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Everyone has a story to tell, what's yours?

Everyone has a story to tell, what's yours?




Everyone has a story to tell, what's yours?








Ariel Rebel | Adult model unleashing her creativity

Ariel Rebel, a Canadian adult model, has a lot more to offer then you would think. This beautiful young woman puts her effort in various different creative projects. During a photoshoot in France, we find out more!


Trace ton cercle - Teken je hart

Vraagt u zich af wie die mensen zijn op ‘de plek’ in Hoegaarden? Met die cirkels? Luister naar deze podcasts. Dit zijn geen complotdenkers. Gewoon mensen die hun mening willen geven... onze junior reporter : Manon was daar voor deze interviews !


De l'homodeus à la crise du COVID en passant par le projet Neuralink d'Elon Musk : quels rapports pour Anis Bedda ?

Anis Bedda est un citoyen qui a fui, en son temps, la dictature de son pays pour venir vivre chez nous en quête de démocratie et du droit de pouvoir s'exprimer librement. S'il nous partage ses craintes aujourd'hui, on peut donc dire qu'elles ne sont pas basées sur des idées théoriques ou seulement un postulat mais bien de par son expérience, son vécu...et certains signes l'inquiètent grandement. Anis est aussi un passionné d'innovations technologiques (infotech et biotech), extrêmement...


Hugo Hoffmeister Filho | Using skateboard as an educational tool to inspire , transform and change lifes

We interviewed Hugo Hoffmeister, founder of SK8ROOTS,a project in Iceland with free skate lessons for kids, teenagers and young people with special needs.


Robert Roselli | Conspiracy Expert and Corona Crisis

We had an interview with Robert Roselli, a Conspiracy expert from the United States. We talk about the Corona crisis, that the world is experiencing at this moment and how Trump and his delegation are handling this situation.


Joni Bovill | How to get away with murder and big families

We talk to Joni Bovill, about growing up in a big family of 12 children and her growth into an acting career.


KiVo | Bad Chick and stealing snacks from Madonnica

About 2 years ago, we interviewed this amazing woman, with a poppy sound and crazy about unicorns. What has happened to the innocense of KiVo? We try and find out!


Adi Nouriel | Getting women into High Tech

Adi Nouriel talks about her past experiences and how her experience in technology inspired her to get women into High Tech. Her classes make you quickly realize, you can go further than you have ever imagined.


Ed Asner | Changes in show business with disruption of Netflix, Amazon and Youtube

I had an interview with 88 year old Ed Asner while he was touring the States for his one man show "A man and his prostate". Ed is an American actor who won several Emmys and the Lifetime Achievement Award for his amazing career. The older generation might know him as Lou Grant (Mary Tyler Moore Show), younger generation by the voice-over he did for the movie "Up!".


Trine Christensen | From stunts to running butt naked after Jeff Daniels

Trine Christensen grew up in Denmark, but moved to LA to become an actress. From doing stunts, to running butt naked after Jeff Daniels in Godless, overcoming her fears is a challenge she loves to take!


Audrey Walters | From Pancake Mom to Madame in Big Kill

We had a lovely chat with Audrey Walters, talking about the stay at home mom who became an actress. With lots of giggles and laughs, this is an interview I really enjoyed doing!


Ali Agirnas | From Godless to Space Force

Ali Agirnas was born in Turkey, and ended up in the States. We're talking about his acting, a little politics, but also his future plans. We discover some good advice from Jeff Daniels.


Lili Bordán | From the Paris of the East to children with Autism

We had a lovely chat with Lili Bordán, a talented actress and producer, but most importantly, just an amazing personality to talk to. We had a lot of laughs while we talked about her passion for film and children with Autism.


Scott Takeda | The Man in the High Castle and corporate films

Scott Takeda started out in journalism and photography, but soon found his passion in acting. Storytelling is his middle name. Time to question him about his experiences.


James Kennedy | Starting a revolution from his garden in the countryside

James Kennedy, a singer songwriter, part of the Kyshera band, but also owner of Konic Records and a writer, talks about the movement, a non alcoholic beer and his plans to take over the world.


Vincent De Waele | Reinventing Brussels and life

We live in an ever changing world. People change, and so do priorities. It's time to Reinvent Brussels. Join the Kick Off event, on September 26th, and be prepared to start the movement for a Brussels of Tomorrow.


Sam Medina | Always the villain, never the good guy (in films)

Sam Medina is nothing like you see on screen. He plays the villain in almost every movie, but deep in his heart, he's a funny, gentle guy, passionate about films. We'll be able to see him opposite Mark Wahlberg in "Mile 22", being eaten in "Venom", but also in his first directing debut "Code name The Dragon".


Nathan Segal | Silencing the noisy mind

Nathan Segal talks about life after PTSD. How he copes with Amnesia and self sabotage. An intimate view into his life. We discuss the trauma's and how he handled them with different techniques. From the darkness, into the light.


Annika Mattsson | Taking on poverty

When Annika was a child, she watched the news and saw all those children suffering, and the only thing she knew well, was to sing. So she wanted to earn millions and millions of dollars, and give it to all those suffering children. Annika still has that good side in her, and she really wants to help out people where she can. She's still as ambitious as she was when she was younger, and that defines her, that shy redheaded girl, with her incredible music.


Burning Table | Inspiration from Romania

The story of Burning Table began in November 2011. After a long career in last 25 years in different projects, the band united around the core Zsolt Szabo, Levi Molnar (Survolaj) and Bogy Nagy (Crossroads), and decide to name the project Burning Table.