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#038: DJ Schoeny & Guest - On Dating Boundaries and Massages

I sat down to chat with DJ Schoeny (@djschoenyofficial) and my friend, Nate, after Schoeny picked is up from a bar. Nate was feeling frustrated with the dating scene and we end up tossin' around three perspectives on what the deal with that is and with the scene as a whole. Advice sesh, ghosting, how available should you be even when you're interested, can/should we control our attractions, why women want to make you wait, communication issues, massage parlors, bad words, do guys always end...


#037: The Ladies - Honestly Answering Men's Insta Questions

I sat down to chat with Michelle Harman (@mishka2386) and Jenna Lee Golden (@jennajennaboomboom) to answer Insta questions from the listeners. One of my favorites. What's the worst problem with dating, how many dick pics have we received, Jenna loves Taco Bell WAY more than we knew, the main things that ruin the vibe in the moment, would you rather have Oreo lips or Cheeto fingers, PB bars and decent restrooms, where do beautiful ladies hang out, which one of us is the creepiest lurker when...


#036: Mike Escamilla - On Stunts, Manly Men, and Stranger Danger

I sat down to chat with Mike Escamilla (@mikeescamilla). He's a pro BMXer, stuntman, TV host, and rugged dude. Influencers, millennials, stuntin', adventuring, eating disgusting things, do men still learn manly things, the word "cusp", the lie of post college comfort, the challenge of not drinking around drinkers, the Toe Shot (*gag), human waste jobs, survival and zombie talk, entitlement, height contemplation, the effort of creativity, AR and VR, will tech start to make people lose...


#035: Nick Dodd - On Cheeky Libations, Brits, and Bro-cations

I sat down to chat with my long-time friend, Nick Dodd (@itsdoddsy) for a bit of a reminisce. Do we even really know each other? Let's find out. Does the accent help, the source of attraction, he took his shirt off because my apartment was a sauna, he also made me turn a fan on, boozy nights, Tajin, men who lose their hair, sexual peaks, how many kids would you have (even though you're zero percent ready), our Uber ratings, tipsy time travel, vacations with your bros, soccer chat, our night...


#034: Kevin Cuenca - On Instagram, Gratitude, and Giving Back

I sat down to chat with Kevin Cuenca (@kevincuencatv), a sports reporter and Instagram content creator, to get a behind-the-scenes look at his video process and how he got to be where he is now. The keys to his Instagram growth, paralysis by analysis, the cost of living in gorgeous cities, the flow of life, staying motivated during the lows, LA, how not dangerous I am, gratitude, the content creator dream, getting comfortable being uncomfortable, process over result, his next moves, the...


#033: DJ Schoeny - On DJing, Dating, and Daddy Issues

I sat down to chat with DJ Schoeny (@djschoenyofficial) and had a marathon chat sesh. Join us Scorpios on our 3-hour convo journey. Kombucha deliciousness, being in our 30's (we're def not old), carving messages into your wall, timing is everything, gaming for comfort, our drunk/blacked out selves, does DJing help his dating life, being PB professionals, daddy talk, he definitely doesn't like 23-year-olds, straight people in gay bars, what's in my fridge (whipped cream), find out if we're...


#032: Loui Ceron - On Radio, Nice Guy Problems, and Communication

I sat down to chat with Loui Ceron (@lounginwithloui) who is an on-air personality and DJ on JAM'N 95.7 here in San Diego. We talk about how he got his new radio gig, leaving jobs that don't suit us anymore, male/female communication issues, why he gets frustrated listening to my podcast, and more. In other news, the podcast has a Patreon now. Check it out: https://www.patreon.com/courtneydiamond Check the socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site: https://courtneydiamond.com Twitch:...


#031: Michelle Harman - On Balance, InstaDating, and the 30's

Well...it's been awhile. Ha! I sat down to talk to Michelle Harman (mishka2386) during the late hours of the evening to get back into the swing of things. We talk finding balance, extroversion, cry laughing, Instagram dating, Hinge, resistance, male height, staying the night at a guys' place, surviving San Diego, job shifting, dying of heatstroke in my apartment, the 30's, jackhammer massagers, and try to figure out what the hell the dating bases are these days. Socials:...


#030: Alex Hallett - On Robots, Humanity, and Moja Maisha

I sat down again to chat with Alex Hallett (@sattvaphoto) who's currently traveling around the country in his vehicle, taking beautiful pictures, creating documentaries, and starting his own podcast. We talk AI, anxiety, why humans matter, what does "making it" mean, why online dating is a struggle, his documentary "Moja Maisha - South Africa", and more. Check him out: http://www.sattvaphoto.com http://www.mojamaisha.com/ Check me out:...


#029: Dory Benami - On Consumer Culture and Politics

I sat down to chat with Dory Benami (@dorybenami) the co-owner of the shoe companies, Fortress of Inca and Huma Blanco. He's a traveler, foodie, and politically conscious individual. We talk consumerism, shoes, China, politics, and why we should be striving to have more quality and less quantity. Check out his brands: @fortressofinca @huma_blanco Check me out: @courtneydiamond https://courtneydiamond.com Free Audible Trial and...


