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A podcast where your host interviews a variety of people about their favorite movie and why.

A podcast where your host interviews a variety of people about their favorite movie and why.


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A podcast where your host interviews a variety of people about their favorite movie and why.






Rosemary's Baby w/ The Podcast That Wouldn't Die

Kevin and Erin from The Podcast That Wouldn't Die stop by to tell us why Rosemary's Baby isn't just a good horror movie, it's one of the best movies of all time! We learn the origin of their podcast name, hear about the sequel book to Rosemary and Kevin tries his best to do a remake, but Erin just keeps telling him why he's wrong. Find The Podcast That Wouldn't Die wherever you get your podcasts. Follow the show at


Vampire's Kiss w/Shorror

The month for horror continues as Shorror joins the show to talk about a movie she discovered earlier this year, and immediately fell in love with, Vampire's Kiss, starring Nicolas Cage. She tells us when she discovered it, talks about a Twilight-esque sequel and has the perfect choice if a remake was to ever happen. Follow Shorror at Follow the show at


Scream w/ Gory Cory

Gory Cory is a blogger/podcast host/correspondent for Fangoria. She tells us how to came to be affiliated with Fangoria, and then we turn our attention to the Wes Craven classic, Scream. We talk about why she loves the movie, all the sequels, including which character she would like to see come back, and of course, do a recast of the original, which would have more teen representation. Find Cory at Find her podcast, The Scream Teens, as a part of the Anatomy of a Scream Pod...


Halloween Franchise Ranking w/Ben Scrivens

Ben Scrivens returns to the show and helps me rank the entire Halloween franchise. We start off on the same page, but I quickly derail any type of typical Halloween ranking and may make some enemies after this episode. We both had a ton of fun doing this and I hope you all enjoy it. Ben is the owner/founder of the horror merchandise company FrightRags. Be sure to follow them on all social media and visit their website at Follow the show at


Suspiria w/ Katie (Smooth Thrills Radio Hour)

This week I am joined by Katie, one of the co-hosts on the Smooth Thrills Radio Hour. We dive into Dario Argento's Suspiria, as Katie talks about her love of a good film score. She also gushes on the color palette of the film. We talk a little about the Mother of Tears trilogy and what a direct sequel may have looked like. Katie also discusses a different type of remake, but then talks herself out of it. Overall, it's a fun episode that you don't want to miss. Follow Katie on Twitter...


Brightburn w/ Talkin Shiz

CJ, the host of the Talkin Shiz podcast, stops by to tell us why Brightburn should be Your Next Favorite Movie. Find Talkin Shiz wherever you get your podcasts. Follow the show at


The Return of the Living Dead w/ Ed (Film Effect Podcast)

I am kicking off October with a bang as Ed from The Film Effect Podcast stops by to talk all things The Return of the Living Dead. He gives us a history lesson about why some people think this is a sequel to the George A. Romero classic. We talk about the sequels and have fun recasting this thing. Follow Film Effect at Follow the show at


Dune w/Chip Sebastian

I am joined by the man of many talents, Chip Sebastian! He is an actor, author, dancer and more! We talk about his new short film, Per Annum, coming out soon. Then, we dive into David Lynch's Dune, just in time to get ready for the new coming out in October. We talk about the film, the book, possible sequel ideas and of course, recasting the film. But there's so much more in this episode that you don't want to miss. Like Rammstein. Find Chip at Follow the show at...


Death Becomes Her w/Chris Blevins

I am joined by my friend of 30 years, Chris Blevins, to talk about Robert Zemecks' Death Becomes Her. Chris has an idea for a Netflix series and some interesting choices in the remake department, so check this one out! Find Chris on Instagram under Chris Blevins. Also, find him on Twitter @cbseamonkey. Follow the show at


The Silence of the Lambs w/Scott Mendelson

It's my birthday! So, of course I want to talk about my favorite movie. But I couldn't possibly put myself under the spotlight, so I have a film critic/box office guru and writer for, Scott Mendelson on to discuss the film. We talk about the state of the movie economy and a lot about box office numbers before diving into The Silence of the Lambs. We also talk about Manhunter, Hannibal, Red Dragon and even Hannibal Rising. We touch on the series as well. This is a great episode...


All About JAWS w/Azi

While my first episode covered JAWS, this is a special episode and I needed a special guest! Local Martha's Vineyard resident and free lance horror writer, Azi joins the show to talk all things JAWS. She tells about being a child and seeing Bruce for the first time and has plenty of other tidbits to share as well. She also answers questions from the listeners! This is a different format for the show, but one you don't want to miss! Follow Azi on Twitter @mvglittergirl. Find her writing at...


Kill Bill w/ Good Game Guys Podcast

I am joined by Shane and DeVaughn to talk about the Quentin Tarantino epic, Kill Bill. We all tell about we first saw the film, or in my case, how I missed out on seeing it. We discuss possible sequel ideas and throw out some names for a (hopefully not) possible remake. Find the Good Game Guys wherever you get your podcasts and be sure to follow them on Twitter @ Follow the show at


Bad Influence w/ Tucky Williams

Tucky Williams returns to the show and she brings it! We talk about Snow White and Sex Tapes aka the true story of the original Fight Club. No, we're actually talking about the 90's thriller starring Rob Lowe and James Spader, Bad Influence. But it's all there. Tucky also tells us about a Jared Leto universe and even has a Chuck Palahniuk story. And stay tuned to the end, as we have an announcement to make. Make sure you're following Tucky...


The Princess Bride w/Georgia (Best Film Ever podcast)

I am wrapping up the Best Month Ever on the show as the last remaining member of the Best Film Ever podcast, Georgia joins the show. We talk about the 1987 fantasy adventure film, The Princess Bride. Georgia also tells us about the book upon which the film is based and comes prepared with a fantastic cast for a remake. Follow Best Film Ever at Follow the show at


Bridget Jones' Diary w/Ellie (Best Film Ever podcast)

BEST MONTH EVER continues as Ellie joins the show and talks about why she absolutely loves Bridget Jones' Diary. We, of course, talk about the sequels that exist, the long rumored sequel and what she would have wanted in a sequel way back when. Then, we get to the recasting part and Ellie has some good options, so don't miss out. Find Best Film Ever at Follow the show at


Star Wars w/ Ethan (Best Film Ever)

I continue the Best Month Ever as Ethan joins the show. Ethan occasionally joins Best Film Ever and also is the co-host of Talking the Mickey. He tells us why the original Star Wars is the best and how it has shaped his present and future. Follow Best Film Ever at Follow the show at


Grease w/Liam (Best Film Ever podcast)

Best Month Ever continues as Liam joins the show to talk about Grease! He tells us his favorite songs and tells everyone why you should give the film a chance, even if you don't like musicals. Follow Best Film Ever at Follow the show at


Little Miss Sunshine w/Ian (Best Film Ever)

I am kicking off the BEST MONTH EVER! Ian, the host of the Best Film Ever podcast joins me to talk all about Little Miss Sunshine! We talk about our initial thoughts on Steve Carrell and Ian has the unenviable task of recasting the film. You can find all the Best Film Ever links at Follow the show at


Favorite Movies 1993-??

This is it folks. The final installment of the bonus series, which covers my favorite movies, finishing up with the year I was born. Hope everyone has enjoyed these episodes. And be sure to let me know your favorite movies from the year you were born to present. Follow the show at


The Exorcist w/Joe Moe

This week, Joe Moe joins the show to talk about The Exorcist. We talk about his extensive background in the horror community. Then, we dive into all things Exorcist. First viewings, sequels, people that laugh at it now and so much more. Look up Joe Moe on all social media or just head over to Follow the show at