcast!)

It’s Women’s History Month and although we like to celebrate the amazing strength and determination of women every damn day – this week we’re taking a special moment to look at female empowerment and discuss actionable ways we can all make sure our feminism isn’t just lip service. Along with Brenda and Melinna, the talented women of Tamarindo Podcast, we talk about why it’s so hard for women to uplift one another and then offer some tips on how you can offer support and encouragement to...


Ep. 18 - “Faith Is Sometimes All We Have, But It’s Always All We Need” (with Julissa Calderon)

Today we’re talking with the fabulous Julissa Calderon. Julissa is a Dominican writer and actor bringing her comedic flair to Buzzfeed’s Latin channel, Pero Like. She’s passionate about Afro-Latino representation and challenging Latino stereotypes. Through her art, Julissa is committed to bringing the Afro-Latino community to the forefront and opening doors that were never meant to be closed. It’s impossible to listen to Julissa and not be infected with her optimism. This conversation will...


Ep. 17 – ”For Those Who Struggle, Victory Is Their Reward” (with Oscar López Rivera)

For today’s episode Jessica had the honor to speak with Oscar López Rivera. Oscar is a Puerto Rican nationalist who is the longest held Puerto Rican political prisoner having served over 35 years. In 2016, President Obama commuted his sentence. In this talk you’ll hear about his hope for PR in the wake of hurricane Maria, how people in the Puerto Rican diaspora can help, if he harbors any anger for spending 35 plus years in prison and how he hopes history will remember him. Follow the...


Ep. 16 – Let’s Talk About ‘Latinx’ (with Daniel Hernandez)

Beautiful people! On this episode we’re joined by the talented journalist and author Daniel Hernandez. Daniel has worked for outlets like Vice, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and is the current editor of L.A. Taco. Back in December of 2017, Daniel wrote an op-ed for the LA Times called “The Case Against Latinx” and the backlash soon followed. In this episode we get into what prompted Daniel to write that piece, his feelings about the response he received, and how we can continue to have...


Ep. 15 – ”Know Your Worth” (Negotiating for More Money)

Ellen Pompeo recently got a BIG pay day and will be making $20 million per year on Grey’s Anatomy, but overall women in Hollywood are still get screwed out of equal pay. And if it’s bad for them, we know it’s bad for the rest of us. On this episode, Jess and Yarel hash out the struggles of asking for what you’re worth and we get tips from salary negotiator Alana Peralta, who lets us know the three things everyone should do before heading into a pay negotiation. Follow the hosts & the pod:...


Ep. 14 – “My Success Is Finding Love With My Family Again” (with Carlos Amaro)

This week we are talking to fashion stylist, hairstylist, and MUA, Carlos Amaro. At a young age Carlos faced countless obstacles: his mother was addicted to drugs, leaving him to move out on his own at 13 and fend for himself. But his story is one of a true conquerer. Hear how he’s combined ambition, grit, and talent to create a name for himself in the beauty and fashion world in Hollywood. Follow Carlos: @carlos_amaro Follow the pod & the hosts: @waitholduppod | @yarel_ramos |...


Ep. 13 – ”I Know When My Soul Is Trying to Send a Message to Me” (with Irene Vizcarra)

Welcome back to SEASON 2! On this episode we have Irene Vizcarra, owner of Holy Wild, a plant medicine company dedicated to helping us reclaim our connection to Self, Source, and the Earth. Irene tells us how she decided to leave the corporate world in pursue of her dreams, her take on what it means to be a bruja, and offers us all five ways to get more grounded daily. Follow Irene and Holy Wild: @spiritandmatter | @holy_wild Follow the pod: @waitholduppod Follow Jessica and Yarel:...