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Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.

Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.


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Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.






Episode 78 - Marvel Cinematic Universe

For this episode we're taking another look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this time we have a special guest. The Marvel comic-book series, "The United States of Captain America" introduces us to Aaron Fischer. and we're proud to have writer Josh Trujillo as a guest to talk to us about the creation of the first queer Captain America, as well as take a look back at the last six months in the MCU, as we discuss the Disney+ shows, Black Widow and speculate on the future of the world's...


Episode 77 - Identity & Serenity (2019)

We're abandoning all pretensions for this episode, as we cover two beloved shlock-fests, 2003's Identity and the 2019 head-scratcher Serenity, starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. We won't get into the strange twists of these films here in the description, but know that they were paired together because of those twists. In each case, its the third-act reveal that seems to be their reason d'être, with the screenwriter's seemingly working backwards from the end. Max and Matthew join...


Episode 76: Mala Noche & Poison

We’re wrapping up Pride Month 2021 with a look back at two films that are now seen as precursors to the New Queer Cinema. Today, Gus Van Sant and Todd Haynes are Oscar-nominated filmmakers, but Mala Noche and Poison were their first theatrical releases. How did these once-and-future auteurs introduce themselves to the world? Join us as Brian, Matthew and Max take a look back at these debut films to find out!


Episode 75: Cruising & Basic Instinct

Continuing our celebration of queer cinema for Pride 2021, we're turning our attention to some controversial films. Both Cruising (1980) and Basic Instinct (1992) take the Killer Queer stereotypes to stylish if problematic heights. Each was protested heavily throughout production, with queer activists not just disrupting filming, but at the multiplex, with signs giving away the ending in an effort to cut into profits. But, all these years later and they've earned a spot in the queer canon....


Episode 74: Trick & The Broken Hearts Club

We're continuing our look back at formative gay films from the late-90's, as we look back at Trick and The Broken Hearts Club. Each film has developed a following, with The Broken Hearts Club boasting a cast of then unknowns like Zach Braff, Billy Porter and Timothy Olyphant as a group of gay coworkers at a West Hollywood restaurant. Trick stars JP Pitoc and Christian Campbell as two gay men just looking to hookup. They were big at the time, and remain beloved, but do they hold up? Max...


Episode 73: The Opposite of Sex & But I'm A Cheerleader

For Pride 2021, Brian and Max are revisiting the seminal queer films of their teenage years, better known as the 1990’s. We’re starting off with The Opposite of Sex, paired with the cheerful But I’m a Cheerleader. In Opposite of Sex a teenaged Christina Ricci walks into a gay man’s life and blows it up by sleeping with his boyfriend. But I’m a Cheerleader takes a broad, John Waters-aping swing at not just homosexuality but religion, the suburbs and gender norms. One of these films had Oscar...


Episode 72: The Oscars 2021

It's our fourth annual Oscar episode! We started this podcast discussing the 2018 Oscars so every year we make sure to watch as many nominees as possible to properly cover Hollywood's most glamorous night. This time Brian, Max and Matthew hopped on Zoom to talk predictions before the big show, and came back after to discuss the results. A few things caught us by surprise, of course, but isn't that supposed to be part of the fun?


Episode 71: Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049

For the first time ever, we're covering a film and it's sequel. The Ridley Scott classic Blade Runner redefined science fiction films forever, but how does it hold up today? Join us as we pair it with the 2017 sequel starring Ryan Gosling. James and Max join this week to discuss both films, the influence of Phillip K. Dick and the sex appeal of a young Harrison Ford.


Episode 70: Promising Young Woman

For the first time ever, we scrapped a planned pairing because one of the movies gave us enough to talk about. An Academy Award nominee for Best Picture, Actress Carey Mulligan, and writer/director Emerald Fennell, this subversive revenge fantasy gave us a lot to talk about. TW: Our discussion delves into sexual assault; listener discretion advised.


Episode 69: Showgirls

We’re celebrating our 69th episode with the least sexy film of all time, the cult classic Showgirls! Is it a cutting satire, the ultimate in camp cinema or does it belong in the trash? Our contributors take a look back to 1996, the Clinton era, queer coded thrillers, white trash screenwriters and Dutch auteurs!


