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Wookiee Radio 70: If You Whill It

Your Smugglers Three have returned to the holonets for episode 70 of Wookiee Radio. This week we start by looking at what is on the horizon for Star Wars and what do we really know about the Jon Favreau tv series. We also cover: Hasbro Star Wars convention exclusives A new Hovertank and Z6 Riot Control Baton coming soon. What went into keeping Maul's appearance a secret in Solo. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order was announced at E3 Darth Vader comics will tie into Jedi Fallen Order What are we...


Wookiee Radio 69: Smugglers Alliance – Solo Review

This week, the Smugglers Three gather together the first assemblage of the Smugglers Alliance, a group of fellow Star Wars fans from around the galaxy. The Alliance has been assembled on this episode for a roundtable discussion on the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. Our resident scoundrel JTC. his site Dale from Network 1901 and on YouTube Stephen from Roqoo Depot Jeremy from The Neverland Podcast Jim From The Falcon's Lounge


Wookiee Radio 68: Solo Spoilers Review

The Smuggler's Three are back and this week we spoil all things "Solo: A Star Wars Story" We discuss what happens, the new characters, the "fan" reactions, Easter eggs and so so much more. And did you catch the Black Spire Outpost, from Disney's Galaxy's Edge, Easter egg?


Wookiee Radio 67: Tagged & Binked With Kevin Rubio

This week, the Smugglers Three are down to two for most of the show as Ken is delayed at an Imperial checkpoint. The Smugglers also welcome guest Kevin Rubio to the show, creater of the fan film Troopers, and writer of several episodes of the Clone Wars cartoon, as well as several Star Wars comic issues. The group discussed everything from unused story ideas to the current state of Star Wars fandom with Kevin.


Wookiee Radio 66: Pickup, Order 66

Your Smugglers Three have returned to answer the call of Order....I mean Episode 66. This week we finally had the announcement about Star Wars Celebration 2019, as well as: Is Lando getting a spin-off or not? Do the rumors of an Obi-Wan movie smell like Poo Doo? Why did Ron Howard turn down the Phantom Menace? What exactly is WDW doing for Star Wars: Galactic Nights on May 27? Lego has announced four new sets for this Summer. Do we need another X-wing? Marvel Comics is adding clues as to the...


Wookiee Radio 65: Holy Hera, It’s Vanessa Marshall

This week, the Smugglers Three welcome guest Vanessa Marshall to the hideout for a fun interview. Vanessa has several Star Wars roles that she has voiced, but her most recognizable role is probably that of Hera on the Rebels cartoon. The Smugglers Three also welcome a very special additional guest for the beginning of the interview as well. Additional topics discussed in this issue include: 1. Possible pre-production on the rumored Obi-Wan movie. 2. Timeline details about the upcoming Jon...


Wookiee Radio 64: May The 4th Be… Hey Tangents

Your Smugglers Three have returned this week and the theme of the week is tangents. We talk about what does it mean to be a "Star Wars Fan"? There is also plenty of Solo news. We covered: Solo pre-sale tickets are on sale now. Lucasfilm has released a new clip from Solo for May the 4th Alden Ehrenreich has confirmed how many films he has in his contract Ron Howard confirmed reports of George Lucas visiting the set of Solo John Boyega hints about a large time jump between episodes 8 & 9 There...


Wookiee Radio 63: Resistance Is Coming

This week, Mike and Derrick start the show off by themselves as Ken is off on a scout mission investigating an Infinity War in some far off Galaxy. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. The Solo movie is not necessarily an origin story. 2. The Solo movie will feature the story of how Han gets the Falcon. 3. Alden Ehrenreich gives addresses some of the rumors surrounding the Solo film. 4. An interesting cast detail about Episode IX. 5. A description of the Falcon Experience touring...


Wookiee Radio 62: Gonk Droid With Attitude

Your Smugglers Three have returned for episode 62 of Wookiee Radio and the Solo news flood gates have been opened. There are 2 new TV trailers and international posters. Some of the other topics we discuss are: Victoria Mahoney is named second unit director for episode IX The Solo release date for China and rumors of when we can buy tickets. Lucasfilm has released more info on the new tie fighter seen in the Solo trailers. We have new details on Dryden Vos and his criminal syndicate...


Wookiee Radio 61: Pop Goes The Solo Breakdown

Solo, Solo, Solo. A full trailer for the Solo movie was released, and you know the Smugglers Three are going to talk about it. It is hard to believe that the movie is less than two months away. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. A breakdown of the Solo trailer. 2. A rundown of the latest Star Wars and Solo products coming out. 3. Game talk, including some fun Battlefront news. 4. Mark Hamill says he is ok with not returning to Star Wars. 5. Final thoughts news bites.


