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#AreDemsCommunists Don Jans #TrinityUniversity Julia Westwick Young Conservatives of Texas at Trinity University #DefendingthePresident Col (Ret) Allen West


#SpiritualAdviser @Jentezen @realDonaldTrump #ObamaDOJ @PastorGregCGR #Manipulation @TomBarrett #ObamaLawsuits @rmanning @LimitGovt

#SpiritualAdvisor President Donald Trump's Spiritual Adviser Pastor Jenetzen Franklin will like discuss Christians support of traditional marriage, life at conception and religious liberty which is aligning with President Trump. As one of his spiritual advisers how do you see his growing faith impacting his decisions? Pastor Greg believes he has had a personal spiritual revival and based on talking to Paula White, Rabbi Aryeh Spero and David Brody they have confirmed that. As I prayed for...


#MediaMadness @dangainor @theMRC @newsbusters #RogerStone @shestokas #Uncomfortable @jasonbavancamp @realDonaldTrump @kb9Ibw #FakeNews

#MediaMadness Matt Philbin Media Research Center and Newsbusters joins us to discuss Bloomberg, Sanders and Trump Derangement Syndrome. Pardons, Roger Stone and George Zimmerman. #ExcessiveSentencing #DoubleStandard David Shestokas Constitutional Attorney #ThinkingOutsiudetheBox Jason Van Camp Retired Green Beret teaches how to succeed by using uncomfortable situations. #DefendingthePresident Ta Party Leader Emery McClendon discusses the Presidents record.


#NoGunControl @lward99 #TexasVoting @realDonaldTrump #TurkeyintheNews @MayorGunasti#HealthCareFreedom @SharingLHS

#NoGunControl. We can talk Virginia votes down radical gun control agenda. Bloomberg buying local AG’s. Dershowitz claim to have evidence Obama started an FBI inquiry at the request of George Soros. Why are Trump’s people getting jail sentences and libs get nothing? #EarlyVoting #TightRacesinTexas Matt Long President Fredericksburg Tea Party #TurkeyInTheNews #Syria Erbil Gunasti Gamechanger Trump Card Turkey and Erdogen President Trump's decision to eliminate a major military threat in...


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#WhatIsDeliverance #OppressionPossessionDemonization Ken Thornberg Freedom Encounters Whais the need for deliverance and what are the answers to getting free? #2ARights Matt Long discusses the assault on the Second Amendment in Virginia, New York, Utah and Texas are all under attack to see restrictions and gun confiscations. #TopHeadlines #WashingtonTimes Cheryl Chumley #GodsLove Pastor Greg


#LibertyComesFromGod #PrayerinSchool #Constitution @realDonaldTrump @HookersforJesus @Paula_White @shestokas @scotthendricks49 @dangainor

Pastor Greg discusses the evil we are facing Proverbs 6:16-19, what foprgiveness requires Luke 17:1-4, Jesus came to divide Luke 12:51, the moral foundation of our Constitution John Adams quote, why the Bible and Prayer were in our schools and what they taught generations about where liberty comes from. How the removal of the Bible and Prayer were necessary to replace God, Parents, Family and Liberty.


#NSCCulling @rmanning957 @realDonaldTrump @limbaugh #GodInAmerica @PastorGregCGR #Coronavirus David Ward #TheCoup @thestationchief

#PresidentCleaningHouse Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government discusses the reassignment of Col Vindman and many others at NSC by Director of NSA Robert O'Brian as he undoes the bloated 450 person NSC that grew to that number under Obama. A convenient place to add terrorists as advisers due to a lack of screening. Many identified by Phil Haney as enemies or terrorists during his time at DHS got positions on this bloated bureaucracy. Others have recently been a part of the coup....


#NotAParliament Don Jans #ReligiousLiberty @SaveChaps #STOPLGBTAGENDA @George_Carneal @realDonaldTrump

#NotAParliament Don Jans Truth is truth #GodsLaw Gordon Chaps Klingenschmidt God decides good and evil not man. #GodsLaws George Carneal how do we address the homosexual agenda and the efforts to infiltrate the GOP. How does the church reach the community? Truth is not hate.