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What Had Happened Was: : ‘Anyone can kill’ Dayton detective Doyle Burke talks Jolynn Ritchie, the microwave baby killer and axe murders in Dayton

Anyone can kill. That’s one of the lessons Doyle Burke, a retired Dayton homicide detective, said he took from his 30-year career with the city’s police department. Burke, now the Warren County coroner’s chief investigator, sat down with “What Had Happened Was” host Amelia Robinson to talk about some of the cold-blooded murder he and his team helped bring to justice. They are among the most notorious killers this city has even seen: child killer Jolynn Ritchie, the Christmas killers, the...


What Had Happened Was: Heather Salazar imagined dying in front of her kids

Heather Salazar feared her kids were going to see her die. And she had reason to fear. Just a year before, the young mother and her kids watched breast cancer kill the 24-year-old woman who gave life to the baby girl the family adopted. A year later, the murder had its sights on Heather. Through faith, friendship and community support, Heather pushed through, beating breast cancer and building the Pink Ribbon Girls, one of the areas most well-known breast cancer groups. October is Breast...


What Had Happened Was: Zapp band’s Terry and Lester Troutman can still make you dance

Only one of those band travels with a talkbox. Amelia Robinson sat down with Lester and Terry “Zapp’ Troutman of the Zapp band for the latest episode of “The What Had Happened Was” podcast. The funk and R&B band is set to take the stage Friday, Oct. 26, at the Schuster Performing Arts Center. Doors open at 7 p.m for the show featuring Toledo-born singer Lyfe Jennings. The concert serves as a release party for the new album, “Zapp VII: Roger & Friends.” It is a tribute to the late great Roger...


What Had Happened Was: Why Broadway star Alice Ripley is anything but normal

Moral of the story, when Scott Ripley warns you about something, take it serious. Alice Ripley had a reputation even before she set foot in West Carrollton High School for the very first time. Her proud older brother and stepsister had already warned everyone about the incoming junior. “(They said,) she’s going to get the lead in the musical so everybody get ready. My brother (Scott) told all of his friends and they were just rolling their eyes,” Alice, the high school’ first female pirate...


What Had Happened Was: Rodney Veal of The Art Show is in the room where it happens in more ways than one

You’d be foolish to judge a book by its cover or a man by his ballet shoes. Dayton’s Rodney Veal proves that daily. You might know him as a dancer, an educator or the host of Think TV’s “The Art Show.” Rodney is also a cat daddy, a thinker and a community volunteer who is proudly “in the room where it happens” on behalf of a long list of Dayton nonprofits. As “What Had Happened Was” host Amelia Robinson discovered, Rodney is also very, very much Mama Veal. And her learned very young to mean...


What Had Happened Was: Bill Castro on squid, horses and how his family has served Dayton the world on a plate for 40 years

You can lead a horse to water, but can you convince it to eat squid. Amelia Robinson talked to Bill Castro for the latest episode of the What Had Happened Was podcast. Bill and his family have been serving the world up to Dayton for more than 40 years at their restaurant, El Meson at 903 E. Dixie Dr., West Carrollton. Bill talks about being raised in West Carrollton by the Hispanic Ward and June Cleaver and how his family’s business grew from a pizza joint to one that serves the tastes of...


What Had Happened Was: Henrique Couto, the ‘weird’ filmmaker behind the Salvador Dali-ish moustache and bloody movies

The completely sober dude with the Hawaiian shirt and Salvador Dali moustache is proving that you can’t judge a book by its cover through his crazy movies. What Had Happened Was podcast host Amelia Robinson sat down with Dayton-based independent filmmaker Henrique Couto (Henflix.com) for the podcast’s latest episode.


What Had Happened Was: Bloody Christmas - Dayton’s 1992 Christmas Killings

Deep wounds are hard to heal. Some wounds never completely heal. More than 25 years ago a gang of youth lead by a 16-year girl described as cold-hearted terroristed Dayton in the Dayton around Christmas. What Had Happened Was podcast host Amelia Robinson sat down with retired Dayton police Sgt. Stephen C. (Gris) Grismer, Judith M. Monseur, an educator, and Dayton Detective Dennis A. Murphy. The trio’s book “The Christmas Killings: 40 Hours to Justice” reveals how police tracked down the...


What Had Happened Was: Production Designer and Daytonian Hannah Bleacher, who gave ‘Black Panther’ his claws talks about learning from Madonna, pet-sitting and couch surfing to make her dream

There was a Raider behind the Black Panther, and she is fierce. Amelia Robinson chatted with Hannah Beachler — the production designer who worked with director Ryan Coogler to give Marvel’s “Black Panther” its jaw-dropping look — for the latest episode of the What Had Happened Was podcast.


What Had Happened Was: Dayton gridiron hero LaVar Glover on walking away, playing golf and building bridges after the NFL

While his college football teammates were shaking it up and shutting down bars, Dayton football hero LaVar Glover was sharing a bedroom with the 15-year-old brother he was trying to set on the right path. Glover, now the director of self-sufficiency at Community Action Partnership, talked to Amelia Robinson about his unconventional life for the latest episode of the “What Had Happened Was” podcast. They dished about card games and Glover’s decade-long football career. He was drafted by the...


What Had Happened Was: Nancy Horlacher on Dayton’s mysterious walled city falls, the Phantom Driver of the Englewood Dam and why is Dayton the Gem City?

