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Episode 313: Rob Paulsen, voice of your childhood

As a short special before Nick and Dyer return next week to continue Season 3, friend of the show Aaron Mason stops by with a story about actor Rob Paulsen. Paulsen voiced characters on some of your favorite cartoons, including Animaniacs, Jimmy Neutron, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, and more. Seriously, go look at his IMDb. Mason talked to him about his storied career and a time when he and it were in danger.


Episode 312: Festivus for the Rest of Us (Round Table)

The final episode of the year is also the longest episode of the year. Pour yourself a mug of your favorite holiday beverage and listen as Dyer Oxley and Nick Jarin welcome in some secret guests to help them celebrate Festivus by airing some grievances and competing against each other in feats of strength.


Episode 311: Seattle's comic book cop (feature only)

Comic books have been a part of Officer Kevin Stuckey’s life ever since he was a kid growing up in Detroit and New York. Today, he draws from them to be a hero in his own way as a police officer in Seattle.


Episode 310: Seattle’s Comic Book Cop

This magazine episode starts off with Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley discussing of some nerdy news, including Black Panther’s Golden Globes nomination for Best Picture--Drama and a new type of space race that’s heating up. Dyer’s feature this week profiles a nerd in our community who Dyer has dubbed Seattle’s Comic Book Cop. 1:20 -- News: Black Panther Golden Globes nomination 14:00 -- News: The new space race 20:45 -- News: Amy Adams out as Lois Lane 25:35 -- News: Dark Luke Skywalker 30:15 --...


Episode 309: Holiday Movie Round Table

This round table episode has Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley welcoming in a panel of film aficionados: That Guy Named John from About to Review and Emily and Kevin from the Dead Beat Film Society. The five podcasters offer up the movies their excited to see in theaters this holiday season and then share their top picks for Christmas movies. Naturally, there’s a debate about Die Hard.


Episode 308: Everett's AFK Tavern (feature only)

Everyone told them that a bar for geeks was an idea doomed to fail. But 10 years ago, they opted to ignore naysayers and chart their own course. AFK Tavern is a bar that shouldn’t exist if you ask the average range of investors and realtors. But it continues to thrive in Everett, and for a very good reason.


Episode 307: Everett's Nerd Haven, NASA's Big Week

This magazine episode starts off with Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley discussing of some nerdy news, including NASA landing InSight on Mars with the help of some PNW rockets, Emerald City Comic Con’s effort to get that scalping money, and the world’s first gene-edited babies (reportedly). Then, Dyer takes us to the nerdiest bar in Everett, Washington, a haven for nerds and geeks of all types. Finally, NASA specialist Steven C. Smith talks to Dyer about NASA’s Mars plans and more. 1:20 -- News:...


Episode 306: Where is Washington's film scene? (Round Table)

NW NERD talks with Ben Andrews with the Seattle Film Summit, as well as Jonathan Keasey and Jeremy Dodd with the Bigfoot Script Challenge to try to understand why Hollywood prefers filming in Oregon or British Columbia -- skipping over Washington. What can be done and who are the people doing something about it?


Episode 305: Stan Lee special episode

A NW NERD special episode in honor of the late Stan Lee, featuring two interviews with the comic book icon. Special thanks to friends of the podcast Frank Shiers and Heather Bosch, who each interviewed Stan Lee for KIRO Radio in 2010 when he visited Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con. Hear Lee tell a few stories of some of his most cherished characters.


Episode 304: Icons of Astoria & animation legend Keith Tucker

This magazine episode starts off with Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley discussing of some nerdy news, including how Washington could be the hub of the space economy for decades to come. Then, Dyer takes us to Astoria, Oregon to dig into why its beaches and forests have been the setting for some of the Northwest’s most iconic films. Finally, cartoonist and storyteller Keith Tucker (Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, much much more) sits down with Dyer. 2:00 -- News: Nick almost fell for some Twitter...


