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We are a young podcast that is looking to expand its reach. We are hoping you will be able to do this for us. I did not see an area above to note that the podcast is explicit. It is marked in the RSS feed, but I just wanted to make that clear. Thank you for your consideration.

We are a young podcast that is looking to expand its reach. We are hoping you will be able to do this for us. I did not see an area above to note that the podcast is explicit. It is marked in the RSS feed, but I just wanted to make that clear. Thank you for your consideration.
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We are a young podcast that is looking to expand its reach. We are hoping you will be able to do this for us. I did not see an area above to note that the podcast is explicit. It is marked in the RSS feed, but I just wanted to make that clear. Thank you for your consideration.








Ep. 50 - Dumpster Fires Round 2

Episode 50 marks a year of podcasting! We celebrated by recording on Facebook Live and going back to one of our favorite things to talk about, Dumpster Fire Movies! Come have a listen and let us know what you think of the movies that we discuss. We also get some input from the Facebook Live audience! This weeks drink from our friends over at Secret of the Booze was, The Mule-kon Cornelius! It is the first of our Christmas themed beverages! We would definitely recommend trying this one!...


Ep. 49 - Justice in the DCEU

WARNING! Potential Spoilers! Episode 49 has another guest at our table. Our buddy Dennis is here to share his feeling on the direction the MCU is taking and to help Duffy review DC's newest movie, Justice League! Our current events hit on Gamestop and EA's loot box controversy, a personal octo-copter, and Marvel's Netflix series, The Punisher! As always, we have a lot to say! In honor of the newest Marvel Netflix release, we decided to taste test the War Zone cocktail created by Secret of...


Ep. 42 - It's the Most Basic-est Time of the Year

Episode 42 is live! This week we talk about fall and how it is finally here! Time to bust out the pumpkin spice and Uggs! We talk about how shirtless Mario has rocked the gaming world, a new home security drone, and a sequel to Titanic that might actually be worth seeing! Spoiler alert! It's because we made it up! Secret of the Booze gifted us with another fiery shot! This week we are reviewing, The Freddy Krueger. This shot will put you in a sleep so deep that you won't have a nightmare...


Ep. 40 - #Defend

We have hit episode 40! We waited a few weeks to discuss this topic so people would have a chance to watch. That being said, there may be some spoilers ahead! We are sitting around, drinking, and discussing, The Defenders! The show that Netflix has been building up to for the past few years. In our opinion....worth the wait! Come join the convo and be sure to message us with what you thought of the show. Secret of the Booze had us covered this week with, The Drink Without Fear, a Daredevil...


Ep. 39 - Robin! Boy Wonder? Or Boy Blunder?

Episode 39 is here and once again we are a host down! Adulting is hard! Joining us again this week to fill the void left by Jason is Mr. Dennis Burke. We got together this week to discuss the upcoming live action Teen Titans show and their choice for Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin/Nightwing. As usual, Duffy has some strong opinions, but we can't say he's wrong! Let us know how you feel about the choices they are making, or just how you feel about life in general by messaging us on social media!...


Ep. 36 - Secret Agent Woman

Hey everyone! It's time for episode 36 of You Me & Duffy (It's a podcast!) This week we talked about a bunch of stuff, but our main focus was on Duffy's review of, Atomic Blonde. Spoiler alert! He really liked it! That is the only spoiler you are going to get from this episode! Duffy did his best to tell us as much as he could without spoiling any plot points! Plus you get to find out what our secret agent names would be! Be sure to let us know what yours would be by leaving us comments on...


Ep. 35 - First is the Worst and Second is the Best

Episode 35 of You Me & Duffy (It's a podcast!) is up and running. This episode had our guests, Dennis and Handsome Bryan return to talk about sequels that we feel are better than the originals! We also talk about the low expectations that gamers create for themselves in the eyes of educators, making your own mead, and what our first cars were! Secret of the Booze had the perfect drink to go along with this topic! Head over to YouTube to see the creation of and our review of the T-1000!...


Ep. 34 - Pros and Conventions

Hey guys! You Me & Duffy is back after a nice vacation and we are bringing you the news from D23 and SDCC as well as a few other choice morsels! Come listen as we discuss the comic, television, and movie news put out by all the biggest powerhouses in the industry! If there is something that we missed and you want to hear us talk about it, make sure to let us know! With the release of some big news from DC that will define the future of their comics moving forward, we decided to review the...


Ep. 33 - Spider-Man Coming Home

Episode 33 is here and we have two guests in the studio! Helping us review the movie, Spider-Man Homecoming is Dennis Burke and our buddy Bryan! Come sit and hear our thoughts on this newest installment in the MCU. We are all in general agreement that the MCU is where this character belongs so just give it up Sony! Let us know your thoughts on the movie or just Spider-Man in general. He is one of our favorites! We jumped back to our very first Secret of the Booze for this episode, The Web...


