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You asked for more and so we're giving it to you. Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, on the first ever spinoff of The Nerd Party.

You asked for more and so we're giving it to you. Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, on the first ever spinoff of The Nerd Party.
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You asked for more and so we're giving it to you. Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, on the first ever spinoff of The Nerd Party.




Episode 095 - Isle of Dogs, Lost in Space, and The Greatest Showman

Isle of Dogs, Lost in Space, and The Greatest Showman Review We had the grand opportunity of finally being able to see Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs" now that it is in wide release. There were a lot of disappointed kids in the theater who thought they were going to see a happy go lucky minion-esque comedy. To be honest, that made it even funnier. No subterfuge, this was a great and beautiful film. Listen to our thoughts and to why we thought this was one of the director's better outings. We...


Episode 094 - Married and Working

What would it be like to be famous, married, and working together? A la Blunt/Krasinski The Girl and Tristan often think about what it would be like to work together on a huge project like a movie. When seeing the advertisements for "A Quiet Place", they got a little jealous of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski being able to work together in a creative way. In this episode, they discuss the projects they've worked on together in the past and what it must be like to be married and working....


Episode 093 - Season Two's

We talk season 2 of Westworld, Santa Clarita Diet, and Lemony Snicket's Last week we took some time off in order to finish watching Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 but in that time we were able to watch a few other things. Westworld Season 2 trailer came out, Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 dropped. That's why we labeled the podcast episode the way we did. Listen to hear our thoughts on all these programs and a whole lot more. We start the episode with a story of how...


Episode 092 - Tomb Raider

Review of the 2018 film 'Tomb Raider' Lara Croft has been with us in one form or another since 1996. Some of us have grown up on her video games, comics, novels, and sometimes awkward action figures. With 17 console games in the bank with another one on the way, we've had two Angelina Jolie movies and now one Alicia Vikander film. The film currently sits at a 49% on Rotten Tomatoes and is not having the strongest of openings. The critics seem to be split down the middle and it's safe to...


Episode 091 - Hardcore Sci-Fi

What constitutes 'hardcore' science fiction and why is it needed? There is great science fiction out the from Metropolis to Blade Runner 2049. But what makes a science fiction film hardcore science fiction? One could argue that the science is more of the cornerstone of the story or that it's more deeply rooted in 'realistic' science. Besides just hardcore sci-fi, we also talk our favorite science fiction films in general and why we're drawn to the genre. We also catch everyone up on what...


Episode 090 - Annihilation Review

A Review of Alex Garland’s “Annihilation” Last week we reviewed the blockbuster and sensation that is Marvel’s Black Panther. This week we are reviewing a much quieter release. Alex Garland’s “Annihilation” has flown mostly under the radar despite its active social media campaign. Paramount sold the international distribution rights to Netflix and that, of course, was not a sign of faith in the project. So what does it mean? Annihilation is a small film masquerading as a larger one and it...


Episode 089 - Black Panther Review

Black Panther is finally in theaters and here is our take! After a 9-month advertising campaign from Marvel and Disney, the world was finally ready to see Black Panther. A breakout character from Captain America: Civil War, fans wanted more. After limited release, the film had a coveted 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. After only four days of release, the move made 361 million dollars worldwide and dropped only 3% on RT. Regardless of what you thought of the movie, this has made an impact;...


Episode 088 - Altered Carbon

Super Bowl Movie Trailers and our Altered Carbon Review The Super Bowl has come and gone and no matter who you rooted for, it left some cool movie trailers in its wake. Like the commercials, some were better than others. We go through the list of what came out and gauge interest. The main topic of the episode is Netflix's "Altered Carbon". Based on a novel by Richard K. Morgan, this cyberpunk show asks about when your body isn't your own. While this show overall was quite messy, the...


Episode 087 - Not Done With Nostalgia Yet

Are we really tired of nostalgia in TV and Film like Vice says? Vice released an article that had the headline: "People are finally getting sick of nostalgia in TV and Movies". The top of the article had a picture of The Last Jedi and Jumanji. Two films that have reached a billion dollars at the box office or at least close to it. Financial success is by no means a measure of quality but it at least shows that "nostalgia fatigue" is really only in the minds of those who feel it and is not...