Episode 303: Costume Controversies Roundtable

Hosts Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley welcome in Abie Ekenezar and Y'hon Frakes of Black & Blue (find it on Amazon!) to discuss a recurring issue every Halloween and nerdy convention: How to do a costume without being racist or insensitive. It’s surprisingly difficult for some people, but this roundtable breaks it all down in a wide ranging conversation that touches on their own experiences and expertise.


Episode 302: Ghost Logs of the Grand Lodge (feature only)

The Ghost Logs of the Grand Lodge are kept behind the hotel's front desk. It chronicles the experiences of guests and employees over the years -- shadow figures walking down the halls, children who aren't there, the Lavender lady (a former living resident who leaves the smell of lavender to this day) and much more. In our annual Halloween tradition, NW NERD takes you to this haunted hotel in Forest Grove, Oregon to talk with town residents and employees. This is a special, extra long...


Episode 301: Ghosts of the Grand Lodge

Hosts Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley kick off the Season 3 premiere with some news before launching into a super-sized Halloween feature by Dyer. This episode, he takes us to the Grand Lodge outside Portland, Oregon where guests and workers alike have had some supernatural experiences. 3:20 -- News: Netflix Marvel cancellations 12:15 -- News: Ancestry DNA services help solve crimes 20:30 -- News: Why Jet Li wasn’t in The Matrix 26:15 -- News: Facebook caused the pivot to video with bad data 36:30...


Special Series: The RenCon Community

While most people are aware of Renton City Comic Con for two days in September, it's a year-round commitment for the RenCon community of volunteers and organizers. This group can appear more like a Rotary Club than a comic con with litter patrols, parades, charities, and other civic engagement -- in cosplay of course. Founders and locals discus this nerd fraternity and its goal of becoming the region's community con.


Special Series: RenCon, Cosplay Contests, and the NW Cosplay Scene

What does it take to compete in a cosplay contest? What do judges and contestants consider? Expert cosplayers provide some tips and advice on cosplay contests. Renton City Comic Con, aka RenCon, has focused on the Northwest cosplay scene as one of its main attractions. Founders and cosplayers discuss what is behind this approach and explain why cosplay is important to them. Featuring: Pixie Bomber Cosplay, BH Cosplay, Loratail Cosplay, and Brian Morris with Zak Labs....


Special series round table: The people behind RenCon

NW NERD (Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley) talk with RenCon founder Emilio Morales, Tashia Ortiz, and Justin Hunt who each have a role in organizing Renton City Comic Con. They discuss what it takes, and what they've learned putting together this comic convention.


Special series: RenCon has something to prove

The Renton City Comic Con has grown its annual event over the past three years to become a Northwest geek attraction. Organizers have innovated cosplay contests, geek awards, and much more. Yet, organizers say there is a lack of support among some community leaders. Local politics, funding, and "Footloose" all come into play as RenCon attempts to throw its 2018 comic con. NW NERD dives into what it takes to organize a convention, and RenCon's story.


Minisode: Versus Comic Con & Beyond

Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley discuss their trip to Seaside, Oregon for Versus Comic Con, present some highlights from people stopping by the booth to debate some nerdy topics such as whether or not Star Wars is science fiction, and finally, they react to a couple trailers out of SDCC.


Summertime Check-in: What We've Been Watching

Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley sit down for a check-in on what each other have been watching all summer while they work on Season 3 (coming this fall!). Westworld (1:45) Luke Cage (13:00) Solo: A Star Wars Story (18:55) Ant-Man and Wasp (32:00) The Incredibles 2 (35:55) Deadpool 2 (41:00) Legion (49:00) Fahrenheit 451 (53:30) Come see Nick and Dyer at Versus Comic Con this weekend in Seaside, Oregon!


NW NERD minisode: Four Seattle-related stories from Season 2

Four back-to-back features from Season 2 that all have something in common -- they have a connection to Seattle. From educational video games, to why Seattleites are like that. You know what we mean, they're just so, ya know, cold. Also, the story of a band that endeavored to record a Star Wars tribute album before "The Last Jedi" was released. And finally, we return to a Seattle home that a former resident never left. This is a perfect episode to experience NW NERD for the first time, or to...