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I'm just here to connect the dots. You do what you want with the picture. Politics, Education, Relationships, Music and More! Subscribe, Rate and Review but most importantly Share. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support

I'm just here to connect the dots. You do what you want with the picture. Politics, Education, Relationships, Music and More! Subscribe, Rate and Review but most importantly Share. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


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I'm just here to connect the dots. You do what you want with the picture. Politics, Education, Relationships, Music and More! Subscribe, Rate and Review but most importantly Share. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support




The Bubble

Another Off the Rails exclusive lol. I'm actually laughing writing this but I do look forward when I can give yall a genuine episode but until then welcome to the bubble. Website - https://linktr.ee/whatwegonedopod --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


My Krazy Life

Something came to mind post Verzuz the other day and I decided to hit record. Hear a little bit more about My Krazy Life in this short episode. Website - https://linktr.ee/whatwegonedopod --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


Triple Double Duties

Shoutout to the Parents. This year ain't been no joke and even more so for us. I've taken on the role of parent and teacher and I'm reaching my breaking point lol. Website - https://linktr.ee/whatwegonedopod --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


The Divided States Of America

I decided to record this the other day. Not quite an episode and not quite a minisode either. Can't wait to get back to yall crazy asses. Be Safe Tho. PS voting rights act was 55 years ago.... Website - https://linktr.ee/whatwegonedopod --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


No Bright Spots 2

I write my show notes pretty much for myself I mean who looks at these anyway. This is a part 2 that isn't a part 2 if that makes sense. I didn't plan on recording this nor did I expect us to be in the current state that we are in but here we are. I stayed focused for the most part but I got emotional here and there and started forgetting shit my bad but as usual I hope yall got the point... All lives matter "Hey, get some help I broke my leg...what about my leg" Long Game - Dismantle...


No Bright Spots

Yall still listening? Looking at the stats naw not really lol. Just believe me when I say I've been itching to get back to my show. I own this and when i'm out so is the business. Tis the plight of a solo podcaster but who cares. Don't know which way is up or down well me either. On today's episode you guessed it i'm talking about this funky ass pandemic again. I don't know about yall but as the magic 8 ball would say the answer is unclear ask later. As reluctant as I am to say this I've...


You Gotta Be Kidding

If you haven't realized it yet our kids are the new us. Hopefully better, faster, stronger and all that good shit. I'm blessed to be involved in my kid's lives and see them grow but as the clock turns I think to myself what will they be? What will they remember? What's going to be something they hold in their memories forever. It's wild not that long ago we were kids and we had all these things to say about our upbringing and still do but now it's their time. What impact will you make...


What's Going On

Wazup yall? Shit crazy ain't it yea I know. On today's episode, we just gone have a conversation I don't know what else to call it. The world ain't what we are used to and now we all have to adjust accordingly. I was ready for the winter to be over but nothing could have prepared me for this. Listen at your own discretion. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


Somebody Who Needs You

With the new addition to the family this latest episode came to mind. Everything changes but some things stay the same well at least for me. Hope yall enjoy. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


Special Delivery

Better late than never and I don't mean the frequency. Very special announcement on today's episode so make sure you listen to find out. Shoutout to those of you who have left new reviews and shoutout to all my podbean people that keep the show alive. Yall killing it but make sure yall talk to me and give me some feedback. Feel free to email me and let me know yall out there. Feel free to hit the cashapp as well if you really rock with the show lol. Check out the Premium Podcast Playlist...


21 Questions

This episode pretty much speaks for itself and yall know I went over 21 questions but you get the sentiment lol. I did something I rarely do in this episode which is answering internet questions for black men or men in general. I generally stay out of these debates unless it's for shits and giggles just because I rarely take the internet seriously. Let me know what yall think. Did I hit the marks or miss the targets? Check out the Premium Podcast Playlist exclusively on Podbean: Let Me Holla...


They're Playing Basketball

On today's episode, we are talking WNBA Basketball and specifically the new CBA. I first heard the news on social media because isn't that how we all get our news these days right. Immediately one individual came to mind to do an episode on this. Now you might ask why I even cared about this news well it's a pretty big fucking deal and it's something I've monitored over the years actually. Fair Pay for the WNBA has been a conversation so to finally see a deal both the league and players...


Checks Over Strikes

The older we get its like the worse we think. The things that most would consider accomplishments we don't even celebrate anymore. We glorify and give more light to the mistakes in our lives than anything or anyone else. Well on Today's episode I'd like to flip that ideology on its head because we need to give credit where it's due. We do so many actions throughout the course of a day and keep ourselves so busy to where there's little to no acknowledgment of the positive things. Hopefully...


I Wanna Thank You

I hope yall enjoyed the last episode "I Wanna Thank Me" and I know yall didn't think I would forget about yall. I wanted to take some time out to go down memory lane. On today's episode I'm reading all the reviews that I've gotten over the years. Honestly I never knew how far the podcast would reach or how long I would do this. Like I said on the last episode I want to thank myself for making it to this point with the show. I appreciate everyone that has taken the time to leave a review and...


I Wanna Thank Me

Shoutout to Nic for giving me a bit of inspiration on this one. We do alot of talking, signaling and texting in our lifetimes but how much do we use any of those to thank ourselves. Appreciation goes a long way and Self Appreciation may go even further. I remember learning about interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as a student but we for whatever reason use those skills to benefit others more than ourselves. We have to take time to love ourselves and I mean really love on ourselves not...


Black Friday Announcement

Exclusive!!! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/what-we-gone-do/support


Here We Go Again

Back at it again with the white vans. One of the most difficult things to deal with for me and quite a few people is figuring out how to make it to the next day. I don't mean like surviving the day to make it to the next because of all the external things in this world. I mean you as an individual dealing with all of the internal things that make you just want to never leave the bed again or just frankly stop living. I'm talking about how you deciding again to get up every morning and get...


Our Education System Is Fxcked Up Pt 1

I said what I needed to say in the episode so these shows notes aint even gone do the conversation justice. One thing that has been important to me ever since I could remember was education. Now i'm no genius but one thing I do know from personal experience is that our education is fucked up, archaic, underfunded and needs reform now for the future leaders of tomorrow. I originally intended this to be one episode but the more I researched the more shit I needed to research and speak on at...


Wow... That's Crazy Episode

Been a minute since I did an entire episode on music but today is that day. Wale's new album came out what like 2 fridays ago and I didn't really have any expectations which is a really low expectation if you might imagine. I finally checked it out this past weekend and I've had that joint damn near on repeat since. If you checked out the Damn. Episode I appreciate you but this ain't that so there's your disclaimer. Oh yea and I talk some other music shit too. Go ahead and get the album...


Minisode: Views From The Bottom

Did yall miss me? Maybe not...well regardless I'm back with a new minisode where I ask a question. What's worse being in jail or being homeless? I want to know what yall think personally I'm going with homeless and ill tell you why on today's show. If you're thinking this is random as hell...well it is and I've had this one bulleted as a minisode for awhile. Better late than never right... Subscribe, Rate and Review on iTunes. Also available on TuneIn, Acast, Google Play Music, Spotify,...