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Extended one-to-one interviews with the key people in the industry. Find out their tips for career success, and peek behind-the-scenes at their workplace. Candid, thoughtful and reflective - a chance to share the insight of those at the very top of their game. Presented by Paul Blanchard.

Extended one-to-one interviews with the key people in the industry. Find out their tips for career success, and peek behind-the-scenes at their workplace. Candid, thoughtful and reflective - a chance to share the insight of those at the very top of their game. Presented by Paul Blanchard.


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Extended one-to-one interviews with the key people in the industry. Find out their tips for career success, and peek behind-the-scenes at their workplace. Candid, thoughtful and reflective - a chance to share the insight of those at the very top of their game. Presented by Paul Blanchard.






Media Masters - Craig Engler

Craig Engler is general manager of Shudder, a premium streaming service focusing on horror, suspense and thriller content. A subsidiary of AMC Networks, they have over 1 million subscribers across North America and Europe, and have recently expanded to Australia and New Zealand. Joining in 2018, Craig previously enjoyed a long-standing career as a writer and TV network executive, spending a successful 15 years at Syfy. In this in-depth interview, Craig talks through the journey of their...


Media Masters - Harleen Kaur

Harleen Kaur is co-founder and chief executive of Ground News. Created last year, the app was formed to handle the growing problem of misinformation and curates stories from a variety of media sources across the political spectrum, which are independently reviewed for bias and reliability, allowing users to see how the same stories are covered differently. In this in-depth interview, Harleen discusses how she abandoned her engineering career at NASA, and was inspired to tackle “information...


Media Masters - Anna Palmer

Anna Palmer is the founder and chief executive of Punchbowl News. Nearly a year old, the daily email newsletter focuses on the “power, people and politics” in Washington DC. For almost two decades Anna has covered congressional leadership, campaigning, lobbying, the politics of government and the presidency - and in her prior role as Washington correspondent for Politico, co-created their successful ‘Playbook’ newsletter franchise. In this in-depth interview, Anna reflects on launching their...


Media Masters - Zach Seward

Zach Seward is co-founder and chief executive of Quartz. Founded in 2012, and now boasting a readership of over 10 million, its mission is to “make business better” and “solve real problems without creating new ones.” Previously at The Wall Street Journal, he reported on education and health and was the paper’s first-ever social media editor. In this in-depth interview, Zach reflects on the “emotional rollercoaster” of the pandemic - with the pain of restructuring and layoffs now eased with...


Media Masters - Will Welch and Adam Baidawi

In a special edition, we’re joined by the new editorial leaders of GQ. Established in 1957, the iconic men’s fashion and style title has a global reach of 10m in print, and over 50m online. Joining from New York is global editorial director Will Welch; and from London, deputy global editorial director Adam Baidawi. Will was previously the editor of GQ America; and Adam was previously editor of GQ Middle East, moving from Dubai to London to take the role. Both newly-promoted to deliver...


Media Masters - John Micklethwait

John Micklethwait is editor-in-chief of Bloomberg. Responsible for its editorial content across all global platforms, he leads its news, television and research services - with 2,700 staff in 120 countries. Beginning his career as a banker at Chase Manhattan in London, he switched to journalism in 1987, joining The Economist as financial correspondent, ultimately becoming editor-in-chief in 2006, and joined Bloomberg nine years later. In this in-depth interview, John shares why he sees audio...


Media Masters - Noah Shachtman

Noah Shachtman is editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone. Previously executive editor at The Daily Beast, and before that a national security reporter based in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait, he also worked on Bill Clinton’s 1992 election campaign. In this in-depth interview, Noah talks about taking the reins of the iconic publication - and how the music, politics and culture title will become “faster, louder, harder” as he seeks to grow its impact; shares how he turned The Daily Beast into a “scoop...


Media Masters - Richard Gibbs

Richard Gibbs is a leading Hollywood movie composer, and music producer. Starting his career as a session musician, he was playing keyboards in the band Oingo Boingo when in 1988 an unexpected opportunity to score a film led to a long career as a film composer. He has worked on some of the very biggest movies and TV shows including Say Anything, Dr Dolittle, The Simpsons and Queen of the Damned. His studio in Malibu ‘Woodshed Recording’ is the musical home of U2, Chance the Rapper, Coldplay...


Media Masters - Max Siegelbaum

Max Siegelbaum is co-executive director of Documented, an innovative non-profit news site solely dedicated to covering the plight of New York’s immigrant community, and the policies which affect them. Last year, they won an Online Journalism Award and LION Award for their use of WhatsApp as a news distribution platform to their most vulnerable readers, and also for their coverage of how the Coronavirus pandemic made life unthinkably harder for those seeking a new life in the Empire State. In...


