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Prolific film and culture critics Katey Rich, Matt Patches, Da7e Gonzales and David Ehrlich take on pop culture topics, film and TV reviews and interview very special guests in bi-weekly installments.

Prolific film and culture critics Katey Rich, Matt Patches, Da7e Gonzales and David Ehrlich take on pop culture topics, film and TV reviews and interview very special guests in bi-weekly installments.
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Prolific film and culture critics Katey Rich, Matt Patches, Da7e Gonzales and David Ehrlich take on pop culture topics, film and TV reviews and interview very special guests in bi-weekly installments.






224 – Eighth Grade, Madeline’s Madeline, Saying Stuff on Social Media

This week, everyone is back – including Michelle Said, wife of Patches (@splendourific), who comes on the podcast to tell Katey and Da7e how great Eighth Grade (the Bo Burnham movie) is. Then, David stumps for Madeline's Madeline, out in limited release this week. Finally, recent events surround James Gunn's tweets and his directing job and […]


223 – Game Night, Blockers, David’s Vacation, Mission: Impossible Franchise

This week, Katey is on vacation, but David is back for a bro-cast. David and Patches explain the many virtures of 2018 comedies Game Night and Blockers before David takes a brief moment to describe where he's been while absent from the podcast. Finally – Tom Cruise is back for a new Mission: Impossible that […]


222 – In The Dark Season 2, Mario Odyssey, Mama Mia (Musicals Again)

This week, David is out, so Katey and Da7e were able to convince Patches to check out Season 2 of the podcast In The Dark from APM Media. Patches isn't really into it, so Da7e and Katey have to talk him into it. Patches has a baby and a Switch and wants to talk about […]


221 – Killing Eve, LGBTQ Characters, The Dark Knight 10 Years Later

This week, the gang's all here for a discussion of Killing Eve, the surprising spy series that can currently be caught on the BBC America App and nabbed Sandrah Oh an Emmy nomination. The hosts answer a question about LGBTQ characters that taught them something, then they remember the good old days of 2008 and […]


220 – Indie Films Doing Well, What We’re Reading, Ant-Man and the Wasp

This week, we're back, and sounding worse than ever. Da7e and Patches end up in the same room in New York, but there's no good microphone in it. That doesn't stop the group from discussing how the Indie Films of this year have been performing better than usual at the box office, before quickly going […]


219 – Westworld S2 Wrap-Up, Fortnite, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This week, we finally talk about Westworld S2 in some detail now that Season 2 has come to a very confusing close. Then, Patches and Da7e are late to the game (literally) but have taken a dip into the online Battle Royale sensationi. Finally, The guys saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom so you don't have […]


218 – The Staircase, Everything is Love, Set It Up

This week, Da7e finishes The Staircase on Netflix after having watched the original run way back when, Patches listened to the new Beyonce and Jay-Z surprise album drop and reports back, and everyone but Da7e digested Netflix's rom-com Set It Up. Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on […]


217 – Oceans 8, Hereditary, The Incredibles 2

This week, all the hosts have seen different movies (except Patches), so they each step forward and give opinions on the ones they've seen, covering Oceans 8 (Katey and David), Hereditary (Da7e and David), and Incredibles 2 (Katey and David). Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on Twitter: […]


216 – Television You Don’t Understand, Billions, and Nice-Core Cinema

This week, Patches is out, so Da7e talks about binge watching Legion and how it compares to other confusing television like Westworld or Twin Peaks: The Return. David talks about Billions as the Showtime show draws him in. In honor of Won't You Be My Neighbor, the Mr. Rogers documentary that Katey has seen, the group […]


215 – The Tale and Solo: A Star Wars Story

This week, the crew finally takes on the newest Star War – Solo: A Star Wars Story in a very legnthy segment. But before that, they stop to consider The Tale on HBO and how the release might be the better way to watch this movie about childhood sexual assault. You can watch both these things […]


214 – Cannes 2018, Deadpool 2, and The Royal Wedding

This week, David is BACK from France and gives us his personal highlights from the Cannes Film Festival, then Patches and Da7e both agreed Deadpool 2 worked better than Deadpool, but have some gripes. Finally, fresh off covering the Royal Wedding this weekend, Katey Rich professionally answers all our questions. Take a listen, embed and/or […]


213 – Evil Genius, Brooklyn 99 picked up by NBC, Tully and The Letdown

This week, David is still off at Cannes, so Da7e and Patches digested Netflix's new true crime series Evil Genius, Katey celebrates Brooklyn 99 living through its cancellation by Fox, then Patches and Katey dig into Tully and The Letdown as examples of cinema about early parenthood. Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for […]


212 – This is America, Met Gala, Westworld Season 2

This week, David is off at Cannes, and Da7e uploads the episode horribly late in the week. BUT! In an episode recorded on the previous Wednesday, Patches, Katey, and Da7e discuss Childish Gambino's This is America video, the fashions at this year's Met Gala, and if Katey is coming around on this season of HBO's […]


211 – Meet Me in St. Louis and Infinity War

This week, everyone is back on the podcast after a very normal Sophisticates week. Katey and Patches talk about Meet Me In St. Louis, the classic Judy Garland musical that is on Filmstruck right now entertaining both you and Katey's child. Then, it's a deep dive into INFINITY WAR as Patches, Da7e, and David attempt […]


The Sophisticates #210 – Grab Bag Episode

This week, it's another normal episode of The Sophisticates from Matt Patches and Da7e Gonzales! Matt calls in from New Orleans for a different kind of show. Instead of the normal structure, the two hosts toss grab bag questions back and forth and cover topics such as the clichés of parenting, killing bugs, what is […]


209 – The Rock is the Enemy, Infinity War Questions, Revisiting The Social Network

This week, we all decided to revisit David Fincher's The Socail Network in light of Facebook being back in the news, but for government reasons this time. That takes up a good chunk of the show, but not before Patches introduces a thought: "What if the Rock is the enemy of cinema?" that starts a […]


208 – Full Frame Doc Festival, HBO’s Paterno, an Outdated Conversation About Westworld Spoilers

This week, we tried to be topical and it backfired. In a segment three that is still relevant, but a little off topic, Joanna Robinson joins the FITWR crew to talk about the possibility that the Westworld showrunners were going to leak a video about all the spoilers for season two (they didn't) and how […]


207 – Jesus Christ Superstar, Recommendations, More Ready Player One

This week, everyone is back in the war room! Katey and company watched the live musical Jesus Christ Superstar that aired this Easter and the gang discusses it before getting into a mini-segment of reccommendations (since there's so much to watch!). Finally, now that everyone but Katey has seen Ready Player One and last week's […]


206 – Ready Player One, Books, and Watching Facebook

This week, Katey is on vacation and Da7e had to duck out to see Isle of Dogs in his non-costal city, so Patches and David prepare to have a throw-down…BUT WAIT! Joanna Robinson (of Storm of Spoilers, Little Gold Men, and your other favorite podcasts) joins them to discuss what's going on with media and […]


205 – Love Simon, John Oliver Revisited, Stargate

This week, Katey got out of the house to see Love, Simon and thought it weaved in nicely to some of the other conversations the podcast has been having about representation lately (David references THIS Ringer piece). Then, John Oliver exploits one of David's favorite things and that's reason enough to revisit talking about John […]