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Ambers and Octopi

Amber ales and animal facts. It's nearly as informative as Discovery Channel's Shark Week. If Shark Week was produced by a couple of idiots and their fourteen year-old cousin who "ain't quite right." The highlights include Fountain Square Brewing's Preacher's Daughter Amber Ale. It's an American Amber with hints of citrusy hops balanaced with buiscuit malts. Next up is Urban Artifact's Thoroughbred Barrel Aged Imperial Amber Ale. This one sparks quite a nice conversation among the...


Brown Beers and Beaver Butts

Don't let that super-sweet episode title fool you. There is actually, genuinely, truthfully good beer reviewing that took place in this episode. Sure, we then talked about getting pulled over and chugging a beer, Adam's death hugs, and expressing beaver butts. All of this because you need to get the hard-hitting news somewhere and we're just the team to bring it to you. Expert journalism aside, our local beer is Bier Brewery's Backpackin' Brown Porter. This medium bodied porter "for all...


4 Beers 4 America

Three cheers for four beers and a Happy Fourth of July to all! Keeping with the tradition of expressing our unwavering patriotism we bring you another super special edition episode sponsored by our friends at Books and Brews! We go back-to-back with two very different IPA's from Scarlet Lane Brewing. First their Vivian Red IPA and then a less traditional Bourbon Barrel Aged Braggot style IPA, Eirik Bloodaxe. To finish up we bring in two offerings from Upland Brewing. We start a little...


Rise of the Angels and The Legend of the Iceman

Hi there loyal listeners! We're breaking our routine and not talking about blondes this go-around. 18th Street Brewery put out a refreshing beverage with hints of grapefruit, Rise of The Angels. So we start there and then veer directly off course and move on to a cider offering from Angry Orchard. After that, things just get weird. There's a lot of discussion of crabs, cheese, and heists. Maybe not one of our more informative episodes, but certainly one to sit down and enjoy with a beer...


More Blondes!

Yeah, we’re featuring blondes… again. But hey, when the weather is this nice, sometimes you just need a nice refreshing beverage that Pete can mow his lawn drinking. First up we have Gold Standard from Taxman Brewing Company. This Abbey-Style Blonde Ale spurred a fair amount of discussion amongst the group. We follow-up our local beer with a trip to Germany, Ohio. Yeah. Germany. What of it?!?! We talk about Rhinegeist’s Cougar Blonde Ale. This one is an American Blonde Ale that shares...


Good Times and Goses

Celebrate National Beer Week with this banger from your buddies at thespeakpodcast! On a warm Spring day we very few beers are as refreshing Gose. We kick things off with the Indiana standard gose from, Triton Brewing, Barn Phantom. An interesting offering out of Collective Brewing in Ft. Worth, Cup O' Beer is our out-of-towner. To wrap things up, we may or may not have promised to spend a few hundred dollars obtaining a beer should this episode get 10,000 downloads.


BES: Irish Beer with Four Day Ray and The Pint Cycle

We sat down with some friends from Four Day Ray and The Pint Cycle at FDR Brewery in Fishers. We in the tap room on kegging day (if you're wondering what those noises are), and we gained some additional education and insight in to traditional Irish beer styles just in time for St. Patrick's day! This is the first episode in our new Beer Education Series. Come learn with us! We cycle through a few beers in this episode. The first two are red ales: FDR's Kingstown Irish Red followed by...


Beer and Adam's Apple Games

Looking to satisfy both your inner gaming nerd and inner beer nerd? This episode we were lucky enough to sit down with Adam Rehberg of Adam's Apple Games and discuss an exclusive and super-cool demo we were provided of: Brewin' USA Taproom Takeover. We discuss the in's and out's of the game a little bit and talk some Minnesota beer. You'll be able to visit with Adam in person at Gencon 2018 and you can find his newest game, Swordcrafters on Kickstarter! A beer and a game later in to our...


The Remembrance of the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas! And this our fourth one of those. As always, we bring to you Anchor's Christmas Ale. This winter warmer has rich and creamy flavors that range from honey-nut to fruitcake plum. But lest we get ahead of ourselves, we kick things off with Evil Czech's, Stalin's Dark Side Imperial Stout. It's bourbon barrel aged with Woodford Reserve which we found to be thick, robust, dark and malty... like Adam's dates. We finish off the show by discussing Hallmark drinking games, offer a...


Flat 12 Two: Electric Boogaloo

Here it is, our second hour with Flat 12's, EZ and Phil. In this hour we sign Pete up for another binge eating contest scheduled for July, 4th. We do also discuss more future releases from Flat 12 and were privileged enough to sample their 12 Days of Christmas release from last year, a Belgian Tripel. We wrap up by discussing our favorite budget beers, our least favorite beer styles, and the first beer we ever had. Great behind the scenes discussion with a couple of great guys. If you...