What’s more Google than Google? A librarian who loves local history. Amelia Robinson and Nancy Horlacher of the Dayton Metro Library talks odd and scary Dayton stories for the latest episode of the What Had Happened Was podcast. Nancy conjured up tales about the Frankenstein Castle, alligators raised in a Dayton wonderland, how water brought down Dayton’s wall city and the creep-tastic Phantom Driver of Englewood dam. She even dives into one of the city’s biggest controversy: how Dayton...


What Had Happened Was: The Fosters’ Sherri Saum on super hot husband, not wearing combat boot and having her magazines confiscated in Kettering

She didn’t wear combat boots and maybe that made all the difference. Amelia Robinson chatted with actress Sherri Saum for the latest episode of What Had Happened Was podcast. The world knows Saum best for her role as Lena Adams Foster on the groundbreaking TV show “The Fosters,” but many in this parts know her best as the daughter of former “Dayton Daily News” copy editor Lois Saum, of Kettering. Amelia and Sherri chat about Sherri’s upbringing in Kettering and how her fashion magazines...


What Had Happened Was: Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders’ childhood of burning crosses in Dayton and adulthood of fighting for herself

One of Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders’ earliest memories is watching her 4-foot 11-inch tall mother rise up set a racist teacher straight. Her youth as the daughter of local civil rights workers included seeing crosses burned in her family’s front yard and being told she wasn’t welcome in her neighborhood and that the KKK was going to get her. Despite that and the challenges she fast afterwards — a ten year battle to get launch her former radio station included — Hawes-Saunders says she remains an...


What Had Happened Was: Tom Archdeacon talks Miami vices, four wedding rings & LeBron’s mom

He’s told thousands of amazing stories. It should come as no surprise Tom Archdeacon has a hell of a story of his own. For the 10th episode of the What Had Happened Was podcast, host Amelia Robinson sat down with Arch, an award-winning Dayton Daily News sports writer and her mentor for exactly one day. Arch told Amelia about his Miami Vice days, how he happened into journalism, his passion for telling untold stories and that time he had a run-in with LeBron’s mom. Brace yourself, this...


What Had Happened Was: Cackle vs. Cancer and the rest of the world with Alexis Larson and Kristen Wicker

Amelia Robinson laughed it out (A LOT) with Kristen Wicker and Dayton Daily News food contributor Alexis Larsen, her co-conspirators in Cackle, a laughing club. The trio has called on the power that is laughter in so many good times and some pretty bad ones. What’s funnier than getting a port put in for cancer treatment? Joking that you are at the hospital to be turned into a straight up Borg from “Star Trek.” What’s funnier than being diagnosed with 70 fibroid tumors? Being teased for not...


What Had Happened Was: Dead in Dayton -- a mayor trapped in a brothel, a former slave claps back, and a gypsy queen cliffhanger

You know who can give you life? Dead people. Some of the nation’s most fascinating, previously-living citizens have found final resting places at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in Dayton. What Had Happened Was host Amelia Robinson and Angie Hoschouer, the cemetery’s development and marketing manager, pull their stories from the grave in this podcast episode. There is dirty secret of a former Dayton mayor trapped in the city’s most popular whorehouse, a former slave that clapped back at his...


What Had Happened Was: Tusks, Fireball and belly shirts with the magical McKibben Brothers

A beer nerd and a cocktail wizard walk into a bar and leave the whole place shook. That hair-tastic duo, Brock and Landon McKibben, sat down for a chat with our Amelia Robinson for an episode of the What Had Happened Was podcast. The conversation was filled with talk of rock, root vegetables, belly shirts and King Cobra malt liquor. The Crystal Lakes natives are making their mark on Dayton, and have rocked France as members of the band Grand Mammoth. Born two years and four days apart (Brock...


What Had Happened Was: Soft and wet & sweet sticky things with John “Turk” Logan

A little boy egged by other little boys who didn’t like "his type" grew up to be a man who helped propel the “The Land of Funk” into the national spotlight. Amelia Robinson sat down with John “Turk” Logan for the latest episode of the "What Had Happened Was" podcast. Turk opens up about life with a mother who was an alcoholic and how he became one of the most important DJs in the country. As head of programming at WDAO in the 1970s, Logan got some of the biggest acts of the day — Bootsy...


What Had Happened Was: Dublin Co-Owner Steve Tieber

The hint of copious amounts of Guinness beer in the air can only mean one thing: that St. Patrick and his day of shenanigans are on the way. It also means that the Dublin Pub will soon be hanging its tents with care for the bash expected to draw 10,000 people. The pub in the Dayton’s Oregon District will be throwing its 20th St. Patrick’s Day bash. Amelia Robinson sat down with co-owner Steve Tieber for a magically delicious conversation that led to talk about a dozen or so men in jumpsuits,...


What Had Happened Was Episode 4: Why the Vagina Tree was way more controversial than we thought.

We knew the Yellow Springs vagina tree was controversial, but grrrrrrrrrl was it ever. Amelia Robinson caught up with the ladies behind one of the most talked about stories of 2017 for the latest edition of the What Had Happened Was podcast. She chatted with the vagina tree’s creators Kate Hamilton, Corrine Bayraktaroglu and Karen Jane Russell, before Bayraktaroglu hightailed it out of the area for a new journey in Arizona. As you may remember, the vagina tree caused all sorts heated debate...