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Ep. 44 - 2018: thank u, next

Hey boos – this is our last episode of the season! Since the new year is fast approaching we talk about our personal plans for 2019 and overcoming the doubt that creeps in when we try and set new goals for ourselves. And we get into how we deal with being around family during the holidays and getting all the questions about our romantic relationships. Yup, you know those 'y el novio/novia' questions are coming! Most of all, we want to thank y'all for an incredible year. We can't wait for...


Ep. 43 - There's No Such Thing as Pelo Malo (w/ Julissa Prado)

When you meet Julissa Prado, it may be her GORGEOUS full head of curls that first captures your attention, but it's her brilliance, passion, and straight up homegirl vibes that will make you fall in love. (As we can attest to). In this episode, Julissa shares how her past struggling to accept her curls ultimately led her to create the curly haircare line, Rizos Curls. She knows firsthand how traumatizing it can be to have your curls insulted and is intentionally working to make sure other...


Ep. 42 – Have You Given Yourself a Hug Lately?!

Amores! Apologies for missing a couple of weeks, but we're back with an episode that we're sure soooo many of you can relate to! In this episode, we catch up on what's been going on in our lives and talk about the topic so many of us struggle with: self-love. As this holiday season prompts us to think about what we're thankful for, we can't help but wonder, when was the last time you actually thanked yourself? If you're asking yourself what for, then this episode is definitely for you and if...


Ep. 41 – Why Your Vote Matters in the Midterm Elections (w/ Diana Colín)

The midterm elections are less than a week away (cue suspenseful music). The news cycle has been nonstop about these elections, but one thing is still abundantly clear – many of us don't even understand why they matter (meaning we don't show up to vote). Well, we got to speak with Diana Colín of the Chirla Action Fund and she explained what exactly the midterms are and why it's super freakin' important to show up and vote. Plus, we talk about some of the biggest congressional races happening...


Ep. 40 – Exercising the Power to Turn Your Life Around (w/ Lucy Flores)

To say Lucy Flores' story is remarkable, would be a severe understatement. At a very young age Lucy found herself living a life of tremendous hardships. During adolescence her family was abandoned by her mother and in her teens she wound up gang-banging and found herself in the school to prison pipeline. But with the right parole officer and a hell of a lot of determination, Lucy was able to turn her life around to become a lawyer and a former Nevada State Assemblywoman. Yes, you read that...


Ep. 39 – Cultivating the Internal (w/ Yung Pueblo)

Chances are, you've probably been captivated by Yung Pueblo's short, yet poignant, poems on Instagram, that's because Diego Perez b.k.a Yung Pueblo, knows the words that our souls need. In this episode, we get to talk to the man behind the powerful Instagram account. We learn how Diego developed Yung Pueblo, his transformation through meditation, his advice for helping us all cultivate the internal, and how he's slowly seeing a shift in the way men approach his work. His work is centered on...


Ep. 38 - Find Your Crew Who Will Keep it Real With You (w/ Yari Blanco)

This week we're joined by the super fly and oh-so-talented, Yari Blanco: founder of the digital sisterhood, The Girl Mob, and Senior Manager of Culture and Diversity at The Wing. Yari is one of Jessica's closest homegirls (and one of the most brutally honest), meaning this conversation got very real, extra fast. Listen up as we talk about taking professional leaps of faith, the importance of assembling your crew who help you through life's biggest moments, keeping our mental health in check,...


Ep. 37 – Doing the Work to Build the Life You Want (w/ Millana Snow)

Millana Snow is one of those people who you instantly want to become friends with. She's confident, intelligent, self-aware, and can teach you a ton about how to truly get in tune with yourself – making her, of course, an amazing guest to interview. In an effort to truly understand what it means to "do the work" to help us all live our best lives and be aligned (in every aspect) we dive into just about every topic in this episode. We talk spirituality, law of attraction, meditation, undoing...


Ep. 36 – It's Our One Year Anniversary!

We can't believe a year has flown by, but we just hit the one year mark of this podcast! Thank you all for rocking with us! In this episode, we talk about surprising challenges of starting the show and what we've been most surprised by. Plus, we get into the BS of being called too 'emotional' or 'sensitive' – and we all need to just learn to embrace our multi-faceted identities. Follow the podcast: @waitholduppod | @yarel_ramos | @heyjessmolina Email us: waitholduppodcast@gmail.com


Ep. 35 – Giving Dominican Culture a Place to Shine (w/ Tony Peralta)

Tony Peralta is the mastermind behind the Peralta Project – a brand that celebrates both Dominican and New York culture. His styles are beloved by Latinos of all ethnicities who see a chance to rep their cultura boldly (and in a dope fashion). In this episode Tony talks about his come-up, what the entrepreneurial space is like as a man of color, therapy, and how he's infused self-care into his life. Speaking with Tony, we got that NY flavor – no BS and completely unapologetic – just like his...