Black Acre Part Two

This is part two of our visit with Black Acre Brewing. We're a few beers in to our evening at this point, but Jordan and Steve do share with us some of the "nuts and bolts" of brewing. We also get additional information from James of Kitto Insurance about the importance of asking questions. Get some exclusive industry insight as it relates to cost, consumers, marketing, and region when it comes to craft brewing and craft sales.


Cider-Day featuring New Day Craft

Celebrate your Cider-Day with us! On tap this episode we've got a double-dose of ciders starting with an offering from New Day Craft! Johnny Chapman Hard Apple Cider (sweetened with Sorgum) is *according do Adam* made with only the thickest of juicy, red apples. Allow him to guide your taste buds through both a through and gross description of both the bottle and the beverage. Things continue along the path you've come to expect from our show as we delve in to Crispin's Bourbon Char Aged...


812 Farms Part Deux

As is probably apparent, we're a few beers in at this point and we decide to add a few more. We sampled Space Haze from 450 North, 3 Floyds Floy Division India Pale Ale I, and Destihl's Blueberry Gose. Be sure to visit 812 Farms at the 8th Annual GnawBrew from September the 15th through the 17th. And, then again on September the 23rd at 450 North's Corn Maze Beer Fest. They will most assuredly be events you won't forget... Or, if you're doing it right, events you'll never be able to...


Wheat Beers and LeBron James

Thanks for tuning in to our wheat beer triple header! So, this one lingered in the archives longer than most. Was it simply because it was neglected on an external hard drive? Could it be that Pete simply couldn't deal with the pain of LeBron failing to bring another championship to "The 'Land?" We may never know. Let's kick things off with an American Style Wheat Beer Bloomington Brewing Company, it's their 10 Speed Hoppy Wheat! Our next beers come from Magic Hat Brewing Company (Special...


Black Acre Brewing and Defeating the Russians

While it may be too early to have a beer, it's never too early to listen to some guys talk about beer! We have two fine beverages this time around, the first is from, Black Acre Brewing, their Natural Liberty American Pale Lager. We discuss this beer, and being working on our Disney sequel, Rescuers 3! Learn how an albatross and his mice companions single-handedly defeated the Ruski's in The Cold War. Next up we feature a beer that is just a little bit out of season, but a great...


Danny Boy's Mac Daddy and the Stone Callout

Hey! It's Friday! If you're looking to kill an hour before the weekend, come give us a listen. On this episode we feature first, Danny Boy Beer Works Mac Daddy Scottish Strong Ale. Two Brothers Brewing A Bretter Day Biere De Mars Ale, brewed with house yeast, and other bigger more impressive words. We also have in-depth and surprisingly genuine news discussion. We also extend a personal invite to Stone Brewing to appear on the show.


A Cardinal Spirits Thanksgiving Day Super Fail

It's Thanksgiving! And for those of you looking to enjoy spending quality time with family huddled around a computer or smart device listening to your favorite podcast, we're here for you. Or, sink the podcast up with the Macy's Day Parade and see what that sounds like (spoiler alert: they don't sync up). As is it Thanksgiving, we blew the budget and brought in special celebrity guest, Matt Muncy from Indiana on Tap. Instead of the traditional maize, he brought us booze from Cardinal...


Blondes and the great Labatt revolt!

In this, our latest installment, Adam teaches us all about meat. Or all he knows about meat. Or how Adam thinks your order meat. Adam used English words, but his understanding of the words he uses is nearly non-existent. We have a pretty positive review of Central State's House beer, and our out-of-towner this week genuinely impressed the group; Six Point Brewery's C.R.E.A.M. Coffee Blonde. Canadians are running out of beer! Tune in and see how you can help, buddy. And... Adam craps his...


A Very Taxman Christmas, featuring Anchor

Gather the family round the Yule log and let the soothing sounds of this years Christmas Special bring the whole family together. Unless, of course, you actually care about your family. Our special Christmas beers come from Taxman and Anchor brewing. While both are solid beers, what beer did you leave for Santa this year?


A New Years Eve With Broken Beaker

Put the kids to bed early, or plug in the headphones if you're in the office. We decided to let our hair down and talk about some more adult topics and perhaps a swear word or two worked its way in to this episode. This year we celebrate with Mathew Muncy and our friends at Broken Beaker Distillery. We talk holiday cocktails, and have some discussion about "popular" New Years Eve Traditions. Sit back, relax, and we'll see if this is the year Adam's balls finally drop.