A Piece of Pie: The Queer Film Podcast


Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.


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Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.






Episode 101 - The Whale

Another year, another straight actor playing queer in a quest for Oscar gold! This year, it's Brendan Fraser, the erstwhile George of the Jungle, who turns in a rare dramatic performance in what is being billed as his big comeback vehicle. But was he ever a good actor in the first place? And why is he in a fat suit? Contributor Chris, from When We Were Young returns to continue the never-ending discussion of what happens when straight folks tell queer stories.


Episode 100

We’re celebrating 100 episodes! To commemorate, Brian asked his contributors to come on and discuss their favorite queer films. The results may surprise you!


Episode 99 - Frosty the Snowman & Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This year we're celebrating the holidays by taking a look at two of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time! And for this one Brian and Matthew are joined by Derek, from the instagram account, Queer Cinema Archive, as we revisit these family favorites. It turns out both films are dripping with queer coding and stereotypes. Join us as we dissect these tropes, and how they're still doing damage today.


Episode 98 - The Ice Storm & The House of Yes

This year we’re celebrating Thanksgiving with Parker Posey, Sigourney Weaver and many more! Two films where dysfunctional families reconnect for a holiday weekend, The Ice Storm and The House of Yes!


Episode 97 - It Follows & X

This Halloween season, we're taking a look at two recent horror films, 2014's It Follows and this year's sleeper hit X. Both films take the "sex is bad" trope so common in horror and use it not just for their final girl, but as motivation for the villains themselves! It Follows is the story of Jay, a woman who gets more than she bargained for after a one night stand, while X follows an adult film crew to a remote farm-house they've rented to film their latest movie, much to the chagrin of...


Episode 96 - Dog Day Afternoon & I Love You Phillip Morris

Our two movies this week are based on real-life criminals who went to great lengths for love and lived the catch-phrase "Be gay Do Crime." Dog Day Afternoon is frequently listed as one of the finest films of the 1970's, but ignores the fact it features Oscar nominees Al Pacino and Chris Sarandon playing a queer couple. In 2009, Jim Carrey played a leading man to love interest Ewan McGregor the subversive crime caper I Love You Phillip Morris. Brian and Chris are once again debating straight...


Episode 95 - A Streetcar Named Desire & Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

This week we're taking a look back to the 1950's, the Hays Code, and repressed homosexuality. Tennessee Williams won several awards for his works, including a Pulitzer and a Tony, but when Hollywood came calling, they had some changes they needed to make. For this episode, we're joined by Chris and Rob to discuss Williams' provocative plays, Hollywood adaptations, and Paul Newman's steely blue eyes.


Episode 94 - Hairspray (1988 & 2007)

In 1988, John Waters, the Sultan of Sleaze himself, released what might be called his sweetest movie, Hairspray. Starring Ricki Lake, Sonny Bono, and Divine, it was the first time a Waters character had a conscience, and set out to do the right thing. It retains a lot of his sensibilities, but it can easily be seen as his attempt at a Hollywood ending. It worked, because the film became a cult classic and eventually would be turned into a hit Broadway musical, and then of course, Hollywood...


Episode 93 - Top Gun

To celebrate the upcoming sequel, we asked contributor Rob to check out the original 1986 Top Gun. starring the new minted superstar, Tom Cruise, in what would become a template for his early characters. Is it a queer classic with homoerotic overtones or too mired in its own fake masculinity?


Episode 92 - Romeo + Juliet & 10 Things I Hate About You

Writer and contributor Lauren Emily Whalen returns to the podcast to discuss her new novel, Take Her Down, a YA re-telling of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar! To commemorate it's release, she agreed to discuss two of our generation's most beloved Shakespeare adaptations; Romeo + Juliet and 10 Things I Hate About You.


Episode 91 - Shortbus

To celebrate the arrival of Shortbus to digital platforms, after being hard to find for over a decade, we are taking a brand new look at John Cameron Mitchell's followup to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Contributor Matthew joins Brian to watch this overlooked gem for the first time.


Episode 90 - Oscars 2022

The very first episode of this podcast was focused on the 2018 Oscars and in this, our fifth annual look at Hollywood’s Big Night, Will Smith gave us an Oscar ceremony we won’t soon forget! But that has overshadowed the incredible work of actors, writers and directors whose career goal is an Oscar night victory. While the Smith debacle cannot go unremarked upon, Matthew and Chris joined Brian to discuss the night overall, where legacy awards were aplenty and a few new stars got to shine.


Episode 89 - The Power of the Dog

This week we're taking an early look at an Oscar front-runner, Jane Campion's The Power of the Dog. Chris, from "When We Were Young" joins to discuss how the film examines toxic masculinity in classic Western stories, and how the film constantly seeks to upend the classic John Wayne stoic American hero trope. Meanwhile, host Brian was annoyed the film leans into negative queer stereotypes, including a secretly queer bully, and a murderously inclined Mother's Boy. Who's right and who's wrong?...


Episode 88 - The 90’s Batman Movies

To commemorate the release of an all-new Batman movie, we at Piece of Pie decided to take a look back! This time we’re discussing the gayest superhero films of all time; Batman Forever and Batman & Robin! But we couldn’t discuss those without setting our sights on the two Bat-flicks that preceded them, Tim Burton’s Batman, and Batman Returns.


Episode 87 - Flawless & Capote

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was one of the greatest actors of his generation, and he tragically left us far too soon in 2014. But his work lives on, and this week we're taking a look at his two lead queer roles. The idea of straight people playing queer is a controversial one, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman sets the bar with his performances in Flawless and Capote. Despite queer writer/director Joel Schumacher, Flawless doesn't seem to understand Hoffman's character and leans too heavily on Robert...


Episode 86 - Female Trouble

To celebrate the holidays, Brian and Max slip on their cha-cha heels and take a look at John Waters’ Female Trouble! This queer classic spit in the face of mainstream culture and good taste in 1974, but how does it hold up? Join us as we discuss the influence of Waters and his muse Divine, who gave us cinema’s queerest Christmas morning!


Episode 85 - As Good as It Gets

For this episode, we were joined by the hosts of the podcast "Gayest Episode Ever," Drew and Glen! Their podcast is devoted to queer-focused episodes of classic television, and we joined them to discuss Mad About You, and they agreed to join us to discuss the Academy Award winning As Good as It Gets, both starring Helen Hunt. They join Max and Brian as we discuss this problematic heartwarmer, where a queer man's tragedy is just a straight man's inconvenience. Be sure to check out this weeks...


Episode 84 - The Scream Movies (1-4)



Episode 83 - The Lost Boys & Flatliners

Just in time for scary movie season, we are back with a look at two horror classics. In 1987, gay filmmaker Joel Schumacher redefined the vampire film with The Lost Boys, featuring a stellar soundtrack and a cast filled with hot young up-and-comers like Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric, placing them alongside theater and film veterans like Edward Hermann and Diane Wiest. The result was a phenomenon that built careers and changed Hollywood forever. In 1990, he followed it up with another...


Episode 82 - Drop Dead Gorgeous & Miss Congeniality

This week we're joined by Chicago's own drag queen Coco Sho-Nell to discuss movies about beauty queens! 1999's Drop Dead Gorgeous has become a queer cult classic in the years since it's release, with it's biting social satire and broad caricatures mocking the culture of American capitalism and teen beauty pageants. For a pairing, we look to 2000's Miss Congeniality, starring Sandra Bullock as a woman who goes undercover in a beauty pageant. Both films seek to skewer the culture that...