Wookiee Radio 60: Solo Goes To France

Your Smugglers Three have returned to the Holonets and this week we discuss Solo in Cannes. We take a closer look at two new troopers from Solo and Mark Hamill gives his thoughts on possibility of recasting Leia. We also discuss: 12 things that we learn from the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi comics 7 reasons why you NEED to read the Last Jedi novelization Simon Pegg says that the explanation of Rey's parentage in the Last Jedi was different from what JJ Abrams had in mind.


Wookiee Radio 59: Fan Theories Gone Wrong

This week, the Smugglers Three use the slow news week to give themselves a chance to focus more on having actual discussions about Star Wars. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. A ranking of fan theories about the current trilogy of films. 2. New pictures of the Haslab crowdfunded Jabba's, Sail Barge. 3. A large eBay auction of Star Wars memorabilia, 4. Is there an oversaturation of Star Wars?


Wookiee Radio 58: Rebels Wrap Up

The Smugglers Three are back on the Holonets. This week we are joined by John Tyler Christopher and Steven from Roqoo Depot for a roundtable style discussion of Star Wars Rebels. What did we like? What didn't we like? And what do we remember from the 4 season history of the show.


Wookiee Radio 57: Stormie Squeaky

This week, Ken is recovering from the emotional blow of the Rebels finale, leaving Mike and Derrick on their own to record the episode. Topics discussed on this episode include: The final Rebels recap. The end of an era. The themes of Rebels echo the. Themes of the entire Star Wars saga. Jon Favreau has been tapped to write and executive produce a new live action Star Wars series. A deleted scene for Last Jedi expands the fight between Finn and Captain Phasma. An image has been released...


Wookiee Radio 56: The Green Bunny Is Back

Your smugglers three are back with episode 56. This week we take an in depth look at the Rebels episodes "Wolves and a door" and "A world between worlds". We also look at: Newsarama sat down with Marvel Editor Jordan D White to talk about the current and future state of Marvel Star Wars Comics. A certain green rabbit will be making his way into Star Wars cannon through IDW's Star Wars Adventures comics Then we finish with a run-down of this week's Star Wars bood releases.


Wookiee Radio 55: Jedi Knight, Silent Night

This week, the Smugglers Three focus on cartoons, toys, and comics. It's like they are kids again......or still. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. A full Rebels roundup. 2. The Hazlab crowdfunding project for Jabba's Sail Barge. 3. A look at the toys and collectables announced at Toyfair this year. 4. Book and comic releases for the next week.


Wookiee Radio 54: Untini With Youtini

Your Smugglers Three are back and this week we are joined by Corey, one of the creators of Youtini. Youtini,(youtini.com), is a new Star Wars books subscription box service. Also this week a lot of Solo merchandise was announced. Here is some of the other topics that Corey talked about with us. The list of Solo tie in books. Lawrence and Jon Kasdan talk about starting on a Solo project before the Disney buy and the inspiration for the movie. Disney announced more details for Galaxy's Edge...


Wookiee Radio 53: #FlySoloFly

This week, the Smugglers Three are joined by Jeffery Fischbach of The Canto Cast as they fly Solo as they take a deep dive into the trailers that were finally released for the Solo movie. A breakdown of both trailers released for Solo. 5 highlights from the Solo trailer. The story behind Lando's co-pilot droid in the Solo trailer. A look at some of the character names revealed for the Solo movie. A story about Harrison Ford giving some Han Solo pointers to Alden Ehrenreich. A discussion...


Wookiee Radio 52: Solo, Han Solo

Your Smugglers Three are back with episode 52 of Wookiee Radio. At time of recording we still don't have a Solo trailer but we discuss that and when we may get it. We also discuss: ​Galactic Nights returns to WDW for the Solo premier weekend. ​Carrie Fisher was honored at the 2018 Grammy Awards. ​Rian Johnson talks deleted scenes on the Last Jedi Blu-Ray. ​The new book 'Star Wars: Bomber Command" ​Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 coming soon to DVD/Blu-Ray ​A review of the...


Wookiee Radio 51: Solo Oscar Talk

This week, the Smugglers Three take a dive into the Oscar nominations as they relate to Star Wars, and mention a graphic novel sale on Amazon. Oh, and they play a bit of Star Wars Family Feud as well. Topics discussed on this episode include: Still no trailer for the Solo film, but a synopsis has come out. The funeral of Han Solo. A college in Ohio is offering a course on Star Wars. A look at the Oscars nominations each movie has gotten over the years. Books and comic releases for the week.