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Remember when life was good? We do. Let's talk about it. A podcast dedicated to everything 90s and early 2000s. Stop by for hot new episodes every Tuesday and Friday!

Remember when life was good? We do. Let's talk about it. A podcast dedicated to everything 90s and early 2000s. Stop by for hot new episodes every Tuesday and Friday!


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Remember when life was good? We do. Let's talk about it. A podcast dedicated to everything 90s and early 2000s. Stop by for hot new episodes every Tuesday and Friday!






Fedora Jonas

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: On today's episode, we channel our inner-Disney 4-1-1 auras to uncover the truth about the Bonus Jonas. What was/is the deal with this t-shirt/vest-wearing anomaly? In other words, who was the child under the pinstripe fedora? Also, we give you the official "sitch" on Christy Carlson Romano's new lifestyle vlog. SPOILER: it's exactly what you think it is.


Ariana Won The War

NOW, BUT THEN: On today's episode, we discuss the ongoing debate surrounding the Ariana vs. Victoria feud. Was it real? Is it still happening? Are we finally going to admit that Ariana won? Also, we discuss yet another reboot: ALL THAT!


It Looks Like Kyle Massey Wants to do Music?

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: On today's episode, we dive into the surprisingly stable post-childhood-star life that is Kyle Massey's. We learn about his troubling, yet, not surprising, music endeavors, his insta-famous wife, and his strange, yet again, not surprising, connection to Soulja Boy. Also, we learn about and heal from the triggering visual stimulus that is Will Smith's interpretation of the Aladdin genie.


Message in a Baby Bottle Pop

THIRSTY THURSDAY: On today's episode, we try something a little new: our first-ever candy review! We both try and cringe at the shockingly sour taste of Baby Bottle Pops. We also explore some of the brand's most iconic promotional stunts and celebrity collaborations. Also, is Bow Wow good? Has anyone checked on him? Katie did, and we are SHOOK.


American Idol: The Reckoning

QUIT TRIFLIN': On today's musically-themed episode, we analyze (and, later roast) American Idol's cultural relevancy. We discuss the different factors that led to the show's sputtering exit and hobbling return. We discuss the career-shattering decision that was Katy Perry's blonde hair and the lasting ramifications that the pixie-cut has had on the music industry. Also, Ashley is back with yet another single/video combo, but this time, it's deep.


Ned's Declassified B-Horror Movie Survival Guide

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: On today's episode, we slide down the mysterious rabbit hole that is the barren reality of the cast of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. We discuss failed reality shows, struggling music careers, and Shay Mitchell's interesting type-cast of "That Lesbian Chick." Also, we honor and celebrate our favorite celebrity couple: Danberly. That is Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Koutz of Halloweentown fame.


Star Wars Episode I: We Need Hope

NOW, BUT THEN: On today's episode, Katie reveals the JARRING reality of two infamous Star Wars actors. We also discuss the devastating denial that fans of the franchise upheld for years after the release of the first prequel. Why did we think it was good? Is it actually good? It can't be good, right? Also, we explore the recent philanthropic happenings of everyone's favorite noodle head, Justin Timberlake. Trolls was bad, though. We all agree on that, right?


Little Kids' Martinelli's

THIRSTY THURSDAY: On today's episode, Katie and I sample the suspiciously unclassifiable drink Hawaiian Punch. Also, we celebrate and mourn the fourteen-year anniversary of the premiere of the Nickelodeon masterpiece Zoey 101.


Chick-fil-A in Mykonos

SPECIAL NEWS ALERT: On today's special episode, Katie and I break from routine to bring you THE YEAR'S MOST IMPORTANT NEWS PIECE. We discuss the travesty that is Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. After stomaching the first episode, we breakdown MTV's latest debacle's unsettling cast, shaky premise, and highly-medicated host. All things considered, #prayersforlindsay.


Saying Bye to MS

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: On today's episode, we talk about Disney's latest reboot nightmare: Kim Possible. Was live-action the best choice? Was dragging Kim's haggard corpse out of the Disney vault worth the financial flop? We decide. Also, we discuss the mid-2000s most iconic pop-punk band Metro Station. We analyze their coincidental origins (and possible nepotism?), along with the band's unsatisfying middle and hilarious finale.


The Practical Pant

QUIT TRIFLIN': On today's episode, Katie breaks down the fashion world's latest questionable direction: bootcut jeans. Are they making a comeback? And in what way? Also, we discuss Aaron Carter's "newest" musical release, "Fool's Gold." In a way, it is fool's gold, because it's not what you think. You'll get what we mean once you take a listen.


Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Milk by Yada Yada Yada


Guess Whoville

Guess Whoville by Yada Yada Yada


Like The Pussycat Dolls... But for Tweens?

Like The Pussycat Dolls... But for Tweens? by Yada Yada Yada


Pokémon: CGI Monster Babies

QUIT TRIFILIN': News flash! Pokémon is back and more confusing than ever! If you're like me, your Pokémon literacy probably ended after Pichu made an appearance in Super Smash Bros: Melee. If that's the case, you're probably wondering, like me, why Ryan Reynolds is voicing a talking Pikachu in a strange live-action adaptation of the beloved children's anime. Let's talk about it.


Now That's What I Call What's On The Radio

NOW, BUT THEN: In today's episode, Katie explains the history behind everyone's favorite music compiler: "Now! That's What I Call Music!" We discuss the franchise's relevancy and its status as basically the "The Land Before Time" equivalent of pop radio. Get your Hit Clips ready, kids!


#ffffff Colored Ketchup

THIRSTY THURSDAY: On today’s episode, we discuss the dismal, yet daring, business failure that was colored ketchup. Also, Ashley Tisdale is back and irrelevant as ever with a brand new single!


Emma Watson Sheen

QUIT TRIFLIN': If you thought Mischa Barton died on Season 3, Episode 25 of The O.C.,THINK AGAIN. We're diving into Mischa's turbulent past and unwritten future as she finds her way through this world as a shameless #sponcon queen.


Rest in Phoenix, John McCain

QUIT TRIFLIN': In today's episode, we discuss Lilo's puzzling outreach to the McCain family following the late senator's passing. Strap in. It gets weird.


Harry Potter and the Magic Man's Rock

NOW, BUT THEN: On today's episode, we revisit one of HISTORY'S most ICONIC movie franchises (and book franchises too): Harry Potter. We dive into the mystical lore that made this franchise a success, while also learning from problematic decisions of the past.