Media Masters - Sandro Monetti

Sandro Monetti is an entertainment journalist and Hollywood media pundit. A Brit who moved to Los Angeles two decades ago, he has interviewed the world’s biggest stars, including George Clooney, Will Smith, Madonna and Paul McCartney; and in 2020 released his memoir ‘Confessions of a Hollywood Insider.’ In this in-depth interview, Sandro discusses “what kind of Hollywood will emerge from the pandemic” as it comes to terms with the devastation Covid has caused; a noted expert on the history...


Media Masters - Clint Stinchcomb

Clint Stinchcomb is president and chief executive of Curiosity Stream. Founded in 2015, with 20 million subscribers in 176 countries, it was the first streaming service to focus on non-fiction content; encompassing genres such as nature, history, science and travel. A TV industry veteran, he previously developed and ran channels for the Discovery Network; and co-founded PokerCentral, the world’s first 24/7 global online poker game. In this in-depth interview, Clint shares his “pure factual...


Media Masters - Paul McNamee

Paul McNamee is editor of The Big Issue. For over three decades, the magazine has provided dignity and income for homeless people - by “working, not begging.” Paul has built a career championing voices that are seldom heard by the mainstream media, and has been awarded magazine editor of the year three times. In this in-depth interview, Paul discusses the “utter devastation” that Covid has bought - with 18 months of deserted streets decimating their sellers’ income - and forcing the...


Media Masters - Anand Menon

Professor Anand Menon is a leading political scientist and director of UK in a Changing Europe. The think tank was formed in 2015, amidst the polarised atmosphere of the Brexit referendum, and sets out to provide “high-quality and impartial research based on facts rather than opinions.” In this in-depth interview, Anand discusses his efforts to embrace new platforms like TikTok to connect with younger and seldom heard audiences; argues that Covid has reinforced support for Brexit through the...


Media Masters - Georgie Holt

Georgie Holt is managing director for the UK, Ireland and ROW regions for Acast, one of the largest podcast companies in the world, with over 300 million listeners each month. She joined after two decades working in senior roles at some of the world’s biggest news and magazine brands - including the Evening Standard, Mail on Sunday, Cosmopolitan, and Stylist. In this in-depth interview, Georgie sheds light on how the podcast industry has weathered the pandemic - with the “opportunity to...


Media Masters - Anthony Matchett

Anthony Matchett is chief executive of Napster Group. He acquired the platform - renowned for illegally sharing music in the 1990s - for £50m last year; and then merged it with MelodyVR, his virtual reality music company. In this in-depth interview, Anthony lays bare the depth of the devastation the pandemic has bought to live music, and his passionate belief that virtual reality will play a key part in its recovery; highlights the plight of how musicians are struggling financially, noting...


Media Masters - Suzi Watford

Suzi Watford is EVP Consumer, Dow Jones; and Chief Marketing & Membership Officer for The Wall Street Journal. In a career spanning two decades, she started out in her native UK overseeing sales at The Times and The Sunday Times, and in 2014 moved to New York to drive new revenue at Dow Jones - and has doubled their paying subscribers to over four million. In this in-depth interview, Suzi discusses their major new campaign ‘Trust Your Decisions’ which encourages people to take control of...


Media Masters - Gillian Tett

Gillian Tett is an award-winning journalist, and chair of the Financial Times’ US editorial board. As editor-at-large, she writes weekly columns covering a range of economic issues, and in 2019 co-founded ‘FT Moral Money,’ a twice-weekly newsletter which has since become one of their most widely-read and impactful initiatives. In 2019, she won ‘Journalist of the Year’ at the British Press Awards for her prison interview with fraudster Bernie Madoff. An acclaimed author, she covered the...


Media Masters - Jim VandeHei

Jim VandeHei is a media entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Axios. With a career spent at The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, he co-founded Politico in 2006, and left a decade later due to issues with the co-founder. Jim began Axios in 2016, which came to public prominence after Jonathan Swan’s iconic interview with President Trump, and now boasts over 4 million monthly visitors, 2 million newsletter subscriptions. In this in-depth interview, Jim discusses Axios’ unique proposition...


Media Masters - Christine Hayes

Christine Hayes is group editor-in-chief of BBC Good Food and olive magazine. The “cook’s choice” for over three decades, they recently won ‘Media Brand of the Year’ at the PPA awards, praised by the judges for their “promotion of diversity and building their subscription business during lockdown” with nearly 9 million daily page views. In this in-depth interview, Christine discusses the opportunities and issues presented by the pandemic, with interest in home cooking growing exponentially,...


Media Masters - Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat is a historian and expert on authoritarianism, propaganda, abuse of power and threats to democracy. A prolific media commentator, Ruth brings a historical perspective to current events across major media outlets on TV, print and online. A regular CNN contributor, and one of the few academics to accurately predict the insurrection of January 6th 2021, she joined New York University in 2000, and her work is supported by Fulbright, Guggenheim and other fellowships. In...