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A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.

A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.


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A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.






Mommie Dearest w/ The Brothers Blevins

Happy belated Mother's Day everyone! Chad and Chris are back for this month's deep dive, and we're reviewing the poll winner from last month, Mommie Dearest! We went with a Mother's theme and this is the Biggest Mother of Them All. We discuss the film, some aspects from the book that it's based on and we also announce the picks for next month's poll! Which has two picks per person this time! So, make sure to head to our Twitter page and make your voice be heard! Follow the show at...


Friday the 13th Franchise Ranking w/ Anthony Brownlee

Happy Friday the 13th! Author Anthony Brownlee is back and we're talking more horror! Specifically Friday the 13th. We go back and forth, so check it out to see which ones we have as our #1 in the franchise. Do we have any in the same spot?


Coherence w/Duncan (GDT Podcast)

This week, I am joined by Duncan, the host of the GDT podcast. We learn about his podcast and then dive into Coherence. Find his podcast by searching GDT anywhere you get your podcasts. Follow the show at


Dredd w/Pete (Middle Class Film Class)

This week, I am joined by Pete from the Middle Class Film Class podcast. We talk about Dredd from 2012, not the Stallone version from 1995, Judge Dredd. I do have a story about seeing the original in theaters that you don't want to miss. Pete tells us about the sequels that could have been and comes with a hell of a cast for a remake. Find Pete and his classmates at Follow the show at


So I Married An Axe Murderer w/ Josh (Weekend at Deckard's & 25000 Miles)

This week, I am joined by a fellow Josh to talk about Mike Myers in So I Married An Axe Murderer! Josh is the cohost on the 25000 Miles Radio show, where they highlight bands from all over the world. He also has the Weekend at Deckard's movie podcast, where him and his siblings talk about movies they grew up with.


Single White Female (Audio Commentary w/The Brothers Blevins)

Chad and Chris return and we are trying out a new format for the show. We are doing a watch along/commentary on 1992's Single White Female. We hope you check it out and give us some feedback on what you think about the new format. Follow the show at


The Evil Dead w/ Archer

This week I am joined by Archer to talk about The Evil Dead. Follow the show at


Blacula w/ Anthony Brownlee

Author Marc Anthony Brownlee returns to talk about Blacula from 1972. We start off by talking about his particular writing format, get a preview for his upcoming book and then dive into Blacula. Find Anthony's work by searching and typing Marc Anthony Brownlee, books. Follow the show at


Terminator 2: Judgment Day w/ Brooke

This week, Brooke joins the show to talk about her love for James Cameron's T2! She talks about seeing at a young age, which sequels she still hasn't seen and comes up with a pretty good recasting of the movie. Follow the show at


My Cousin Vinny

Chad and Chris are back, and we're talking about the movie that overwhelmingly won last month's poll, My Cousin Vinny. We brag on all the performances in the movie, reveal the options for next month's poll and announce a change to the format. You don't want to miss this one! Follow the show at


Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man w/ Dre (Ta2Squid Podcast)

This week is a returning guest, as Dre from the Ta2Squid Podcast stops by to talk about the underseen Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man! We also learn the origin of his podcast name and he comes prepared with a sequel/reboot/requel. Follow the show at


Evolution w/ Hayley

Hayley joins the show to talk about why Evolution is her favorite movie. We discuss the sequel she would like to see and find out who she thinks could be in a modern day remake. Follow the show at


Hook w/ Rob Ciano

Chad and Chris are back as host and they welcome on the director of the new film Shimmer, Rob Ciano! They discuss his new film and then dive into Steven Spielberg's Hook. Find Shimmer here: Find the show at


Swamp Thing w/The Brothers Blevins

Chad and Chris are back to review the winner of this month's poll and that movie is Swamp Thing. We talk about science gone wrong, terrible creature costumes and how this wasn't the movie we thought it was. We also reveal our choices for March's poll. If you like what we're doing, please consider leaving a 5 star review on any platform that allows it. Follow the show at


Labyrinth w/Erica Wilson

The host of the Mon Jardin Au Coin YouTube channel stops by to tell us why and how she started her gardening channel. We also talk about the classic that is Jim Henson's Labyrinth. Check out her channel today! Mon Jardin Au Coin - YouTube Follow the show at


Whiplash w/ Pete (Middle Class Film Class)

This week I am joined by Pete from the Middle Class Film Class Podcast. We talk about his new favorite movie Whiplash and which movie that it dethroned. We talk about the only way to do a sensible sequel and Pete comes prepared with a cast for a remake. Find Pete at and on Follow the show at


When Harry Met Sally w/ The Brothers Blevins

It's our Valentine's Day episode and what better movie to cover than one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time, When Harry Met Sally. We ask the question, "Can men and women just be friends?", gush over the dialogue in the movie and recreate the diner scene in a segment that has to be heard to be believed! Follow the show at


Pan's Labyrinth w/Pocus Hocus

This week, Chad and Chris take over hosting duties for Josh and welcomes the creators of the comic book series, Pocus Hocus. Allen Dunford and William Radford talk about their love for Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth and how it inspired them to create Pocus Hocus! I have attached a link to their Kickstarter below. Follow the show at


Zodiac w/ Sabyn Mayfield

This week Sabyn Mayfield joins the show. We talk about growing up in the film business, how Sabyn got Jeff Jarrett a role in the movie Spring Breakers and how he made the transition to music. We also dive into David Fincher's masterpiece, Zodiac. We talk about how Sabyn hated it the first time he saw it, how he came to love it and also learn about how his mom came to work so closely with Fincher. Find Sabyn at Follow the show at


Terms of Endearment w/ The Brothers Blevins

It's here. Our longest episode to date. Chris and Chad join me again, this time to talk about our recent poll winner, Terms of Endearment. We finally figure out why Chris wanted Josh to watch this so much. Did this movie make Josh cry? We hear a story about how one scene reminded Josh of Chad and Chris as kids. And also a scene that reminded Chad of Josh. Also, we read listener comments and reveal our picks for the next poll. Make sure you're following the show on Twitter to vote in the...