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3 Black British nerds talking all that good stuff in our own uncensored style. We discuss Movies, TV shows, comics and gaming every week, plus take questions from our listeners & followers!

3 Black British nerds talking all that good stuff in our own uncensored style. We discuss Movies, TV shows, comics and gaming every week, plus take questions from our listeners & followers!
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3 Black British nerds talking all that good stuff in our own uncensored style. We discuss Movies, TV shows, comics and gaming every week, plus take questions from our listeners & followers!






Episode 56 - Better the Devil you know! Feat. Dan from "Dan's Distillery"

This week, we are joined by vlogger, gamer and fan of all things geeky, Dan from the popular YouTube channel, "Dan's Distillery". We talk the return of Daredevil, Iron Fist's cancellation, the death of PS2, our favourite Black heroes and more! You can find Dan's YouTube channel here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMCgzYLdhCETDjninUDTytw Want to be a guest on our show? Have a geek project that you are working on and want to let our audience know? Get in touch with us via our social media...


Episode 55 - Interview with the cast of "Kung Fu Bodyguard" Part 1!

It's the return of the amazing Ramona Soo Jun Lee! She joins us to discuss the adaptation of her book "Kung Fu Bodyguard" into a movie, how she brought the current cast together and the challenges of making an independent Martial Arts movie. You can follow Ramona on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/RamonaLeeSooJun And find the official Facebook page for 'Kung-Fu Bodyguard' here: https://www.facebook.com/kungfubodyguard You can also find the official Instagram page here;...


Session 6 - Sympathy For The Devil

What would you do if you could live forever?? This week, The Rustling Kid aka Rich Reviews and Jason get into Immortality, creepy kids, more weird stuff from Spike's past and learn some of the trivia behind the episode. Want to listen to all our Cowboy Bebop episodes? Find them on our revamped SoundCloud page; https://soundcloud.com/woolongtalks/sets/the-bebop-rewatch Don't forget to visit our friends from Emotionally 14; http://www.emotionally14.com/ And the Brit Pod Scene! ;...


Is it worth a Tenner? Venom Non spoilers review

After years of development, a big screen adaptation of the beloved comic book anti-hero "Venom" has final hit the big screen! But, was it worth all the fuss & reshoots? Is this the birth of a new franchise? Find out our thoughts here! Don't forget to find other great podcasts like us over at Brit Pod Scene, a collective of great British, independent podcasts; http://www.britpodscene.com/ We are proudly E14 Endorsed! Find out more at; http://www.emotionally14.com/ Want to be a guest on one of...


Is it worth a Tenner? - The Predator & Ghoul Non spoiler reviews

2 for the price of 1 on this one, as Jason gives you his thoughts on Sci-Fi sequel 'The Predator' & chilling horror/thriller 'Ghoul'. Are either of them worth your time? Hit play to find out! We are part of the Brit Pod Scene collective, find other great, independant British podcasts here; http://www.britpodscene.com/ We are also E14 Enodrsed, meaning we are part of a group producing fresh new geek podcasts all the time. Find out more here;...


Bonus Edition Vol. 7 - Rambling with Rob Wade!

On this bonus epsiode, we chat to Rob Wade from Emotionally 14 about his new book 'Assorted Thoughts on Podcasting'. Ever wanted to know what it's like starting a podcast from scratch? Well, here's your chance to find out! We also discuss the latest developments with Emotionally 14 & more. You can find out more & purchase Rob's book from Amazon, here;...


Episode 54 - Fists of Fury! Iron Fist Season 2 review!

We hit a rising dragon punch on season 2 of 'Iron Fist' and take you through the highs and lows of the season & where we think the story is going (SPOILERS). Plus we get your answers to the Question of The Week! Subscribe to our audio podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/woo-long-talks-podcast/id1195680343 Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/woo-long-talks-podcast-2/woo-long-talks?refid=stpr SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/woolongtalks Find out more about the...


Is it worth a Tenner? - The Equalizer 2 Non spoilers review

Is it worth a Tenner? - The Equalizer 2 non spoilers review! Robert McCall is not a man to be messed with! But how does 'The Equalizer 2' stack up against the original and is it worth your time and money? Listen in for all the answers! Subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcasts for reviews like this and more; https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/woo-long-talks-podcast/id1195680343 Find out more about the BritPodScene collective here; http://www.britpodscene.com/ Check out other great podcasts...


The Bebop Rewatch - Session 5 : Ballad of Fallen Angels

Vicious is a bad, bad man! Welcome to Session 5 of The Bebop Rewatch, where we review episode 5 of 'Cowboy Bebop' where we begin to examine Spike Spiegel's murky past and get introduced to a savage new villain who seems to be burning with a desire for revenge and has his cross-hairs aimed firmly at Spike.. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK; https://www.facebook.com/TheBebopRewatch Find all of our podcasts at https://www.woolongtalks.com Check out our friends at Emotionally 14 for other great geek...