Episode 086 - Catching Up on Streaming

Mrs. Maisel, American Gods, and 11. 22. 63 With nothing on the horizon except for Black Panther to excite us, we had to look at our existing catalog. Spending more time with Prime, an accidental Starz subscription, and an inevitable Hulu account led us to three shows. Maisel took a few Golden Globes home, American Gods was a Fuller startup, and 11.22.63. brought out the history buff in us both. None of these are exactly current (with a minor exception to Maisel), but if you're anything...


Episode 085 - 2018 & Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery Midseason Premiere Review and Upcoming 2018 Film and TV For Nerd Nuptial, Star Trek: Discovery has just been "OK" and not much else. That is until the midseason finale last year. The episode definitely showed that the show was finding its footing and this latest episode solidified it. That is except for one very key unfortunate trope that was utilized. Before we review Star Trek, we talk about what movies and television shows we are excited to see coming up in 2018....


Episode 084 - Best of 2017

We discuss our top ten film list of 2017 as well as our favorite shows 2017 has come and gone and it has been a divisive year for film. Culturally as well as at the box office. Not as many people went to the theater in 2017 but that doesn't mean we were lacking in some damn fine cinema. Both Tristan and The Girl give their lists but they are of course not the same. Listen to hear their reasoning and also to hear what didn't make the cut. Tell us your top films of 2017 by commenting below...


Episode 083 - The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review This has been a rough week for your favorite Nerd Nuptial. Ripley was hospitalized for the flu but she is home and all better now. For those of you who are listeners and follow us on social media, we appreciate all the well wishes that were sent our way. We had to give up our preview showing tickets as well as our backup opening night tickets because we were at the hospital. But we were able to find some decent tickets for a Sunday night showing. The Last...


Episode 082 - Listener Questions

Listeners submitted questions asking about our relationship as well as advice Last episode we opened to floor to the listeners to ask whatever questions they wanted. Whether it was about our relationship, being nerdy, or even just general advice. Listen to the episode to hear some of the nerdy questions we got.


Episode 81 - Checking Mother Boxes

Justice League Film Review The Justice League has united and we have seen it first hand onscreen. Regardless of the mixed reviews (which are slowly becoming less mixed), your favorite Nerd Nuptial team went to go see the movie opening day. Many people said it was horrible while even some of the more favorable reviews admitted to the plot being a mess but still enjoying the characters. We went into the theater just hoping to have a good time even if the movie might be subpar. What is our...


Episode 80 - Friend from Work

Review of Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok Thor's history with Marvel has been divisive, to say the least. Many people agree that he is a great character but that his stand-alone films leave something to be desired. A lot of people would say the same thing about the Hulk. In Ragnarok, we get both in all their comedic glory. That's right, Thor enters the world of science fiction comedy. Does this film deliver or is it just Guardians of the Galaxy 3?


Episode 78 - Mindhunter Review

Review of the New David Fincher Show "Mindhunter" on Netflix We're big fans of David Fincher here at Nerd Nuptial and we're even bigger fans of David Fincher teaming up with Netflix (see House of Cards). So when we heard that Fincher was developing a new show with them AND it was going to on serial killers, needless to say, we were excited. Mindhunter follows two FBI agents as the interview serial killers around the country and try to see how they think. This takes place in the 1970s...


Episode 77 - Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 A sequel made decades after the iconic original. Blade Runner by Ridley Scott staring Harrison Ford came out in 1982 and its sequel Blade Runner 2049 was just released. We’re living in an era where prolonged sequels are becoming a mainstay. Terminator, Tron, Star Wars, and now this. Blade Runner changed the landscape of science fiction in film and solidified Ridley Scott as a sci-fi master after Alien. Denis Villeneuve is no stranger to science fiction with his massive...


Episode 075 - Nerd Identity

Is putting away your nerd stuff a sign of growing? The entire purpose of this show is to talk about what it's like to be married AND nerds. Sometimes those two identities can conflict. Last weekend we finally pulled the trigger and took out all of our movies, figurines, art, etc and made that room a full fledged nursery. I have to admit it was an emotional crisis at times. Is this a sign of getting older? Are we boxing up our nerd identity and turning it in for a new one? Listen to hear us...


Episode 074 - Shut Up, James Cameron

Why James Cameron should shut up and what we're looking forward to this Fall You most likely have heard about James Cameron opening his mouth and criticizing Wonder Woman and the work of Patty Jenkins last week. You can probably guess where we fall in our stance on the debacle. However, don't judge us prematurely. We criticized Wonder Woman plenty in our review which you can listen here. It's how Mr. Cameron chose to criticize the film and what it has meant to so many women and young girls...


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