Episode 68: My Own Private Idaho & The Living End

After a few episodes in a row featuring queer adjacent stories made for straight audiences, we’re taking a look back at the New Queer Cinema. In the early 90’s, filmmakers like Gus Van Sant and Greg Araki reclaimed the road movie for queer audiences. These two tales of narcoleptic hustlers and murderers on the run tapped into a queer culture ignored and left for dead by their government. They take very different stylistic approaches, with wildly varying budgets, but each one captures the...


Episode 67: My Best Friend’s Wedding & The Object of My Affection

We’re continuing our look back at 90’s queer films made for straight audiences with My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Object of My Affection! Both of these films feature early portrayals of the gay best friend trope, setting queer male characters as romantic leads for...straight women. While that’s one reading of My Best Friend’s Wedding, the Object of My Affection actually doubles down and gives the pair an almost-sex scene! Join us as we talk about casting representation, gay best friends...


Episode 66: The Birdcage & In & Out

This week we're finally covering two of the 1990's most iconic gay films; The Birdcage and In & Out. Arriving in the middle of the Clinton era, they feature mostly straight actors in queer roles (Nathan Lane didn't come out until 1999) . Made largely by straight people for straight people, these films nevertheless touched a nerve to a generation still coming to terms with their sexuality. Join us while we talk about our experiences using these films as cover for our burgeoning sexuality,...


Episode 65: Pulp Fiction & Boogie Nights

For the second edition of our Quentin Tarantino/Paul Thomas Anderson pairings we’re discussing their second films Pulp Fiction and Boogie Nights!


Episode 64: Happiest Season

In our final episode of 2020, we take a look at Happiest Season, Hulu's new queer holiday movie! Directed by a lesbian icon and featuring the queerest ensemble this side of a Ryan Murphy project, the new film is one of Hulu's most popular movies. So we reached out and got our contributors to weigh-in on the new queer hit. And since it's the last episode in this very weird year, we also discussed our favorite 2020 finds, the movies or TV shows we finally got around to seeing thanks to months...


Episode 63: Contact & Interstellar

We’re leaving the planet this week and taking Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey with us! We’re covering the 1997 classic Contact with Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Each movie sends their protagonist to outer space to ask life’s most important questions, but which one does it better? We discuss IMAX's inevitable transition from 3d documentaries to Christopher Nolan films; Robert Zemeckis' trailblazing career and Matthew McConaughey's questionable talent.


Episode 62: Closet Monster & You’re Killing Me

With just a few days left in October, we take a look at two horror-adjacent queer films. Closet Monster takes coming out cliches and familiar character arcs and gives them a dash of Cronenberg, a sprinkle of Lynch and a pinch of Donnie Darko to tell its coming out story, but does it work? Meanwhile You’re Killing Me casts viral LA comedy stars as friends who welcome a mysterious new boyfriend into their circle, just as some of them begin disappearing. We take a look at both, discuss the...


Episode 61: The Descent & Jennifer's Body

Even though 2020 has been plenty terrifying, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit! We’re joined by Lauren to discuss women in horror with the badass adventurers of The Descent and the teenage succubus of Jennifer’s Body! Did we overlook Megan Fox? Does adding a male character make matters better or worse? We tackle these questions, plus reminisce about Adam Brody, dismiss Chris Pratt and much more!


Episode 60: The Boys in the Band (2020)

We covered the original queer classic, The Boys in the Band, back in June in celebration of pride. This month, Netflix released a remake starring the cast of the Tony winning revival and produced by Ryan Murphy. So this week, in celebration of its release, Max and Rob dropped in to watch the remake. Starring Zachary Quinto and Jim Parsons, the drama has some big shoes to fill. Does it? Or does it feel more like a community theater production of your favorite show? Join us for a special...


Episode 59: Reservoir Dogs & Hard Eight

Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson are two of their generation's most celebrated filmmakers. But, everyone starts somewhere and The Queer Film Podcast is taking a look back at two auteur's debut films. Academy Awards and Palme d'Ors were in both men's future, but they announced themselves to the world in the 1990's with two movies about criminals with daddy issues. This multi-part series will compare and contrast our favorite filmmakers' rise from Sundance darlings to respected...