The Bebop Rewatch - Session 3 - Honky Tonk Women

Gambling, Gangsters, & good times. What else could you want from possibly want from this week's episode? How about our 1st introduction to the charismatic enigma that is Faye Valentine? We'll discuss all of this and more on Session 3 of 'The Bebop Rewatch'! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBebopRewatch/ Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/woo-long-talks-podcast/id1195680343 If you would like to be a guest on the show, get in touch with us...


The Bebop Rewatch: Session 2 - Stray Dog Strut

This Week, we step into a light hearted episode and our first forays into comedy as the crew of the Bebop encounter a serial pet thief, a slew of stupid scientists & meet our favourite four legged friend for the first time! Like us on Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/TheBebopRewatch Want to be a guest on the show? Get in touch via email: thebeboprewatchpodcast@gmail.com Find more of our podcasts over at https://woolongtalks.com/ Woo Long Talks on Social Media; Twitter:...


Episode 51 - "I'll f**k you up, Fanboy!"

What is wrong with fandoms today? Why are Star Wars & DC Movie fans seemingly at war with each other & what does that say about all of us? We tackle this, plus look back at E3 & what the future of the gaming world looks like, and pick a team of fantasy characters that we we think would win the Fifa World Cup! FOLLOW US! Twitter: https://twitter.com/WooLongTalks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/woo_long_talks/ Website: https://woolongtalks.com Email us a woolongtalkspodcast@gmail.com


Is it worth a tenner? Manhunt - Non Spoiler review

Hong Kong's maestro of action, John Woo, is finally back with another bullet-riddled bonanza! But, does it hit the target or is this a dull misfire? Listen in to find out!


The Bebop Rewatch Session 1- Asteroid Blues

So, we begin our story at the beginning! We look at the very 1st episode of 'Cowboy Bebop', how it introduces viewers to it's world, it's characters and themes, and some of the trivia behind the episode. We are joined by Big A aka The Manc Geek to hear his thoughts on the episode and the enduring legacy of the show. Want to be a guest on our next podcast? Get in touch! Email us at thebeboprewatchpodcast@gmail.com Like us on Facebook! : https://www.facebook.com/TheBebopRewatch/ Check out...


The Bebop Rewatch! - The Preamble

The boys from Woo Long Talks are back with a brand new podcast for your listening pleasure! Over the next 28 episodes, we will be rewatching and celebrating the awesomeness of the anime show 'Cowboy Bebop'! We'll be giving your an episode by episode break down of the show & have some guest join us to give their views too. Want to know a little about who we are and why we are dedicating our newest podcast to 'Cowboy Bebop'? Listen in! If you would like to be a guest on the show, get in touch...


Episode 50 - 50 is the new 20!

We celebrate our 50th episode by rambling as only we can on 'Solo' and the future of 'Star Wars', Andrew Lincoln leaving 'The Walking Dead' & reflecting on our journey from fledgling podcasters to..fledgling podcasters! Subscribe to our audio shows here; iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/woo-long-talks-podcast/id1195680343 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/woolongtalks Podbean: https://woolongtalks.podbean.com/ Or find us at www.emotionally14.com


Episode 49 - The con is on! feat. Nigel from 'Mayamada'

This week, we talk comic cons & Kickstarter campaigns with our friend Nigel, co-founder of the black British manga brand, 'Mayamada'. We round up our thoughts on this year's MCM Comic Con and Nigel tells us all about an exciting new project that he is working on & how he managed to pull it together! Mayamada Kickstarter campaign can be found here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/401125455/hot-lunch-the-all-ages-manga-style-graphic-novel


Episode 48 - Thundercats, Nooooooooo!

There's a whole heap of stuff for that we chat about this week, including 'Mission Impossible: Fallout', Luke Cage' Season 2, 'The Predator' & discuss the news of a brand new 'Thundercats' show coming our way in 2019. FOLLOW US! Twitter: https://twitter.com/WooLongTalks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/woo_long_talks/ Audio podcast available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/woo-long-talks-podcast/id1195680343 We are Emotionally 14 Endorsed! Find us at www.emotionally14.com


Is it worth a Tenner? - Deadpool 2 Non Spoilers review!

The early anticipated sequel, 'Deadpool 2' is finally upon us! Can the 'Merc with The Mouth' capture audiences hearts and minds once again? Or will this ambitious sequel crash & burn? Have a listen and hear our hot takes!


Special Announcement - Woo Long Talks is 'Emotionally 14' Endorsed!

A short announcement to let you all know that we will soon be available on the 'Emotionally 14' network! Look for the hashtag #E14Endorsed on social media & visit www.emotionally14.com for more info!