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Whispers in the Night is a podcast with a focus on the Midwest that is devoted to exploring the paranormal, unexplained, & the things that terrify us most through fact, fiction, & folklore.

Whispers in the Night is a podcast with a focus on the Midwest that is devoted to exploring the paranormal, unexplained, & the things that terrify us most through fact, fiction, & folklore.
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Whispers in the Night is a podcast with a focus on the Midwest that is devoted to exploring the paranormal, unexplained, & the things that terrify us most through fact, fiction, & folklore.






True Paranormal Story: UFO Encounters (Minisode)

It's our very first True Paranormal Story mini-sode! Tune in to hear Carolyn's personal stories of her UFO encounters! **If you have a True Paranormal Story of your own that you'd like to share, you can submit them for a chance to be featured on our next minisode to Nikki at trueparanormalstory@gmail.com Whispers in the Night is written, produced, & mixed by Seng Phengdouangdeth. Please visit www.whispersinthenightpodcast.com for more information on the podcast, special guests,...


Lights: The Val Johnson Incident

Its Episode 3: Lights: The Val Johnson Incident After a very long break, the show has been rebooted! In this episode, I explore one of the top ten most influential UFO cases in history, The Val Johnson Incident. Join me as I dive into the mysterious UFO encounter that happened to a deputy sheriff in Marshall County, MN in the early hours of August 27th, 1979 Tonight's frightening piece of fiction, "There's Something In The Corn Field Next To My House" was written by Blair Daniels and...


The Wendigo

It's Episode 2: The Wendigo It's an episode you can certainly sink your teeth into! In this episode I talk with Jen & Cate ("This Podcast is Haunted") about the tasty topics of cannibalism and the Wendigo. Join us as we uncover the history behind a legend adopted by North America and the terrifying secret behind The Wendigo. As usual, we have a frightening piece of fiction for you, performed by Q Dyer, "Wendigo" written by show newcomer Gemma Amor. Whispers in the Night is written,...


The Smiley Face Killer Theory

It's Episode 1: The Smiley Face Killer Theory In this episode I talk with Sammy Waisanen (Howl Horror Program) about the Smiley Face Killer Theory. It's a case of mysterious drownings spanning multiple states, from New York to Minnesota, leaving over 40 victims in its wake. In this episode we discuss some of the grizzly details that made two retired New York detectives follow a trail of bodies that ended up leaving more questions than answers. We have a frightening piece of fiction for...


S1| Episode 10: Urban Legends Pt.4.

The end is here! Check out the final installment of our series on Midwestern urban legends.


S1| Episode 10: Urban Legends Pt.2.

Episode 10 continues with its second part which includes urban legends from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio. For this episode, I interviewed Cate and Jen from the podcast. "This Podcast is Haunted" for stories on the "Michigan Dog Man" along with "The Wendigo". Join me as we explore the story of "Boy Scout Lane" from Wisconsin along with "Cry Baby Bridge" from Ohio. Intro story, "Urban Legend" by Reddit user, BECKYISHERE performed by Melissa Sturn. Feature story adaptation of "People Can Lick...


S1| Episode 10: Urban Legends Pt.1.

It's the beginning of the end... of Season One! In tonight's episode, we begin to explore three urban legends straight out of the midwest. The intro story, "Cottage Weekend" was written by Reddit user BoysnBury and narrated by newcomer and HUGE fan, Pamela Rose Hart. Feature story, "The Sallow Man" was written by J.J. Cheeseman and narrated by John Brokaw, Lindsay Smith, & Q Dyer.


The Christmas Bonus Episode

Three short audio fiction productions just in time for Christmas Day.


S1| Episode 9: Time Traveler Pt.1.

In 1998 the world started to learn about a mysterious time traveler who had a brief brush with the Midwest in 1975 while on a special mission to save the future. In this episode, we start to learn about a man who went by the handle "TimeTravel_0" and then eventually "John". Today's fictional story, "Pick-up" was written by J.J, Cheesman and narrated by Fras Shaharti of "Between Fact & Fiction". As an added bonus, I've decided to include the Fras' latest episode of his podcast, "Between Fact...


S1| Episode 8: The Halloween Episode

Halloween is here and what would that be without an episode from Whispers in the Night? In this episode, we celebrate the art of great storytelling by celebrating a man who -in my opinion- does it best. We have two feature stories written and produced by Soren Narnia just in time for Halloween.


S1| Episode 7:Interview With Psychic/Medium Dean McMurray Pt.2.

The continuation of Episode 7's interview with Psychic/Medium Dean McMurray. A HUGE Thanks to: My very first sponsor, Midwest Made for making this episode possible. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MidwestMadeShop?ref=l2-shop-info-name Midwest Made is a brand new accessory boutique that specializes in unique hair bows and bow ties for all ages. All products are 100% handmade right here in the Midwest and are, therefore, completely customizable. Contact the woman behind Midwest Made with your custom...


S1| Episode 7: Interview with Psychic/Medium Dean McMurray Pt.1.

This is Part 1 of my interview with local Psychic/Medium Dean McMurray. To contact or learn more about Dean McMurray, you can visit his website by visiting his website or clicking on the link below. http://deanmcmurray.com/ Music in this episode is by A Cerulean State. You can find the music provided as well as many other amazing pieces on Soundcloud or by clicking on this link: https://soundcloud.com/aceruleanstate #psychic #medium #paranormal #midwest #podcast #unexplained


S1| Episode 6: Footprints

The sighting of the mysterious print in the snow in 1811 would become the beginning of many more along with alleged sightings of the creature that these print belonged to.


S1| Episode 4: Into the Woods

You’ve seen it practically everywhere growing up, the dark woods where nobody is supposed to venture. Forests and woods have become their own characters in literature and the media because they symbolize so many things. Among them are mystery, darkness, evil, threat, or something hidden or unknown. They’ve become something we’ve learned to fear.Special thanks to newcomers, Frankie Denim and John Brokaw for contributing their voices. Links: Fear of Forests at Night Phobia –...


S1| Episode 3: Hotel

What is it about the atmosphere of older hotels that compel us to linger closer? * Whispers in the Night Episode 3: "Hotel" by Seng Phengdouangdeth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


S1| Episode 2: Intruders Pt.2.

It's that fear you realize when you find that your set of keys -which were hung next to the door- are now on your coffee table and start feel the presence of someone uninvited within your home. * Episode 2: Intruders (Part 2) by Seng Phengdouangdeth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.