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Politics on Social Media Sucks the Life From Your Soul

Social media is an exaggerated version of real life and oftentimes reveals more about you than you originally intended. Social posts are not real life conversations. We don’t run into too many jerks in person, so why does it seem like every time we open Facebook or Instagram we’re hit with an argument or a inflammatory political post...or some douche-bag just being blatantly unkind to their fellow humans?


Who Invented The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

The first located reference to the now immortal peanut butter and jelly sandwich was published by Julia Davis Chandler in 1901. This immediately became a hit with America's youth, who loved the double-sweet combination, and it has remained a favorite ever since.... During the early 1900s peanut butter was considered a delicacy and as such it was served at upscale affairs and in New York's finest tearooms. Ye Olde English Coffee House made a 'Peanut Butter and Pimento Sandwich.' The Vanity...


6 Job Interview Questions You Should Master

Behavioral interview questions require you to pull a specific moment from your work history to explain and expand on, and they can be one of the hardest ones to tackle — interview questions are tough enough, but coming up with an example on the spot makes it all the more difficult.


The Future Requires You Let Go of the Past

Is there a little luck in every success? Sure. We all took risks in our careers, and, through some unmeasurable balance of skill and timing and good fortune, they paid off in ways that led us to where we are. But was it all luck? If we had to do it over again, is there a chance we’d end up as failures? No way. Luck just influenced the path. It shifted the winds. If luck had broken for me differently, I wouldn’t have this job I have now -- but I am absolutely certain that I’d have found...


How to Sell and Market Yourself on Youtube

How to Sell and Market Yourself on Youtube. If you’ve been around the marketing block, you know that a basic fundamental principle of marketing is to get people to know, like and trust you. Do this well, and you’ll convert prospects into clients, and build a community of fans, affiliates and customers who refer you, buy from you and champion you regularly. But what does “know, like and trust” really mean? Let’s break it down one by one.


10 Tips for New Podcasters and Youtubers in 2018

These are the top 10 things I have learned in 2018 about podcasting and Youtube creative content creation. Growing your channel or podcast is more about what you do after you post than what you post. I'll tell you what I know. These 10 tips will apply to any creative content you are creating and the way you grow your channel, show or blog. 1. Be consistent about posting 2. Learn to press the delete button 3. Stop comparing yourself to others 4. Study movies, shows, and videos you enjoy 5....


How to Have a GREAT DAY

Today I’m talking about how to make the most of everyday, even Mondays. Here are some simple ways to have a great day. You are not “inferior” to any other person on this planet. If there is person you feel inferior to? Get it out of your head. They are not luckier than you. Their brain is not smarter than yours. They are not blessed with a human skill set that you can’t develop. Successful people did not get where they are by sheer luck? The difference between winners and losers is simple....


9 Things to Instantly IMPROVE HAPPINESS In Your Life | Episode #006

Here are 9 things you can do today to instantly guarantee more happiness and a more fulfilling life. They are simple, but not easy; however, anyone can do them. A lifestyle and informational podcast about any and everything related to life, love, work, play, and the pursuit of happiness. I'm a creative freelancer from the United States; musician, artist, inventor, entrepreneur, political independent, and a regular online presence. I make a full-time living working on, with, and for an...


Working Hard Sucks - DON'T DO IT | Episode#005

I’ve got some good news or bad news, depending on the life you are currently living. Here’s what I know...You Don’t Get Paid To Work Hard. Your success in anything you pursue is more about how you work at it vs. how hard you work at it.


Can You QUIT Your JOB? | Episode #003

You’re excited start a business. You want to take charge of your life, schedule and lifestyle. Maybe you have an idea, or you’re just fascinated with the idea of launching and growing your own brand. You’re willing to take some risks, but you don't have much money. I did it and here is what I learned in the process.


The Work-Life Balancing Act | Episode #002

A podcast on the challenges of modern day land how they effect the work-life balance.


How To Be Creative

A quick list of what I think about being creative and why it is something we should all do, pursue and be.