Ep. 31 - Mergilla Gorilla

It's episode 31 of You Me & Duffy! This whole episode was created around a topic suggestion and Ask Me Anything from Mr. Jonny Stone! It's all about Ru Paul's Drag Race and all those beautiful drag queens! We won't pretend we had a lot of knowledge about this topic so we brought in some guests to help us out. Around the table with us this week was Brittany (last name redacted) and Michelle. Come listen as they try to explain an entire culture to us! Let us know what you think we should...


Ep. 30 - Women of Badassery

Welcome to episode 30 of You Me & Duffy! This week we will finally give you our review of, Wonder Woman! There have been a lot of articles flying around the internet saying that "We finally have a movie with a strong female lead." To that we say, HAH! We list just a small portion of actresses that are and have portrayed, Women of Badassery! Let us know who we missed. In honor of seeing Wonder Woman we drank one of Secret of the Booze's newest beverages, The Martini of Truth! It was tasty...


Ep. 29 - Truce Blayne: Eccentric Thousandaire

It's time for episode 29 of You Me & Duffy! This week started off with some sad news. Adam West, most known for his role as Bruce Wayne in the 1966 Batman series, has passed away. We are going to take a look at all the iterations of his most iconic role and pick our favorite and least favorite bits and pieces. Grab a drink, sit back, and have a listen to this weeks episode in honor of Mr. Adam West. For the Secret of the Booze we decided to go with a Batman themed beverage. Since we had...


Ep. 28 - Mert Murderk: The Man With Fear

It's episode 28 of You Me & Duffy! This week we talk about trash TV with our special guest, Brittany (Last Name Redacted). We talk about the shows that have invaded the mainstream from today and some from our pasts. We also learn the true identity of Matt Murdock's B-Side! Be sure to let us know what kind of trash tv you used to watch and maybe even still do! For the Secret of the Booze this week there wasn't really a drink that matched the topic. So we decided to go through the list and...


Ep. 27 - Jawson Momoa: Wizard of the Abyss

It's episode 27 of You Me & Duffy! This week we talk about summer blockbusters and summer horror movies! Come and find out what Scott thought Jaws was about when he was a kid! One of us refuses to watch Turistas and we flash back to an Emilio Estevez "classic" that has an homage to an upcoming summer movie. Also, Wonder Woman may be the movie that pulls the DCCU out of the ashes! This week's Secret of the Booze was the, Quint's Bucket o' Chum! And let me tell you, if some of this was in...


Ep. 26 - All Bonds Go to Heaven

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Please take some time during this holiday weekend to remember those that fought and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our and others ways of life! During whatever celebration you will have, maybe make some time to listen to Episode 26 of You Me & Duffy! Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of sad news. The most recent of which inspired the topic for this episode, James Bond. Sir Roger Moore passed away at the age of 89 after a battle with cancer....


Ep. 25 - Dennis and the Trash Pandas

Happy Mother's Day to moms everywhere! You deserve all the recognition and love the world can provide! So why don't you treat yourself to Episode 25 of You Me & Duffy! This week we and our guest, Mr. Dennis Burke, tried to be as non spoilery as possible while talking about, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! It was so good! We will most likely see it several more times! We give our opinions and talk about our favorite parts while trying to not give anything away. It's pretty hard! Let us know...


Ep. 24 - Frozen 2: Ice Ice Babies

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! It's Episode 24 of You Me & Duffy! This week we are heavily front loaded with current events! We talk about everything from VR games, a huge chunk of Star Wars gold, and upcoming reality shows to live action remakes of childhood classics. It takes a while, but we finally get to the topic at hand, Cinco de Mayo! We will give you a brief history for the event that birthed this day of heavy drinking! *Spoiler Alert* It is NOT Mexican Independence Day! To continue...


Ep 23- Glamping: Camping or the Destruction of Rustic Living

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 23 of You Me & Duffy! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, wed decided to do the whole episode on Facebook Live! Thanks to everyone that watched and commented! If we try this little experiment again, we will try to respond to more comments and include as many of you as we can! In this weeks episode, we were talking about camping. What it is, what it was, and what we are turning it into. We touch on the ten things the Boy Scouts say you need, and the most...


Ep. 21 - Cornbread Pancakes With Chili

Happy Easter everyone! And welcome to episode 21 of You Me & Duffy! If you're like us on any given holiday, you will be doing some drinking! This week we talk about hangovers. What are they? What happens? And some folk remedies from around the world to help cure them. Spoiler alert! A lot of them involve eating various animal parts! One even involves your armpit and a lemon wedge! You will also be delighted to hear about times we didn't only drink so much we wanted to die, but about times...


Ep. 20 - Damn Nature! You Scary!

Welcome to episode 20 of You Me & Duffy! This weeks episode was inspired by fear! And that fear was inspired by, Pennywise the clown! That's right! Stephen King's iconic, It is being rebooted and it looks creepy as hell! Seeing as two members of the show have a fear of clowns, it got us thinking about phobias. What are some of the stranger ones? How does it differ from your normal fears? We just barely grazed the surface of this huge topic! Come listen and find out what our fears are and...