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Nazi Heart Attack (Andor 6)

What are the best Heist scenes? How could do they do this to Comrade Nemik? Should you always wear a tuxedo under a wetsuit? Why do we keep making jokes about New Mexico? Support the show


Oh Comrade, My Comrade (Andor 4-5)

We jump into the Aldhani episodes of Andor. Who from Star Wars would storm the Bastille? Is Syril's cereal packed with sugar or fiber? Did Mon Mothma choose the blue Coupe de Ville? And, will this show turn into a Comrade Nemik appreciation podcast? Support the show


Ferrix (Andor 1-3)

The first movement of the Andor Symphony! We hop from Ferrix to Flashback Planet to Mall Cop Headquarters in our analysis and reactions to this meticulously paced opening of the hit new show. Lots of characters, lots of humor, and lots of the color orange. Put on some giant gloves, strike that anvil with a hammer and give it a listen. Support the show


Bonus Canon Question

Does the Obiwan Kenobi series damage canon, and should we care? This was cut for time from our last episode. Support the show


ObiFett 67

Duel of the Finales! We're talking about season finales of the good Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Did the whole Fett budget go to Gamorrean leg day? What is sunroof Gonk? Were these series good? Did we a double episode because we missed the last one? Listen now, listener! Support the show


OBFive: Jim Beam Planet

All the characters meeting up on the same planet in the penultimate episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Is Third Sister anti-monologue? Can a repentant nazi survive an episode? Does Rogan have anything to do? What are the greatest betrayals in movie history? Support the show


ObiFour: Overhead Bin Heads

It's to sneak into the... we don't like to say it... Fortress Inquisitorius. Find out what delights and horrors await inside as we watch Ch 4 of Obiwan. Support the show


ObiThree: Imperial Heritage

Obiwan and Leia are in for a wild ride wild ride when the Moleman they're riding with has a Rebel flag on the bumper. Does the big robot sleep in a box? What would be the best Game of Thrones actor cameo? What's the first rule of the Underground Railroad? Hop aboard! Support the show


ObiTwo: Dinosaur With a Blaster

We follow Obiwan to Blade Runner Planet to find a much less precocious Leia. Delightful cameos, touching scenes, and meth labs abound! Support the show


ObiOne: The Jawa Has a Key

We play a game about tv pilots and jump into Obiwan Pt 1. Is Obiwan married? How old is that dessert tuna? Was that a gonk droid? Support the show


Luke University (Book of Fett Ch 6)

After a quick game of name that cult, we jump in the curriculum at Luke University. We double-triple-and-quadruple down on jokes about Mando's Starfighter. Does the Pike Syndicate only own one speeder? Is this the end of Max Rebo, Figrin D'an, and the kinky wonder twins? Support the show


Meat Locker Planet (Book of Fett Ch 5)

Meat locker, Ring World, and a certain Dodge Charger, I mean N1 Starfighter. Support the show


Mobsters, Modders, and Monsters (Book of Fett Ch 4)

We express our love for track suit mobsters while diving into a great episode of the Book of Fett. The show continues to give us great puppets and great robots, though we pine for a Little Mermaid cameo. Hover your Firespray Gunship and peer into this podcast. Support the show


Diary of a Vespa Kid (Book of Fett Ch 3)

Does this chapter contain the best guest stars ever? How fast does a vespa go? Why are we talking about Rocky so much? Check out Book of Mandalorian Chapter 3 with us! Support the show


Sandpiercer (Book of Fett Ch 2)

We are ALL IN for the high-speed monorail heist in Book of Fett Ch 2. We moved all of our assets into Hutt options, and we're delighted to be so close to Luke's Tosche Station deathstick stash. Is everything legal in the Dune Sea? Did Boba's COVID test come back negative? Did we discover our new favorite droid? Support the show


Boba Strikes Bacta (Book of Fett Ch 1)

Look at the first episode of an all new series! Does the palace still smell like Jabba? Is Mos Espa the bright center of the galaxy? Is this the horniest Star Wars? Service and polish your helmet, and give this episode a listen! Support the show


We Serve Droids Presents a Randomly Generated Christmas

Happy Life Day. Our annual holiday special with fun games and festive music. Support the show


Visions – T0-B1

The most brutal de-arming we've ever seen. Who's a robot and who isn't? Does T0-B1 obey the laws of robotics? Is Prof. Mitaka bad at terraforming? All this and more on a special episode of Astro Boy... I mean Pinocchio... I mean Star Wars Visions! Support the show


Visions – The 9th Jedi

Who is the 9th Jedi? How many people have died by trebuchet mining? And, why you should never look into the pointy end of the lightsaber. Support the show


Visions – The Village Bride

We play a quick game in honor of Episode 66, then we chat about Visions episode 4: The Village Bride. What's up with the giant helmet? Is the real adventure the wedding crashers we met along the way? Are thermal detonators traditional wedding favors? Style your hair into horns and listen to this episode! Support the show