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A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)


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A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)






Episode 424- Beach Reads: "I Just Want to Read Dumb Shit and Vibe"

This week we're discussing beach reads--the concept, what makes a good one, and what do we read at the beach?


Episode 423 - Baby J: "John Mulaney Doesn't Owe Us An Apology"

This week, we're talking the John Mulaney's net Netflix special, Baby J. Also public apologies for personal failings, morality, and addiction. It's not that serious tho.


Episode 422 - Bad Endings: "I Hated It Then and I Hate It Now"

This week we're talking about when something you love—a book, movie, tv show—just...blows the ending. Looking at you, How I Met Your Mother.


Episode 421 - Judy Blue Forever: "I Have So Many Lil Notes"

This week, we watched Judy Blue Forever, the new documentary on Amazon Prime. Basically we gush about Judy Blume for the whole episode, but...can you blame us?


Episode 420 - Tetris: " It’s Bad News Bears Behind the Iron Curtain"

This week we're talking about the new movie from Apple tv+, Tetris. It's a wild story of...the liscening of Tetris? Eh whatever, we watched it.


Episode 419 - Love Is Blind: "I Was Sure Kwame Hated That Woman"

Okay we gotta talk about it. We're talking about season 4 of Love is Blind but with a special WFF twist: Taylor only watched the weddings. Don't worry, the Emilys are here with the tea and the opinions.


Episode 418 - Pets: "They’re So Emotionally Manipulative"

This week we are discussing the little furrie babies we let run our lives. Pets: having them, loving them, and bending to their will.


Episode 417 - Your Place or Mine: "Can We Both Be the Tig Notaro?"

This week we are discussing the new(ish) Netflic romcom Your Place or Mine starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. It is a romcom where the leads barely have any screentime, which it turns out is fine.


Episode 416 - Dumb Holidays: "We Left the Monarchy Behind"

This week we're discussing (US) national holidays, why we need more of them, and how the ones we have are stupid.


Episode 415 - Nicolas Cage: "Yeah, So They Took His Pig"

This week we're exporing the enigma that is Nic Cage. Is he a good actor? Are his movies good? Is he good in them? We watched some of his movies to try to figure it out.


Episode 414 - Shrinking: "I...Would Like That Water Bottle"

This week we're discussing the new Apple TV+ show Shrinking starring Harrison Ford and Jason Segel. We talk about the characters, how it's better to watch a character climb out of the hole they dug, and the joys of Harrison Ford.


Episode 413 - Organization: "My Situation is… Very Monica Geller"

This week we're talking organization. Buying those little bins. Getting the OXO containters. That sweet, sweet, dopamine hit when your space looks nice.


Episode 412 - The Cut's New Rules: "Eff Off! HIPPA!

This week we're going through the new etiquette rules from The Cut for life after COVID. Plus some detours. At one point we discuss how it’s unreasonable to eat whatever you want at your desk, then pivot to not allowing people to comment on others’ food. We never change.


Episode 411 - Relationship with Work: “We Really Lost the Flow of This Conversation”

This week we are dicussing our relationships with work, how they've changed, and there is a brief interlude for Emily K to watch Rhianna's half time show.


Episode 410 - Poker Face: "Benjamin Bratt Has the Hair That Patrick Dempsey Thinks He Has.”

This week we are discussing the new Peacock Original show from Rian Johnson and probably some other people but let's be real that's the one they're promoting, Poker Face. Also Emily K has a little aside about the hair of male actors.


Episode 409 - Rom Coms: "Watch Rom Coms, Do Crimes"

This week we're talking rom coms, because they're the best. What makes a god-tier rom com? What do we look for? What do we NOT look for?


Episode 408 - Background Noise: "That’s Why We Don’t Go to Maryland and Why We Don’t Allow Our Kitchens to Go There Either"

This week we're discussign background noise...what we hear during the day, do we like silence, do we fall asleep to silence, what podcast do we play to avoid being alone with our own thoughts....


Episode 407 - Memoir Titles: "I’m Not Happy About it, But Neither Are You"

Listen we just wanted to chat a bit, so we came up with a concept that let us talk to you about how our weeks have been. This week we're telling you what this week's chapter title would be in our memoir (shoutout celebrity memoir book club as they do this every single week lysm).


Episode 406 - Sex Lives of College Girls S2: "*He* Thinks It's Enemies to Lovers"

This week we're breaking down the second season of Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, and what a wild ride. We're so glad we don't have to deal with college housing situations anymore.


Episode 405: Getting Older: "I'm So Aware of My Back"

This week were talking about getting older, but not yet being old. And the value of good shoes, comfortable sleep, and standing mat.