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Poems and Observations by Renata June Almeida

Poems and Observations by Renata June Almeida


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Poems and Observations by Renata June Almeida








Leyla Alyanak: World Traveler, Founder of Women on the Road

This week, Renata talks to Leyla Alyanak. Leyla is a world traveler, a blogging pioneer, and the mind behind the website Women on the Road. Twenty years ago, Leyla left everything she knew to travel the world solo and make a living as a freelance reporter. Today, at sixty-four, she continues to explore the world … Continue reading "Leyla Alyanak: World Traveler, Founder of Women on the Road"


Naomi Wachira: Singer-Songwriter

This week, Renata talks Naomi Wachira, an Afro-folk singer-songwriter whose music speaks of hope and celebrates humanity. She has played to thousands of people in music festivals in Nairobi, and in 2013, she was voted Seattle Weekly’s best folk singer. In this episode, Naomi talks about the decisions she’s made and risks she’s taken to get … Continue reading "Naomi Wachira: Singer-Songwriter"


Monica Guzman: Co-Founder and Editor of The Evergrey

This week, Renata talks to Monica Guzman. Monica is a journalist and the co-founder and editor of the Evergrey, a daily newsletter that helps people in Seattle make the most of the city. Monica is a 2016 Neiman Fellow at Harvard University, and has written for multiple publications including GeekWire, The Daily Beast and The … Continue reading "Monica Guzman: Co-Founder and Editor of The Evergrey"


Larry Cheek: Boatbuilder, Writer, Teacher

This week, Renata talks to Larry Cheek, a writer who became fascinated with the abundance of water in the Seattle region and found a new passion: boatbuilding. Approaching his seventieth birthday, Larry is now building his fourth and biggest boat yet. Written by Lawrence W. Cheek: The Year of the Boat: Beauty, Imperfection, and the … Continue reading "Larry Cheek: Boatbuilder, Writer, Teacher"


Susie Lee: Artist, Entrepreneur and More

This week, Renata talks to Susie Lee. Susie is an artist, scientist, educator, entrepreneur, a karate black belt, and she recently became a mother. The dating app she created – called Siren – was awarded the GeekWire app of the year in 2015 and secured her company significant attention in the public eye. Among the … Continue reading "Susie Lee: Artist, Entrepreneur and More"


Bryan Dolejsi: Catholic Priest, Vacations Director Archdiocese of Seattle

Fr. Bryan Dolejsi talks about his ten-year discernment journey to become a Catholic priest, shares his decision take vows of celibacy and obedience, and discusses the doubts and anxieties related his faith.


Elisabeth Eaves: World Traveler, Writer, Business Owner

Writer Elisabeth Eaves shares the story behind her two published books – a travel memoir called Wanderlust, and her first title, Bare, which is an account of her experience working as a dancer in a strip club.


Todd Bishop: Co-Founder and Editor of GeekWire

GeekWire co-founder and editor, Todd Bishop, shares his journey from an employer in a traditional newspaper to a successful entrepreneur and content creator in the digital world. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Google Play


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