#028: Taylor Henderson - On Whiskey, Dating, and Being Yourself

I sat down for some single women conversation with my actor friend, Taylor Henderson (@tayloritah). How women relate to each other, nervous compliments, whiskey, singleness, relationships, my first college frat party, first internet experiences, acting, and getting to know yourself. Check the socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site: https://courtneydiamond.com Free Audiobook: http://www.audibletrial.com/courtneydiamond Twitch: https://twitch.tv/courtneydiamond


#027: Matt Lescault-Wood - On Tech, Gaming, and Storytelling

I sat down to chat with my friend, Matt Lescault-Wood. We talk tech, lab meat, and Dogmeat. Gamers get that one. Video games, PC life, San Diego livin', robot cars, vegans, Fallout 4, Witcher 3, storytelling, GoT, and what makes entertainment resonate with us. Check me out on socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site: https://courtneydiamond.com Free Audiobook and Pod Support: http://www.audibletrial.com/courtneydiamond Twitch: https://twitch.tv/courtneydiamond


#026: Dallas McLaughlin - On Stand Up, Getting Unstuck, and Figuring It Out

I sat down to chat with previous co-worker and talented man, Dallas McLaughlin. He's a stand up comedian, writer, actor, previous winner of "San Diego's Funniest Person", and host of his own sports podcast called "The Kept Faith". We talk LA, comedy, creative journeys, getting unstuck, awkwardness, VR worlds, and figuring this whole thing out. Check him out: Twitter: @dallas_mc Insta: @dalskips Check me out: @courtneydiamond Site: https://courtneydiamond.com Free Audiobook and Podcast...


Why I Quit My Job

That title says it all. Am I right? It's a late night solo sesh where I talk about why I recently left my full-time job to be a full-time me. There's a blog post to go with it. I hope you check it out @: https://courtneydiamond.com Get a free audiobook and support the podcast: http://www.audibletrial.com/courtneydiamond Watch me on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/courtneydiamond Socials: @courtneydiamond


#025: Michelle Harman and Jenna Lee Golden - Answering Insta Questions

The first triple podcast! I sat down with Michelle Harman (@mishka2386) and Jenna Lee Golden (@jennajennaboomboom) to answer listener questions from Instagram. Why do we not text, but still check the IG stories? Comfortable dad bod's or intimidating abs? What attracts us? How long have we been single? Should you tell her if you cheated? The Pianist, Brunos, Foxy Cleopatra, Jenna blows out my ear drums, speed dating, serenading, pheromones, real talk, and we laugh like a bunch of...


#024: Brent Roberts - On Honesty, Resiliency, and Pursuing Passions

I sat down to chat with my friend, Brent Roberts (@mybrokerbrent), to have some real talk. Vulnerability, alcohol, accepting who you are, social media, finding freedom, practicing gratitude, being OK with the solo moments, and refusing to be stuck. Check the site: https://courtneydiamond.com Socials: @courtneydiamond Audible Trial to Support: http://www.audibletrial.com/courtneydiamond Find Brent: http://www.actorbrentroberts.com http://www.mybrokerbrent.com


#023: Colton Reiswitz - On Modeling, Fitness, and Being an Old Soul

I sat down to chat with Colton Reiswitz (@coltonreiswitz) about his venture into modeling and how he got into the fit life. Check the socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site: https://courtneydiamond.com Get your free trial: http://www.audibletrial.com/courtneydiamond Twitch: http://twitch.tv/courtneydiamond


#022: Jeff Wilson - On Performing, Being Yourself, and Expectation

I sat down to chat with Jeff Wilson (@showbizsuperstar). He's a performer/producer/director and all around man of entertainment. We talk performance, alcoholic beverages, growing up, niche, nuance, being Peter Pan, Japan, and managing expectation. Check the socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site: http://courtneydiamond.com Twitch: http://twitch.tv/courtneydiamond Audible free trial and audiobook: http://www.audibletrial.com/courtneydiamond


#021: Jarrod Weintraub - On Adulting, Podcasting, and Truth Telling

I sat down to chat with my friend, Jarrod Weintraub (@jarrodactor). He's one of the hosts of the podcast "Life's a Binge", a newly married man, and he also happens to deliver mail these days. We talk podcasting, AI, truth telling in relationships, murder, prisoners, lifestyle changes, approaching women in bars, hugging protocol, what it might take for social media and online dating to be about actual connection, and if there's such a thing as the "one". Check out "Life's a...


#020: Jenna Lee Golden - Answering Men's Questions About Dating

I sat down to answer men's dating questions with my good friend, Jenna Lee Golden (@jennajennaboomboom). Real talk and laughter ensue. What's the best way to approach a woman? Which dating app should you use? Is she playing hard to get or not interested? What makes a good first date? Does your dating history matter to us? All of that with some personal stories woven in. Socials: @courtneydiamond Check the site: https://courtneydiamond.com Get a free audiobook and trial from Audible:...