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Episode 33: Grandma's Day Out

The family visits Sams grandma and takes her out to lunch; we talk about our day with her, and reminisce about her life. website ( 033 - Joan and Sam 033 - Special Lunch 033 - Synchronise Diaries


Episode 32: Names and Signatures

Sam talks about changing her surname after she was married and the difficulties with remembering her new signature, and being tempted to use her old name at her school reunion. website (


Episode 31: ApplePay, iPhone and the Apple Watch

After a very long break and several interruptions, Sam and Dave finally find some time to record. Prompted by a half remembered article about Australia becoming a cashless society, they talk about using ApplePay, the iPhone and Apple Watch. Sam talks about how people are still impressed when she uses her Apple Watch to pay for things and they both get distracted by doing real-time tech support for Sam and her iPhone. website (


Episode 30: Google WiFi

After a unplanned break, Sam and Dave are back talking about their wireless network. Udate: We've decided to return the Google WiFi. Dave could not get the PS4 to connect to the PlayStation Network, even with everything being reset to default settings. website ( 030 - Marsh Rack.jpg


Episode 29: Coffee and or Tea

Sam and Dave talk about Coffee and Tea, and associated activities. Sam talks about Mothers Day ( presents Sam lists why this time of year is always busy for her Sam talks about why it's a big year for her Dave doesn't think January and December don't count as part of the year Sam talks about buying Fairtrade ( beans Fairtrade is about stable prices, decent working conditions and...


Episode 28: Open Homes and Buying Houses

Sam and Dave give their tips for visiting open homes and things to do when looking to buy a house. website (


Episode 27: Kids Sports

Recorded while we wait for our eldest at soccer practice, we talk about kids sports and activities. We're also joined by our special guest Simon partway through website ( Special Guest: Simon.


Episode 26: The Canberra Trip

Everyone heads off to Canberra ( for the weekend. Sam and Dave talk about driving to Canberra and spending the weekend there, and the places they visited. Sam isn't allowed to hold the microphone They talk about rebranding to ( Listener question about Womens Collective from Episode 23 ( They talk about reasons Canberra was built ( Sam does her best GPS...


Episode 25: The One with All the Music

Join Sam and Dave as they meander though the music of their youth. Sam asks some questions from the Music Survey of 60 Questions ( website, which kickstarts various discussions relating to music. Dave gets a haircut which he has no idea how much it cost Dave bought a foam microphone windscreen and wants a mic flag The kids loved watching the turntable spin, but it's broken now Dave still doesn't have a fax machine...


Episode 24: Second Hand Phones for Kids

Join Sam and Dave as they try and work out what phones to give their kids. Should they refurb the batteries in their old iPhone 4s or buy new phones for themselves and then hand down their iPhone 7 and iPhone SE? Sam also trys to work out which phone she prefers, but they don't seem to come to any conclusions. Dave also completely forgot to check the iPhone, iPad, Mac Buyer's Guide ( links ( Contact us (


Episode 23: Womens Collective

The kids prank their Nana, Dave struggles to choose a better microphone, and Sam talks about being the elected officer for her universities Women's Collective. links ( Contact us ( Follow us (


Episode 22: An Atheist and a Christian

Sam (a Christian) and Dave (an atheist) talk about how their differing religious and spiritual views and the affect on their marriage. They also briefly discuss Tiangong-1 ( and the 2018 Australian ball-tampering scandal (,_2018) Our podcast of the week is Film Snuff ( links ( Contact us...


Episode 21: First Movies

What are your first movie memories? Sam and Dave try to remember the first movies they saw as kids, and memories associated with them. See the show notes for links and release dates of the movies we discuss. Our podcast of the week is Liftoff - Relay FM ( 21 - Sam meets Olivia Newton-John Sam meets Olivia Newton-John (


Episode 20: Food Glorious Food

Dave had a birthday that he's not interested in, but this prompts Sam to talk about her favourite thing in the world; food. Dave recounts having a meal he didn't want with a girl he was trying to impress, Sam talks about how they got engaged, which somehow spirals back to her favourite foods. We also learn that Dave eats the same food nearly everyday, and had the foresight to purchase a backup emergency cake. Our podcast of the week is Twenty Thousand Hertz (, and we...


Episode 19: Back to Uni

(Sorry for the poor audio, we were trying something new with our mics and it didn't work that well) Sam talks about starting her final semester studying Law, her experience being and assisting mature age students, the difficulties they face juggling study and other commitments, and challenges and pathways for mature age students to take up further studies. We dive into doing assignments with references, the problems new students face getting up to speed with how to correctly format them,...


Episode 18: Old flames and ex-partners

Do you stay connected with ex-partners and old flames on Facebook while you're in a relationship? Sam and Dave have a quick chat about having that discussion with your current partner. They also briefly distract themselves talking about the overuse of social media in society and try and work out what's considered an early start to the work day. links ( Contact us ( Follow us (


Episode 17: Spin and Win

Sam and Dave answer some random questions chosen by a hastily written and buggy script. What movies have you watched recently? What sort of phone case do you have? How have TV shows changed? What naughty foods do you eat? And Dave tries and fails to come up with a way to give away some stickers ( links ( Contact us ( Follow us ( Special Guest: Max.


Episode 16: Valentines Day Special

In our very special Valentines Day Special we talk about Sam (/hosts/sam) not listening to podcasts (/podcasts), the birthday paradox (, the doggy door installation, our house renovations, collecting rubbish, SpaceX (, flame throwers (, importing guns into Australia (, and...


Episode 15: SpaceX, Tesla and the Starman

SpaceX ( have launched a car into space ( and live streamed it to the world (! Sam and Dave discuss the launch and other SpaceX stuff, most of which Dave gets wrong and proves you should do your research before talking. Sam discusses watching the launch live, and they both try and work out what's next for SpaceX and Humanity on...


Episode 14: Return and Earn

Sam and Dave talk about the NSW container deposit and recycling scheme called "Return and Earn (", their visits to the 'reverse vending machine', and a quick tangent about milk crates and the legally dubious methods Dave was contemplating in an effort to acquire one. links ( Contact us ( Follow us ( Reverse vending machines From ( FAQ:...