Ep. 34 – What Is Your Intuition Trying to Tell You? (w/ Linda Garcia | Luz Warrior)

Many of you might know Linda Garcia as Luz Warrior. It doesn't really matter what name you call her by, with her, you're always going to get a genuine, passionate individual who knows her place in the world. It wasn't always that way for her though. Linda will be the first to tell you of the years she felt lost, but now, more than ever, she's living in her purpose and it's all thanks to her intuition. (Trust us, this woman's connection to her intuition is strong AF!) In this episode, Linda...


Ep. 33 – Activism, Pop Culture, and Everything in Between (w/ Lubna Hindi)

Lubna Hindi is the embodiment of the modern woman – driven by multiple passions like activism, pop culture, and geography, Lubna's found a way to combine her many loves to live an authentic life and honor her truest self. That process hasn't been easy, and through her work with the mentorship organization, Step Up, she helps other young girls find their way and step into their true feminist potential. In this episode, listen as Lubna shares how she was manages code-switching, navigating her...


Ep. 32 – The Art of Staying True to Your Authentic Self in the Music Industry (w/ Raquel Rodriguez)

There comes a point in every artist or dreamer's life where they're faced with the reality that conforming to other people's preferences may just help them "make it." But for singer Raquel Rodriguez, conformity is not an option. The soulful, L.A. native is taking on the music industry on her terms and her authenticity is bringing out a quality of music you can't help but swoon over. In this episode, she's honest about the struggles of being an artist in L.A., her important self-care rituals,...


Ep. 31 – Change Your Reality By Changing Your Thoughts (w/ Marcela Arrieta)

Speaking with Marcela Arrieta easily turned into a therapeutic session for both of us and we're sure it will for you all as well. Marcela is a Pranic energy healer who has spent years fine-tuning her skills and helping people resolve the pain in their lives and remove toxic energy. In this conversation she talks about how we can all start to remove the excess baggage to lead a more calm and peaceful life in our true purpose. Plus, she shows how the power of your own thoughts could be...


Ep. 30 – Birthday Revelations

After an unintended brief hiatus we are back! During this time off, we both celebrated our birthdays and had some intense emotional responses to turning another year older. Tune in as we share our very unique experiences and talk about breaking down the BS rules associated with getting older. We both have had some major growth moments over the past few months and we dish on how we're overcoming negativity, embracing our girl squads, and learning to trust our own personal journeys. Connect...


Ep. 29 – What In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Is Really Like (w/ Grasie Mercedes)

For women who want to have kids, it can come as a painful shock when you learn that your ability to have kids isn't as easy as you'd hope. As women are waiting to have children later in life, many who struggle with getting pregnant are turning to IVF, as is the case with our guest on this episode, Grasie Mercedes. You may know Grasie from her gorgeous fashion blog, GrasieMercedes.com, but the blogger, actress, and writer, recently decided to open up to her thousands of followers about her...


Ep. 28 - You Can't Run From Your Calling (w/ Rosie Rivera)

Many know Rosie Rivera as the sister to the late, great singer Jenni Rivera, but on today's show, you may get to know her in a whole new light as Rosie shares her truth about being sexually assaulted* at 8, how she healed from that experience, and how she's helping other victims of sexual abuse. In this honest and REAL conversation, we talk relationships, the importance of authenticity, raising a teenager, and she gives us some special insight into her relationship with Jenni, including what...


Ep. 27 – All Things Fashion (w/ Laura Zapata)

Laura Zapata is an Austin, Texas native who made the move to NY to pursue her dreams of being a fashion stylist over 10 years ago. There's no denying that her leap of faith paid off. She's been a stylist for numerous celebrities, worked on the CW's "Dynasty," and is helping many up-and-coming Latinx actors find their style, all while repping her cultura and staying true to herself. In an industry that tends to exclude Latinas, learn how this woman made a name for herself. Follow Laura:...


Ep. 26 – Giving Our Skin the Love and Products it Deserves (with Nyakio Kamoche Grieco)

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco is the founder of nyakio, a collection of prestige skincare products inspired by beauty secrets she discovered through her Kenyan family, friends and world travels. In this episode, not only does Nyakio share the tips we all need to have luscious and gorgeous skin, but she also gives us insight into what it takes to be a business woman – from securing investments to finding the right partners. Her line is currently available at Ulta and Yarel and Jess are already BIG...


Ep. 25 – "Work Out Because You LOVE Your Body" (with Camila Ramón)

For far too long the fitness industry has had us thinking that we need to change how we look to fit other people's ideas of perfection, but personal trainer Camila Ramón is here to switch things up. In this episode Cami offers insight into the importance of balance, finding a fitness routine that's right for you, loving your body (no matter what!) and she shares details on a 12-week training program she developed to help others get lean and strong! Follow Camila: IG: @milamarianaa | Site:...