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What happens when a pandemic and racial reckoning collide during midlife? For Aaron and Tami, who live in the “margins” being black in completely white spaces, it became an awakening.

What happens when a pandemic and racial reckoning collide during midlife? For Aaron and Tami, who live in the “margins” being black in completely white spaces, it became an awakening.


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What happens when a pandemic and racial reckoning collide during midlife? For Aaron and Tami, who live in the “margins” being black in completely white spaces, it became an awakening.






Ep 14: Royalty Fees

It is high tea time at Buckingham Palace and I know they all wish that tea was 420-laced! Y’all knew we were gonna read the damn tea leaves on that bomb-dropping interview! Come through as we chat about all of them royalty fees coming due for the House of Windsor! They also learn that a Grammy-winning country song was penned by a soul man. Stay by Sugarland gives a bitch all the feels. Come through, family! Aaron has been working on his announcer voice. (No comment)


Ep 13: Silent or Silenced?

Silence speaks volumes and we all know how to keep it cute for the work coins! Aaron and Tamu discuss the struggle to be authentic, opinionated and confident in work settings as people of color. They also recount a French (potentially DL-a.k.a. down low) love affair sung by Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Sign Your Name..” Come through, family! We laugh a lot on this joint! We can't just keep it to the topic at hand, here's what else we provided color commentary on in this episode: Follow us for...


Ep 12: Bitch, We Can't Save!

Can you pay our bills? Can you pay your telephone bill? Come chill. Aaron and Tamu chat about the financial challenges of growing up black. Aaron spends most of his throwback time gushing over Wendy Moten’s Come On In Out Of The Rain and convincing Tamu this needs to be her jam! It ain’t raining men, but a bitch can dream! Come thru, fam!


Ep 11: Double Stuff Oreos

Are you black enough? Aaron and Tamu chat about the challenges of being cultured and black. Come through as we spill all the tea and highlight another butterfly black history moment! And their love of the 90s continues with gone too soon, beautiful, George Michael’s Freedom ‘90. Come through - we talkin’ milk and Oreos type of bills!


Ep 10: Love Smorgasbord

Love is a battlefield, y'all! Come through, as Aaron and Tamu discuss love in all its rare forms! From that trifflin' ass boy that put your favorite song on the dead to me playlist to the bull shittery happening on the Not-Blackchelor, come on through! In this week's throwback, we let the love, heartbreak and rainbow flags fly - Deborah Cox's "One Day You Will" and "Things Just Ain't The Same." Y'all will want to dance after this one...come thru, family!


Ep 9: From Roots to Wakanda

Happy Black History Month! The shortest month...but anyway. Come through as Aaron and Tamu chronicle Great Moments in Black America from Lil Uzi Vert to Tessica Brown. They talk about the legacy of 1977s Roots and how far the black story has come from slavery to the futuristic world of Wakanda. The throwback threw everyone for a loop! They took a deep dive into New York hustle music with the homophobic jam “Another Man,” sung by Barbara Mason. Many pearl-clutching moments for us all! Come...


Ep 8: French Kissing in the USA

It's hard out there for a pimp, y'all! Aaron and Tamu discuss interracial relationships in a not-so post-racial society that hasn't reconciled itself with the truth. And after 18 seasons, there is finally a black bachelor! They go in on this American treasure and shoot shit real about the current bachelor and his kissing issues and insecurities. This time they compare two throwbacks and discuss why one booty bop is better than the other (Whoomp! There it Is by Tag Team vs. Whoot There It Is...


Ep 7: American Duality

Here comes that old time question in advance, what is y’all doing Inauguration Eve? Aaron and Tamu come through, giving a real read of the tea leaves as they process two Americas. Listen to the original You Gotta Be, by Des'ree and get some uplifting before we make the Insurrection Remix! This is not a dress rehearsal, kinfolk! Come thru!


Ep 6: Profiles in Privilege

All 2021 needed to do was come through, sit down and #STFU, y’all! Aaron and Tamu discuss profiles in privilege as they review the beginning of a new year with the same shit! They also discover that “Pumps and a Bump” is not pigs in a blanket according to this Hammer throwback! You’ll def need a cocktail! Come thru! More Profiles in Privilege: Miya 'Soho Karen" Ponsetto/Gayle King Interview: Part 1 | Part 2


Ep 5: 8 Christmas Trees

Come through, sweet baby Jesus! What the hell does Christmas look like this year, y’all? 2020 better not even think about delivering any bad news on the commercially sacred birthday of the lord. PERIODT. Tamu and Aaron also revisit a 90s love song:“You’re All I Need” by Method Man featuring MJB. Happy Holidays!


Ep 4: The Color Chip

Do you have a color chip on your shoulder? This shit is heavy like a monkey on your damn back. Aaron and Tamu share their perspectives on colorism and discover Aaron’s first affinity for sad songs (Michael Jackson’s “She’s Out of My Life”). Come through with the tissue, fam!


Ep 3: A Wolf Driving A Sheep's Minivan

Racism sucks. Aaron and Tamu chat about the painful experience of realizing those they let into their lives wrote a check they couldn’t cash. They also attempt to reconcile their love of a throwback (I Wanna Rock/Doo Doo Brown by Luke) with bad intentions. Come through, y’all! Bring your own plate!


Ep 2: The Contortionists

Aaron and Tamu talk about work “bills", code-switching and TikTok. Join us for an interesting conversation about the workplace reckoning. After the seriousness of that convo, we hope you get a giggle and a gasp as we reminisce about when we heard Closer, by Nine Inch Nails for the first time in this week's throwback song. Come through, y’all!


Ep 1: Check Please!

Check please! Aaron and Tamu are going line by line on this bill - and we have the receipts! Check out the first episode which chronicles their "aha moment" related to the world as we know it today. It's not all serious talk, our first throwback song is Butterfly, by Mariah Carey. Come through!