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Guten Tag Berlin - What's She On Abroad

Guten Tag! It's another What's She On Abroad? this time from Berlin. A quick four day trip that managed to squeeze in lots of beer, landmarks, bratwursts, the Festival of Lights, new friends and exhibits. Bitch bitte, Berlin ist gut! Earworm: One by One by Rationale Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


036 Tangents

We're back with a brand new episode and boy do we go on some tangents! From the marmalade mussolini in office to Quincy Jones to Portlandia to musicals and everything in between. The latest Idris rival is a lovely amuse bouche, the Ghetto Action News™ is infuriating and of course we have the Pophorn (these reboots, ugh). Earworm: Sanford and Son Theme song by Quincy Jones Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


Bonus Ep: A Chat with Woody of Bastille

In this bonus episode, Mitzie is joined by Chris "Woody" Wood from Bastille!! Backstage at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, they chat In-n-Out, DJing, tours, Craig David and more (even Idris rivals). Thanks for the chat Woody! Earworm: (Fuck A) Silver Lining by Panic! At The Disco A special thanks to Kat, Rick, Ann and Unofficial Official Super Producer Peps Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


Insecure Rehash - Everyone is Bonnected

The end comes so quickly! Blasts from the past, harsh facts (no printer), questionable behavior, new starts - so much to cover in these last two episodes of #InsecureHBO!! Earworm: Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


Insecure Rehash - Scrotal Recall

Insecure never disappoints! We had to have a quick chat about the latest episode. SO many things happening - the topsy turvy baby shower, Lawrence and his chlamydia couch, Chad being Chad, hot Asian Bae returned and Nathan is ghost! Earworm: Incomplete Kisses by Sampha Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


Insecure Rehash - Past Peen Always Show Up

In the midst of our return episode (035) we rehashed Insecure's Season 3, Episode 5 cause we couldn't help ourselves! In case you just wanted to hear that bit. Beychella or bust was a bust but there were ferris wheel shenanigans, new friends and old exes! Earworm: Girl Blunt by Leikeli47 Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


035 Past Peen Always Shows Up

We are BACK to our regularly scheduled program and there was so much to chat about! To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Moviepass, Castle Rock and INSECURE - we ended up with an expanded Pophorn and the rule of exes. We all know past peen always shows up! There was a ton of Ghetto Action News™ and the new Idris rival is British gold! Earworm: Sicko Mode by Travis Scott Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


¡Hola Cancun! - What's She On Abroad

¡Hola Listeners! We have another What's She On Abroad? for you - this time from Cancun! Lots of all inclusive fun in the sun, matching outfits and Fernando! Gracias in advance for listening! Earworm: A special guest and PJ Mask Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


Insecure Rehash - Nanceford

Lyft Bae is back and we're here for it! What an episode - new beginnings, new relationships, new choices and more importantly butt naked Nanceford aka Nathan! Listen to our latest about episode 4 of Insecure Earworm: I Like That by Janelle Monae Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow email: info@whatssheonabout.com www.whatssheonabout.com


Insecure Rehash - It's Fine

Hot Cheetos, head, egos and a bit of growth in this latest episode of Insecure! It's another summer hiatus Insecure rehash because these episodes are too good! Btw it took waaaay too long for Mitzie to get "Facts... no printer" Earworm: Love Is Stronger Than Pride by Sade Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow email: info@whatssheonabout.com www.whatssheonabout.com


Insecure Rehash - Da Clurb

Don't look a gift horse in the dick - we're back to rehash the latest episode of Insecure! This Issa and Daniel episode had so much growth, real talk and laughs we had to chat about it! Earworm: Easy by Anna Wise & Xavier Omär Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow email: info@whatssheonabout.com www.whatssheonabout.com


Insecure Rehash - Know Better Do Better

Insecure is back! And so are we to chat about it! The premiere was so good we interrupted our Summer Hiatus to chat about Issa and her mess with Daniel, Molly and her mess with Dro, Fruit Frenzy, Thug Yoda and the past Idris rival who showed up in the Lyft! The music, the clothes, the melanin, the hair - we can't get enough Earworm: Banana Clip by Miguel Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow Email: info@whatssheonabout.com


Summer Hiatus - Don't Press The Button

Just like your favorite programming, we're taking a summer hiatus. But don't worry, we'll be back! Earworm: I Like That by Janelle Monae Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow Email: info@whatssheonabout.com www.whatssheonabout.com


Bula Fiji Islands - What's She On Abroad?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled podcast (that was derailed by a vacation) to bring you another What’s She On Abroad? This time from the Fiji Islands! Lots of beach, Fiji Gold beer, a reunion, a travel mishap and a dope resort. Ni Sa Bula for listening! Earworm: Brighter Days by J Boog Clip: I Like That by Janelle Monae Twitter, Instagram - @thewsoashow Email - info@whatssheonabout.com www.whatssheonabout.com


034 "Interns Wanted"

"Where's the intern?" In our latest episode we chat about past internships (did you really need that velvet tie Puffy?), summer hair and an update on the keto adventures! Perhaps one of the hottest men alive was found as an Idris rival and of course we had the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™ Earworm: Apeshit by The Carters Twitter @thewsoashow Instagram @thewsoashow Email info@whatssheonabout.com www.whatssheonabout.com


The Stan Report: How I Met Dan Smith of Bastille

So... Mitzie met Dan Smith of Bastille and promptly lost her shit! Listen to her Stan Report on the three song mini show and the following meet and greet. A special thanks and shout out to Shelby for the invite! Music: Quarter Past Midnight by Bastille


Special Episode: Sak Pase with Jules - Family and Identity

Just in time for Caribbean American Heritage Month, we have a follow up to our special episode Sak Pase with Jules! He's a college graduate (CONGRATULATIONS) which means his project about the Haitian diaspora is complete! Take a listen as he chats with family, young and old, about Identity and Family Music: Dekole by J Perry, Wyclef Jean, Shabba and Izolan


033 Summer Summer Summertime

Time to sit back and unwind! In our latest episode, we chat about summer vacations, Prince Ginge and the Duchess, Serena The Badass Williams, skinny dipping and of course Idris! Our Idris rival is not only hot but has an intriguing name and naturally we have the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™! Earworm: Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Twitter, Instagram: @thewsoashow www.whatssheonabout.com


032 Dear White Avengers Gala

We digressed again! Of course it started with Idris... which led us to the Met Gala, Avengers Infinity War, Dear White People, hoteps and some Ghetto Action News! We have a Keto update, find another hottie Idris rival and chat Janelle/Tessa among others. (link in bio) Btw Avengers spoilers were spilled so avoid 24:20-30:15 and 44:38-48:00 if you STILL haven't seen it! Earworm: Quarter Past Midnight by Bastille


U2 at The Forum!

So... Mitzie's behind editing our latest episode because she went to a U2 concert last night! Trying out the podcast recording app, she recorded "One" as an apology.